May 17, 2016

Bikes On the Subway?

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I got on the 4 train at Fulton Street. At Astor Place, a short, muscular guy in tight black Lycra shorts pushed his stupid peeling, white bike into the car next to me.
He almost hit me but didn't. I wondered if I should punch him if he did. I never punch anybody except in the ring, but I am always fighting imaginary fights in my mind.
Probably not too bright to think of street fighting. Most of these guys carry weapons.
[. . .]
I thought bikes were used up in the streets to prevent pollution. I thought they were used for exercise, to keep in shape. What the hell was he doing here, causing congestion in an already crowded train?
Bikes should not be allowed on the train. Or if allowed, the MTA should charge extra for them. They take up space for about two people plus the rider. Instead of charging $2.75, he and his bike should be charged $11.
[. . .]
Why not let the jerks bring kiddy pools with them so they can take a dip when they are bored?

May 14, 2016
A little tirade against bringing bikes on the New York subway
By David Lawrence

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