May 18, 2016

Boston Police Join Harvard University Campus Police In Misguided Notion of Jurisidction

"Myeshia Henderson, a spokesperson for the Boston Police Department, said one building—Aldrich Hallfell under BPD’s jurisdiction. Their office received word of a bomb threat at 10:38 a.m., she said, and officers are currently investigating at 35 Harvard Way." This indicates that Boston Police Department has the same misguided arrangement contrary to state law as with the Cambridge Police. Under what system of jurisdiction do Boston police not have jurisdiction in Boston? Do Crimson journalists believe the fantasy promoted by HUPD that they have exclusive jurisdiction on Harvard University property? Are they like the group of young journalists that White House National Security Chief Ben Rhodes said "Know literally nothing?" Are they like the voters and taxpayers that Rhodes called stupid?

Police Evacuate Business School Buildings After Bomb Threat
May 18, 2016

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