April 30, 2011

Obama Usurps Congressional Power

[From essay]
"It all boils down to this: Are we to be a constitutional government with three distinct branches, or a single executive entity that makes policy, carries it out and decides for itself whether it's constitutional or not?
That's what the next presidential race is really all about."


'Change' via executive power grab
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:47 AM, April 29, 2011
Posted: 11:19 PM, April 28, 2011

Obama's Inability to Speak Truthfully

[From editorial]
""Now, normally I would not comment on something like this, because . . . we do not have time for this kind of silliness," he said.
"I've got better stuff to do."
Whereupon he:
* Hopped Air Force One to Chicago.
* Taped the Oprah Winfrey show.
* Jumped back on the jet.
[. . .]
Fact is, virtually everything Barack Obama has declared, promised or predicted since rising to national prominence three years ago has turned out to be specious, delusory or flat-out false."


Birth of a notion
New York Post
Last Updated: 10:18 AM, April 28, 2011
Posted: April 28, 2011

Law Firm Defends Gitmo Inmates, Not Marriage

[From editorial]
"Ironically, K&S had no problem with two of its partners representing a half-dozen Gitmo-detained terrorists -- pro bono, no less."


Cowardly counsel
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:14 AM, April 26, 2011
Posted: April 26, 2011

Police Corruption and Mollen Commission


CORRUPTION IN UNIFORM: CHRONOLOGY; Tracking Police Corruption Over the Years
New York Times
Published: July 07, 1994

Egregious Police Abuses

Here is one example of why police need constant scrutiny. It is amazing that police get upset with civilians who distrust them and criticize them.

[From article]
"Tavarez allegedly used his police badge and falsified search warrants to stage searches and seizures of narcotics traffickers during which he and other coconspirators stole drugs and money from the traffickers," said a statement from Brooklyn US Attorney Loretta E. Lynch.
[. . .]
The gang grabbed about 250 kilograms of cocaine -- more than 550 pounds -- for resale, in addition to whatever cash was on hand.


Drug cop & robber
Ripped off dealers
New York Post
Last Updated: 10:33 AM, April 26, 2011
Posted: 1:52 AM, April 26, 2011

April 29, 2011

Eric Holder and Elian Gonzalez


When Eric Holder Earned his Spurs (Elian Gonzalez, April 22, 2000)
Posted by Humberto Fontova
Apr 28th 2011

Obama Punished Reporter For Taking Pictures

[From article]
"White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news.

The Chronicle's Carla Marinucci - who, like many contemporary reporters, has a phone with video capabilities on her at all times - pulled out a small video camera last week and shot some protesters interrupting an Obama fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel."


Obama Administration punishes reporter for using multimedia
Posted By: Phil Bronstein
San Francisco Chronicle
April 28 2011 at 04:48 PM

April 28, 2011

Police, Politicians, Journalists Are Clueless About Technology

An ACLU spokesman says, "The laws have been running behind technology across the board [. . .]" Ya think? Local police, prosecutors, politicians, the FBI, US attorneys, and journalists are effectively clueless about much of the technology being used by private criminals, no less criminal government thugs. The few existing laws remain unused due to negligent police training. When ordinary citizens complain about high tech criminal harassment and abuses, journalists and police laugh at them and ridicule them. Government and corporate offices employ expensive shielding from invasive technology. But ordinary civilians have no protection. The spokesman for the MA Office of Public Safety says, "The way we see it, they're just another tool to help law enforcement do their job." Yes, but criminals, psychologists, psychiatrists and spies have other uses for the same technology. Splitting the atom led quickly to military weapons. Now governments fear terrorists will use them. Technology itself is amoral. Man creates good and evil uses for technology. People need to fear criminals abusing technology as much as government.


An all-seeing eye for the FBI?
Every step you take
April 27, 2011

Catching A Tenth of the Corrupt Government Officials?

What I like about these corruption investigations is that the people who are harmed by the corruption seldom get any consideration from the government. A Middlesex County MA criminal court clerk, was arrested for selling signed search warrants to drug dealers. No one ever looked into all of the criminal cases that he influenced using his corrupt power. This goes on all over the country, and it is seldom exposed because the elected officials seldom investigate their criminal government colleagues. No accountability leads to lack of trust. Add to that the constant lying by politicians (and their enabler journalists) who treat voters as their enemies and you have collapsing government. Politicians like Obama remain unconcerned with what ordinary citizens think of his repeated lies. He is on to other deceptions when they learn about his past lies and he just keeps going with no accountability from his politician conspirators or the corrupt journalists.


Cambridge EMT indicted for falsifying training records
By Staff reports
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Apr 28, 2011 @ 04:23 PM

Hollywood, TV Broadcast Liberal Propaganda


Hollywood Propaganda: Television’s Biggest Lie Uncovered
by Ben Shapiro
April 28, 2011

MSNBC White Man Uses Racism for Rational Argument


You’re a Racist. And You’re a Racist! And You’re a Racist!
Posted by Evan Pokroy
Apr 28th 2011 at 9:10 am

Obama's Hilarious Response to Donald Trump

The most hilarious part of this birth certificate fiasco is that Obama called a press conference to announce that he has more important things to do. He said he has no time for "side-shows" and "carnival" acts. Immediately after the press conference he appeared on the Oprah show (biggest side-show and carnival act on television), then to New York City for a fund raiser at $35,000 per seat (a more expensive side-show and carnival act). This after 340 (as of 6:00 AM May 2, 2011) people in the US were killed by tornadoes, and 8 more killed in Afghanistan by a US trained policeman from Afghanistan. While wild fires burn half of Texas. While US military is active in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. While the economy is tanking. Yes he has more important things to do. He has no competence to be the US head of government. He does well as the US Head of State at meaningless dinners and TV appearances. He is all form no substance. He is all smoke and mirrors, a typical Harvard creation, no common sense.

April 27, 2011

British Captive Switched into Concentration Camp

[From article]
"American and British officials first heard of Auschwitz through the Riegner telegram of August 1942, sent by a member of the World Jewish Congress in Switzerland. It was met by both nations with disbelief. In July 1943, Jan Karski, a member of the Polish underground who’d infiltrated a transit camp — a town without boundaries where Jews were held for transport — personally informed President Roosevelt of Nazi atrocities. Finally, two Slovak Jews named Alfred Wetzler and Rudolf Vrba escaped from Auschwitz in April 1944, and their detailed accounts of the grotesqueries within were broadcast to the world through the mainstream media in June of that year."


Holocaust hero ... or hoax?
Defying doubters, a WWII soldier stands by his memoir that he snuck into Auschwitz
New York Post
Last Updated: 6:06 AM, April 24, 2011
Posted: 10:24 PM, April 23, 2011

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Spreads

[From article]
"The investigation started in 2008 when a Bronx cop suspected of selling drugs was heard on a wiretap asking a union rep to take care of a summons. As many as 400 cops could be fired or lose pay or benefits."


Cops' bid to scam scanners
New York Post
Last Updated: 11:55 AM, April 24, 2011
Posted: 11:58 PM, April 23, 2011

Pat Buchanan: Media Helping Obama "Conceal" Records


Pat Buchanan defends why he is skeptical of President Obama's past.

"I'll tell you what. He went to Occidental College then suddenly he ends up at one of the best schools in the country, Columbia. He vaults from there to Harvard Law School. Suddenly he's on the Harvard Law Review. Suddenly he's the editor of Harvard Law Review. We've never seen any grades of the guy. These are legitimate questions," Buchanan said.

Key quote: Pat Buchanan to Chris Matthews: "You're supposed to be a journalist."
Posted on April 26, 2011

Wasting Taxpayer Funds

Wasting taxpayer funds is typical of short sighted politicians and bureaucrats who run human services agencies. They fear someone will get something for nothing and refuse to allow humans an opportunity to get out of the hole they are in. These are the same liberals who encourage single parents, and freely promote privileges for illegal aliens. In New York City a few rational people recognized that some people waste more of taxpayer funds than others. They put these hard cases into apartments and gave them support systems. This saved a lot of money from emergency services especially. The use of motels is an outrage that should have been stopped many years ago. Putting people into apartments as stated herein is the economic smart thing to do. But with support else the same people may fall further into a bigger hole. One barrier is that the human services industry prefers to waste as much taxpayer money as they can get the legislature to appropriate. The cycle of campaign contributions given back from the money appropriated is the key. Until there are enough politicians and humans services professionals with integrity this cycle will never end.


No place like home
Hard-luck families languishing in motels on state’s $28M tab

By Dave Wedge
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anti Semitism in Holland

Anti Semitism on the rise in Holland is troubling. Philosopher Baruch Spinoza found sanctuary in Holland after being chased from Spain and then Portugal, during the Inquisition.


Anti-Semitic incidents spark public debate in the Netherlands
Author: Wim Dohrenbusch / pfd
Editor: Andreas Illmer

April 26, 2011

Not Locking WiFi Network May Bring FBI Scrutiny

[From article]
"Not locking your wireless network might not seem like a big deal -- except of course when one of your shady neighbors logs on and downloads child pornography. As far as the authorities are concerned, that illegal activity originates from your wireless router, so you are the primary suspect.

So, what happened? Well, this guy left his home Wi-Fi network unprotected, and a slimy neighbor piggy-backed on his "free" wireless network to access thousands of child pornography images. He's not the first to fall victim to this scenario, and, unfortunately, he won't be the last."


Mistaken FBI Porn Raid Underscores Wi-Fi Privacy Risks
Published April 26, 2011

Afghan Prison Break Assisted From Within


Afghan prison break was inside job: Karzai office
Apr 26 08:12 AM US/Eastern

Obama Silent on Black Racist Violence


April 26, 2011
The Obamas Silent in the Face of Race Atrocity
By Lauri B. Regan
American Thinker

Marijuana Sales Are Big Business

Crimson says, "the College—and, in a broader sense, the U.S. government—must do everything in their power to ensure the safety of the individuals they exist to protect." Few elected officials would agree that they are focused on protecting individuals. They are primarily focused on getting re-elected. Police are not obligated to stop crime. Like prosecutors and judges police have discretion. Citizens must protect themselves from government which treats citizens as enemies. Why else do politicians lie so often to voters? As for Harvard, when in loco parentis died didn't the obligation to protect students die with it? Regarding purchasing and distributing marijuana as dangerous, the main issue is profits. A few deaths are merely the cost of doing business, as long as enough consumers can get product there is no problem. Consider the thousands of deaths in Mexico each year.


A Drug that Kills
The Kirkland shooting trial exposes the dangers in the disconnect between the health and legal consequences of marijuana
By The Harvard Crimson Staff
Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stalin Was Evil Not Mentally Ill

Stalin's evil did not derive from his politics, or ideology. His brutal methods were approved and promoted by Trotsky and Lenin. He ruled by fear. He took lessons from Hitler too even though they were enemies. Lots more in recent biographies e.g., Edward Radzinsky's, Stalin, translated by H.T. Willetts, 1996. Stalin was no different than many early leaders in western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They simply murdered their real or imagined enemies.


Stalin: Evil, Crazy, Or Both? New Diary Offers Possible Insights
Posted by Peter Schweizer
Apr 25th 2011 at 12:06 pm

American Indians and Jews

An American Indian comes back to the Reservation to visit with his parents after spending some time in New York . He tells his father that he's fallen in love with a nice Jewish girl.
His father is mortified and says, "You're betraying your heritage and you'll break your mother's heart that you're not marrying a precious Indian girl....and you know how Jews are, they'll feel the same way and you'll be ostracized in both camps!"
The Indian son reassures his father, "Don't worry. The Jewish family has already accepted the situation because they've gone ahead and given their daughter an Indian name."
"Really?" asks the father. "What name?"
The son answers... "Sitting Shiva."

April 25, 2011

Using Computers To Ignore Common Knowledge

There are few things more lucrative than taxpayer funded studies of problems, or taxpayer funded computer systems to analyze problems. Fighting crime by computer is less stressful and safer than being on the streets getting to know the population. Many citizens who are not trained police officers know that there are many criminals and crimes committed in city halls, legislatures, the US Congress and the many courthouses across the nation. But police seldom see any. Is the problem that police do not want to cleanse the government for fear of being held accountable for their own crimes?


Next step for police -- predicting crime
NYPD and others looking into "predictive analytics"
New York Post
Last Updated: 5:39 AM, April 17, 2011
Posted: 11:03 PM, April 16, 2011

April 24, 2011

Government is Run By and For Criminals

A New York Prison chaplain who served a 14-year prison term for drug dealing now earns $108,000 in taxpayer funds. Yet the FBI and two highly paid criminals in the witness protection program continue a 30-year program of character assassination saying that I am a retired drug dealer. I was never charged, accused or convicted of any drug crime. Yet the FBI for 30 years destroyed and continues to destroy my reputation and career and has me under 24-hour surveillance and harassment. Short of government homicide, I know of no other government abuse that lasted this long for an imaginary crime.

[From article]
"Head chaplain Imam Umar Abdul-Jalil [. . .] remains on the payroll as a $108,000-a-year assistant commissioner for ministerial services.

Abdul-Jalil -- a former drug dealer who served a 14-year prison stint upstate -- told investigators he never approved the party and didn't attend it, despite e-mail evidence to the contrary"


Jailhou$e mitzvah chutzpah
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:06 AM, April 17, 2011
Posted: 3:18 AM, April 17, 2011

NY State Court Judge Corruption


Judge in 'double' trouble
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:06 AM, April 17, 2011
Posted: 3:18 AM, April 17, 2011

Al Sharpton Owes Taxes


Rev. Al's debt duty
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:47 AM, April 17, 2011
Posted: 12:32 AM, April 17, 2011

US Attorney General Did Not Pay Taxes


Holder's 4G tax lax
Snafu in ma's Queens estate
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:54 AM, April 19, 2011
Posted: 3:18 AM, April 17, 2011

A Coil of Rage

A coil of rage

Below are actual quotes from the President's books.
A cold rage. Can this be true?

Audacity of Hope is difficult to read due to his attitude toward citizens and everything American. A phrase he used to describe his attitude toward whites. He harbors a "COIL OF RAGE."

Is anyone out there awake?

From Dreams From My Father:

"I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I
began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

From Dreams From My Father :
"I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and
animosity against my mother's race."

From Dreams From My Father:

"There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of
herself, maybe and white."

From Dreams From My Father:

"It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your
loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names."

From Dreams From My Father:

"I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my
own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa , that
I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself:
the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela."

From Audacity of Hope:

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in
an ugly direction."

West Bank Shooting of Politically Connected Israeli


Netanyahu Calls Easter Shooting of Israeli ‘Criminal,’ Seeks Investigation
By Gwen Ackerman and Alisa Odenheimer
Apr 24, 2011 1:27 PM ET

Books and Fine Minds

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries." - Rene Descartes

Benedictus (also called Baruch) Spinoza, exposed a flaw in Descartes' philosophy. Descartes revealed that an easy way to establish one's own existence is the famous Latin phrase, "Cogito Ergo Sum." I think therefore I am. It makes sense. If you can perceive your own thoughts then you know that you exist. Of course if you have sophisticated enough dreams you may be able to imagine that you are thinking and be aware of your thoughts. That would create a problem i.e., how do you know you are dreaming.

Nonetheless Descartes went on to say that because we humans can have an idea of God, that proves his (or her) existence too. That does not follow. And that is what Spinoza revealed after analyzing Descartes' philosophy. Which brings me to the above quote from Descartes. His aphorism is true if and only if all of the finest minds of past centuries wrote books. His statement is a kind of academic snobbery which is not uncommon among people with degrees. It exists to an extreme degree within those who have PhD.s and their attitudes toward persons with only MAs or BA degrees.

Many of us know people with very fine minds who do not write books. But also there are people who write books whose minds are not so fine.

That raises the issue of what makes a fine mind? Currently Barack "Barry" Obama is President of the United States. He has degrees from Columbia University in New York (BA), and a law degree from Harvard University (JD). He worships fine minds and credentials. But like so many people with fine minds and credentials he lacks common sense and integrity. Many people that he worships also lack common sense and integrity as well. So if these people with fine minds and credentials wrote books but they lack common sense and integrity, are these the kind of people with whom we want to have conversations?

Blind, Deaf Love

Ed and Nancy met while on a singles cruise and Ed fell head over heels for

When they discovered they lived in the same city only a few miles apart Ed
was ecstatic. He immediately started asking her out when they got home.

Within a couple of weeks, Ed had taken Nancy to dance clubs, restaurants,
concerts, movies, and museums. Ed became convinced that Nancy was indeed
his soul mate and true love. Every date seemed better than the last.

On the one-month anniversary of their first dinner on the cruise ship, Ed
took Nancy to a fine restaurant. While having cocktails and waiting for
their salad, Ed said, "I guess you can tell I'm very much in love with you.
I'd like a little serious talk before our relationship continues to the next

So, before I get a box out of my jacket and ask you a life changing
question, it's only fair to warn you, I'm a total golf nut. I play golf, I read
about golf, I watch golf on TV. In short, I eat, sleep, and breathe golf.
If that's going to be a problem for us, you'd better say so now!"

Nancy took a deep breath and responded, "Ed, that certainly won't be a
problem. I love you as you are and I love golf too; but, since we're being
totally honest with each other, you need to know that for the last five years
I've been a hooker."

"Oh wow! I see," Ed replied. He looked down at the table, was quiet for a
moment. Deep in serious thought then he added, "You know, it's probably
because you're not keeping your wrists straight when you hit the ball.

Ignoring Obama's Qualifications


Obama’s ineligibility: Congress needs to be dope-slapped
Lawrence Sellin
Canada Free Press
Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

Alaska Cop Is Illegal Alien


Illegal immigrant 'steals man's identity and poses as highly-respected Alaska cop for six years'
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:53 PM on 23rd April 2011

Court Leaks Sealed Records Online


Sealed Records Exposed In Major Court Gaffe
Federal prosecutors scramble to cloak details of ongoing probes
April 22, 2011
The Smoking Gun

Bloomberg Shows He's Clueless

Mayor Bloomberg said "You know, getting from New Jersey, in or out, there's a lot of traffic: the GW, the Tappan Zee, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel . . . I think they'd be better off [staying put]." The greatly in-need-of-repairs Tappan Zee Bridge does not go to New Jersey but to Rockland County. Like Rockefeller asking for a nickel to make a phone call when it was a dime for twenty years, Bloomberg shows how out of touch he is.


Hunts-Pointed slap at poachers
By DAVID SEIFMAN City Hall Bureau Chief
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:27 AM, April 23, 2011
Posted: 12:26 AM, April 23, 2011

Whole Foods Sued Over Tainted Frozen Food


Whole Foods Lawsuit Over Chinese Frozen Vegetables Can Proceed in Florida
By Susannah Nesmith
Apr 21, 2011 3:35 PM ET

Ivy Students Bully Teacher to Death


Plot led to prof's suicide: friends
New York Post
Last Updated: 6:55 AM, April 22, 2011
Posted: 3:15 AM, April 22, 2011

How Washington DC Works


De$igning woman defrauded feds
By GEOFF EARLE Post Correspondent
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:07 AM, April 22, 2011
Posted: 2:01 AM, April 22, 2011

NYPD Ticket Fix Scandal

[From article]
"when the cops sent to the courtroom started wandering around like lost puppies and drew the attention of a sergeant who was not in on the scheme.
"A sergeant comes up and says, 'Can I help you?' and they say they're there to take care of this ticket, and the sergeant says, 'What?' and he reports them to IAB," the source said."


Tix fix scam exposed as Bronx sergeant caught trying to make a violation disappear
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:31 PM, April 22, 2011
Posted: 1:16 AM, April 22, 2011

How Congress Works

[From article]
"On one side is the business-as-usual, the bipartisan, rigged Washington poker game in which the media act as the bouncers and the rubes are the taxpayers, being fleeced as surely as the hapless mark in "The Sting." There is only one way for government to go -- up.

On the other side are the disparaged Tea Partiers -- vilified by the Washington Republicrat-media complex as unlettered and unwashed rabble from flyover country, bitter clingers with a touching belief in the words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."


The divide for 2012
America needs a serious fight
Michael A. Walsh
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:27 AM, April 21, 2011
Posted: 10:25 PM, April 20, 2011

No Heavy Lifting For Obama

[From article]
"Our president's most muscular recent action was to co-author an opinion article with Britain's David Cameron and France's Nicholas Sarkozy. This plainly reflects Obama's view that writings and speeches are all that a president is really required to do. Sadly, of course, articles and speeches are simply the articulation of policy, not policy in action. Nor do op-eds constitute leadership."


Obama's quagmire
Leadership & the Libya war
John Bolton
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:16 AM, April 20, 2011
Posted: 10:21 PM, April 19, 2011

April 22, 2011

Man Shot Dead After Stopping Fight in McD's


Dad who split up fight in McDonald's shot dead
April 21, 2011
Mirro (UK)

Las Vegas Officer Beats Videographer

It is typical that the psychologist does not support filming police actions. Psychiatrists and psychologists are like police control freaks. They are the most abusive of rights violations more so than police because they are seldom trained in the Constitution or laws that apply to them.


[Video embedded]
Exclusive: Police beating of Las Vegas man caught on tape
By Mike Blasky
Posted: Apr. 22, 2011 | 1:43 p.m.
Updated: Apr. 22, 2011 | 4:21 p.m.javascript:void(0)

Pastor Jailed for Mosque Protest

Pastor Jailed for Protest In Front of Mosque. Claims First Amendment right to protest. I think he is right.


Pastor Terry Jones taken to jail after refusing to post $1 peace bond
Posted: 04/21/2011
Last Updated: 14 minutes ago

Detroit Library Extravagance During Budget Crisis

When spending other people's money it is hard not to reward friends when purchasing the needs of the public.


April 22. 2011 9:22AM
Critics: $2.3M Detroit library project a symbol of waste amid budget crisis
Christine MacDonald
The Detroit News

April 20, 2011

Perjury by Celebrities

Where's the list of the big lies by prominent journalists? Bob Woodward denied he was a briefer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff before he was a journalist. He briefed Alexander Haig, and claimed he did not know the General. How many other alleged journalists are really just government employees printing leaks from their colleagues and claim to be investigators? See Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin's book, Silent Coup.


Tangled Webs: The Top 10 Revelations
by Tony Dokoupil
Daily Beast
April 18, 2011

WI Court Hearing Unrecorded in Teachers Union Case


Secrecy Shrouds Teachers’ Union Court Hearing
MacIver News Service
April 19, 2011

Liberal Shows His Depravity Attacking Palin's Son


Wonkette Makes Fun of Trig Palin, Calls Him “Retarded”
Posted by Dana Loesch
Apr 20th 2011 at 8:04 am

Fake Viagra

Do you know who makes your drugs?


Suburban mom charged with dealing fake Viagra
By: Scott McCabe
Washington Examiner
04/18/11 8:05 PM

iPhones Keep Watch Over Owners


Charles Arthur
iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go
Wednesday 20 April 2011 14.06 BST

Texas Wild Fires

Intense images from the fires. Homes threatened and wildlife escaping danger.


'Texas is burning from border to border': Million acres scorched after wildfires blaze for a week. Now towns are put on red alert
By Daily Mail (UK) Reporter
Last updated at 6:22 PM on 20th April 2011

FBI, Police Bullying Remains Unaddressed

Bullying is a problem for students in schools. Why do journalists seldom scrutinize bullying abuses of police and the FBI? Police and FBI use criminals to do their dirty work. A civilian has no recourse. Police and the FBI will not interfere with the other agent's/officer's informants. Journalists refuse to discuss abuses of police and the FBI unless it is part of a story about a court case. US Judge Mark Wolf exposed twenty years of FBI abuses by granting a defense motion by Attorney Anthony Cardinale. Adults and school officials can stop student on student bullying. Who will stop character assassination by police and the FBI?


Bully victim: Sometimes, it really does get better
By Margery Eagan
Boston Herald
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MI Police Download Cell Phone Info

MI State Police demand $500,000 to respond to a FOIA request.


Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

Obama Loves Academic Credentials

[From article]
"William F. Buckley Jr. famously said he'd rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone book than the faculty of Harvard. Obama would take the Harvard faculty in a heartbeat. He'd dress it up with a clunky acronym, grant it vast bureaucratic power and set it loose on the problems of the world."


O's 'expert' Rx for sicker seniors
Rich Lowry
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:21 AM, April 19, 2011
Posted: 9:56 PM, April 18, 2011

Politics At US Dept. Of Justice

[From article]
"Another committee staffer told me, “The federal prosecutors already established CAIR’s direct involvement in the conspiracy to support Hamas, and the judge said that he agreed when he refused to remove their names as unindicted co-conspirators. And apparently the prosecutors in Dallas felt confident enough in their case to move forward with the indictments — only to have the political appointees quash the case at the last minute."


Political interference at justice?
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:11 PM, April 19, 2011
Posted: 12:09 PM, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

Palin's Ghost Writer

Palin never pretended to write her books as Obama did and does. Palin's genuineness appeals to her admirers. Obama's admirers love him because of his lies and deceptions. Obama is a typical Ivy League elitist politician.


Palin's Ghost
Daily Beast
by Samuel P. Jacobs
April 17, 2011

NM Mayor, Police Chief Jailed in Gun Running


New Mexico official denied bail on gun-running charges
By Ashley Meeks
LAS CRUCES, New Mexico
Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:32pm EDT

Woodward's False Persona

According to Len Colodny in his book, Silent Coup, Bob Woodward was a briefer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff before he became a journalist. He briefed Alexander Haig and denied he knew the General. When Woodward appeared at Harvard's School of Government to get an award I asked him during a public session why he denied those facts. He became upset and told me that I should get my client's name right. He thought I was a lawyer and that Robert Gettlin ( I called him Rich Gettlin) co-author of Silent Coup was my client. He did not answer the question. There were audible gasps from the audience who worshipped him. Woodward is part of the liberal media-government cabal which for the past 50 years uses propaganda as reporting. Nixon was hounded from office for allegations and for helping persons he thought were loyal to him. Non of the liberal media discuses the infiltration of the Nixon administration to embarrass him from within. Nixon was a threat to the Eastern liberal elites who ran the country since its beginning. Nixon was transferring wealth and political power from them to new interests in the South and Western parts of the country. Watergate was a retaking of power by the Eastern liberal elites.


Watergate's 'last chapter'
4/19/11 6:20 AM EDT

Obama Links Passover With Arab Protests


Obama, the Interpreter of the Message of Passover
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
Israel National News
Published: 04/18/11, 2:19 PM / Last Update: 04/18/11, 2:15 PM

April 18, 2011

What Free Speech Requires

Great discussion on Free Speech especially coming from a student at Harvard. One series of comments lists comments by historical figures on Islam.


Protecting the Dignity of Discourse on Campus
By Yair Rosenberg
Harvard Crimson
Published: Monday, April 18, 2011

White Men Doomed

People of color have numerous organizations working for their benefit only. Some of them attack, demonize and bash white people regularly. Women have national organizations working for their benefit only. Some of them demonize, and bash men regularly. Homosexuals have national organizations working for their benefit only. Some of them bash, attack and demonize heterosexuals. White male heterosexuals have no organizations. They are doomed in the USA.


NEWSWEEK Poll: The Beached White Male
by The Daily Beast
April 18, 2011

Five Rules of Propaganda

Think about how many people you know who use these techniques. The first one that comes to mind is a Boston FM radio talk show host, lawyer, former Cambridge, MA City Councilor Jim Braude.

Here are five basic rules of propaganda, courtesy of Norman Davies in his extraordinary book "Europe: A History":

* The rule of simplification: reducing all data to a simple confrontation between 'Good and Bad', 'Friend and Foe'.

* The rule of disfiguration: discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

* The rule of transfusion: manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

* The rule of unanimity: presenting one's viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: draining the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, by social pressure, and by 'psychological contagion'.

* The rule of orchestration: endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.

Rep. King: Why Did DoJ Drop Muslim Brotherhood Case?


King Demands Answers from Holder: Why Did DOJ Drop Muslim Brotherhood Prosecutions?
Posted by Dave Reaboi
Apr 18th 2011 at 9:14 am

Young Man Kills Self at Open Mic

Check out the psychiatric drugs that may be in his system. Even the drug-company-controlled FDA requires a warning that the drugs cause suicidal and violent thoughts. Yet here is the mental health industry working with police (two groups of control freaks) to get more drugs into more people.Time to repeal legislation paid for by campaign dollars from drug companies.


Unwitting audience clap and cheer as teenager stabs himself to death on stage at open mic night
By Daniel Bates
Daily Mail (UK)
Last updated at 12:59 AM on 18th April 2011

Reading Your Mind For Marketing

All you have to do is add devices which emit electromagnetic radiation, or ultra sound and you can modify the behavior of any and all "volunteers." This is called mind control and dismissed as mad ravings of "tin foil hat wearers."


Comparisons: In the controversial 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, authorities try to psychologically modify the behaviour of a teenage thug

Comparisons: In the controversial 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, authorities try to psychologically modify the behaviour of a teenage thug.

A new Clockwork Orange? The marketing gadget that tracks brainwaves as you watch TV
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:02 AM on 18th April 2011

Obama's Tax Hypocrisy

[From article]
"Like most limousine liberals -- who fly private jets to global-warming conferences and live in 10,000 square-foot houses -- Obama talks a great line but lives differently.

When he voluntarily gives up his deductions and asks his wealthy donors to do the same, he'll have some moral authority to argue that he wants a tax code that "is fair and simple -- so that the amount of taxes you pay isn't determined by what kind of accountant you can afford." Until then, spare us the hypocrisy, Mr. President."


O's tax hypocrisy
Linda Chavez
New York Post
Last Updated: 9:56 AM, April 16, 2011
Posted: 10:19 PM, April 15, 2011

Hospital Infections From Inadequate Cleaning

[From article]
"Hospital infections kill more Americans each year than AIDS, car accidents and breast cancer combined
[. . .]
Hospitals do an inadequate job of cleaning rooms -- so germs left behind by past patients are lying in wait.
[. . .]
Dr. Robert Orenstein launched a cleanup campaign at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. -- wiping the frequently touched surfaces around each patient's bed once a day with bleach-soaked wipes. The results: a 75 percent drop in C. diff infections."


Needless, deadly peril at US hospitals
Betsy McCaughey
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:36 AM, April 16, 2011
Posted: 10:00 PM, April 15, 2011

Illegal Gambling Is Illegal?

[From Article]
"By late afternoon, absolutepoker.com had been replaced with a Web page bearing full-color logos of the FBI and the Department of Justice -- and warning: "Conducting, financing, managing, supervising, directing or owning all or part of an illegal gambling business is a federal crime."


Feds flush poker bigs
New York Post
Last Updated: 8:23 AM, April 16, 2011
Posted: 12:45 AM, April 16, 2011

April 17, 2011

Israel Arrests Suspects in Home Murder Invasion


IDF nabs terrorist butchers of Jewish family
Israel Today Magazine
Sunday, April 17, 2011
Ryan Jones

Mexico Greater Threat To US Than Libya


Why Not Go to War with Mexico Instead of Libya?
Posted by Paul Hair
Apr 17th 2011 at 3:36 am

April 16, 2011

Foreign Aid

How they vote in the United Nations:
Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States which are
recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records:
Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time
Qatar votes against the United States67% of the time
Morocco votes against the United States 70% of the time
United Arab Emirates votes against the U. S. 70% of the time.

Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time.

Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time.

Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time.

Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Sudan votes against the United States75% of the time.

Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time.

Libya votes against the United States 76% of the time.

Egypt votes against the United States 79% of the time.

Lebanon votes against the United States 80% of the time.

India votes against the United States 81% of the time.

Syria votes against the United States 84% of the time.

Mauritania votes against the United States 87% of the time.

U S Foreign Aid to those that hate us:

Egypt, for example, after voting 79% of the time against the United States, still
receives$2 billion annually in US Foreign Aid.

Jordan votes 71% against the United States
And receives$192,814,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

Pakistan votes 75% against the United States
and receives $6,721,000annually in US Foreign Aid.

India votes 81% against the United States
Receives $143,699,000annually.


Perhaps it is time to get out of the UN and give the tax savings back to the
American workers who are having to skimp and sacrifice to pay the taxes.

Mining Twitter and Other Online Sites


Twitter Announces Fire Hose Marketplace: Up to 10k Keyword Filters for 30 Cents!
By Marshall Kirkpatrick
April 4, 2011 1:34 PM

April 15, 2011

Facebook Corporate Sites Hacked

Corporations are being hacked on Facebook. Individuals have less protection.


Flesh-book pages
X-rated 'friends' target big brands on Facebook
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:40 AM, April 15, 2011
Posted: 12:00 AM, April 15, 2011

History Repeats Through Journalist Ignorance, Myopia


History Destined To Repeat Itself – While Media Holds Firm To Its Template
Posted by Ron Futrell
Apr 15th 2011 at 9:05 am

TSA Security Is Personal, Not Terror Related


TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security
By Mike M. Ahlers and Jeanne Meserve,
April 15, 2011 12:57 p.m. EDT

When You Have Too Much Money

And you thought having too little money was a problem? This indicates what difficulties arise when you make money you cannot show and do not have a place to hide it. Occasionally drug dealers get into shootouts with illegal gambling rings because the bookies refuse to launder money for the druggies. Hiding it in cars and boxes of beer are some ways to deal with it.


$1.35M found stashed in car at Puerto Rican port
By Associated Press
Boston Herald
Friday, April 15, 2011

Birds and Politicians Flock Together?

[From article]
"Some might argue that it’s unfair to include DeLeo in this rogue’s gallery, because he hasn’t even been indicted. But in January in the House chambers, DeLeo willingly posed for photos with all of these same sleazy, corrupt mentors of his.

I asked for those photos — I figure they’re public record. But DeLeo stonewalled me. I’ll bet if I were some racetrack tout in a leisure suit talking out of the side of my mouth and smoking a cigar, he’d have given them to me — in frames."

LINEUP: From left, former House...
Photo by Lowell Sun
LINEUP: From left, former House speakers Salvatore F. DiMasi, Thomas M. Finneran and Charles F. Flaherty, and current House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo attend funeral services for former state Rep. Edward LeLacheur last summer in Lowell.


This photo of Mass. speakers speaks volumes

By Howie Carr
Boston Herald
Friday, April 15, 2011

April 14, 2011

Harvard's Racists

Shocking that Harvard University which employs Charles Ogletree, the Pope of Racism and whose prominent graduates include Barry Obama and Deval Patrick would employ white racists. Isn't Harvard entitled under equal opportunity and diversity to employ both black and white racists?


Wow. You even fit Obama and Patrick into your incoherent rant. Well done.
Glad you like it. It took many hours of thought, consultations with Tea Party members and Republicans, and rewriting to get it right in order to please you and to avoid offending any victims at Harvard.


HUPD Officer Sues Harvard Police
By Zoe A. Y. Weinberg,
Published: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama, Holder Guilty of Misprison of Treason?


Misprision of Treason: Top DOJ Officials Abandon CAIR Terror Finance Prosecutions
Posted by Frank Gaffney
Apr 14th 2011 at 7:14 am

April 13, 2011

Abolish TSA

[From article]
"For meaningful security that catches terrorists while respecting our time, money and dignity, we'd be better off abolishing the TSA."


Worthless 'security'
TSA wastes our time, money
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:13 AM, April 13, 2011
Posted: 10:47 PM, April 12, 2011

Sidney Lumet, Punishing Law Abiding Citizens

[From article]
"Unlamented by Lumet, the city's justice system had gone fully Stockholm, with overwhelmed judges recycling criminals back to the streets and demoralized cops wondering why they should bother arresting anyone as lawlessness ruled. Here was injustice dealt to law-abiding innocents, on a massive scale. The New York Times christened it "the age of the mugger."


Lumet's lens on NYC
A corrosive 'progressive' vision
Kyle Smith
New York Post
Last Updated: 9:43 AM, April 13, 2011
Posted: 10:00 PM, April 11, 2011

Celebrating Drug Dealing

This is a review of a book about how Jay-Z a multi millionaire record producer and performer began as a street drug dealer. He is celebrated for his successes. Compare how the FBI broadcast 30 years of character assassination telling local police in many jurisdictions and everyone I met that I was a retired drug dealer. After 30 years f lies it is believed as truth. Jay-Z was a real drug dealer. He is celebrated for having made millions in a legal business. To this day police and FBI informants conduct criminal surveillance and harassment acting on such allegations repeated for 30 years. Is this a racially motivated or simply corruption for personal and political purposes?


60 seconds with Zack O’Malley Greenburg
Author, “Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went From Street Corner to Corner Office”
New York Post
Last Updated: 5:03 AM, April 11, 2011
Posted: 10:35 PM, April 10, 2011

Lawless Public Officials


Sleazy poster people
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:54 AM, April 11, 2011
Posted: April 11, 2011

Black Leaders Exaggerate Abuses of Slavery

Use of Holocaust is misguided. It minimizes that event, and does not apply to the way that Black slaves were treated. They were exploited yes, but they were not murdered as government policy as Jews were in Germany and Poland. Jews were slaves in Egypt but don't blame Egyptians alive today, or Germans either. Few Black leaders recognize that 600,000 White Americans were killed fighting to end slavery. Instead of blaming contemporary White Americans for abuses of their ancestors, they deserve thanks for ending slavery in this country. 40 years of Affirmative Action (government racism) addresses past abuses.

[From article]
"celebrations marking secession (South Carolina, Georgia), and a mock inauguration of Jefferson Davis as president of the Confederacy (Alabama).
[. . .]
The president of Alabama’s NAACP chapter, Bernard Simelton, compared such events to “celebrating the Holocaust.”
[. . .]
“When one starts talking about the ‘otherness’ of the president,” says Burns, “it’s just a way to say that he’s different. And the only thing that’s different is his skin pigmentation. Those old forms of tribalism still have their sway over our equality.”


George Custer, promoted to brigadier general at only 23, in a portrait by Mathew Brady.
© Medford Historical Society Col
George Custer, promoted to brigadier general at only 23, in a portrait by Mathew Brady.

150 years later, a battle still lingers
We're still healing from the Civil War
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:01 PM, April 10, 2011
Posted: 10:27 PM, April 9, 2011

When Paranoia Rules

This wisdom about paranoid citizens driving public policy applies to Black Americans women and homosexuals.

"Max Hastings writes that “so strong is Muslim paranoia about our ill intentions toward Islam that we must do nothing that feeds it” (“Danger Zone,” PostScript, April 3). This is terrible advice. When crazy people influence our behavior is when we start living in their world."

Joseph L. Koenig, Manhattan


Mideast misguided
Joseph L. Koenig, Manhattan
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:51 AM, April 10, 2011
Posted: 10:24 PM, April 9, 2011

Priorites, Money For Afghanistan Not For US

[From article]
"Visiting Afghanistan last month, I saw the flood of money, the gushing pipeline of dollars, we are spending to win the love and support, and foster the peaceableness, of the people of Afghanistan. I was told of and saw pictures of the newly opened health-care centers and schools. I'd think: "This is very nice, very kind, but Camden, N.J., could use a clinic. Camden could use a new school." We have such budget problems, a brutalizing tax system, an incoherent American culture. Don't these things need our attention?"


Would Ike Have Gone to Libya?
American foreign policy has come to favor action over moderation.
The Wall Street Journal
April 8, 2011

April 12, 2011

Writer Sues AOL, Huffington to Get Paid


Jeff Bercovici
AOL, Arianna Huffington Hit with Class Action Suit
Apr. 12 2011 - 8:42 am

Gov't Reports, Media Repeats

What about journalists who report these figures as fact? No less than John McLaughlin, Monica Crowley, Pat Buchanan and the Post's own business reporter Terry Keenan report the monthly figures as true and reliable.


Faux job numbers could lead to real trouble
John Crudele
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:54 AM, April 12, 2011
Posted: 12:00 AM, April 12, 2011

April 11, 2011

City Council Hires Experts

Recent history shows the wisdom of the City Council. They approved a $31 million library which cost $91 million to build. There was no clock in the building. The doors still do not work properly after 17 months being open. The building looks like Harvard's OIT which was torn down for the CGIS Terra Cotta brick monstrosity loved by chief architect Harry Cobb. Cambridge's new library looks like a building designed by architects for architects. For $375,000 I'll be an expert too. Can the design experts for Kendall Square do any worse than this? Did Mr. Obama teach the City Councilors that more taxpayer money is needed for more experts? Or did they come up with that pattern of spending other people's money themselves?


City Council Votes to Research Development in Kendall, Central Squares
By Rediet T. Abebe,
Published: Monday, April 11, 2011

Ed Koch: War On Jews Continues

Ed Koch Commentary
March 21, 2011

The War Against the Jews Goes On

The latest Palestinian violence against Israelis, and the continuing abandonment of Israel by most of the international community, inevitably bring to mind the abandonment of the Jews during the Holocaust. Just this past week, a document emerged which raises disturbing new questions about President Franklin Roosevelt’s response to the Nazi mass murder of Europe’s Jews.

The document was brought to my attention by Dr. Rafael Medoff, a Holocaust scholar and director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, in Washington, DC. Several years ago, Dr. Medoff collaborated with me on my book “The Koch Papers: My Fight Against Anti-Semitism.” It was based on my writings and speeches about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, during the course of my nine years in Congress and twelve as mayor of New York City.

The document which Dr. Medoff sent me last week, concerning FDR and the Holocaust, was frankly shocking. It had to do with the Allies’ occupation of North Africa, which they liberated from the Nazis in November 1942. At the time, President Roosevelt publicly pledged the Allies would do away with the anti-Jewish laws that had been in force in the region. But when FDR met in Casablanca with local government leaders in January 1943, he took a very different line. The transcript of those discussions, which Dr. Medoff cites, reveals what FDR said about the status of the 330,000 Jews living in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia: “The number of Jews engaged in the practice of the professions (law, medicine, etc) should be definitely limited to the percentage that the Jewish population in North Africa bears to the whole of the North African population...The President stated that his plan would further eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore toward the Jews in Germany, namely, that while they represented a small part of the population, over fifty percent of the lawyers, doctors, school teachers, college professors, etc., in Germany, were Jews.”

Hard to believe a president would say such a thing? Maybe, but the source is unimpeachable: the transcript appears in Foreign Relations of the United States, a multivolume series of historical documents published by the U.S. government itself. The Casablanca volume was published in 1968, but did not attract much notice at the time. Dr. Medoff has done a public service by bringing it to our attention again.

Fortunately, U.S. policy in occupied North Africa in the end did not follow FDR’s line. When it became clear that the administration was stalling on getting rid of the old anti-Jewish laws, American Jewish leaders loudly protested. (If only they had been so vocal throughout the Holocaust years!) One of the most memorable critiques came from Benzion Netanyahu --father of Israel’s current prime minister-- who in those days headed up the American wing of the Revisionist Zionist movement: “The spirit of the Swastika hovers over the Stars and Stripes,” he wrote. The protests eventually forced the White House to back down. North African Jews were gradually released from forced-labor camps and the anti-Jewish quotas and other laws were rescinded.

The American Jewish community reveres the memory of FDR. He will always be remembered and rightly so for leading us through the Great Depression and is responsible for this country not ending up in the column of fascist nations, as did Germany and Italy.

We had 25 percent unemployment in a nation of 132 million. We had Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh beating the drums of fascism and support of Adolf Hitler and his ideas, particularly those blaming the Jews of the world for the ills of the world. We had the German-American Bund led by Fritz Kuhn in Yorkville with signs stating “No Jews Allowed.” I saw such signs as a small boy on the beaches of Coney Island.

And, of course, FDR led us to victory in World War II. So the feelings of support for him held by much of the country’s Jewish citizens was highest then and still among the highest for his memory. To this day, Jews overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. The Jewish community gave President Barack Obama 78 percent of its vote in the presidential election in 2008.

I appreciate FDR’s contributions to the survival of our country. At the same time, I have never forgiven him for his refusal to grant haven to the 937 Jewish passengers on the SS St. Louis, who after fleeing Nazi Germany had been turned away from Cuba and hovered off the coast of Florida. The passengers were returned to Europe, and many were ultimately murdered in the Nazi concentration camps before World War II ended. I have said that I believe he is not in heaven, but in purgatory, being punished for his abandonment of the Jews. The concept of purgatory is Catholic. I am a secular Jew, but I am a believer in God and the hereafter, and I like this Catholic concept. The Casablanca document reinforces my conviction that President Roosevelt was, at heart, not particularly sympathetic to the plight of the Jews.

Today, the war against the Jews continues. While Palestinian terrorists murder Israeli children in their beds and fire rockets into Israeli towns, the international community rages against Israel. To his credit, President Barack Obama vetoed the recent United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel--yet in the same breath, the administration spokeswoman and U.N. ambassador emphasized the U.S. agreed with the substance of that one-sided resolution. That’s no way to treat an ally.

Why can’t Jews live on the West Bank? More than one million Arabs live in Israel now, about 20 percent of its population. When Israel and the Palestinian Authority settle their differences, shouldn’t Jews be able to choose to live in the new Palestinian state as citizens, or at least resident aliens? I don’t see why not.

Of course, Israel has made mistakes in its dealings with the Palestinians. The Israelis are no less human in that respect than other nations, including ours. But the intransigence, unwillingness to compromise, is far greater on the part of the Palestinian leaders, who fear for their lives threatened by the Arab radicals, fundamentalists and terrorists. Where are the Arab voices of moderation? I don’t hear them. But I do hear the voices of those threatening the destruction of Israel, of those seeking to delegitimatize Israel at the United Nations.

Yes, the war against the Jews is still going on, 66 years after World War II. But, thank God, there is now a Jewish state that will not be cowed and will do what is necessary to protect the Jewish people.

Boston Uses Thermal Imaging

Kyllo v US (2001) Supreme Court of US said the use of thermal imaging is a Fourth Amendment violation. It requires a warrant to use on insides of homes without consent.
If devices exist and are sold to government officials, they be used by criminals. Police and FBI use criminals to do their unlawful acts.


Thermal Cameras Show Too Much?
CBS News Boston MA
April 11, 2011 2:35 PM

Skin Bleaching Raises Racial Identity Questions


Skin bleaching a growing problem in Jamaica slums
Associated Press
Mon Apr 11, 5:58 am ET

April 10, 2011

Did Psychiatric Drugs Cause Shooting in Brazil School?

[From article]
"Now the questions are being asked. How did this happen? Where did the killer get his guns? And why did Wellington de Oliveira, a 23-year-old, unemployed former student of the same school, carry out his appalling rampage?"
Question that needs to be asked is, "What psychiatric drugs was he taking? In USA the drug-company-controlled FDA requires a warning on these drugs that may cause violent thoughts and suicidal thoughts. Does Brazil require such a warning? Instead of blaming guns try blaming the cause of much violence, drugs pushed by psychiatrists.


Brazil's School Shooting: What Happened Inside
by Dom Phillips
April 9, 2011
Daily Beast

Sidney Lumet Tribute, 5 Clips


5 Classic Sidney Lumet Movies
by The Daily Beast
April 9, 2011

US Judge, 103, Still Working


Apr 10, 1:58 PM EDT
Federal judge, 103, still hearing federal cases
Associated Press

FBI Runs Organized Crime

[This comment was taken down from the New York Post web page.]
The FBI now runs organized crime. The largest crime family is the witness protection program. Feds use these people to commit burglaries, to steal, to harass, and to conduct character assassination of civilians for personal and political purposes. FBI criminals are the greatest danger to safety of civilians. When will citizens realize that the government is run by criminals? Are journalists part of the problem?

[Tried again with this comment]

FBI continues to target one ethnic group on behalf of the privileged groups that run the FBI. They recruit new members for its witness protection program, the largest organized crime family in the history of the world. Protected criminals are employed by government thugs to harass, to steal from, and to assassinate the character of civilians for personal and for political purposes. Government criminals run free and are out of control. Journalists refuse to write about these egregious abuses.


Goodbye Colombos!
FBI tactics toppling Mafia clan
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:14 AM, March 28, 2011
Posted: 1:35 AM, March 28, 2011

Misguided Priorities

Do police keep the wrong people under surveillance? For 40 years one activist is under 24/7 surveillance, harassment and character assassination by police and FBI. Yet this charming fellow was left alone to do his life's work. Sending military forces to assist political activists in Libya sounds about right for this administration. US citizens are never abused by government criminals, who need to be free to conduct their business.

[Reply to post]
Your personal attacks show limited knowledge and vocabulary. Police and FBI waste resources watching and harassing civilians for political and personal reasons rather than targeting people like this serial killer. Obama sends military to Libya to protect critics of Ghadafy. Try a course in logic. It will help your reasoning ability.

[Another reply]


You've raised a critically important point that is not sinking in with respect to innocents abused by surveillance while criminals are ignored. A key element of this has to do with economics on a personal and national scale. Those who cannot do a proper job as individuals concentrate on the innocent easy targets just like terrorists in order to fake it to make it. On the grand scale oil is at the heart of Libya not human rights. That oil is critically important to Europe and the overall world oil price. The stability sought in dictators for oil supply has been lost in Libya's Colonel Gaddafi who has gone berserk. He would destroy his own country and who knows what he would do with the oil now.

There is also an alternate government at work in the US and elsewhere hidden under the guise of intelligence, protection against terrorism, state security and law enforcement. The Washington Post exposed this last summer as Top Secret America with a revolving door between the military and civilian security activity. These people have to earn a living when they get out of the military at all levels, and they have no skills. They can carry out surveillance in conjunction with law enforcement however. What do they do? They fake it against innocents to make it and ignore the real criminals. They are fraudsters seeking to milk the system.

In a very strange and quite complex way this all fits together under greed, glory and power where those without skills can make a living and wealth by faking it. It is quite independent of the elected government and out of control by either Democrats or Republicans. I've been one of these surveillance targets in London by former US Marines who fake it to make it since February 2001. I thought Obama's election would change this. Nope. He is caught in it and cannot establish standards just as he cannot close Guatanamo since it is such a mess now. He has to go along with the alternate government created by the US military and the intelligence community.

I have the very same complaint you voiced: why aren't these efforts and sophisticated surveillance tools being used against real criminals instead of being used against the innocent by people who are criminals themselves? Going to Libya under the guise of ensuring some form of democracy results is just an option for keeping the oil supply open in the future because Gaddafi has gone off the deep end. Against his people, yes, but also against the economic interest of the West and world.

The common denominator in all of this is the abuse of power for self serving reasons which is at the heart of misuse of surveillance and even the ultimate objective for the action in Libya. Humans still operate on the basis of self interest. The question is: are we moving away from this toward altruistic motivations and objectives in a meaningful way? I don't know yet. I'll let you know if the indefinite surveillance torture abuse against me stops. There's no reason for this to be done at all.


Grim Sleeper Indicted
by Christine Pelisek
Daily Beast
March 24, 2011


New York City Population Statistics 2010

According to the below statistics from the 2010 census, white people in New York City are a minority. It is time to begin affirmative action for white citizens especially heterosexual white men, and to begin negotiations regarding reparations for institutionalized racism against white people.

Sidebar to this story on Page 4 of the print edition has the following population figures. New York City total according to these figures is

City Total: 8,175,133
White: 2,722,904
Non-White: 5,452,229

Total: 1,385,108/+3.9%
White: 151,209/-21.9%
Black: 416,695/+0.09%
Asian: 47,335/+22.8%
Hispanic: 741,413/+15.0%
Other: 28,456/-

Total: 2,504,700/+1.6%
White: 893,306/+4.5%
Black: 799,066/-5.8%
Asian: 260,129/+41.2%
Hispanic: 496,285/+1.7%
Other: 55,914/-

Total: 1,585,873/+3.2%
White: 761,493/+8.2%
Black: 205,340/-12.5%
Asian: 177,624/+24.0%
Hispanic: 403,577/-3.4%
Other: 37,839/-

Total: 2,230,722/+0.06%
White: 616,727/-15.9%
Black: 395,881/-6.4%
Asian: 508,334/+30.6%
Hispanic: 613,750/+10.3%
Other: 96,030/-

Staten Island
Total: 468,730/+5.6%
White: 300,169/-5.1%
Black: 44,313/+11.6%
Asian: 34,697/+40.0%
Hispanic: 81,051/+51.4%
Other: 8,500/-


Feds take leave of their census
Bloomberg rips NYC diss-count
New York Post
Last Updated: 11:40 AM, March 25, 2011
Posted: 1:03 AM, March 25, 2011


Misguided Liberal Speechifiers

Margery Eagan wonders if Bachman is the brightest bulb in the GOP. Everyone knows that Eagan is not the brightest bulb when it comes to political punditry. Eagan joins worshipers of Barry Obama, who worships intelligence and credentials. Obama lacks the characteristics admired by most Americans -- integrity and common sense. Bachman and Palin like Harry Truman have lots of common sense and integrity. People have had enough of the lying speechifiers who get elected by misguided liberals.


Is Michele Bachmann the brightest bulb in GOP race?
By Margery Eagan
Boston Herald
Sunday, March 27, 2011 Updated 3 hours ago


Dirt Bags Still Run FBI

These FBI agents should all be investigated for the same kind of criminal abuses that Connolly specialized in, in Boston. It shows that the FBI remains as dirty as it was with Connolly and Rico and still needs cleansing. FBI informants run wild in Boston harassing citizens, stealing from them, and slandering them on behalf of FBI scumbags and dirt bags like Connolly. Too bad the current US Attorney General shares Connolly's relaxed rectitude. The FBI cannot be trusted. They lie, steal and kill through their criminal informants.


Old agents rally around corrupt, murderous ex-colleague John Connolly

By Howie Carr
Boston Herald
Sunday, March 27, 2011 Updated 3 hours ago


Misguided Police Priorities

Here is another charming individual who was free from police surveillance. Yet for 40 years FBI dirt bags and police dirt bags keep me under surveillance, harass me and broadcast character assassination. Is there any doubt among awake citizens that the states and US government are run by criminals? Before being shot dead after trying to run down police officers, he had a girlfriend and four children and was allowed to work.

[From article]
"Santos had 14 prior arrests, for gun possession, assault, drug-dealing and auto theft. In 1999, he was sentenced to two years at Sing Sing after ramming two people with a stolen car.
His sentence was extended after he was caught with contraband in jail.
Santos' family gathered together yesterday to grieve. Jennifer Velez, 26, his longtime girlfriend and the mother of one of his four children, said he went to White Castle at 10 p.m. to pick up food.
[. . .]
Velez said Santos, who was working as a livery driver, might have been fleeing the cops because his license had expired. He was driving a car rented from an illegal livery-cab company in The Bronx, police said."


Cops shoot fugitive dead after harrowing chase through The Bronx
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:35 AM, March 27, 2011
Posted: 12:32 AM, March 27, 2011


Woman Admits Being Taught To Hate Jews

[From article]
"You're supposed to hate Jews, you're supposed to hate America, you're supposed to hate Western culture," said Darwish, who grew up and was educated in Egypt and came to the United States in 1978.
[. . .]
"This, obviously, is her assessment how she was brought up in her life," he said. "It doesn't have anything to do with the good Muslin Americans who live in this country."


Koran grandstand at security meet
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:05 AM, April 9, 2011
Posted: 1:19 AM, April 9, 2011

April 9, 2011

More Concerns Than Obama's Birth Credentials

[From article]
"With all due respect to Donald Trump, he has not “legitimized” the eligibility issue, as the matter far exceeds the existence of the birth certificate and has adversely affected the lives of many patriotic Americans who have long fought for full disclosure of all of Obama’s records. Promising to be the “most transparent” president in history, Barack Hussein Obama is the most deliberately opaque president who has withheld many more records than his birth certificate. Not only has he withheld his records, he has fought to keep them hidden from public view, amassing legal fees that some claim to exceed a million dollars of his own money, and perhaps twice that amount if pro-bono and other legal work is counted.
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The majority of Americans alive today do not recall the WW II postwar era beyond the revised history contained in textbooks that rarely reflect the truth of that time. Today’s well-coiffed but intellectually deficient anchors who deliver the news to ordinary Americans know little to nothing of the gritty reality of the origins of the “cold war” between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, and the infiltration of communist agents into American government. It is that very infiltration that has paved the way for Obama.
[. . .]
As painstakingly revealed by M. Stanton Evans in his extensive work Blacklisted by History, important documentation well beyond the Klaus memo relevant to exposing the level of communist infiltration into the U.S. government is not limited to government sources such as the National Archive, but also to private data sources and repositories. He lists a number of instances where records were scrubbed and consequently, created a much different and much less accurate picture of that era of U.S. history."


The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II
Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann
Canada Free Press
Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

Limited Diversity at Harvard

Not only low income students but also students with disabilities are ignored by the diversity police lobby. More importantly since this is an "international" issue, white people make up 16 percent of the world population. Why are they denied minority status and affirmative action privileges? Has anyone at Harvard ever thought about tolerating diversity of opinion? Why is it that children of highly educated, politically connected, often wealthy parents are the ones who benefit from affirmative action and diversity programs?


Professors Talk Diversity In Higher Education
Harvard Crimson
Published: Friday, April 08, 2011

Judges Want More Laws?

H.L. Mencken said, "First they pass laws against the SOBs. Then they use them against the rest of us. Laws will not end criminal abuses of groups.There's a reason why young men join gangs and why adults support organized crime families. Ice-T explained the first time he experienced love was after he joined a gang. Adults reject the lack of accountability of bureaucrats, corporate officers and politicians.


Mass. judges want lawmakers to change wiretap law
By Associated Press
Boston Herald
Friday, April 8, 2011

April 7, 2011

Obama's Media Bribes


Obama’s Bribes to the Washington Post and CBS
by Warner Todd Huston
Apr 7th 2011 at 4:58 am

AMGEN CEO, $21M in 2010


Amgen CEO got $21 million in 2010 compensation
Apr 7, 2011 09:26 PM US/Eastern
AP Business Writer

US Rep. King Attacked As Jewish

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"The rambling note accompanying the porcine parcel proclaimed that "white bitches" would soon be naming their sons Mohammed, said a Capitol Hill source.

The note contained anti-Semitic slurs, called the pig's foot a "Jew foot," taunted "kiss my black Muslim ass," and said King -- who is Catholic -- was targeted because of hearings he held on the radicalization of Muslim Americans."



Pig & a poke: Rep. King threat racist, too
By S.A. MILLER Post Correspondent
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:21 AM, April 6, 2011
Posted: 3:09 AM, April 6, 2011

Harassment Caused Heart Attack


Harass caused heart attack: suit
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:06 AM, April 6, 2011
Posted: 2:18 AM, April 6, 2011

Single Parent Homes

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"Most telling was the link between single-parent households and childhood poverty in the five boroughs.
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Overall, the stats reveal a public-health crisis of today and tomorrow because too many poor children with only one parent involved never catch up. Yet Mayor Bloomberg's nanny squads duck the topic of out-of-wedlock birth and its impact on children. They'd rather focus on whether New Yorkers eat french fries instead of whether parents are condemning their children to a stunted future."


Bitter Eric's Gitmo trial & tribulations
Michael Goodwin
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:07 AM, April 6, 2011
Posted: 1:22 AM, April 6, 2011

Holder Must Resign


Why Holder must resign
AG's contempt for democracy
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:12 AM, April 7, 2011
Posted: 10:25 PM, April 6, 2011

Wi-Fi Unsafe At Any Speed

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"If a fake network like ours has a stronger signal than the café's computers, the surfers would naturally gravitate towards our passage to the Internet -- and if we were actual crooks -- we could have swiped their bank account numbers, their customer IDs and their passwords."


Crooks ply laptop larceny
John Crudele
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:19 AM, April 7, 2011
Posted: 12:55 AM, April 7, 2011

April 6, 2011

Psychiatry as Excuse for Violence

Under what system of jurisprudence does having a "first potential psychotic break" create immunity from criminal laws? Lawyers regularly use alleged disabilities to escape criminal liability for wealthy clients. Courts equate mental illness with crime, use treatment as punishment and allow alleged mental illness to excuse atrocious criminal behavior. Is psychiatry like baking powder?


Columbia student accused of attacking female may get no-jail deal
New York Post
Last Updated: 8:04 PM, April 6, 2011
Posted: 7:59 PM, April 6, 2011

Cash Money

Cash Money

Making Crime Into a Disability

The psychiatric industry successfully lobbied the state to allow mixing criminals with persons accused of mental illness. Forced treatment is punishment meted out by the courts, which increases the client base of the psychiatric boondoggle. Psychiatrists claim superior knowledge and morality. They are greedy charlatans masquerading as scientists. Some chemicals pushed as medicine by taxpayer funded human services providers are the cause of violence. Even the drug-company-controlled FDA requires warnings on these drugs. Intense scrutiny of the psychiatric industry is needed to stop the criminal abuses. The MA DMH is run by the drug industry promoting drug treatment. There is no benefit to the taxpayer. Only the drug companies and their pill-pusher psychiatrists benefit from the DMH. Time to close it down. Put criminals in jail and leave the accused persons with disabilities alone.


Suits paint picture of group home violence

By Dave Wedge
Boston Herald
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spinning the Government Numbers

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"How'd we get into this mess? Well, it's simple: people fell asleep when Washington started talking about the numbers.
[. . .]
If Dudley keeps this up, pretty soon Diogenes will come looking for him."


Do the math: US deficit $$ just don't add up
John Crudele
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:56 AM, April 5, 2011
Posted: 1:21 AM, April 5, 2011

Computer Tampering

Are these state crimes or US violations?

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"estranged doctor wife -- who has accused him of criminally accessing her e-mail account, The Post has learned.
[. . .]
charges of computer trespass, eavesdropping and unauthorized use of a computer,"


Scene of the 'time'
Watch VIP a 'snoop'
New York Post
Last Updated: 10:19 AM, April 5, 2011
Posted: 1:01 AM, April 5, 2011