May 25, 2016

Confessions Of Uber Drivers

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Most Uber drivers are there to take you from A to B, but for some the job is a chance to get up to mischief, it seems.
Drivers at the transport company have been sharing revelations about their jobs on the anonymous confessions app Whisper - and the stories range from the comical to the sordid.
The workers reveal they've apparently driven while high, cheated on their wives with customers and told sneaky tales to get tips.
Elicit liaisons with customers is one of the common themes.
One contributor confessed: 'My friends make fun of me for taking a condom as a "just in case". I've actually used them three times now.'
Another added: 'I drive Uber to cheat on my wife with no questions asked about my whereabouts.'
Similarly one user admitted: 'As an Uber driver I'm just waiting for those hot drunk women to come onto me.'
One revealed in graphic detail the things that go through his mind when attractive customers step inside the car.
And an additional user said: 'Don't get me wrong, I value conversations I have with my guests. But I can't stop thinking about turning off the meter and taking one of these ladies for the ride of her life.'
Furthermore one more confessed: 'I drive for Uber on the weekends. I hate the drunks but I love all the hot women dressed to the nines.'
Meanwhile, another driver spilled the beans about a sneaky technique used to get tips.
He said: 'When riders ask about me I always tell them about my son with Autism in hopes they will tip. I feel guilty but therapy costs a lot.'
More shockingly, one even confessed to driving passengers while allegedly under the influence of drugs.
They said: 'I was always high while driving for Uber. I was the best.'
Some said they were picky about the clientèle they picked up, with one confessing: 'I don't accept requests from anyone at a strip club, they are the worst passengers.'
And another said: 'I hate driving rich snobs. You are NOT better than me just because I'm driving you around.'
Some confessed to eavesdropping and said they found it hard not to laugh at back-seat chatter.
One wrote: 'The hardest part is overhearing people's conversations and trying to keep a straight face like you heard nothing at all.'
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MailOnline Travel has not been able to confirm if the confessions on Whisper are genuine and has asked Uber for a response to them but has yet to receive a reply.

Confessions of Uber drivers: Hitting on hot women, driving while high... and using the job to cheat on oblivious wives
Uber drivers have revealed some 'truths' of their job on the Whisper app
Many have slept with customers they have picked up while doing a shift
One would tell customers about their Autistic son in the hopes of a big tip
PUBLISHED: 03:46 EST, 25 May 2016 | UPDATED: 08:55 EST, 25 May 2016

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