February 28, 2013

Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Captured

Kenneth Cherry Jr. was shot dead

Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, 26

Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, 26

[Last updated Thursday February 28, 2013 5:36 PM]

According to these news reports the shooter was well known to local police as a pimp, which means he beat women and took money from their work as prostitutes. The original target of his shooting was another pimp also known to local police for beating women and taking their money earned working as prostitutes. The two innocent victims who we killed had nothing to do with their crimes. No one was watching these two known  violent criminals. No police, no FBI informants, no feminists, no crime families, no Communists, no Harvard University campus cops and no lesbians. But in the elitist academic enclave of Cambridge MA, host city to Harvard University and MIT, one 70-year-old white male who survived 40 years of police abuses is still under 24/7/365 surveillance, harassment, character assassination, threats, provocations, ridicule, and humiliation. Wonder why there are such misguided priorities for the public safety resources? Why there is so much waste of taxpayer funds?  

[From article]
Witness statements indicated Cherry and Harris were both at Aria's Haze nightclub earlier that morning attending a performance by rapper French Montana. They argued at some point. It is believed a prostitute was at the center of their exchange.
[. . .]
Harris openly boasted about his life as a pimp on social media websites, where he instructed his prostitutes and recruited new girls.
[. . .]
Harris flashed stacks of $100 bills and high-powered guns.
He flaunted expensive cars - a Bentley, an Aston Martin and a BMW - and reveled in luxury homes in two of the country's most glamorous cities.
[. . .]
His Twitter account, [show a] controlling man who demeaned women and was undaunted by police, the courts or the dangers of his lifestyle.


Las Vegas Strip shooting suspect arrested
Posted: Feb. 28, 2013 | 1:08 p.m.
Updated: Feb. 28, 2013 | 2:13 p.m.

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PICTURED: Las Vegas strip shooter who was previously arrested on suspicion of robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping
New photograph shows heavily-tattooed prime suspect Ammar Harris
Southeast states added to search of Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah
Officers reveal long criminal past, including kidnap and sex assault charges
He is believed to have shot and killed Kenneth Cherry from his Range Rover
Taxi driver and passenger died in a fiery car crash following the shootout
Police said the 26-year-old is wanted for the murder of all three victims
Officers warn the public they face charges if they help him evade the law
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 06:30 EST, 26 February 2013 | UPDATED: 07:48 EST, 26 February 2013

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Prosecutors issue arrest warrant, seek help finding Strip shooting suspect
Posted: Feb. 25, 2013 | 2:14 p.m.

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John L. Smith
La Vegas Review and Journal
Maserati driver in Las Vegas Strip shooting worked as a pimp
Posted: Feb. 25, 2013 | 5:54 p.m.

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Police name 'pimp', 26, as suspect in Las Vegas Strip shooting that left three dead and seize the black Range Rover he opened fire from - but he's still on the run
Police are searching for Ammar Harris, who has been identified as a suspect in the terrifying shooting on Thursday
His previous arrests include kidnapping, sexual assault and soliciting clients for a prostitute
Harris allegedly shot dead aspiring rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr. from inside his black Range Rover SUV at around 4:20am on Las Vegas Strip
The Maserati crashed into a taxi, causing the cab to burst into flames and killing its driver and passenger
The Range Rover was found on Saturday outside an apartment east of the Strip
Intersection is near some of Vegas' most famous casinos, including Bellagio and Caesars Palace
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 22:45 EST, 23 February 2013 | UPDATED: 02:29 EST, 24 February 2013

* * *


Suspect named in fatal Las Vegas Strip shooting
Posted: Feb. 23, 2013 | 4:12 p.m.

February 27, 2013

Who Needs To Do That?


By: Ann Coulter
2/27/2013 03:45 PM

Did Psychiatric Drugs Cause Another Mass Murder?

The news reports do not say what drugs this women was taking. Psychiatric drugs are a known cause of suicide and violence. Drug industry pressure keeps this from public. 


Grandmother 'shoots dead her two young grandchildren before turning the gun on herself' - as their mother waited for them all to arrive for two-year-old's birthday party
Debra Denison took six-month-old and two-year-old from daycare
Reports say she shot the brothers and then herself
It was two-year-old Alton's birthday and family were waiting to celebrate
The three bodies were found in a parked car on a secluded lane
'God has two beautiful angels helping him now' - Mother
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 06:03 EST, 27 February 2013 | UPDATED: 10:44 EST, 27 February 2013

February 26, 2013

Sleep Deprivation Cause of Serious Health Problems

[From article]
The week of sleep deprivation was found to have altered the function of 711 genes, including some involved in metabolism, inflammation, immunity and stress.
[. . .]
prolonged periods of sleeplessness could lead to serious health problems including obesity and heart disease.
Studies have also shown a lack of sleep can lead to cognitive impairment, for example limiting our ability to drive a car safely.


Lack of sleep 'switches off' genes
One week of bad sleep can "switch off" hundreds of genes and raise the risk of a host of illnesses including obesity and heart disease, scientists claim.
By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent
8:00PM GMT 25 Feb 2013

Muslim Charged with Beheading Two NJ Christians


Gruesome double murder, men decapitated
Monday, February 11, 2013
Jeff Pegues
WABC New York City
Eyewitness News

* * *


Torture, persecution of faithful no longer reserved for Islamic nations

And The Moral Is?

The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their .

There were all the regular types of stuff: Spilled milk and pennies saved. But then the teacher realized, much to her dismay, that only Janie was left.

"Janie, do you have a story to share?"

'Yes ma'am. My daddy told me a story about my Mommy. She was a Marine pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory, and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol, and a survival knife.

She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn't break, and then she parachuted right into the middle of 20 Iraqi troops. She shot 15 of them with the pistol, until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands."

''Good Heavens, 'said the horrified teacher. What did your Daddy tell you was the moral to this horrible story'?"

"Don't Mess with Mommy when she's been drinking."

February 24, 2013

Son Saves Parents By Shooting Intruder


Son, 21, 'saved mother and father's life' after shooting dead home invader while they were baking cake at home
PUBLISHED: 18:29 EST, 23 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:41 EST, 24 February 2013

Black Gangs Attack Hispanics


Plano Police Warn Hispanic Men Of Violent Attacks
February 22, 2013 5:05 PM
CBS News Dallas Fort Worth TX

Million Dollar Gov't Bureaucrat


CO: Secret energy lab spawns million dollar govt employee
By Tori Richards
November 24, 2012

February 23, 2013

Lawlessness rewarded; Give em an inch, they want a mile

It is not difficult to see how Obama is damaging the nation by undermining the Constitution and laws of the nation. He took an oath not to do that. Yet he persists. How can a person be legally in the country yet not be legally here? Oh you may say because of conflicts between state and US laws; or between two US laws. But the legalization of their status was done by one man without the authority to do so. The president cannot grant citizenship sua sponte. It is a concept defined by the constitution not the president. Here's one more example of  the shamelessness of propagandists in the ACLU. What a shame how that organization damaged its own reputation as a defender of the constitutional rights of citizens. It has become a fund raising corporation led by a homosexual man who lives with his psychiatrist. If these people want to become citizens let them get in line. The lawless Harvard affiliated president encourages rewarding criminals and punishing law abiding persons. He shows on which side of the law his supporters reside. 

[From article]
'North Carolina should not be making it harder for aspiring citizens to integrate and contribute to our communities by branding them with a second-class driver's license,' said ACLU attorney Raul Pinto.
'There is simply no reason for officials to stigmatize people who are in the U.S. legally with an unnecessary marker that could lead to harassment, confusion, and racial profiling.'


North Carolina slammed for branding illegal immigrants with 'second-class' driver's license with distinctive pink stripe that says 'NO LAWFUL STATUS'
PUBLISHED: 00:30 EST, 23 February 2013 | UPDATED: 01:08 EST, 23 February 2013

Harvard Spin Doctors in Action

Harvard University is a great institution even though it may have lost its way from its founding as a training school for minsters. Their spokespersons  have a standard response whenever someone wants Harvard to honor its obligations, its promises, it contracts. 

“Harvard’s buildings are intended to support its core mission of teaching, learning and research, and that involves maintaining living space for students and faculty, labs and research facilities, classrooms and library spaces, as well as space for administrative and support services,” a spokesperson from Harvard said in a prepared statement. 

No one can doubt that is true. Harvard's mission is as stated, focused on education and support for education. However in previous activities when Harvard was advancing its core mission of education and support thereof, they encountered some law or ordinance. In order to be allowed to ignore the laws and/or the ordinances, Harvard offered a concession, a trade. "We will give you this consideration if you let us violate that law or ordinance." In City government it is often called a variance. They can vary from the rules of the ordinance without penalty. Previously Harvard made many promises at hearings before various city boards and commissions. After a few years pass the people who attended those meetings are dead, moved or no longer attend the meetings. Harvard representatives also change. They seldom are aware of the past. If they know of it they do not include it in their discussions. 

As in this case they pretend that anything outside of their core mission is a burden and unjustified obligation imposed on them by uncaring selfish members of the dreaded "community" (the term Harvard has for those awful people who have no Harvard affiliation).

When the earlier promise, consideration given in trade for a variance, becomes inconvenient, Harvard just changes the focus to make it appear as if they are the offended party, the victim of outsider avarice. This is an example. 


Cambridge residents, councilors wary of Harvard’s plan for senior housing
By Erin Baldassari ebaldassari (at) wickedlocal.com
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Feb 22, 2013 @ 11:49 AM

February 22, 2013

NY State Employee Embarrassed by Aide to Governor Cuomo


Top Cuomo Aide Delivers Public Rebuke of State Worker Who Talked to the Press
Published: February 21, 2013
The New York Times

Academy Awards Predictions


February 22, 2013, 8:00 am
Oscar Predictions, Election-Style
538 Blog New York Times

101 Best Restaurants in The United States


From a $270 nine-course tasting menu to a Shake Shack burger: The 101 best restaurants in America
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 14:53 EST, 21 February 2013 | UPDATED: 04:49 EST, 22 February 2013

FBI Sexting Scandal


Sexting on agency phones, bugging the bosses office and paying for sex in the massage parlour: FBI agents' lewd behaviour revealed in disciplinary reports
The bureau has vowed to stamp out the 'rash of sexting' among agents
FBI Asst. Chief: 'FBI BlackBerry not for texting pretty woman in other office'
One agent sent nude photos of herself to ex-boyfriend's wife
Others include downloading child porn, visiting call girls, dating drug dealer
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 06:16 EST, 22 February 2013 | UPDATED: 06:44 EST, 22 February 2013

February 21, 2013

US Senator Returns Cash Money To US Treasury


Rand Paul shows federal government going broke how cash actually is saved
February 20, 2013
Garth Kant

Thank You America

 A Russian arrives in New York City as a new immigrant to the United States .

He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, "Thank you Mr. American for letting me come into this country, giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care, and a free education!"

The passerby says, "You are mistaken, I am a Mexican."

The man goes on and encounters another passerby. "Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America ."

The person says, "I not American, I Vietnamese."

The new arrival walks farther, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand, and says, "Thank you for wonderful America !
That person puts up his hand and says,
"I am from Middle East. I am not American."

He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you an American?"
She says, "No, I am from Africa ."

Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the Americans?"

The African lady checks her watch and says,
"Probably at work."

French Woman Lived to Be 122

Jeanne Louise Calment

[From article]

She ascribed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance for her age to olive oil, which she said she poured on all her food and rubbed onto her skin, as well as a diet of port wine, and ate nearly one kilo of chocolate every week.


Jeanne Louise Calment (21 February 1875 – 4 August 1997) [1] had the longest confirmed human life span in history, living to the age of 122 years, 164 days (44724 days total). [2] She lived in Arles, France, for her entire life, and outlived both her daughter and grandson.

February 19, 2013

CA Student, 20, Shoots Woman, Carjacks Three, Kills Two More and Himself


OC college student, 20, who gunned down woman in his parents' house
before bloody 25-minute murder and carjacking spree
Pictured: The college student, 20, who gunned down a woman in his
parents' house before bloody murder and carjacking spree in California
Police report at least five crime scenes of dead or injured victims
Shooting spree believed to have started with a murder at a home in Ladera Ranch
Officials say that shooter may have been shooting at passing cars
during the shooting spree
Gunman followed by cops as he drove to middle of an intersection,
where he got out of his car and shot himself
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:26 EST, 19 February 2013 | UPDATED: 17:34 EST, 19 February 2013

Marco Polo, Venice To Xanadu, Book Review

Marco Polo, From Venice to Xanadu
By Laurence Bergreen
Alfred A. Knopf
New York 2007

Marco Polo

This is a biography of Marco Polo, son  of a Venetian trader who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries. When I grew up I learned that Marco Polo was famous for introducing noodles to Italy. Goes to show how much bad information people believe in a free country like the United States. Laurence Bergreen reveals that travelers who went to China from Italy before Marco Polo brought noodles to Italy. This book is easy to read yet maintains a high standard for academic accuracy, with many details about the many copies of Marco's travel book and the conflicting differences.

Marco is famous for much more important things. He inspired Christopher Columbus and Magellan. He revealed to western civilization that China had paper money. Marco's father and Uncle traveled to China first and returned. They brought 17-year-old Marco along on their second trip. He lived with Kublai Khan the enlightened ruler of the Mongols for 17 years. Marco "considered himself a trader in fabrics, gems and spices. But ultimately he traded in knowledge of the world and its people, thereby anticipating the Renaissance, and beyond. Through his account, he led both East and West into the future."

"Marco Polo had learned to overcome being a stranger in the Mongol Empire, only to find that he had become a stranger once more" when he returned home to Venice. Kublai Khan extended more freedom to women than western civilization. Women served in the military. Marco traveled through the Mongol empire working for the Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan.

Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan tolerated all religions. All people worshipped as they chose. Christianity, Islam and Buddhism flourished under this Khan. He had his magnificent palace in Cumbalac which is now Beijing. It was safe to travel from Europe to China because the Khan ruled the Silk Road. He had created a post office system with horses posted every 25 miles. That was supplemented by fast human runners for shorter trips. That made it possible for the Khan to remain informed of what was happening throughout his wide empire.

The Mongols at the time were considered dangerous and sinful by the Pope and by "those who are not befuddled by mental torpor."  "The Mongols abhorred the thought of spilling blood. Their methods of 'bloodless' executions included smothering by stuffing the victim's mouth with stones or feces." Others were "wrapped in a carpet and trodden to death by horses." Mongols ruled foreigners, including but not limited to Armenians, Nestorians, Jacobites, Georgians, "Genoese, Venetians, Jews, Muslims, Uighurs, Russians and Persians." Outnumbered by the Chinese, "to lessen corruption, and to preserve their identity, [. . .] the Mongols enforced segregation." Chinese subjects could not "learn the Mongol tongue; [. . .] bear arms, or marry Mongols." Marco expressed concerns about intolerant Muslim laws.

Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela, from  Navarre, preceded by 100 years, Marco's writings about his travels to the east. But it was not published until the 16th Century, and translated until the 17th Century. And Benjamin only traveled to Baghdad and back. Marco visited the village of Kamul (now called Hami) where women were shared with visitors. Yet the family unit remained intact. Bergreen reports "One in twelve Asian men--that is, one in every two hundred men worldwide--carries the Y chromosome originating in  Mongolia at the time of Genghis Khan." Eight percent of Asians in one Oxford University study "were direct descendants of Genghis Khan," called by some the most prolific "lover in history."

Mongols were focused on the warrior life. They conquered the entire Asian  continent in a few years. Their philosophy was "all war, all the time." There was no such thing as a civilian. Everyone participated. They could go for days without food. They drank the blood of their horses for sustenance.

Marco Polo Bridge (also Lugou Bridge) outside Beijing

Bergreen explains Marco Polo's problem. "He had found his way into a confluence of civilizations several centuries advanced over Western Europe. How to explain them all to his skeptical audience? Making the future credible exceeded even Marco's patience and powers of persuasion."

Chinese astronomers employed a system where the equator was a circle around the globe since 2400 BC. It was not adopted by European astronomers until Tycho Brahe, the Dane adopted it in the 16th century. Urban planning was also farther advanced in China than in Western Europe. A town bell sounded beginning a nightly curfew. Mongol guards took "poor and crippled persons to shelters and hospitals." The capitol city, Cambulac was safer than Venice.

Women of Tibet were worth more as they had more sexual partners. When travelers passed through the men would bring their daughters out to offer them to the people passing through. Coal was used for heat in China for 1,000 years before it was similarly used in Europe. It was not used widely until the 18th Century in European countries. Women of Quinsai (now Hangzhou) were encouraged to have orgasms, while men were not; in order to preserve their "vital essence."  Kissing was prohibited in public. Homosexuality was discouraged, but lesbianism "was tolerated and even expected."

In Quinsai tardy workers were beaten. Printed books and materials were plentiful "almost two hundred years before the the invention of moveable type in Europe." Kublai Khan wanted to rule the world. In his attempt to conquer Japan he found he was not suited to naval warfare. When a high ranking Muslim serving Kublai Khan was exposed as a traitor and thief, he was killed and all of his wealth and followers were seized. Khan purged all Muslims from his court.

Marco Polo Bridge

Marco traveled to India for the Khan. Some say Marco brought back the idea of ground lenses for eyeglasses and later for the telescope. China used gunpowder for three centuries before Marco brought the knowledge to Europe. That revolutionized warfare. The book of Marco Polo's travels was written by a Pisan named Rustichello, while they were in a Genoese prison. "Most of Marco Polo's contemporaries scorned or simply ignored his feats, but eventually history remembered."

"No single individual would have been able to fulfill all the literary and historical tasks that he set for himself; the range of knowledge and the distances he covered were just too immense for one gentleman of the late thirteenth century and early fourteenth to discuss with complete accuracy. But in his ambitious attempt, he extended the bounds of human knowledge and experience and imagination."

An estimated map of Marco Polo's travels

"Marco's peculiar sensibility stemmed from the decades he spent among the Mongols. [. . .] he could think like a Mongol, and see the world as they saw it.[. . .] he was as eclectic as his mentor Kublai Khan in matters of faith, and his belief system was as inclusive and porous as that of the Mongols."

"Although he identified himself as a Christian at the beginning and end of his life, he moved among Muslims, Buddhists, and other religious groups. [. . .] In his worldview, the real and the marvelous mingle freely--sometimes harmonizing, sometimes colliding."

"[T]he world Marco Polo explored is in many ways lost to history, but important aspects of his portrayal are strikingly contemporary. [. . .] he understood that commerce was the essence of international relations, and that it transcended political systems and religious beliefs [. . .] Throughout Marco's world, people lived according to absolutes, both political and spiritual, but he recognized that in a tumultuous, ever-changing time the only absolute was the power of belief itself."

Man With Down's Syndrome Dead After Arrest in MD Theater


Doctors say Down's Syndrome man died of 'asphyxiation' when arrested by three police officers for 'refusing to leave' a cinema
Robert Saylor, 26, died while being arrested for refusing to leave Westview Cinemas, Frederick, Maryland, on January 12
Doctors today ruled it as homicide by asphyxiation
The Down's Syndrome man became distressed when three officers were called following a viewing of Zero Dark Thirty
The sheriff's office said it was a 'very sad case' but officers involved continue working while an investigation takes place
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:42 EST, 18 February 2013 | UPDATED: 12:42 EST, 18 February 2013

$2 billion to Study WIMPS, That May Not Exist

[From article]
It is still not proven that dark matter even exists, but it is speculated that its gravity holds the universe together.
However, if dark matter is real, its existence would defy conventional notions of the cosmos.
In two weeks scientists will publish the first set of results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a $2billion particle collector mounted on the outside of the International Space Station in a bid to find dark matter.
[. . .]
Researchers don't yet know what dark matter is made of, but there are some theories which suggest it is composed of what physicists have dubbed weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs for short).
[. . .]
'We are so excited because we believe we are on the threshold of a major discovery,' said Professor Turner. 'We believe this will be the decade of the wimp.'


Shedding some light on dark matter: The $2bn experiment in space that may be about to turn the world of physics on its head
Dark matter is believed to provide the gravity which binds the cosmos
But if proved to exist it would challenge the conventional view of physics
Scientists have attempted to track it down with spectrometer bolted to ISS
First set of results from the instrument to be published in two weeks
Daily mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 05:52 EST, 19 February 2013 | UPDATED: 06:39 EST, 19 February 2013

Do Journalists Need Screening for Violent Tendencies?


CBS anchor Rob Morrison resigns after allegedly choking wife in Conn. home
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:02 PM, February 20, 2013
Posted: 11:56 AM, February 20, 2013

* * *

News anchor accused of choking his wife RESIGNS from his job and claims his 'mother-in-law is to blame' for phoning police
PUBLISHED: 08:45 EST, 20 February 2013 | UPDATED: 14:23 EST, 20 February 2013

* * *

[From article]
The 44-year-old newsman was also arrested in 2009 for allegedly assaulting Ashley — an anchor for “CBS MoneyWatch” — at their Upper West Side apartment, a source said.
And New York police said that between 2003 and 2009, cops were called there for seven verbal disputes — none of which led to an arrest.


CBS anchor Morrison in wife ‘choke’
Busted at home
New York Post
Last Updated: 6:31 AM, February 19, 2013
Posted: 1:54 AM, February 19, 2013

* * *

News anchor arrested for 'choking and threatening his wife as she bloodied him in violent argument'
PUBLISHED: 19:23 EST, 18 February 2013 | UPDATED: 07:07 EST, 19 February 2013

News To Lose


Are These 'Scams' for Real?
Get the facts on credit card fraud, ATM debit fees and more
by: Sid Kirchheimer,
AARP Bulletin
January 7, 2013

Russian Politician's Body Found In Barrel of Cement


Missing Russian politician found dead encased in barrel of fresh CEMENT
Russian politician Mikhail Pakhomov was abducted in Lipetsk last week
His body was found encased in cement in a garage in Moscow
Eight people have been arrested over his kidnapping and murder
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 13:41 EST, 18 February 2013 | UPDATED: 13:44 EST, 18 February 2013

Learning to Exercise More Control Over Individuals

Has there ever been a discovery that has not been used to harm humans, in the name of good? Who will be the first political control freak to use whatever is learned about how the brain operates to control humans? Aren't there enough misguided psychiatrists and psychologists running loose using their knowledge to control and to manipulate humans? Obama typically says this is investing in "the best ideas" when it is an example of wasting taxpayer funds on the worst ideas. He is one of the most obsessed officials to use his position to increase government control over others by using deception. Francis S. Collins moderated a town hall meeting on sequestering taxpayer funds. He sounded like a shop steward for public sector unions. Not quite an inspiration for human freedom. Regarding getting more bang for the buck, in what way is that? In controlling humans? Will the future bring court ordered humans walking around with metal probes sticking out of their brains so that scientists can calculate how their neurons fire? Don't brain "observatories" already exist? Aren't they called mental hospitals?  

[From article]

Leslie Vosshall, a neurobiologist at Rockefeller University, tweeted: 'Baffled by the NIH Brain Activity Map Project. We don't understand the fly brain yet. How will this come to anything?'
Michael Eisen, a biologist at Berkeley, added: 'Someone has to go to congress and explain why basic research is so important, not pander to them with big science c**p.'


Obama wants to map the human brain: Administration plans huge $3BILLION ten-year research project
The Brain Activity Map could cost over $300 million a year for a decade
Advocates say it could help scientists understand mental illness
Critics say the study lacks clear goals
PUBLISHED: 17:45 EST, 18 February 2013 | UPDATED: 02:56 EST, 19 February 2013

* * *
[From article]
In his State of the Union address, President Obama cited brain research as an example of how the government should “invest in the best ideas.”
[. . .]
Francis S. Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, may have inadvertently confirmed the plan
[. . .]
George M. Church, a Harvard University molecular biologist who helped create that project and said he was helping to plan the Brain Activity Map project. “If you look at the total spending in neuroscience and nanoscience that might be relative to this today, we are already spending more than that. We probably won’t spend less money, but we will probably get a lot more bang for the buck.”
[. . .]
 the human brain is so complex that scientists have not yet found a way to record the activity of more than a small number of neurons at once, and in most cases that is done invasively with physical probes.
[. . .]
They also said that a series of national brain “observatories” should be created as part of the project, like astronomical observatories.


Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain
Published: February 17, 2013
New York Times

Muslim Brotherhood in America


Unmasking The Muslim Brotherhood Of America
An ACT! For America expose

February 18, 2013

Do All Housing Authorities Need Scrutiny?

Is this the only Housing Authority where there are abuses, fraud and waste of taxpayer funds? (Hillary Chabot, "Michael McLaughlin plea could hurt Tim Murray," Boston herald, February 16, 2013) Considering who appoints these people it is a wonder that no one is scrutinizing these wasteful agencies to see how much more money is being misappropriated. If this guy was able to pay himself an outrageous salary without the board knowing what stops others from doing the same thing? 


Michael McLaughlin plea could hurt Tim Murray
February 16, 2013
By Hillary Chabot
Boston Herald

NYPD To Arrest Patients Who Don't Take Medication

Will this misguided order apply to patients who refuse to take non psychiatric drugs? If the patient takes those drugs and then commits a violent act will the psychiatrist be held accountable for their role in the crimes? When will journalists and politicians learn how dangerous drugs and psychiatrists are? In the name of good, helping, love and healing psychiatrists cause violent acts and do permanent harm to the brains of vulnerable persons. Instead of demonizing those vulnerable persons more, when will there be some compassion? If those people "may" commit crime why not round up all people who "may" commit crime? That would include the Mayor, his police department, and those omniscient and morally superior psychiatrists too. This is just more nonsense demonizing persons who can't fight back. What great propaganda by the Mayor and his enablers among the scribbler class. 


Scoop the nuts
Mentally ill roundup plan after train pushes
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:52 AM, February 18, 2013
Posted: 2:12 AM, February 18, 2013

Lincoln Film Claiming Accuracy is Misleading


The Oscar for Best Fabrication
The New York Times

Fish Behavior Influenced by Psychiatric Drugs in Waterways

[From article]
Psychiatric drugs taken by humans to cope with anxiety are being excreted and flushed into waterways where they are probably affecting fish behaviour.
This is the conclusion of a new Swedish study reported in Science magazine.


14 February 2013 Last updated at 14:13 ET
Drug residues 'alter fish behaviour'
By Jonathan Amos
Science correspondent,
BBC News, Boston

February 17, 2013

How Pols Spend Campaign Funds When They Lose


Pol farewell tour bites into funds
Feb 14, 2013
By Howie Carr
Boston Herald

Kinsey Critic, Opposes Pedophilia, Attacked In Croatia


Social civil war erupts over government's advocacy for Kinsey 'myths'
Bob Unruh
February 16, 2013

February 16, 2013

Boston Globe Censors Criticism of Political Celebrities


February 15, 2013
The Boston Globe vs. Free Speech
By Ilya Feoktistov and Charles Jacobs

February 15, 2013

Symbols and Separate Societies


Europe’s Battle over Symbols
Multiculturalism has created separate societies within the same territory.
12 February 2013

Immigration Equality

In Addition, Hagel Won Questionable Election


Details revealed in magazine profile on alleged GOP plan to steal election
Bob Unruh
February 14, 2013

February 14, 2013

FL Authorities Ignore Repeated Abuses Until Baby Dies

Here's one more example of twisted priorities by law enforcement authorities and human services professionals. This charming young  man had 35 arrests and was charged with slapping his 49-day-old baby daughter who died. Though there were 11 reports of abuse the vigilant human services industrial complex did not investigate. On the other end of this misguided spectrum of protocol, in Cambridge MA on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, local and foreign police, crime families and Communists take turns harassing a 70-year-old white man who they say has a disability. Not only do local police and campus police join in the criminal abuse, but also the human services industrial complex of Massachusetts which gets $2 billion each year in taxpayer funds stands by and allows this to continue after 42 years of similar abuses.  

It is no different from the egregious criminal activity suffered by Marc Schllier in Miami. Three thugs kidnapped him, stole millions of dollars, his house, cars and threatened his wife and two daughters. Miami police refused to believe what he told them. They did not act until two other people were murdered by the same criminal gang. Is it time to conduct some training of police and prosecutors beyond how to shoot guns, intimidating and subduing civilians?  


Tragedy as baby girl who was left with drug addict mother and violent father dies after family is subject of ELEVEN reports to abuse hotline
Little Emma Morrison was just 49 days old when she died on January 17
Her mother Lisa Lamoureaux, 33, has a long history of drug abuse and had already had her four other children removed
Child's father, Dwayne Morrison, 48, had been arrested 35 times and was taken into custody on December 13 for slapping Lamoureaux while she was holding Emma
Florida Department of Children and Families under fire after ignoring protocols to protect babies born into families that are already known to be abusive or neglectful
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 10:57 EST, 14 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:08 EST, 14 February 2013

Palin On Obama's SOTU 2013


Sarah Palin
February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

A Better Idea. Disposable Penis

This will put the penis enlargement firms out of business.


Sea slugs have a disposable penis that drops off after sex… then they grow another one, say astonished scientists
Chromodoris reticulata slugs have a 'penis-in-waiting' that grows after sex
First known creature that can detach its used penis before growing another
Japanese experts' findings revealed in Royal Society journal Biology Letters
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 04:54 EST, 13 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:26 EST, 13 February 2013

Which Is The Real Mona Lisa?

Smile that enchanted the world: The Isleworth Mona Lisa (left) is now believed to be an earlier Da Vinci portrait of the woman who posed for his most famous work (right)


Is this the first Mona Lisa? Experts say Leonardo DID paint early version of iconic masterpiece after months of tests
Tests were carried out after September unveiling of the painting in Geneva
Swiss consortium argue their version is his first stab at the painting
Opinion split over whether painting is a real Leonardo or later copy
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:05 EST, 13 February 2013 | UPDATED: 17:50 EST, 13 February 2013

Man Shot Dead After Killing Daughter-In-Law Over Custody


Revealed: Delaware courthouse gunman shot dead son's ex-wife and her friend after years of legal battles over his three granddaughters
Thomas S Matusiewcz, 68, killed his son's ex-wife Christine Belford and her friend at New Castle County Courthouse
He was then killed in a shootout with police
Matusiewcz was convinced Belford was mistreating his granddaughters, who his son David Matusiewcz kidnapped for 18 months in 2007
PUBLISHED: 14:51 EST, 12 February 2013 | UPDATED: 15:27 EST, 12 February 2013

Obama's CIA "Chief" Converted to Islam?


Barack Obama's choice for CIA chief 'converted to Islam' former FBI agent claims
John Guandolo claims John Brennan converted while in Saudi Arabia
Former FBI agent says Mr Brennan visited Mecca and Medina during Hajj
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 09:54 EST, 12 February 2013 | UPDATED: 11:33 EST, 12 February 2013

Coast Guard Recruit Charges Rape By Commanding Officer


The Invisible War: Former Coast Guard recruit tells of how horrific rape at hands of commanding officer made her contemplate suicide
Kori Cioca served in the U.S. Coast Guard and was stationed in Michigan
Was horrifically raped by commanding officer in the barracks several years ago
She reported the attack but no action was taken
Said she contemplated suicide but reconsidered when she discovered she was pregnant
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 02:08 EST, 13 February 2013 | UPDATED: 02:29 EST, 13 February 2013

Newark Teen Whipped Naked Over $20 Debt


Three suspects charged over 'heinous' videotaped beating of naked man over a $20 debt
Ahmad Holt, 22, Raheem Clark, 31, and 23-year-old Jamaar Gray have been charged with robbery and aggravated assault after the attack
Police launched an investigation into the beating after a video showing a man being stripped and whipped with a belt surfaced on YouTube
The harrowing clip garnered 40,000 views before it was taken down
The 21-year-old victim helped police identify his aggressors and has now been moved out of his neighborhood for fear of retaliation
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 17:45 EST, 13 February 2013 | UPDATED: 17:55 EST, 13 February 2013

* * *

Police hunt for suspects in viral video of naked teen being whipped on Newark street
By James Queally
The Star-Ledger
February 12, 2013 at 9:50 AM, updated February 12, 2013 at 6:41 PM

Married, Father, Pimp Arrested

Here's one more example of a man conducting a criminal enterprise with no one watching him. No one was harassing him, ridiculing him, humiliating him, depriving him of sleep and isolating him from friendly people and relatives. This guy was not a problem for the police, the crime families, the FBI or the Communists in New York City. But in "tolerant" Cambridge MA the local police, crime families FBI informants, Harvard University campus cops take turns conducting all of the above mentioned criminal abuses of a 70-year-old white male with a legal disability. They recruit creepy associates from the nearby state of New Hampshire to continue their 40-year misguided criminal abuses of power and priorities.


Grand jury indicts 'pimp daddy' after he allegedly ran multiple Manhattan brothels
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:38 PM, February 12, 2013 Posted: 12:38 PM, February 12, 2013

VA Police Chief Resigns Over Celebrity Community Service OK

Richmond Police Chief Bryan Norwood

Chris Brown after crashing his black Porsche in Beverly Hills over the weekend. 


Va. police chief who OK'd Chris Brown's community service hours resigns
New York Post
Last Updated: 11:15 PM, February 12, 2013 Posted: 10:20 AM, February 12, 2013

Fort Hood Victims Sue Army


Fort Hood Hero Says President Obama 'Betrayed' Her, Other Victims
By NED BERKOWITZ and BRIAN ROSS (@brianross)
Feb. 12, 2013
ABC News Nightline

February 12, 2013

Not Enough Creeps in Massachusetts?

[Last updated Tuesday February 12, 2013 11:45 PM ET}

Not enough creeps in Massachusetts? Beginning in February 2013, the master of Harvard Real Estate determined that there are not enough creeps in Massachusetts to continue the non stop harassment campaign of one of their tenants, a 70-year-old white male with a legal disability. They recruited some new creeps from New Hampshire to take over the daily chores of sleep deprivation, tampering with computer communications, illegal firearms usage and possession, civil rights violations, privacy violations, illegal entries to a residence, threats, provocations, humiliation, intimidations, and ridicule.

They began like all of the previous creepy criminal groups of psychopaths who conducted the same patterns of criminal harassment. First they designate me a Communist. That is to justify whatever they do to me. The Communists say "He's in organized crime." to justify what they do to me. One Cambridge City Hall employee threatened me on the street one day calling me a "Commy" and threatening to punch me out. Then they try to provoke violence in order to repeat a Cambridge police frame-up on behalf of the Somerville police in 1990. After I wrote to the two chiefs of police in 1990 complaining about police harassment, the Cambridge police arrested me when I identified one of the Somerville police informants as the primary assailant harassing me then where I lived in Cambridge.

Seven assigned lawyers (I fired all of them) refused to put on any defense to the frame-up. I learned subsequently that they all were paid to not put on a defense. That was a charming experience. When it became embarrassing for the court, they assigned a special judge to handle the proceedings. He was an alleged member of the MA Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee a group of lawyers who "advise" the court on disabilities. He was also a member of the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. Ahem! This judge refused to assign any more lawyers and made me appear without representation. One previous judge (same case) threatened to have me put in a mental hospital if I testified under oath what happened to me. So much for Massachusetts courts, lawyers and their ACLU chapter.

The next pattern is to test me to see if I rape women in supermarkets or libraries. They use young women as bait. That is getting so ridiculous after so many years it is ludicrous. I am now 70. The women keep getting younger and younger. If I did not go for the 20 somethings when I was thirty five why would I go for them when I am 70? When I don't try to rape any of the women police decoys they begin testing to see if I will rape young men. If I don't rape women I must be a homosexual rapist is their thinking I suppose. And these depraved psychopaths are testing me!

These creepy geniuses are like the FBI geniuses who broadcast for 30 years, "He's a racist." and "He's a retired drug dealer." From New York yet. Aha! How many racist drug dealers are there in New York? "Hey man. Could I get me some weed?" "Sorry bud. I only sell to white people."

Then they pour on the sleep disturbances. Every two hours they wake me up. Then every one hour. It never stops.  US Army special forces cannot torture terrorists. In Baghdad US forces In Abu Ghraib prison were mercilously attacked by US journalists for ridiculing and humiliating their prisoners. If they deprived their prisoners of sleep it would be a major offense. Brigades of US lawyers many from the Boston area volunteered to represent enemy combatants held in Guantanamo Prison in Cuba. Where did they stay when visiting their clients? Who arranged the assignments of lawyers to prisoners?

I'm a US citizen. I'm not charged with any crime. I live in a residential building owned and operated by The President and Fellows of Harvard College. I am not under any court order, which allows any kind of surveillance or punishment.  I'm not wanted for any crime. But for more than 25 years police employees, crime families, FBI informants and Communists used high tech weapons (possession of which is a felony in Massachusetts) to disturb my sleep waking me every hour or every two hours. Sometimes they keep me awake for eight hours when I try to sleep. Is that sleep deprivation? Is that torture? Why is it OK to torment a citizen in the United States, but it is prohibited to do the same things to a terrorist or a prisoner? Why are there so many lawyers willing to to work for free to help terrorists in custody but no lawyers will help US citizens being abused on US territory by local police and FBI informants? Why are there no lawyers who will work to end criminal abuses by psychiatrists and psychologists? Who recruits these misguided lawyers? The US Attorney General and the President claim the legal right to murder US citizens anywhere if they are accused of being a terrorist.

It is curious at best that these creepy psychopaths from New Hampshire replace the Massachusetts creeps, shortly after I wrote about the Massachusetts Attorney General's refusal to address Cambridge police abuses. The fact that she is married to a retired supervising Cambridge police officer is a matter that remains seldom  mentioned by any journalist in Massachusetts. Does that explain why the MA Attorney General refuses to act to stop this 40 year program of criminal abuse by police in Cambridge? The limousine liberals in Cambridge and at Harvard boast of how tolerant they are toward homosexuals, black people and women. But also Illegal aliens and Muslims. But they refuse to permit anyone to disagree with their version of tolerance. Anyone who disagrees with them is banished to New Hampshire. Are these misguided principles?

How is the United States any different than Mexico or Colombia? The police and the FBI work openly for and with crime  families in Cambridge on Harvard property. They openly harass me and slander me. The many people who know stand by and allow it to continue. These are professionals paid with taxpayer money whose mission is to protect civilians. $2 billion each year is appropriated by MA taxpayers alone for human services. For 40 years crime families and their police associates conducted a criminal campaign just as the ones who torment me as I write this, continue their criminal abuses.

This is nothing new. During the nationwide war between the Kennedy Cult and the California syndicate about 1960 to 1974, they both used me as a sort of human football. The Kennedy Cult would say, "He's a homosexual black Jew from New York." The California syndicate would say, "He's heterosexual white racist from Boston." They would both sometimes say, "He's a cop." Or "He's a homosexual Communist." or "He's retarded." They would both attack me for being what the other criminal organization said.

In addition each crime family that got involved, at one time there were ten participating, would attack others in a sort of collective punishment for what the other crime family did to me. Then the crime family which was attacked would attack me to retaliate for what the other crime family did to them. That is what I tried to explain to one person who asked me, "What did you do?" wondering why so many police and crime families were harassing me after 40 years. That is the answer. They all attack me as the scapegoat for what other people did. They punish me not for what I did, but for what others did.

But best of all are those who said they were my friends and added to the character assassination, and harassment. It is a pattern developed by J. Edgar Hoover. They used to call him the arsonist and the fireman. He would create the problem for targeted persons and then wait for them to plead for his help to solve the problem he created.

To make this all possible they keep bringing in new people. Today they use young lapdogs, obedient useful idiots to do the same demented abuses that began in 1970. Most of the depraved psychopaths who harass me today were not born when this began. Few young people have any knowledge of  history, no less my history. Anything that happened more than two weeks ago is ancient history to them.

I am reminded of Marco Polo's travels when he realized how difficult it was going to be to explain to his fellow Venetians about gun powder and astronomy which the west had yet to discover. The Chinese and the Muslims were more advanced than the west in the 13th Century. The way I look at it is "It is easier to open a rock than a mind." That is what I deal with every day. And those charming psychologists and psychiatrists know that and simply tell their useful idiots what they want and the geniuses begin their harassment.

Those are the priorities in the nation today. All of that police power directed against me contrary to local, state and US laws (no less common sense) and especially to the protections from government abuses stated and guaranteed by the Constitution. Known rapists, murderers, thieves, gang bangers, crime family psychopaths roam free without any scrutiny. But they all are directed to not only watch me but to actively harass me committing crimes against me for no reason. Again who has the money to pay for such long term abuses and the ability to get away with it?

I recognize five potential organizations with those capabilities. The FBI, the CIA, Harvard University, Communists in the US, and crime families. It could also be a combination of some or all of the above groups.  It requires a will, a motive,  not only the means. They all employ psychiatrists and psychologists. All of them are involved with conducting medical research using human subjects without consent. The CIA has a long history along with prominent academic institutions.

If it was the FBI, the CIA or the Communists, who are almost all embedded within government mechanisms, none of them would be held accountable personally. They have no motivations to obey laws, since there is little or no penalty when they don't. Perhaps maybe a demotion with a pension. Just as they spend taxpayer funds (other people's money) they would be covered for any liability by the same taxpayer funds. When the FBI was held accountable for the frame-up of four white men in Boston, taxpayers paid for their malfeasance, to the tune of $110 million.

Because of the weakness (spinelessness) of Cambridge, and Massachusetts, politicians and law enforcement officers whose leadership share relaxed rectitude, it is unlikely that any Harvard unlawful experiment using  human subjects would be punished either. If they were held accountable the penalty would be to stop the flow of hundreds of millions of research dollars in taxpayer funds to the University. That only makes them more observant of the needs and desires of the government officials who may have an obligation to hold Harvard accountable. One example is the Office of Human Research Protection of the National Institute of Health. Their director acts like a union lobbyist protecting the jobs of the NIH when he participates in meetings regarding the budget and the deficit. Today they call it sequestering. New words with old meanings.

The OHRP demands evidence of non compliant research. If a person discovers he is being used for an experiment for which he did not give consent how is he supposed to know who the primary researcher is? Yet that is what the NIH demands. The rules for that office was changed in the 1990s when a Harvard psychiatrist was the director for a few years. He made it more difficult to hold researchers accountable. That is the pattern for the entire government. Any laws which inhibit abuses are being repealed by the criminals in the government. Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act facilitated the banking collapse in 2008.

The FBI no longer fights organized crime. It is the facilitator of crime families who work with and for the special agents. Same with the CIA. And it appears that the Communists have been mainstreamed so they too participate in social control of the population. It all makes sense if you consider the possibility that the crime families took control of the federal government in the 1960s. JFK was the son of a bootlegger. The crime families grew to substantial strength and influence in local, state and US law enforcement during and after Prohibition. Ben Seigel dreamed of that when he imagined the city of Las Vegas. Joseph Kennedy the founder of the Kennedy cult himself was appointed by FDR to be head of the Maritime Commission, chief of the SEC, and Ambassador to England. Who was FDR to appoint such a man to such high ranking positions in the government?

Using his position Kennedy began bringing his associates from Massachusetts into the government. Some people say he took over the state government of Rhode Island first. It was the creation of a government within a government. That is what the Kennedy cult accused Nixon of doing. It takes one to know how it is done, no? That is how it began. When the other crime families recognized what he was doing or had done they wanted in. When the Justice Department was used by RFK to retaliate against crime families that helped get JFK elected they acted and killed the two Kennedy brothers. That ended the attempt for one family to rule the country. They share powers and compete for the Presidency, which has special perks, i.e., giving out billions and now trillions of taxpayer dollars to friends and associates. It also allows the use or non use of the Department of Justice to enforce laws.

This is clear from how Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder with the blessings of Obama does not enforce civil rights laws in a race neutral manner. That pattern was perfected by Joseph P. Kennedy, who took special interests in controlling the police departments in Massachusetts. His thinking was it is easier to control the police than to fight them. That is what James Bulger was doing with the assistance of his high school buddy Boston Special Agent John Connolly, now in a Florida priosn convicted of murder. He was in charge of the organized crime squad in the Boston Office of the FBI. If anyone went to the FBI to report Bulgers' criminal activities Connolly relayed the name to Bulger who quickly murdered the civilians.  There are 19 homicides that Bulger is now on trial for in Boston. His journalist friends are conducting a media campaign to discredit the US Attorney who is in charge of the prosecution. Curious how all the elements of the Godfather novels are present and easily observable in Massachusetts if you pay attention.

One of Bulger's hitmen admitted 21 homicides and served about seven months for each murder. When he was released the US Attorney gave him $20,000 to restart his life. Compare that to my situation. 24/7/365 surveillance and harassment. Sleep disturbances every hour or two hours. Relentless character assassination. Isolation from friendly people and relatives. This for 42 years in three states. Fifteen years the FBI used me to fight organized crime then coordinated retaliation by the crime families that they targeted earlier. They gave me nothing and added humiliation and ridicule to the character assassination for 30 years. They stole my personal journals and sold them to crime families and to local police departments. Is that any indication that the crime families run the federal government?

In that case it does not matter which of the above mentioned five organizations who have the money and means to conduct a long term  abusive criminal program. They all do and under my thesis they all work together.

Pope Announces Retirement

[From article]
The Faith is Europe, Europe is the Faith, wrote Hilaire Belloc. And when the faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, and the people die. So historians and poets alike have written.
[. . .]
And the people have begun to die. No Western nation has had a birthrate in three decades that will enable its native-born to survive.
[. . .]
The Secular City seems to have triumphed over the City of God. But in the Islamic world, an ancient and transcendental faith is undergoing a great awakening after centuries of slumber and seems anxious to re-engage and settle accounts with an agnostic West.


Pat Buchanan looks at pope's resignation in light of multi-century decline of Christianity
February 11, 2013
Patrick J. Buchanan

Raytheon Has New Online Surveillance System


'Google for spies' draws ire from rights groups
February 11, 2013
Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald
Ryan Gallagher

February 11, 2013

Two New Books, Bulger a Racist?

Whitey Bulger: America's Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice
Kevin Cullen, Shelley Murphy

* * *

Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss
Dick Lehr, Gerard O'Neill

* * *

Book: Whitey’s rage at black prez led to his capture
Feb 11, 2013
By Howie Carr
Boston Herald

Congress Does Immigration

At a hearing on immigration before the US House of Representatives in February 2013 Julian Castro, the Mayor of San Antonio Texas testified. San Antonio is run by a city manger, as Cambridge MA is run. The Mayor is a figure head like Obama. Great at being head of state, and making speeches. No skills at being head of government. He is a Harvard Law School Graduate, Hispanic, pretty, educated, intelligent, articulate, and self absorbed. Julian Castro doesn't speak Spanish fluently. He has a twin brother Joaquin, who was elected to Congress. Julian reminded me of Jarrett Barrios a former State Rep in Massachusetts who is now President and CEO of the Massachusetts Red Cross. They both use the term "folks" to refer to ordinary civilians showing their disdain and perception of their own superiority. The smartest man in the room uses that term signifying his moral superiority too.

Castro openly supports a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens ahead of law abiding immigrants who wait in line and obey the laws. He wants to reward people who violated US laws and to punish law abiding taxpayer and citizens. He violates his oath of office. Testifying before the US House Committee on Immigration he mentioned his mother working as a maid. But news reports say his mother Rosie went to college and got a master's degree. She now is a student affairs administrator at a community college. Rosie also made a mark in politics. She ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 1971 and was a civil rights activist. His father is a retired teacher. He is the typical recipient of special consideration in hiring and admissions. Poor white men and women are discriminated against because they are white. Children of wealthy alleged minority groups get extra advantages over poor people. Moreover in many jurisdictions in the US whites are a minority yet are discriminated against and punished for their minority status. It is more instances of rewarding people who suffered no harm, and punishing people who did no wrong.

In any case his mother sacrificed working so that her son could have a better life. He exploits her labors claiming victimhood status because of her suffering. I knew a student at Columbia University who would seek sympathy explaining he was depressed because his parents were Holocaust survivors. He married a women who sought sympathy because she was "cursed with beauty." They deserve each other. Do we deserve the Castro brothers? Mayor Castro expects special privileges and consideration not because of his suffering, but because of the benefits he received from his mother's labors. Is this convoluted or what? Is he an Affirmative Action Mayor like some other politicians? Perhaps. San Antonio is a south Texas city with many Mexicans and Mexican Americans living there. In two recent books about election fraud, (Injustice by J. Christian Adams; and Who's Counting? by John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky) the authors explain how easy it is to get voter registration cards, and to vote even if one is not a citizen. How many voters are illegal voters? There is little will to find out, and less to prosecute violations of the voting fraud statutes. Obama's Department of Justice Civil Rights Division working under Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder refuses to enforce the voting rights act in a race neutral manner.

Mayor Castro wants to repeat what was done previously to resolve the illegal alien crises. Under Reagan they were legalized. Castro wants to do it again. And it will keep happening because politicians have no spines. Did legalizing them stop the flow of illegal aliens streaming into the US? Did it end the line crashing of law abiding immigrants who wait in line and obey the laws of the US? Castro says he thinks that is the best thing for the nation as a whole. Rewarding people who violate laws, and punishing law abiding taxpayers, voters, immigrants. I don't think so. All this does is generate more disrespect for laws and the Constitution. Obama leads the way in undermining the rule of law. Castro is a new comer to the disease which is promoted at Harvard Law School and Harvard University.

One son of a diplomat testified that the US should issue green cards to anyone who wants to work in the US. They can decide later, he said, if they want to become citizens.

This is one more indication that the nation is run by criminals. They ignore inconvenient laws and repeal others meant to stop abuses.

February 10, 2013

Police Psychologist, and Psychiatrist Criminal Abuses

There may be a pattern to the surveillance. It is not just ordinary police surveillance or ordinary FBI surveillance or ordinary crime family surveillance. It appears to be a police and/or FBI, or crime family psychologist or psychiatrist. There is a legal difference between the two. But they both see themselves as omniscient, morally superior and above state and US laws.These people are usually ignorant of laws which regulate their behavior. Because they work with the police and/or the FBI or a crime family (who would believe that a psychiatrist works for a crime family?) they are not held accountable to laws they violate. The FBI and the police seldom if ever apply laws to psychologists or psychiatrists even if they work for crime families. Occasionally a psychiatrist is charged with unlawful sex with a patient, but that is because of the strength of the women's movement.

The police and the FBI along with civilians, journalists, lawyers, share the inflated misguided opinion of psychologists and psychiatrists. They prance about society conducting evaluations, provocations, testing. All of that violates one or another state or US law. Evaluations without consent violate state and US privacy laws. Provocations can be a crime or a proximate cause of a crime or a tort. Testing can be both, one or the other. How many serious crimes result from psychiatric provocations?

After attending a reunion from a high school class 50th anniversary celebration I recognized a possible pattern. At the reunion I introduced myself to people I did not know or recognize. One woman revealed she attended the college I did. While speaking with her she introduced me to her husband. He said he was a therapist and that he knew I was "bipolar." How he knew that is an example of what is wrong with these people. I never met the guy before. Was he conducting surveillance of me for any period of time? Psychiatrists and psychologists are interviewed by journalists who seek an opinion of celebrities or suspects in crimes. The therapists freely give their opinions without ever having met the person about whom they make diagnoses.They see nothing wrong with doing this on national TV. Similarly this guy walked up to me and made a diagnosis without any rational basis not even in the nonsense that is psychiatric illnesses. See, e.g., Whores of the Court, by Boston University Psychology Professor Margaret Hagan. I suspect that what they call bipolar ailment is simply humans experiencing emotions. If psychiatry was present throughout history most if not all of the great religious leaders, scientists, explorers, and artists would have been in institutions.

I told this unsolicited therapist I did not believe in psychiatry. That did not discourage him. His wife appeared to be on some psychiatric drugs. She was subdued and reacted slowly to speech. I suspected this guy had psychological control over his wife. She was convinced that she had some illness, and needed to take drugs. She also enjoyed alcoholic beverages. So she was very mellow. I felt sympathy for her and antipathy toward the man. He was persistent and tried to strike up a conversation about "my illness." I told him again and again I did not believe in psychiatric mumbo jumbo.
I moved away to speak with others and stayed away from him  and his wife. That was the first evening of the reunion, Friday. We had met in the hotel's lounge and it was crowded. The next evening was the main event, a cocktail party with a buffet, followed by a sit down dinner and dance with entertainment. I spent about 45 minutes taking photographs. I got some food and realized I had not chosen a place to sit. I was too busy taking photographs. I met the sister of a man I knew in high school. I told her I had no place to sit. She told me she and her date had no place either. I spoke with one of the organizers and explained our situation.

We were directed to a table with three seats. The therapist man was sitting there with his wife. Even if he was a real therapist, what kind of rational person walks up to strangers and begins doing therapy at a party? Was this guy projecting his psychiatric ailments on others? I smiled and put my messenger bag down and went to get my jacket. When I returned the seat next to the sister of my friend, was taken by a woman who turned out to be a psychiatrist. She and the "therapist" were having an animated conversation in front of my face. I was sitting between them. I asked the man if he wanted to sit next to the woman. He told me he was with his wife, as if I did not know. Did he think I was interested in picking up his wife? Perhaps but I wanted to sit next to the sister of my friend. We seemed to relate to one another about some personal issues.

It did not happen. They continued to talk to one another over my face while I ate alone. Then I began recording video of the speakers. It turned out to be a good seat for that. Nonetheless it was a curious situation. When I spoke to the sister a week after the reunion, she asked me, "What was that all about?" I said I did not know. I did not tell her I think it was one more (successful) attempt to keep me isolated as the same criminals do where I live now.
On Saturday February 9, 2013 I met a couple that reminded me of that couple at the reunion. The woman was like the wife of the uninvited therapist. She seemed to have no self esteem and was under some  drugs or alcohol, and was totally dependent on her husband. This man suggested that I go to Cambridge Common where homeless people hang out to find someone to speak with. That is the profile of two of the crime families, i.e., "He's homeless." and "He's mentally ill." Here are  psychologists and psychiatrists violating state and US laws abusing the police powers of their police and FBI employers, abusing civilians.

Some people know about the abominations of Hitler and Stalin using psychiatry. They believe that American psychiatrists and psychologists have had their genes cleansed of mendacity, greed and sadism. Seldom do any civil rights attorneys, or ACLU lawyers consider psychiatric abuses an outrage or an abuse. They share the inflated misguided image of psychologists and psychiatrists as always doing good deeds. It appears that the harassment I experience for 30-40 years is not just plain  old ordinary police and crime family abuses. It appears that it is directed by psychiatrists and psychologists.

Liberals' Free Speech Double Standard

[From article]
much of the media and most liberals urge Americans to be scandalized about “too much money” in politics. That three-word trope means (because most political money is spent on the dissemination of political advocacy) that there is more political speech by others than is considered proper by much of the media, which are unrestricted advocates.
[. . .]
Last year, Procter & Gamble, America’s largest advertiser, spent $2,949,100,000 — more than will be spent by the Obama and Romney campaigns and super PACs supporting them.
[. . .]
The collapse of liberals’ confidence in their ability to persuade is apparent in their concentration on rigging the rules of political persuasion. Their problem is that the First Amendment is the rule


Jewish World Review
May 31, 2012/ 10 Sivan, 5772
Rigging free speech
By George Will

False Disabilities Draining Economic System


Jewish World Review
The Gimme Society: The entitlement state mugs our descendants
By George Will
October 27, 2012

UK Organized Crime Horse Meat Scandal


Italian and Polish mafia gangs are blamed for horsemeat scandal as government warns MORE British products will be contaminated
Experts say beef is substituted for horse as part of multimillion pound scams
Environment secretary raises concerns of worldwide 'criminal conspiracy'
Food officials are being intimidated by cartels to sign off products as beefs
Testing is stepped up in Britain for horse DNA and results due within days
Wild horses in Romania are being slaughtered and shipped to Britain as beef
The animals suffer appalling cruelty, including being beaten with crowbars
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 06:19 EST, 10 February 2013 | UPDATED: 19:57 EST, 10 February 2013

February 9, 2013

Liberal Intolerance in The Name of Tolerance

Tufts also had a free speech zone. I spoke with an assistant Dean there about that and she told me, "We don't allow that stuff here." She meant no criticism of PC speech. I asked to speak with her about it but never did. 

Will also notes that intolerance in the name of tolerance carries beyond the campus. In Cambridge MA where Harvard dominates all aspects of life, there are ordinary citizens who adopt the intolerance of the campus. One lady used to comment to me about my letters in the local paper, where I criticized the local government. She seemed pleased with what I wrote. But subsequently I criticized homosexuals. The next time I saw her she attacked me verbally calling me a hater. I was shocked and simply  moved away from her. This attitude toward me continued for years after that. I realized that it became an attack on women for her. If I criticized homosexuals I must be a wife beater too. It is amazing but that is how it works if you dare to speak in an unacceptable manner the speech that liberals fear becomes your area of comfort. And you become an evil enemy.


By: George Will
12/1/2012 08:00 PM

Dedicated Cambridge Criminals, Even During Blizzard

[Last updated Saturday February 9, 2013 3:50 PM ET] 
Flattering how important I am to the psychopaths who harass me every day and night. On Friday February 8, 2013 at about 11:15 PM during the height of the blizzard with snow and wind blowing, the dedicated criminal (New Hampshire?) police employee trudged through the snow and unplowed sidewalks to get to his criminal enterprise job. Is he an emergency worker defined by the Governor? He arrived without wheels to relieve the charming and always delightful Harvard University campus police protected young lady who works the day shift. They must be highly paid criminals to ensure that never a day or evening passes when I am not under surveillance and harassment. One question is "Do these criminals pay state and federal income taxes on their criminal enterprise employment?" More importantly "Who is paying them so much for so many years? Who has that much money in these desperate times." Is it Harvard University? Why would they spend  so much money harassing me? What threat could I be to the greatest university in America? Well the most famous in any case. Their mission is education not harassment. So it is unlikely they are the source of the money. Crime family or families? They do have the cash money. But why would they spend their money to harass me? The FBI? They spend other people's money just as well as the elected criminal class. It could be them just for the hell of it. From the stories I've read about how infantile FBI agents can be it is not beyond possibility. The charming FBI used me to fight organized crime in three states for 15 years, and did not pay me. Now they broadcast character assassination and stand by while crime families retaliate for 22 years, so they are a more likely candidate. Then there is the CIA, also adept at spending other people's money, also without any accountability. Why? That may require an explanation from those geniuses from Suffolk County MA with a connection to the prosecutor's office, who told me, "We know all about you. You used to work for the CIA." The criminal psychopaths urge me to commit suicide, "You're going to commit suicide." "You can be hit." "You better not go there." are among the threats and encouragements from these delightful human beings. Oh, and "They will kill you." keeping secret who "they" are. 

One repeating form of criminal harassment by Harvard University employees is to shut the heat or to make the heat so high it is unhealthy. Tampering with utilities is a felony under MA statutes. But these Harvard University criminals need not worry about enforcement of laws. Cambridge police and MA prosecutors seldom make Harvard employees comply with state, local or US laws. On Saturday February 9, 2013, when the snow stopped after the blizzard, the heat was mysteriously shut. The manager of the building appeared and it was not restored. Not even their emergency communications system was working to prevent getting it restored through normal channels. 

Some people think this all has to do with the money the government gave to a woman I dated for three months when I was a student in law school. She was supposed to be my compensation for the 15 years of criminal abuses using me to fight crime families. Instead Harvard faculty and researchers arranged for her to hook up with a homosexual FBI informant. The two of them have enjoyed using that money to give campaign contributions to Cambridge politicians and to Cambridge non profits who in turn were supposed to be nice to me. Isn't that special of Harvard, the FBI and the delightful woman who says she is my friend? Who needs enemies when the two of them broadcast intense and relentless character assassination including but not limited to saying, "He's a racist." and "He's a retired drug dealer." Friends? These were friends with detriments. 

A racist retired drug dealer in New York? "Excuse me can I purchase some of your dope?" 

"Sorry. I only sell to white people." How long would that last?   

The Lonely Gender Equality Candidate

Sounds just like what is needed. He will fit right in with the others at the State House. Hillary Clinton is a great role model leading the way to open government and accountability when there is a malfunction of government. If there ever was a need for gender equality it is now, and it is needed in Massachusetts. 

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"Jay Livingstone will run a responsive, independent-minded, people-focused campaign,” Burke explained. “He is highlighting inclusiveness, sensible economic policy with accountability, and gender equity.


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Jay Livingstone announces candidacy for 8th Suffolk
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Feb 09, 2013 @ 01:48 PM