May 17, 2016

Recognizing Muslim Immigration As A Problem

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During the Republican presidential primary campaign, now-presumptive nominee Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. It was a novel proposal. Of the 16 other Republican candidates for the nomination, and of the 3 Democrats, not one fully embraced Trump's proposal, and most roundly condemned it. And reportedly, a majority of Americans oppose the ban as well. And yet, with the strife we see unfolding in France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and elsewhere involving Muslim immigrants, it hardly seems to be an unreasonable proposal.
Is it? This is a question that needs to be answered, and answered now. For the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to even address. The question will be answered for us.
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the "debate-like" exchanges, in which a "moderator" -- always a journalist – sets the agenda by asking questions of the candidates. We could, perhaps, wait until September or October, and hope that the moderator asks about this issue, but there is no guarantee that he or she will. But even if the moderator does ask, it isn't likely to be very illuminating, for at least two reasons:
First, the candidates themselves would not necessarily be any special authorities on this issue.
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Also, such exchanges would be oral, so that there would be no time to reflect on how to best answer the statements and responses of one's opponent. Answers, or statements themselves, may be irrelevant, incomplete, inaccurate, or simply false.

May 14, 2016
Coming to Grips with Muslim Immigration
By Bert Peterson

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