January 31, 2013

Immigrants in US Send $120 billion to Home Countries


Revealed: How immigrants in America are sending $120 BILLION to their struggling families back home
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 14:04 EST, 31 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:47 EST, 31 January 2013

Grand Central Celebrates 100 Years


Terminal velocity
Celebrations and jubilation will resonate tomorrow at this classic destination
New York Post
Last Updated: 5:33 PM, January 30, 2013
Posted: 5:31 PM, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013

City Government Medicalizes Social Problems

The Nazi government imposed restrictions on freedom using health as the justification. Jews were vermin and needed to be eliminated. Medicalizing social problems takes away freedom and Due Process Rights. There are no appeals from a medical diagnosis. Medical professionals especially the omniscient and morally superior psychiatric priest class seldom have any Constitutional knowledge or concern about laws that restrict their behavior. Scoundrels will use any justification in the name of good to do evil. This is one of many misguided government bodies who know no shame and lack common sense. It is one small step in the government assistance of the suicide of the nation. Notice that the business community is being consulted by the smartest elected officials in the city but ignore the will of taxpayers and voters.


City Council Discusses Soda Ban, Domestic Violence Campaign
January 29, 2013

US Government, Eric Holder's Men In Action

[From article]
it resulted in a string of mistakes and failures, including an ATF military-style machine gun landing on the streets of Milwaukee and the agency having $35,000 in merchandise stolen from its store, a Journal Sentinel investigation has found.
When the 10-month operation was shut down after the burglary, agents and Milwaukee police officers who participated in the sting cleared out the store but left behind a sensitive document that listed names, vehicles and phone numbers of undercover agents.


ATF's Milwaukee sting operation marred by mistakes, failures
By John Diedrich and Raquel Rutledge of
the Journal Sentinel Milwaukee WI
Jan. 29, 2013

Words Of Wisdom

"Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others" - Winston Churchill

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" - Winston Churchill

And from Islam's own words ...

"It is He who expelled the ones who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think they would leave, and they thought that their fortresses would protect them from Allah ; but [the decree of] Allah came upon them from where they had not expected, and He cast terror into their hearts [so] they destroyed their houses by their [own] hands and the hands of the believers. So take warning, O people of vision." - Qur'an 59:2

Understanding the role of  the Muslim Brother in North America: 
"The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions" - Mohamed Akram

"It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet." - Hassan al-Banna, Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood

"Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam, regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it." - Syed A'la Maududi

"Those who know nothing about Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those people are witless. Islam says: 'Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!' Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by the infidel? Islam says: 'Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter them.' Islam says: 'Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword.' The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim." - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

"It depends on me and you, either we do it now or we do it after a hundred years, but this country will become a Muslim country. And I [think] if we are outside this country we can say oh, Allah, destroy America, but once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it." - Abdurahman Alamoudi

"As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do.  You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam." - Siraj Wahhaj

"We have discovered how to hit the Jews where they are most vulnerable. The Jews love life, so that is what we will take from them. We are going to win, because they love life and we love death." - Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah

January 29, 2013

Moscow Mini Hotel Rooms


Definitely not a room with a view: First capsule hotel with fifty windowless pods opens in Moscow
Rooms can be booked for a night for around £32, or for a matter of hours
Already a hit in Japan, capsule hotels are popular with commuters who miss the last train home
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 16:12 EST, 28 January 2013 | UPDATED: 17:22 EST, 28 January 2013

Effects of Sleep Deprivation, Disturbances


Lack of deep sleep in old age 'can contribute significantly to memory loss'
People in their 70s did worse in a memory test than those in their 20s, even though they had same hours of rest
Monitoring showed quality of sleep enjoyed by older people up to 75 per cent worse
Researchers suggest by stimulating deeper sleep, it may be possible to boost memory maintenance in the elderly
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 15:44 EST, 27 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:44 EST, 27 January 2013

A New Threat, January 28, 2013

[Updated January 31, 2013 3:45 AM ET]

On January 30, 2013 as I did errands, police criminals from Medford MA conducted the same kind of harassment surveillance and provocations as the Cambridge Police did the previous day. They joined in making threats "You are dead." is the latest one from the criminals who run the police departments in Massachusetts. 

On January 29, 2013, one day after posting the below report, the Cambridge police provided escort service as I did my errands. As usual they used young women as bait as I walked along the streets of the host city of Harvard University, Lesley University and MIT. A police employee took position at my residence to disturb my sleep the night before.

So does that mean the husband of the Attorney General has any connection to the Cambridge police department being available for hire by crime families to arrest law abiding citizens (as they did to me in 1990)? Are the local courts working for the Cambridge police to ensure that a police frame-up on behalf of a crime family, is not thwarted by a judge who may respect the constitution? What they did to me was to pay my lawyers to not put on a defense to the fake charges. Does that explain why local elected officials and former elected officials can harass law abiding citizens using taxpayer funded psychiatrists and not have to worry about criminal abuses of power and criminal conspiracy charges?

Does that explain why the Cambridge police and the Harvard University campus police can harass, humiliate, ridicule, arrest, provoke and threaten an elder white male with a legal disability and not have to worry about being held accountable for any abuses of power and targeting of a vulnerable person?

Does that explain why Cambridge police exercise their powers to protect criminal activities,  crime families and elected criminals, and to target law abiding citizens who may be aware of the criminal abuses of public officials? When I complain about criminal abuses the psychopaths threaten me. Currently the primary psychopath is a woman employed by one of the five crime families who take turns harassing me.

Does the Cambridge police have special access to the Office of the Attorney General, preventing any scrutiny of criminal abuses of power by the Cambridge police department and the Harvard University campus police? Does the Cambridge police department have an unlawful influence on the Office of the Attorney General as the Bulger crime family has over the Boston office of the FBI?

Without honest police and an honest FBI office it is not possible to have honest elected officials. Recently an investigation by the US Department of Justice of the US Senator from NJ was stalled until after the 2012 election. Now the FBI in Florida is investigating a doctor with connections to the same NJ Senator who is being investigated for trips to the Dominican Republic with that doctor.

Florida may have some honest FBI agents. It is unlikely that the Boston office has any who are free to investigate public corruption at any level. It appears that for the past 30 years, or longer, the Boston office of the FBI is run by the Bulger crime family. That explains why for the past 25 years in Cambridge, local police and crime families conducted a brutal, relentless, criminal campaign against me. Even though they, at the same time, broadcast character assassination, "He's mentally ill." How is that for misguided police powers targeting a vulnerable person while the politicians and educators appropriate taxpayer funds to address bullying by students of other students. The police and politicians set an example of how to bully vulnerable persons by exercising their powers contrary to law, tormenting me for 25 years in Cambridge.

On Tuesday January 29, 2013 NBC Dateline broadcast a report about Brandon Scott Lavergne, from Louisiana who admitted murdering two young women. He was a convicted sex offender but was not under scrutiny by any police agency or crime family. He was also engaged to marry another woman, who was clueless about his past crimes. No one was harassing him. No one was keeping him isolated from other humans.  No one prevented him from socializing with women. No one was threatening this charming young man. No one was provoking him. No one was disturbing his sleep every day for 35 years trying to cause him to have a heart attack or a stroke.  No one was telling everyone he met and everyone he knew that he was a racist and a retired drug dealer. No one was telling everyone he knew and met that he was mentally ill.  He was free to continue his attacks on women without any scrutiny.

But in Cambridge MA  for the past 25 years local police, crime families, and those charming socialists they work with, continue a relentless campaign to discredit me and to isolate me, trying to control me as if I were a terrorist or a serial murderer. Are the police powers of the city of Cambridge, the Office of the Attorney General, the District Attorney, the Harvard University campus police and the FBI in Massachusetts being used for appropriate reasons, or for criminal purposes as the FBI was doing for 30 years or more? Is there any opposition to the criminal abuses of power in Massachusetts by police, crime families, FBI and Communists?

January 28, 2013. New criminal in apartment 22 using electrical firearms tried to cause me to have a heart attack during sleep period, which as usual was disturbed every two hours. It is part of an ongoing daily campaign of provocations, harassment to discredit me and to waste my time complaining about it. Then a new threat, "They are going to rob you." As usual the geniuses do not identify who "they" are. It may be the same young man who harassed me in 1990 when he was working for the Somerville MA police. Others suggest that it is a Chinese American criminal who works for the gambling ring which played a major role in 32 years of character assassination and criminal abuse in three states.

It is also reported that the MA Attorney General's office is aware of and acquiesces in the criminal abuse by the gambling ring. The behavior pattern of the MA Attorney General's office is not unique. Scott Pelley interviewed the director of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart on 60 Minutes, January 27, 2013. The discussion drew to a close after Tygart explained how Lance Armstrong almost got away with many years of fraud enhancing his cycling abilities with drugs and transfusions.

"Scott Pelley: If Lance Armstrong had prevailed in this case and you had failed, what would the effect on sport have been?

Travis Tygart: It would have been huge. Because athletes would have known that some are too big to fail.

Scott Pelley: And the message that sends is what?

Travis Tygart: Cheat your way to the top. And if you get too big and too popular and too powerful, if you do it that well, you'll never be held accountable."


Is Lance Armstrong Still Lying? 
60 Minutes 
CBS News 
January 27, 2013 7:00 PM

It appears that a "too big, too popular, too powerful" entity like a gambling ring in Somerville is unaccountable in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts government has become a big bully preying on and allowing others to prey on weak, vulnerable law abiding elder citizens, including but not limited to elder citizens with a disability. All this while politicians, and prosecutors boast of their taxpayer funded efforts to stop bullying by students of other students. They establish a public pattern of encouraging bullying of elder citizens by criminals while telling students that is wrong. How much more hypocrisy can society stand  before the government loses all of its credibility?

January 28, 2013

Hard Knocks, Book Review

Howie Carr's third book Hard Knocks, about Massachusetts crime and government is a novel. Narrated by ex-Boston cop, Jack Reilly, who now works as a Excrement Salesman he presents an alternate version with more details of the 20-year scandal of the Boston FBI, police, politicians, and crime boss of the Boston rackets. It has some hilarious lines mixed in with a multitude of Carr's cliches about Massachusetts government and corruption. He shows credible connections between the violent crime bosses and the elected officials who work with them.

But he also makes serious observations as this one from Chapter 19. "Attorneys general never have much appetite for going after political corruption. Professional courtesy, there but for the grace of God and all that. It's OK to hunt down and humiliate a nobody -- a tree warden in Spencer, say, who spends seven dollars in town funds to buy a dozen crullers from his brother-in-law's doughnut shop. It's a lot dicier to take on somebody who might be able to fight back, especially when it comes time to approve your budget for the next fiscal year. That's why most elected prosecutors are quiet skilled at leaving no stone unturned, except the one the rich guy or pol is hiding under."

That is the pattern which applies to forty years of harassment I experience. Local, state and US officials refuse to stop the criminal abuses of crime  families, and elected criminals who conduct a relentless campaign to discredit me, to humiliate me, to ridicule me, and to harass and threaten me every day. That fits with the explanation described by Roger Morris in his book about the Clintons, Partners in Power. He said the preferred characteristics of a leader is to be weak and to have relaxed rectitude. That allows the crime families and their associates in government to steal taxpayer funds without any accountability. When some citizens dare to criticize what these criminals in and out of government do they simply attack and discredit the person using psychiatry, police, and any of the associates in and out of government to destroy their lives. It is no longer necessary to murder critics. They use character assassination with no avenue open to counter it.

January 26, 2013

Reelabilities Boston Disability Film Festival

[From Cambridge Commission on Disabilities]

Feb. 2  Second Annual ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival presents The Straight Line with Audio Description at the MFA – Run in Boston by the Boston Jewish Film Festival, this film festival is dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities. This film is in French with English open captions and Audio Descriptions (including English translation and scene description). The Straight Line is a taut French sports drama about a blind runner, who trains with a former athlete with a criminal past. Josh Crary, who authors the Boston Blind Runner blog and will run the Boston Marathon for the second time in April, will speak after the film, which is being held at 7pm at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), 465 Huntington Avenue in Boston. Tickets are $10. Visit <www.bjff.org/reelabilities>, email <info@bjff.org> or call 617‑244‑9899 for more info.
Feb. 3  ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival presents Body and Soul at the MFA –This powerful and uplifting documentary, which is in Portuguese with English open captions, follows three young Mozambicans with physical disabilities. Their resilient daily lives reveal their physical, psychological and emotional challenges. Dr. Jeanne Marie Penvenne, social and labor historian of colonial Mozambique and history professor at Tufts University, will be present to introduce Body and Soul. The film will be screened at the MFA at noon, and tickets are $4. See Feb. 2 ReelAbilities listing for more information, including location and contact.
Feb. 3  ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival presents Me, Too at the MFA –In this gripping Spanish drama (with English open captions), Daniel, a recent college graduate with Down Syndrome forges a strong bond with vivacious workmate Laura, but their burgeoning relationship turns complicated when he professes his love to her. This film questions modern relationships and conceptions of “normality” as the couple grapples with their need to connect. The film will be screened at the MFA at 2:15pm and tickets are $4. See Feb. 2 ReelAbilities listing for more information, including location and contact.
Feb. 4  Parent Information Session for Heads Up – Did you know that mentoring can improve friendships, family relationships, and school attendance? Heads Up is a new mentoring program at Cambridge Family & Children’s Service (CFCS), connecting youth and caring adults who have a family member with a mental health need. Come learn how Heads Up staff engage mentors, mentees, and families in order to ensure a safe, successful, and fulfilling relationship for your child. The Information Session will from 6-7pm at CFCS, 60 Gore St. in Cambridge, right by the Lechmere MBTA & bus stop. Limited childcare is available upon request. To RSVP or for more information, contact Yelena Tsilker at 617‑876‑4210 x141 or by email at <ytsilker@helpfamilies.org>.
Feb. 4  ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival presents a FREE screening of  Mabul  at the JCC in Newton – In this award-winning Israeli film (in Hebrew with English open captions), Yoni studies his bar mitzvah portion about the story of Noah’s Ark amidst a troubled family, and life gets complicated when older brother Tomer, who is autistic, returns home. Note: mild sexual content. This screening will be held at 6:30pm at the Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center (JCC), 333 Nahanton St. in Newton. For more information about the JCC, email <info@jccgb.org> or call 617‑558‑6522. See Feb. 2 ReelAbilities listing for more information about the Film Festival.
Feb. 5  ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival presents  Princess in West Newton – Cheerful, delusional Anna lives in a Finnish psychiatric hospital believing she is an English royal. Can “Princess” escape a dangerous lobotomy, a cutting-edge psychiatric treatment in the mid-20th century, the period in which the film is set? The film is in Finnish with English open captions and will be held 7pm at the West Newton Cinema, 1296 Washington Street/Route 16 in West Netwon. Social worker and local therapist Goldie Eder will moderate a panel about the portrayal of mentally ill characters in contemporary film following the screening. Tickets are $10 each. See <www.westnewtoncinema.com> or call617‑964‑8074 for information about the Cinema, and please refer to the Feb. 2 ReelAbilities listing for more information about the Film Festival.

Mar. 2  Disability Reframed Presents:  Benda Bilili! – Join us for a free screening of this 2010 documentary film, followed by a lively audience discussion. This screening will be held from 2pm to 5pm at the Salvation Army Kroc Community Center, 650 Dudley Street in Dorchester.  Benda Bilili! follows a group of homeless musicians with disabilities living on the streets of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as they form a group called Staff Benda Bilili and eventually reach a worldwide acclaim. "Benda Bilili" means "look beyond appearances" in Lingala, one of the native languages of the Congo.  For sign language interpreters or other accommodations, please contact the Boston Commission for Persons with Disabilities by February 22 at 617‑-635-‑3682 (voice) or 617-635-2541 (TTY) or e-mail disability@cityofboston.gov.  Sponsored by the Salvation Army Kroc Center, Boston Commission for Persons with Disabilities and Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities.  Join Disability Reframed: A Community Film Series on Facebook!

January 25, 2013
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Reelabilities Boston Disability Film Festival

Though Hollywood occasionally dramatizes the Plight of the disabled and mentally ill - as in this year's highly touted films The Sessions and Silver Linings Playbook - it's not a subject they're very comfortable with. For a more enlightening look at how those faced by various mental and physical challenges cope and prevail, don't miss this series of nine films that runs through February 5, 2013. It starts on January 31, 2013 with Adam Elliot's animated Mary and Max (2009), in which Philip Seymour Hoffman voices the latter character, a Jewish man from New York with Asperger's Syndrome, who pursues a pen pal relationship with mary (Toni Collette), as an unhappy eight-year-old living in Australia.

West Newton Cinema
1296 Washington Street,
West Newton, MA
7:00 PM $10
617-964-8074 or

January 23, 2013

MA US Reps. McGovern and Neal Soldier On

[Last updated February 6, 2013, 8:35 AM ET]

US Rep. McGovern, Member House Rules Committee

Testifying before the US House Rules Committee on Tuesday January 22, 2013 MA US Rep. Jim McGovern explained why he could not support the proposed bill on the debt ceiling increase. He said he did not get a chance to read the bill because yesterday was Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King Day. Huh? He voted for the health care boondoggle bill and the fiscal cliff bill without reading them. Why does that not pass the laugh test? He also said he was unhappy with the US Senate for not passing a budget for the last four years contrary to law. But he said the House shares the blame because they did not act in a bipartisan  manner and House Speaker Boehner walked out of negotiations with the President. Is there any wonder why voters and taxpayers cannot stand to watch and to listen to these bozos?

US Rep. Neal, Member House Ways and Means Committee

US Rep. Neal (D-MA) represents Springfield, Pittsfield, and Adams. He is a member of the Ways and Means Committee of The House of Representives. On Monday January 22, 2013 the committee held hearings on a bill to raise the debt limit. Four experts testified having submitted written testimony earlier. They each had five minutes speaking before the committee. Lee Casey is a Constitutional Lawyer at Baker Hostetler a DC law Firm. Three others are economists. William Hoagland is Vice President of the Bipartisan Policy Center, having worked on the US Senate Budget Committee previously. J.D. Foster is a Senior Economic Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Simon Johnson is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at MIT's Sloan School of Management.
When they were done each member of the committee had five minutes to question the experts. When it was Rep. Neal's turn, he gave a campaign speech rather than ask questions. He explained that the Iraq War was not funded and that he opposed the Iraq War. That gave him credibility he said. Here is one more example of misguided politicians who are always campaigning and never do the job they were elected to do. He was not trying to fix the debt problem. He was working to get re-elected.

New Year, New Harassers

January 1, 2013 brought a new year to the calendar. It also brought new harassers to my life. For the next two weeks a delightful group of homosexuals working for a crime family began brutal attacks using high tech weapons inflicting severe intense pain making me think I was having a kidney stone attack. I went to a hospital for treatment and tests which turned out negative. There were no stones. It was a waste of time and money caused by criminal abuses by a crime family which operates openly in Cambridge MA on property owned and operated by The President and Fellows of Harvard College. Here's my question. Do these criminals who are paid by criminals to conduct criminal acts pay taxes on  their income? 

For three days I visited New York City. The same group of criminal homosexuals were there to continue more harassment during the travel periods, disturbing my sleep in a New York Hilton Hotel, at restaurants and as I visited sights in the city. They tell me, "You can't go there." So they followed me to surround me with the same bozos from Cambridge. On or about January 15th a new man-hating feminist appeared in an adjacent apartment where the homosexuals worked before her. 

She replaced the charming woman who went by the name of Lisa Wang, a Chinese American with United Nations affiliation. Wang revealed to me, "I own you," before she left. Did she sell me to the new man-hating woman harasser? This one goes by the name of Prachi Sanghavi, I don't know if she is Indian-American, Pakistani-American, or Bangladeshi-American.  But Ms. Sanghavi does the same things that Ms. Wang did. She works easily with criminals who join her daily harassment, character assassination, stalking, and sleep deprivation every day. Her primary partner is also protected by those charming Harvard University campus cops. 

She repeats all of the elements of character assassination making others shun me and target me for abuses. When I complain they warn me, "You'll be sorry." Sorry for complaining? Am I to enjoy the abuses and be grateful to my abusers? 

On Monday, January 21, 2013 when I did grocery shopping a uniformed Somerville police officer followed me in the supermarket as I gathered my items. Did he expect me to steal? To attack a customer or an employee? I've been doing this for about 40 years and he looked to be about 35 years old. So he too was born years after the criminal harassment began in 1968. Yet he targeted me under direction of someone. 

It was a couple of days after I posted complaints about two Cambridge politicians. So it may be one or both of them. Local police are notorious for abusing their power harassing and arresting critics of their associated candidates and elected criminals. I did not do anything to attract his attention or to make him watch me. It is simply more criminal abuse of power. I did notice three groups of young women who are usually used as bait. But I did not bite and ignored the groups of young women. Perhaps he expected me to molest one or all of them as I shopped.  I would never do anything like that.  I would never even think of doing something like that. It suggests how depraved these people are who harass me.  

Perhaps he was told, "He's mentally ill." and expected me to act irrationally. Couple of the crime families and many politicians openly broadcast "He's mentally ill," for many years. It is accepted by almost all people who ever knew me and met me. Josef Goebbels knew what he was talking about. 

Most police have negative opinions of persons with disabilities. Profiling is a violation of the many discrimination statutes. Treating me differently due to a perceived disability too. But those laws are seldom enforced to protect persons with real or perceived disabilities. Moreover laws are optional when they protect me. Every day these women and men who harass me violate at least four felony statutes. When I used to file complaints with the police they would ignore me and ridicule me. 

The two politicians I wrote about are two perfect examples of how public officials openly ridicule persons they think have a disability. That is the reason I mentioned them. They exhibit the worst of the opinions of officials who say they support vulnerable persons, while they harass anyone who dares to criticize them. It is also a felony violation of the Massachusetts civil rights statute intimidating a person in the free exercise of a constitutionally guaranteed right. But again inconvenient laws are optional in Cambridge and on Harvard property.

January 22, 2013

Selective Hearing?

Vigilant Margery Eagan did not hear "Peace in our time," by Obama quoting Neville Chamberlain. Can we expect another world war from Obama's misguided efforts?





Margery Eagan: Obama's left turn sure to drive GOP to claim it’s right
Jan 22, 2013
By Margery Eagan
Boston Herald

Manhattan DA Busted For Illegal Drug Sales


High court: former Manhattan DA busted for felony pot sales
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:32 PM, January 22, 2013
Posted: 2:26 PM, January 22, 2013

Japan Finance Minister: Let Old People "hurry up and die."


Let elderly people 'hurry up and die', says Japanese minister
Taro Aso says he would refuse end-of-life care and would 'feel bad'
knowing treatment was paid for by government
Justin McCurry in Tokyo
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 22 January 2013 03.42 EST

January 21, 2013

Mexican Vigilantes Had Enough

[Updated February 1, 2013 1:35 AM ET]


Mexico vigilantes bring 'charges' against 53
Jan 31, 9:41 PM (ET)

* * *


Masked Mexican vigilantes take to the streets to protect their villages from the drug cartels
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 01:23 EST, 21 January 2013 | UPDATED: 01:26 EST, 21 January 2013

Russia Moves To Outlaw Homosexuality


Russia to outlaw 'homosexual propaganda' and ban public events that promote gay rights
New legislation is part of an effort to promote Russian traditional values
Other laws include blocking web content deemed 'unfit for young audiences'
Almost a third of Russians think homosexuality is result of 'a sickness'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 16:20 EST, 21 January 2013 | UPDATED: 16:22 EST, 21 January 2013

* * *
[From article]
It includes a ban on holding public events that promote gay rights. St. Petersburg and a number of other Russian cities already have similar laws on their books.
[. . .]
Lawmakers have accused gays of decreasing Russia's already low birth rates and said they should be barred from government jobs, undergo forced medical treatment or be exiled. Orthodox activists criticized U.S. company PepsiCo for using a "gay" rainbow on cartons of its dairy products. An executive with a government-run television network said in a nationally televised talk show that gays should be prohibited from donating blood, sperm and organs for transplants, while after death their hearts should be burned or buried.


Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide
Jan 21, 7:57 AM (ET)

Misguided Propaganda About Suicide

This report ignores the fact that psychiatric drugs, a essential element of treatment is a cause of suicidal thoughts. Even the drug-company-controlled FDA requires a warning label on these drugs. But this is conveniently omitted from the report which is focused on more taxpayer funded treatment. Admitting they are unable to distinguish between thoughts and who will act on  those thoughts is exactly the problem with psychiatrists. It is a matter of guesswork, opinion masquerading as science. How do psychiatrists get their ability to predict the future? Nonetheless the geniuses in New York State approved a law to require doctors, all doctors not just the prognosticators, to report troubling comments by owners of guns. Allowing psychiatrists to control human freedom is as dangerous as removing guns from civilians. Hitler and Stalin removed guns and sued psychiatry to control their populations. 

[From article]
More than half of the youth were already in treatment when they reported suicidal behavior. Nock said that was both "encouraging" and "disturbing."

"We know that a lot of the kids who are at risk and thinking about suicide are getting (treatment)," he told Reuters Health. However, "We don't know how to stop them - we don't have any evidence-based treatments for suicidal behavior."


One in 25 youth attempt suicide: U.S. study
By Genevra Pittman
Wed Jan 9, 2013 3:25pm EST

Harvard Prof. Seeks Woman Volunteer To Create Neanderthal Man


Wanted: 'Adventurous woman' to give birth to Neanderthal man - Harvard
professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby
Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School believes he can
reconstruct Neanderthal DNA
His ambitious plan requires a human volunteer willing to allow the DNA
to be put into stem cells, then a human embryo
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 10:36 EST, 20 January 2013 | UPDATED: 21:01 EST, 20 January 2013

Ten Inch Snow Storm, Moscow, Photos


Snowpocalypse Russia: 'Snow tsunami' swallows streets, cars, buildings (PHOTOS)
Russian Times
Published: 18 January, 2013, 22:27
Edited: 19 January, 2013, 13:46

NRA More Popular Than Entertainment Industry

NY Senator Chuck "You" Schumer says the NRA is a fringe group. But according to this poll the NRA is more popular than the entertainment industry.  If the NRA is a fringe group what does that make Hollywood? 


Jan. 19, 2013 7:20pm
Erica Ritz

* * *

NBC/WSJ poll: NRA more popular than entertainment industry
By NBC's Mark Murray
NBC News
January 18, 2013

January 20, 2013

NM Teen Kills Pastor Father, Mother Three Siblings

[Updated January 21, 2013 1:20 AM ET]

Was this young man taking psychiatric drugs? 


Pastor's son who 'killed his parents and three younger siblings admitted he was mad at his MOTHER when he decided to shoot'
Nehemiah Griego, 15, arrested and charged with shooting his relatives
Sheriff's office identifies victims as former pastor Gregory Griego, 51, his wife Sara, 40, and their three youngest children Zephania, 9, Jael, 5, and Angelina, 2
Each victim was shot multiple times and police found multiple weapons at the Albequerque scene including a military-style assault weapon
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 08:08 EST, 21 January 2013 | UPDATED: 16:21 EST, 21 January 2013
* * *


Authorities release victims' names in South Valley shooting
Former church pastor among those killed
KOAT TV Albuquerque NM
UPDATED 9:37 PM MST Jan 20, 2013

Life Without Parole Is Insufficient Punishment

Blecker argues that life sentences without parole allow convicts to enjoy life as if they were not in prison. He says there is no punishment beyond taking the inmate's freedom. He is concerned about the most heinous criminals being punished the same as inmates who were convicted of simple theft or non violent crimes. The heinous criminals enjoyed Due Process protections before being denied their freedom. For the past 40 years government thugs and their partner sociopaths in the private sector conducted a brutal relentless campaign of character assassination and punishing me without being charged or convicted of any crime. Not just once for each allegation, but multiple times up to 50 times for each allegation. 


Permanent Punitive Segregation
What should life be like for the worst of the worst?
City Journal
Autumn 2012
Vol. 22 No. 4

The Husband Store

 A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store

 You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!
 There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights.
 The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor,  or may choose to go up to the next floor,
 but you cannot go back down except to exit the building!

 So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door reads:

Floor 1 - These men Have Jobs

 She is intrigued, but continues to the second floor, where the sign reads:

 Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.

 'That's nice,' she thinks, 'but I want more.'  So she continues upward. The third floor sign reads:

 Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking.
 'Wow,' she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

 She goes to the fourth floor and the sign reads:

 Floor 4 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help With Housework.

 'Oh, mercy me!' she exclaims, 'I can hardly stand it!'
 Still, she goes to the fifth floor and the sign reads:

 Floor 5 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, Help with Housework, and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.

 She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor, where the sign reads:
 Floor 6 - You are visitor 31,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please. Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.

 To avoid gender bias charges,  the store's owner opened a New Wives store just across the street.

  First floor; Has wives that love sex.

  Second floor Has wives that love sex and have money and like beer.

  Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth floors have never been visited.

Aaron Swartz's Suicide and Blame

[Updated January 20, 2013 10:35 PM ET
Updated January 21, 2013 2:50 PM ET]

Parents and attorneys blame the US Attorney in Boston for the suicide of Aaron Swartz (see below stories). They say it was a wrongful or malicious prosecution. Is this unique? What about the four white men prosecuted for a murder they did not commit? They were targeted by special agents of the Boston office of the FBI who knew they were innocent; and allowed one of their charming informants, Joseph “The Animal” Barbooza, to lie under oath to get the convictions. The four innocent men were sentenced to death. Two of the men Henry Tameleo, Louis Greco, died in prison after the death penalty was repealed in Massachusetts. Two, Joe Salvati and Peter Limone,  were released after 30 years. Why weren't the prosecutors and the FBI agents vilified in the media? It 's not that I disagree with the lamentations of the parents and attorneys, but I just don't understand the differences.

When US Attorneys in Boston refused to protect witnesses who reported crimes by Boston Irish American crime boss, James "Whitey" Bulger, why weren't they vilified? Bulger awaiting trial 20 years later, allegedly murdered 19 people, some of those who sought FBI protection. One of those US Attorneys went on to be Governor of Massachusetts. Others became US Judges. What about the hundreds if not thousands of young men (and women?) who are prosecuted, convicted and put into prison for crimes they did not commit? Because they did not kill themselves no officials are vilified and blamed for the harms done to the individuals and to their families? What about the many young men and women who kill themselves after being arrested and held for arraignment? One woman petitioned the Cambridge police for years to learn why her son  killed himself in a city holding cell. The police were uncooperative.

At least all of them were extended due process protections including Mr. Swartz. They knew the charges against them and were able to defend themselves in a court with attorneys who helped them defend themselves. Swartz had a woman friend who assisted him.

For 40 years so far government thugs and private yahoos conducted and conduct relentless character assassination followed by punishment for the allegations. Local police and FBI informants participate with the absence of Notice, no Due Process, no Trial. Just non stop harassment. Many of the charming omniscient Harvard University students and their delightful campus cops join in. Some encourage me to kill myself. I refuse to do them or their employers the favor of ending my life. It costs them money and manpower to continue the criminal abuses and to cover up their crimes.

They disturb my sleep every day every two hours sometimes every one hour. Sometimes they keep me awake for 8 hours when I try to sleep. They put drugs in my foods contrary to law. Psychiatrists and psychologists employ sophisticated techniques to try to provoke violence and to make me insane. They use Communists who work with crime families to try to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke. Local and state politicians join in the abuses.

So why is Aaron Swartz's suicide a higher priority than all of the other government abuses? The current US Attorney General and the President ignore the Constitution violating their oaths of offices. They enforce laws in a racist manner and yet they are praised by journalists and their colleagues among the elected criminal class. But also why the focus on the US Attorney? Why not on the criminal politicians who allegedly wrote the laws? Is the problem that these spineless egoists who run for office have no clue about what is in the bills that they make into laws? The monster (2700 pages) health care bill was passed into law without any of the 535 members of Congress or the President having read it. The so called fiscal cliff bill passed into law on January 1, 2013 was also unread and un-scrutinized. Politicians regularly pass laws which they have no time or interest to read. Journalists blame the officials who are paid, whose job it is to enforce those laws? Never mind the generalities passed into law allowing unelected bureaucrats to make the details up which often are counterproductive and lead to unintended consequences like suicide. Is this a public relations effort by the crime family which Bulger ran to discredit the US Attorney who is prosecuting him for homicides? Ever notice how so many journalists coincidently are now focused on one alleged mistake by a US prosecutor?

But for me the beat goes on every day  24/7, 365, and 366 on leap years. When one of the psychopaths get burned out from tormenting a white male with a legal disability over 60 years they bring in fresh blood and start it all over again and again. Always a psychopath or a cop or a superintendent disturbing my sleep tampering with US Mail, telephones and computer communications. Most of the time the primary harassers are from the three high priority victim groups. Black people, women and homosexuals. They even use illegal aliens on occasion. That is how crime families work to defer accountability. Black people are victims, and they are moral people. Women are victims, and moral people. Homosexuals are victims, and moral. They would not attack a vulnerable person. A white male? They are all guilty. Who sets the priorities? Who determines what laws get enforced and who gets prosecuted? Who decides who is allowed Due Process and who is allowed to defend themselves? Who decides who gets used as a human subject for medical research without consent?

Government psychiatrists working at prominent universities drugged me in 1973, using hallucinogens for 80 consecutive days without consent. They broadcast three cover stories for what they did. "He's a drug addict." "He had a nervous breakdown." "Teenagers put PCP in marijuana." That effectively ended any chance for a life. For the next 39 years police, crime families, FBI, Communists, did whatever they wanted to do, including but not limited to trying to kill me and trying to get me to kill myself. Relentless character assassination, and harassment. Were any of these psychiatrists vilified in the media? 

In 1990 after I wrote to two local chiefs of police complaining about police harassment, the Cambridge, MA police arrested me, and held me for 78 days contrary to law. The lawyers paid to defend me were also paid not to defend me. A woman I dated for three months when I was a student in law school and her FBI  informant husband broadcast relentless character assassination for 30 years saying "He's a retired drug dealer." That was joined by FBI character assassination, "He's a racist." Ah yes. A racist drug dealer in New York. "I'm sorry. I only sell to white people." Yea. Uh Huh. And there is much more to tell. Aaron, you rest in  peace. You hear?


Kin, friends hail Aaron Swartz as pols push for action
January 20, 2013
By Erin Smith
Boston Herald

* * *

Margery Eagan: Ortiz is done
Statement too little, too late
Jan 17, 2013
By Margery Eagan
Boston Herald

* * *


Carmen Ortiz `terribly upset' by Swartz death
Jan 18, 2013
By Peter Gelzinis
Boston Herald

* * *


January 20, 2013 at 11:16 AM
Anger at Prosecutors Boils Over at Aaron Swartz Memorial
By Andre Tartar
New York Magazine
* * *


1/13/13 at 2:00 PM
Aaron Swartz’s Suicide Spurs Outrage at Prosecutors
By Caroline Bankoff
New York Magazine

Gov. Palin Was Right About Obama

[From article]
On Wednesday--more than three years after Palin’s warning--Obama did exactly what the former governor forecasted.


19 Jan 2013, 12:15 AM PDT

Stan "The Man" Musial Dead at 92


Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan 'The Man' Musial dies at age 92
New York Post
Last Updated: 8:24 PM, January 19, 2013
Posted: 8:23 PM, January 19, 2013

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Charged With Fraud


1/19/2013 11:39:17 PM
Michigan Supreme Court justice charged with fraud
Associated Press

Academic Lapdogs Approve Blaming Victims of Psychiatric Abuses

NBC quotes Paul Appelbaum, who is now a titled expert on ethics. He wrote an essay published in 1995, 
"Mental Illness and Competence to Consent to Treatment" in which he concluded that mental patients have lucid moments when they can give informed consent to being used for medical research. But they are unable to exercise rational thought when it comes to owning guns. Isn't that convenient? And isn't that a troubling opinion to quote on this attempt by government to demonize all persons accused of mental illness? Margaret Hagan Professor of Psychology at Boston University exposed the fraud of mental illnesses in her delightful tome, "Whores of the Court." 

Appelbaum and others quoted by NBC share the interests of the drug industry. Appelbaum is affiliated with the New York Psychiatric Institute which conducted extreme experiments on patients without consent. Columbia University is enormously invested in the pharmaceutical industry. They place the blame on persons who are often forced to ingest psychiatric drugs which are a known cause of suicidal thoughts and violence. Even the drug-company controlled FDA requires a black box warning label on those drugs. Yet over paid misguided journalists and spineless politicians continue to divert attention from the cause of violence. It is the drugs not the troubled persons who are taking them that is the problem. So much for informing the electorate who favors more abuses of humans. More psychiatry will only increase the amount of violence. This is one more example of the upside down arguments by the misguided and misdirected control freaks who seek to eliminate individual freedom in the name of security.

Hitler and Stalin both took guns from the population, and used psychiatry to take freedom from others who did not comport with the wishes of the leaders. Journalists indicate their beliefs that American psychiatrists have had their genes cleansed of mendacity, greed and sadism. Appelbaum demonstrated his duplicity in published articles. Yet he is now a "respected ethicist?" How very comforting to drug industry interests. That is what passes for watch dogs in contemporary society. The watch dogs in the media and among academics have become lap dogs. 

NBC says, "If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that mentally ill people should not have access to firearms." Republicans and Democrats are unable to manage the budget. Now they are experts on predicting who is violent? Not even the omniscient and morally superior mental health priests can accurately predict the future. But that does not mean they are ever held accountable for their errors. Mental illness is now a political issue. It has never been a scientific discipline and perhaps enough scrutiny will expose it for the fraud that it is. Petitioning for more taxpayer funds is just exacerbating the waste and abuse of taxpayer funds. 


Anger, violent thoughts: Are you too sick to own a gun?
By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer,
NBC News
January 19, 2013

* * *
On conflict of interest between psychiatry and drug companies.


Is psychiatry committing 'professional suicide'?
By Maia Szalavitz,
updated 10:09 AM EDT, Tue October 9, 2012

Obama's Twisted Priorities On Guns


Friday, January 18, 2013
Friday Afternoon Roundup - Locked and Loaded
Posted by Daniel Greenfield
The Sultan Knish blog

January 19, 2013

Equalizing Opportunity Through Education


A Wealth of Words
The key to increasing upward mobility is expanding vocabulary.
City Journal
Winter 2013
Vol. 23 No. 1

January 18, 2013

Black Actor Sees Racism In Second Amendment


[WATCH] Actor Danny Glover tells students 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery
By Timothy Dionisopoulos
Jan 18, 2013

Holder Seeks Further Delay Answering FOIA On Fast And Furious

[From article]
 “Getting beyond the Obama administration’s smokescreen, this lawsuit is about a very simple principle: the public’s right to know the full truth about an egregious political scandal that led to the death of at least one American and countless others in Mexico. The American people are sick and tired of the Obama administration trying to rewrite FOIA law to protect this president and his appointees. Americans want answers about Fast and Furious killings and lies.”


17 Jan 2013

Russian Ballet Director Attacked With Acid

[From article]
"What happened with Sergei Filin was not accidental," Ratmansky, now an artist-in-residence at the American Ballet Theater, posted on his Facebook page. "The Bolshoi has many ills. It's a disgusting cesspool, of those developing friendships with the artists, the speculators and scalpers, the half-crazy fans ready to bite the throats of the rivals of their favorites, the cynical hackers, the lies in the press and the scandalous interviews of staff.
"This is all one snowball caused by the lack of any ethics at the theater."


Jan 18, 2:36 PM EST

Lie Of The Year Turns Out To be True


Whoops: PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' Turns Out to Be True
12:25 PM, JAN 18, 2013

Where Are The Disability Rights Advocates?

[Updated January 20, 2013 11:15 PM ET]

Disability commissions funded by taxpayers remain silent when journalists and politicians attack persons accused of mental illness as the cause of mass murder. The President and the Governor of New York are emotional about wanting to control guns. Almost as strident are the demands for more psychiatry to stop mass murder. As if either of those misguided policies will solve or even reduce the problem. 

Scientific studies show that when there are concealed guns among the population there is less gun violence. See e.g., John Lott's book, More Guns, Less Violence. Reducing the number of legal guns will increase criminal gun use. But since when have politicians ever acted or spoken rationally? Misleading people is a high priority under the current occupants of the White House who use spin doctors as alcoholics use beer.

Journalists are as emotional as politicians. Both of these irresponsible groups of professionals are ignorant or refuse to help educate the voters about the history of guns and psychiatry. Hitler and Stalin the two greatest government mass murderers in history took guns from citizens and used psychiatry to silence criticism. Why do so few educated people have any comprehension of these two dangerous practices and policies? Have journalists and politicians given up on freedom under the constitution? Has totalitarianism become the preferred form of government? 

The current President promoted many irrational and counterproductive policies. It makes some people wonder what his goals are and if he is a supporter of the Constitution. But this is just backwards. In the name of reducing gun violence the President promotes conditions to increase gun violence. 

Knowing how dysfunctional politicians are these days it is no surprise that this is how they operate regarding mass murder. They promote policies which increase control over citizens, who they fear and do not trust. Taking guns from ordinary citizens who have a Constitutional Right to have guns gives the politicians more control over citizens' lives. Psychiatry is another way to control ordinary citizens. Psychiatry is a means of social control without due process. There is a reason why the Bill of Rights was included in the Constitution. It was because of abuses by government historically taking a person's freedom without good cause. The politicians who followed them were paid to put into law taxpayer funding of psychiatry allowing the so called physicians to take freedom without due process protections. Why do so few conservative political observers understand how dangerous psychiatry is, at least as dangerous as removing guns from citizens?

Another matter of concern is in almost every city and town across the nation. Taxpayer funded commissions on disabilities. There are taxpayer funded state and US boards and non profit commissions and corporations and committees allegedly paid to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. The proposals being promoted by the totalitarians include denying to persons with disabilities many of the rights and privileges enjoyed by others. Why are all of these taxpayer funded men and women who are paid to protect persons with disabilities so loudly silent when the population that they are supposed to protect are under attack from government, journalists and politicians? Is it possible that all of them are unconcerned with the denigration of persons with disabilities? Many of these agencies and corporations are run by persons who do not have disabilities. Their priorities differ from protecting disability rights.

But also many of these same boards, commission and corporations are dominated by corporate interests. Some persons with disabilities promote the corporate interests over their own due to being easily corrupted by the money and power of the corporate interests. They invite them to dinners and give them access to parties and to films and other events. It is easy to corrupt humans, whether they have a disability or not. But there is total silence about this current effort to demonize all persons accused of mental illness as dangerous. It is despicable and no one answers the slander. Gun owners have a strong advocate in the NRA and other gun rights organizations. But persons with disabilities have no local, state or national voice which speaks for them and not for the corporations which provide goods andservices to them.

January 17, 2013

Cambridge City Councilor Opposes Gun Violence

We can all feel warm and fuzzy knowing that the Chairman of the
Cambridge City Council meetings also called The Mayor, expressed her
opposition to gun violence and to keeping "children and families
safe." Were you worried as I was that this Mayor supported gun
violence and keeping children and families in dangerous situations?
Did you think that this Mayor shared the values, standards and
philosophy of gun violence that is favored by the Mayors of Chicago,
Philadelphia, St. Louis and Camden NJ?  This Mayor probably supports
education too. It sounds just like her.


Mayor: 'We will do our part' to prevent gun violence
By Staff reports
GateHouse News Service
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Jan 17, 2013 @ 02:16 PM

Two NY Homes Burglarized, Listed as Gun Owners


Journal News map-listed guns, permits stolen from New City home, cops say
Originally published: January 17, 2013 12:58 PM Updated: January 17, 2013 1:04 PM
By TIMOTHY O'CONNOR timothy.oconnor (at) cablevision.com

Support Freedom, Protect Your Rights

Support Freedom, Liberty, Protect Your Rights


Why Is There A Right To Bear Arms?

[From article]
Alexander Hamilton: "The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed," adding later, "If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government."


Why the 2nd Amendment
Walter E. Williams
January 2, 2013

Will Muslims Assimilate?


The Veil Descends
Mark Steyn
National Review's Happy Warrior
January 15, 2013

Liberal Words Differ From Actions

[From article]
 who cares about facts, when you are on a liberal crusade that makes you feel morally superior?


Liberalism Versus Blacks
Thomas Sowell
January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

NJ NFL Player In Trouble Again

[From article]
Britt, who was a first-round draft pick coming out of Rutgers
University in New Jersey, has been involved in nine incidents with law
enforcement since entering the NFL in 2009.
The talented but troubled athlete was suspended for the 2012 season
opener after being charged with drunk driving at at Fort Campbell in
In April 2011, he was arrested after allegedly  leading police on a
chase in his hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey.


Cops want to question NFL star Kenny Britt after he dropped off
stabbed friend at hospital and then took off
PUBLISHED: 10:13 EST, 14 January 2013 | UPDATED: 10:21 EST, 14 January 2013