May 1, 2016

Senior Citizen Month May 2016

Senior Citizen Month began in May 2016 with a change in primary harassers. Two black racist lesbians employed by police, and a black racist homosexual employed by the FBI and/or police resumed their roles. Police employ black racists because of the media perception that all black people are weak, uneducated and victims of wealthy and powerful white racists. It is clever propaganda for black supremacists promoted by U.S. journalists. They continue a behavior conditioning campaign begun by Communists from New York trying to make me into a homosexual. They continue relentless character assassination, and 24/7 criminal surveillance.

They make threats. One police agency threatens, "You might get hit." Another added "You cannot live here." which led to an additional campaign trying to force me to move. Another regular threat is "They will hit you." And, "You're going to New Jersey." or elsewhere. Harvard University graduate students in psychology at their medical school urge me to kill myself. For 40 years Communists from Washington state were the primary harassers, promoting their profile, "He's homeless and mentally ill." Now these homosexuals bring Communists for New Hampshire and New Jersey to continue the criminals abuses of their predecessors.

One reason among several is in response to comments about negligent training of campus police revealed in reports of their lack of knowledge of state laws and especially the legal notion of jurisdiction. This is a felony in violation of the Massachusetts civil rights statute, Chapter 265, Sec. 37. It is a daily example of intimidation trying to prevent me from exercising a constitutionally guaranteed right to free expression, protected speech. It also shows how fragile police are. They are unable to recognize what they are doing wrong, contrary to law, and unable to correct the errors of their ways. Instead they attack a 70-year-old elder citizen with a legal disability. They employ white hating black police employees, establishing potential evidence for three hate crimes directed at me due to age, due to race and due to disability.

In addition to misguided police abusing their privileged special state police powers, they also breach a contract that Harvard University made with the city of Cambridge, MA not to evict tenants who were in place when rent control was repealed by state referendum in 1995. It shows more lawlessness by Harvard University after many years of lack of accountability by local, state and U.S. officials.

Harvard University has in 2016 an endowment estimated at $37 billion. They purchase land and build monster buildings in Cambridge and Boston. They create monuments to the egos of the administrators, as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq. They believe Lord Acton's observation that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, does not apply to them. It is one reason police employees and building superintendents do not fear harassing and trying to force a law abiding elder white citizen with a legal disability from their premises because of legal valid accurate criticism.

The previous month, April 2016 consisted of three organized criminal enterprises, and their government associates conducting the same kind of criminal abuse and threats. 

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