May 1, 2016

Anti-BDS Growing In Countering Anti Israel Propaganda

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At the recent Stand With Us conference, it became obvious that the anti-BDS movement is becoming empowered.
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California has a closeness with Israel: over two billion dollars in trade, over 1500 companies do business in Israel, and Governor Brown signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014 to increase collaboration and trade with Israel.”
More and more opponents of BDS are putting the movement on the defensive. People are recognizing that one of the important battlefields is the terrain of college campuses.
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There is no strong leadership on campus that says anti-Semitism is not okay, so we need to stand up for ourselves. I warn my fellow students who are not Jewish, anti-Semitism, which is also anti-Zionism, is a canary in a coalmine. The first piece of discrimination starts with the Jewish people and goes forward to others.”
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a former Israeli intelligence officer, told of how she was disrespected when trying to speak at the University of Florida. “Their goal is to erase the state of Israel. They called me a baby killer. I hope the opponents of BDS become active and are not afraid to fight for what is right. I truly believe that many of those Americans who protest don’t know the facts, while believing random lies.”
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But the supporters of BDS are going beyond free speech with intimidation and political/legal harassment. People should reflect and applaud those who speak out and take action to secure the victory of truth. Those mentioned in the above article need to be supported and admired for standing up to injustice with strength and fortitude.

April 28, 2016
Fighting BDS
By Elise Cooper

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