May 11, 2016

Do Journalists Mislead Public About Police?

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But when the alleged assailant is a cop, everything is magnified, intensified, offering a convenient opportunity for cop-bashers to condemn the entire profession.
In what other line of work would that be true? Newspapers? Medicine? Academics?
Cops are different. They’re supposed to protect us from the bad guys, so when one of their own is charged with being a bad guy, it’s easy for their critics to toss a blanket indictment over them all.
It happens a lot and it’s abhorrent.
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Here in a town where the names of long-gone athletes and politicians are easily recalled, who remembers Wayne Anderson? Sherman Griffiths? Jerry Hurley? Tommy Gill? Roy Sergei? Richie Halloran? John Mulligan? Tommy Rose? Jack and Walter Schroeder?
They were all Boston cops killed in the line of duty, never suspecting when they began their shifts that they were about to end their watches.
Does anyone remember them?
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Are there bad apples among them? Absolutely.
But the rest of the bunch remain worthy of

Fitzgerald: Bad cops get press, good ones forgotten
Joe Fitzgerald
Boston Herald
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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