May 31, 2016

Hollywood Elite Speak At Harvard University Commencement

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Breitbart reported that Steven Spielberg fretted at the 2016 Harvard graduation, "We are a nation of least for now." The statement was a poorly disguised attack on Donald Trump. Saying we are immigrants is like saying we all get around on horse and buggy. That self-serving obsolescence, peddled by an enormously wealthy cultural elite, was but part of the dehumanizing lies Spielberg told the graduates about the realities of persecution, genocide, and morality.
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It is appalling that Spielberg mentioned Muslims and Jews in his talk but not Christians. Incredibly, he neglected to mention the current Christian holocaust, the most dreadful, specifically religiously motivated persecution on planet Earth today. It is Christian communities that are facing genocide in Muslim areas of Asia and Africa.
Spielberg and his left-wing audience are anti-Christian, though they don't seem to know it.
Of course, Spielberg predictably blathered about racism and homophobia, even though racism hasn't been the leading problem in America for sixty years, and homosexuals not only are not oppressed, but have become a class that enjoys special legal protections at the expense of Christians. The term homophobia, so cavalierly bandied, is a dehumanizing hoax, a thoughtless bigotry against people who compassionately believe that homosexual consciousness and behavior are spiritually harmful in this life and beyond.
Spielberg repeated the big lie that is preventing many of the most gifted young people in America from making the world a better place. "Whether it's the Muslims, or the Jews, or minorities on the border states, or the LGBT community, it is all one big hate." That statement is one big hate. To compare the Islamic State atrocities or Islamic terrorists murdering Jewish children to "LGBT" concerns is disgusting. Spielberg was preaching to people who "privilege" – and he is himself an elder in an industry that privileges – "lesbians-gays-bisexuals-trangenders."
He told the graduates to "stick to your morals" because he doesn't know what morals are. Morals are absolute convictions based on unchanging Godful truth. The young people at Harvard have been taught anti-morality since they were toddlers. They have been taught that morality is "judgmental," particularly regarding issues of sexuality. They have been submerged in humanist ethicality and relativism.
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Today's immigrants tend to have fed tummies, cell phones, and attitudes. Unlike the majority of Americans, Spielberg is insulated from unemployment and too rich to care about the looming national bankruptcy being accelerated by millions of demanding, welfare-entitled immigrants. The historic mass immigrations Spielberg was referring to are no more. They arose mainly due to famine, near famine, or political oppression so severe the choice was between flight and death. Science and technology have thankfully made those conditions rare compared to the vast history of humanity. Most people can survive in their own countries. They have the moral duty to secure their freedom in their own lands.
Here's a guideline: ban immigration from any country whose people have the technological capability to watch Spielberg movies. Any nation with television, internet, cell phones, or movie theaters has the technology (or the wherewithal to obtain it) to feed its own people. They should stay home and fix their own problems. America, the most compassionate country in history, is here to help them.

May 29, 2016
Ban immigration from nations that can show Spielberg movies
By Deborah C. Tyler

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May 27, 2016

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