November 30, 2015

Intensity Of Student Protests Vary Inversely With the Seriousness of the Evil

[From article]
After America's unprecedented civil rights activation of half a century, Americans live in the most relatively discrimination-free utopia that world history has ever known. These things together are an intolerable state of affairs.
Real moral problems exist, and real injustices occur, but because the American left academy has insisted that all these things can be reduced ad absurdum to "race," then race, somehow, in the aggrieved mind of an adolescent simply, must be at fault...for nearly everything...somehow.
[. . .]
In our present world, these kids have not been allowed to be exposed to Christian persecution, missionaries combating poverty, or the march of democratic freedom in the face of tyrannical regimes. No, these kids have been steeped in a weirdness where sexual adventurism is proclaimed as identity and tone of skin is the sole competitor for the same. They were told over and over again since birth that the only acceptable public passions about right and wrong can and always should be reduced to either crotch or race. The adolescents choose race, crotch being a bit too personal right now.
[. . .]

No one ever gets fired for being the wrong color; if one did, legions of lawyers and hundred-million-dollar lawsuits would ensue. So everyone frantically tippy-toes around what skin color you are in order to not offend the trial lawyers union.
[. . .]
The barrier is that there's no barrier. No one can remember the last time someone was docked pay, let alone fired, for being the wrong color. No one can remember the last time a Barbie doll was hung in effigy over skin tone. But we can now remember lots of fake such incidents, where "race activists" have simulated acts of racial vandalism in order to get attention.
[. . .]
When there's no cause, make one up. When there's no injustice, zoom in closer until you find some.
[. . .]
And so every thin-skinned whiner who ever heard an insult thinks that his offense is now an international incident.
[. . .]

Columbia University in the City of New York

They are unaware that they do the bidding of America's enemies, who wish to destroy our institutions and leave the countryside in chaos.
[. . .]
They don't know what their cause is, they don't know who the man is, but they are sure that they're making history and they are really offended. Someone must pay!

November 22, 2015
The Real Problem on Today's College Campus
By Andrew Longman

New App Enables Seeing Electromagnetic Radiation Waves Around You

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the visualization is more of an artistic experience than a precise tool for analyzing the electromagnetic radiation around you.
[. . .]

The iOS app was released earlier this month for $2.99 — Android users will have to wait until the new year to try it out.

See the invisible wireless signals around you with this augmented reality app
By Dante D'Orazio
November 28, 2015 04:48 pm

Racism Works For Homosexuals, College Administrators, Whoever Seeks Money and Power

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Yale is not a hotbed of racism. Neither is Dartmouth. Neither is Columbia. Neither is Princeton. No reasonable person of color on any of these campuses really believes that he suffers interminable racial discrimination sanctioned by such institutions. The best inducement to cathartic rage the Ivy Leaguers can find is strips of black electric tape on some old portraits (unclear whether it's a hoax)
[. . .]
there is not a climate of bigotry poisoning the air at the University of Missouri. That's where a gay black student council president and a hunger striker with a multi-millionaire father teamed up to get a few people fired and a whole country obsessed with their campus until Paris fell apart on international TV. The high point of the Mizzou Affair was of course a swastika traced in ostensible human excrement, which for some reason the press failed to recognize as likely anti-Jewish, not anti-black.
[. . .]
It is usually not students, but rather provocateurs off campus or nestled in the administration who are behind the sit-ins, snap-fests, marches, and mass confessionals. The easiest way to prove this is by looking at the lists of demands. There is invariably a lot of bizarre attention paid to the misdeeds of some administrative position and calls for a reorganization of the bureaucratic leadership. "Fire the vice provost and promote the associate director." Students don't write stuff like that.
[. . .]

the legal boilerplate is fitted toward catchphrases to push all the right buttons at the Office of Civil Rights: "hostile learning environment," "inclusivity," "free of intimidation," "safe spaces," "micro-aggressions," and "cultural competency." [. . .] These are not words that sophomores and juniors in college, even at Princeton, come up with, organically. Somewhere behind the scenes, diversity consultants, lawyers, and organizers are spoon-feeding the terminology to them and hoping they don't screw up in front of a bullhorn somewhere.
And of course, somewhere in the demands, the gays and the transgenders magically appear.
[. . .]
To exploit the dreams of black people is older than the cotton gin. [. . .] But it is fully within the pattern of common behavior for protest hustlers to insult the very people they claim to champion.
[. . .]
making sure that women with penises can shower next to women with vaginas, expanding the gay and lesbian pride center, and hiring more overpaid busybodies to investigate bias incidents and keep secret files on alleged bigots – none of this will change the angst and suffering of poor black communities across America.
So why is it all happening?
So [college administrators] partner up with politicians, organizers, grant administrators, rabble-rousers, and garden-variety scum to draw up plans for lots of street distractions. Rile up the commoners. Make it about some racial issue that will get everybody furious and won't go anywhere or change anything. Fake a hate crime if you have to.

November 30, 2015
Does Any of This Campus Turmoil Have to Do with Race?
By Robert Oscar Lopez

Misguided Double Standard For Politicians and Israel

Great piece of propaganda. Outrage over MA state legislators traveling to Israel. But silence about City Councilors traveling under same legal gifts to other countries. Suggesting that state officials learn the legal system of Israel before going, is like Obama learning the legal system of indonesia or even France before going there. Oh, wait. He didn't do it. Israel and the letter writer cannot be believed but international sources can? The New York Times and the Boston Globe publish propaganda like this letter regularly. Are Israelis killing people because they are not Jewish? Non Jews can vote and hold office in Israel, a democracy. What is the situation in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and Gaza? Under what system of international law is there such a thing as Palestinian land?

LETTER: Massachusetts senators should rethink Israel trip
Posted Nov. 30, 2015 at 1:43 PM
Updated at 1:46 PM
To the editor:
John and Kathy Roberts, Huron Avenue

White House Immigration Policies Harmful to United States

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The rise of Donald Trump reminds us of the popularity of another, long-forgotten American value: protecting Americans.
[. . .]
Contrary to Obama’s laughable reference to “the universal values” that “all of humanity” share, most of the world does not share our values, at all. They barely seem to share our DNA. As indignantly explained by the lawyer representing two Iraqis accused of child rape in Nebraska, America’s views about women and children “put us in the minority position in the world.”
Pederasty, child brides, honor killings, clitorectomies, stonings, wife beatings — when will America grow up and join the 21st century?
[. . .]
There’s no Syrian FBI running the National Crime Information Center. Syria barely has a phonebook.
[. . .]
America’s generous humanitarian policies — humanitarian toward foreign criminals and terrorists, monstrous toward Americans.
[. . .]
American officials were also warned about the blind sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman, not only by U.S. consular officials in Egypt — but by Hosni Mubarak, the president of Egypt himself.
But the Blind Sheik was allowed to go about his business in America, plotting terrorist attacks with other widows and orphans, such as Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing
[. . .]
Fazliddin Kurbanov was admitted as a Christian refugee in 2009 from the booming world power of Uzbekistan. He claimed that he and his family were being persecuted in the majority Muslim country.
Soon after arriving, Kurbanov realized: He was a Muslim, after all!

Importing Terrorism and Other American Values

Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 3:34 PM

November 29, 2015

Extensive Energy Waste At Harvard University And Cambridge, MA City Council

No mention of the waste of hot air at City Council meetings, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and at the law school. Why not measure how much all of that hot air contributes to global warming? Then there is the wasted energy at the state house, and in state and federal courts. At least capture the hot air and use it to clean the streets and sidewalks of snow and ice. Have above mentioned venues been vetted for how many carbon foot/pounds they are using?

Guest Column: Living and working green in Cambridge
By Sarah Kennedy
Posted Nov. 28, 2015 at 2:57 PM

Cambridge, MA City Council Hears Propaganda Opposing Vetting Of Migrants

FDR's refusal to accept small group of German Jews later killed in concentration camps is unlike current invasion of Muslim immigrants. "No one thought Jewish refugees would conduct terror attacks against Americans."2) There are examples of Muslim immigrant violence against Americans and Jews. "Immigration law is specific. To enter the U.S. as a refugee, one must have a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Immigration policy is supposed to serve the national interests of the U.S."3) Council policy "serves the interests of immigrants at the expense of American national security [and] American workers."3) A religious test, "that is the core of Islam – the test put forth to non-Muslims before terror strikes, sparing those who can recite passages from the Quran before massacring those who cannot."4) There is "the religious test when 'Palestinians' take to the streets of Israel and knife, or run over, or shoot Jews because they are Jews, with 23 murdered and 192 wounded in the most recent wave of attacks. It’s a war against Jews because they fail the test."4) "We should long ago have recognized sharia as the bright line that separates authentic Muslim moderates, hungry for the West’s culture of reason and individual liberty, from Islamic supremacists, resistant to Western assimilation and insistent on incremental accommodation of Muslim law and mores."3)

1) The Syrian Refugee Program Has the Hallmarks of the Obama Style
James V DeLong Nov 28 2015
2) Muslim Immigration Now vs Jewish Immigration Then
Michael S Goldstein Nov 25 2015
3) The question we should be asking on Syrian refugees
Thomas Lifson Nov 28 2015
4) Nov 28 2015 The 'religious test' hypocrisy Carol Brown

Governor's stance on refugees criticized at City Council meeting
By Natalie Handy
nhandy (at)
Posted Nov. 27, 2015 at 9:42 AM
Updated at 3:01 PM

White House Employs Anti American Cabinet Members, Who Ignore The First Amendment

"There is no constitutional right to perpetuate hostile environments or to engage in threatening speech," Duncan said. Here's one more White House anti American control freak ignoring the First Amendment. That guarantees the right to express protected speech and behavior which may offend some people. Racist speech is protected speech. Duncan's comment is offensive and hostile. Under his standards he should be silenced. Low and no information, and omniscient voters have been conditioned to promote not hurting feelings over constitutional rights. Feminist therapeutic state is destroying the constitution. See also, November 23, 2015 Useful Idiots Gone Wild By Robert Weissberg

[From article]
"There is no constitutional right to perpetuate hostile environments or to engage in threatening speech," Duncan said. "We can do better in our responses to these incidents and creating more welcoming climates."

In March, Oklahoma moved swiftly after Sigma Alpha Epsilon members were videotaped singing a racist chant on a charter bus. University President David Boren immediately condemned the video and two students were expelled.

Colleges try to find ways to deal with racial incidents
Portraits of black professors were taped over at Harvard
Published 10:12 AM EST Nov 29, 2015

Increasing Rape In European Nations With Large Muslim Migrants

About 90 links to related stories

[From article]
Muslim men rape non-Muslim women (and girls) in disproportionately high numbers in countries with growing Muslim minority populations. Rape of infidel women is part of Islamic law and Islamic tradition. As such, it’s been going on for centuries.

This article is about the current threat Muslim rapists pose to non-Muslim women. In order to keep this article to a reasonable length, the focus is on the rape epidemic in Europe, but suffice it to say rape jihad is a gruesome reality the world over.
Perhaps there is no European country where rape has reached epidemic proportions as it has in Sweden, a country now known as the “rape capital” of Europe. Sweden ranks Number 2 on the global list of rape countries. From 1975 to present, rape in Sweden has increased 1472%. Based on this model, it is now projected that one in four Swedish women (and sometimes little girls) will be raped. Rape of men and boys is also on the rise.
[. . .]
Few, if any, will state the truth: that the majority of rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslim males.
[. . .]
a Somali Muslim was found guilty of raping a dying woman to death (which is horrific enough), the judicial system refused to send him back to Somalia because they determined he would be just as much a risk to women in Somalia as he would be to women in Sweden.
[. . .]

In the United Kingdom rape is occurring on such a massive scale that women no longer feel safe taking a taxi cab. Meanwhile, Muslim child sex trafficking gangs have become so pervasive it is estimated there may be as many as one million victims. One million! It has been referred to as rape on an “industrial scale.” And how has this massive attack against non-Muslim girls in the United Kingdom been addressed by the authorities? They’ve covered up the truth, often blaming the victims. [. . .] They’re overflowing with cowards, leaving children to suffer the unthinkable horrors of kidnapping, torture, and rape.
[. . .]
In Germany, rape committed by “asylum seekers” is skyrocketing as rape by Muslim men is explained away as “cultural misunderstandings.” So to avoid such “misunderstandings” girls are told to cover up lest they draw attention to themselves and be raped.
[. . .]

In France, gang rape is on the rise. As with the rest of Europe, if the rapists are brought to trial they barely serve time for their heinous crime. In Spain, the situation is so dire that women don’t leave their house after dark for fear of being raped by Muslim men.
In Denmark, more than half of convicted rapists are Muslims. In Norway, there has been a dramatic spike in rapes. In Oslo, 10% of females over the age of 15 have been raped by Muslim men with Muslim men guilty of 100% of the rapes against Norwegian women. [. . .] As is the case throughout the West, anyone who speaks the truth about this is labeled a “racist.”
[. . .]

We must (more than) make up for the damage they inflict. So let us get about the task of educating others to make sure this reality does not take hold in America. Let us do our part to make sure that women and girls in the United States do not wind up victims of rape jihad.

November 29, 2015
Islam, rape, and the fate of Western women
By Carol Brown

November 28, 2015

Kurdish Human Rights Lawyer Shot Dead In Turkey

Tahir Elci, 49, Kurdish Human Rights Lawyer

[From article]
A prominent lawyer and human rights defender, who faced a criminal charge for supporting Kurdish rebels, was killed Saturday in an attack in southeast Turkey in which a police officer also died, officials said.
Tahir Elci was shot while he and other lawyers were making a press statement. Two policemen and a journalist were also injured.
It wasn't immediately clear who was behind the attack and there were conflicting reports about what led to it.
Interior Minister Efkan Ala and other officials said the assault was against police officers, and that Elci died in an ensuing clash. However, the Diyarbakir Bar Association said the lawyer, who was Kurdish, was the target of the attack.
[. . .]
Elci, 49, was the head of the bar association in the mainly Kurdish city and a human rights activist.
He was briefly detained and questioned last month for saying during a live news program that the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, is not a terrorist organization. Soon after, he was charged with making terrorist propaganda and was facing more than seven years in prison.
[. . .]
Elci had said through his Twitter account that he had received death threats because of his televised comments in which he defended the rebels.

Nov 28, 10:23 AM EST

"Christian State" Issues Muslim-like Threats

Will the thousands of threats to kill Americans, Jews and to destroy Israel, made by Iranian officials and Muslim clerics be investigated too?

[From article]

A menacing letter from the group called ‘Christian state’ has been sent to the major Belgian mosque Attadamoune. It threatens all Muslims will be killed, and their businesses destroyed.
The anonymous letter – printed out and full of spelling mistakes - said that “no mosque and none of your businesses will be safe” and threatened that “brothers [Muslims] will be slaughtered like pigs and crucified as our Lord converts their souls.”

The document was found in the mosque’s mailbox by Jamal Habbachich, one of the local Muslim leaders and the president of Molenbeek’s mosque association, and he is set to address the government about the issue.
[. . .]

The Attadamoune mosque is considered a key Muslim institution in the Molenbeek district, an area near the Belgian capital that is connected with the attacks in Paris on November 13 that left 130 people dead.
Last week, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the government may close “certain radical mosques” in the Molenbeek district over fears that it was the place where the Paris attacks were orchestrated.

‘Christian state’ group threatens to kill Belgian Muslims, destroy their businesses
Published time: 28 Nov, 2015 10:22
Edited time: 28 Nov, 2015 10:27

Internet Diminshes Need For Universities

[From article]
The printing press changed the world in a few decades in the 16th century. The internet is even more revolutionary.
Even more so than the press, the internet has evaporated prior means of didactic instruction. The printing press created change, but only the rich could afford to buy one. For less than $100 today, one can get a domain and start a media empire on the web.
[. . .]


Craigslist has done a runaround on newspapers by offering free advertising, thus cutting their revenues. Newsprint is collapsing. Paper after paper has gone broke. The Media Elite are gone.
[. . .]
Anybody with an anti-Israel bent can open up a website. [. . .] The borderline anti-Semitic site Mondoweiss now has the new media's ear. There are more smartphones in the hands of Muslims than Jews available to contest the narrative.
[. . .]


One can self-educate her or himself up to a Masters degree in civil or mechanincal engineering on the internet. Indeed, the only thing truly provided by schools today is a space for lab work. All else can be acquired online at little or no expense.
[. . .]
True, research has to be centralized, but everything up to a bachelor's can be achieved gratis. Entrance to graduate school will be solely by exam, along with a small syllabus of lab courses, and nothing more. To the enterprising student, this can be accomplished with home study, and a year in commercial labs in capacity as a trainee; an arrangement once familiar to medieval guilds,
[. . .]

Academia will soon die out. The relic courses designed only to make work for obsolete professors will no longer be tolerated. The debt, and the social bloat, will have to collapse. Education has now become truly democratized. Only Engineering, the Sciences, and Medical Education will survive -- and these in only an abbreviated form.
[. . .]
This has the advantage of removing the last holdouts of a vestigial intellectual aristocracy which distorts our Republic with claims of expertise, and high salary requirements. However, the downside, as evinced by YouTube reporting, will be the total lack of responsibility.
[. . .]

Academia was the last vestige of medievalism.

November 28, 2015
The End of Academic Elites
By Mike Konrad

White House Has Remarkable Immigration Policy

[From article]
[White House] directive that the U.S. admit 10,000 Syrian refugees as a humanitarian measure has many hallmarks of his governing style: it lacks a proper legal basis; it will harm rather than help its purported beneficiaries; it will undermine important American interests; and it is designed to signal virtue rather than accomplish anything.
As to the legal basis of the directive, U.S. immigration law is specific. To enter the U.S. as a refugee, one must have a “well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.” The program is not a free-floating humanitarian enterprise.
[. . .]
Whatever one thinks of overall U.S. immigration policy, throwing open the doors to the dispossessed to this extent and in preference to all others desirous of coming here is not going to happen, and should not.
[. . .]


As Prof. Michael McConnell observes, applying this “persecution test” would lead us to favor “Christians who are being singled out for religious persecution…. So also Yazidis, Mandaeans, and a few other smaller groups.” At present, only two percent of the Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. are Christian.
McConnell also says that there are “credible reports” that Christians in the refugee camps are terrorized and driven out, which is why they are not in the pool from which the UN draws the candidates for admission to the U.S.. So it should be noted that, under the immigration statute, no person who participated in “the persecution of any person on the basis of race, religion, nationality…social group or political opinion” is eligible for refugee status.
[. . .]
the incentives for anyone to put much faith in U.S. promises is small. If we want help in the future, we must be able to promise individuals that they will be protected.
[. . .]
The situation in the nations closest to Syria -- Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon -- is appalling, as almost 10 million displaced Syrians are maintained in camps, where they will remain indefinitely.
[. . .]
Resettling a refugee in the U.S. costs about $13,000 annually,
[. . .]
Studies found that 30 percent of displaced Syrians oppose efforts to degrade ISIL, a number consistent with the views of other Middle East populations. So almost a third of the refugees let it will be ISIS sympathizers, assuming that no one would be foolish enough to disqualify him/herself by admitting this during the vetting process.

November 28, 2015
The Syrian Refugee Program Has the Hallmarks of the Obama Style
By James V. DeLong

Public Discourse On Immigration Has Misguided Focus

[From article]
The American people are far ahead of their elites in seeing the problem, even though our media, like the French and other Euromeadia, generally ignores the problematic aspects of not just Islamic culture, but the scriptural religion itself.
[. . .]

For nearly a quarter-century, our bipartisan governing class has labored mightily to suppress public discussion of the undeniable nexus between Islamic doctrine and terrorism. Consequently, many Americans are still in the dark about sharia, classical Islam’s societal framework and legal code. We should long ago have recognized sharia as the bright line that separates authentic Muslim moderates, hungry for the West’s culture of reason and individual liberty, from Islamic supremacists, resistant to Western assimilation and insistent on incremental accommodation of Muslim law and mores.
[. . .]

Islam is a comprehensive political and social doctrine, one in utter conflict with our Constitution. And the nations from which we are importing refugees have very large majorities in favor of sharia as the organizing principle of society. Even of Muslims born in the U.S., support for sharia is alarmingly strong.
[. . .]

There is no global right to come here. American immigration policy is supposed to serve the national interests of the United States. Right now, American immigration policy is serving the interests of immigrants at the expense of American national security and the financial security of distressed American workers.

November 28, 2015
The question we should be asking on Syrian refugees
By Thomas Lifson

White House Misleads Voters and Taxpayers, Helps Enemies Destroy the Nation

[From article]
Obama sees Islam as a culture superior to our Judeo-Christian one – that is to say to the one that he is leading and is sworn to defend. He cannot bring himself to see jihadi Islam – ISIS – as an enemy, even though there has perhaps never been one so stark.
[. . .]
Since liberalism regards all other cultures as superior to its own, if one of those cultures is a ruthless, relentless warrior culture that cares only for victory and dominance, liberalism has no vocabulary, no thought process, no sense of self-preservation with which to arm itself against it. It cannot defend itself against barbarism because it believes that the barbarians are right.
[. . .]

We are the Eloi (look it up), so refined in our sensibilities that the only historic role we have left is to commit suicide. It is that attitude that also pervades the administrations of our universities, who are surrendering to barbarism on their campuses. Liberalism is oblivion.
Except…Donald Trump has picked up the trampled flag and raised it to the top of the flagpole. Those dust clouds you see out there? They are the American public, from every corner of the country, from every race, from every part of society, riding to the colors.

November 28, 2015
Liberalism meets its Waterloo
By Greg Richards

Federal Agencies Ignore FOIA, Issue Administrative Orders

[From article]
Nobody knows how many administrative subpoenas are issued by government agencies. Administrative subpoenas are warrants for records such as private “papers” and emails. They are issued unilaterally by government bureaucrats and are impossible to reconcile with the Fourth Amendment’s requirements of “oath and affirmation” of “probable cause” before neutral judges.
Watson and The Daily Caller News Foundation have been doing the work that Congress has failed to do in its oversight functions and have issued multiple FOIA requests to various government agencies to get a sense of how many of these subpoenas are issued.
[. . .]
Reporting by the press, it appears, is really what the FTC believes is interfering with its law enforcement activities.
As I’ve written, administrative subpoenas are relics of the Star Chamber, the notoriously secretive and abusive king’s council that the English despised and eventually outlawed in 1641. And unilaterally issued warrants were considered unlawful even before the Fourth Amendment was written.
[. . .]
Administrative subpoenas are frequently used as bureaucratic weapons to punish or intimidate businesses and others. As reported at National Law Journal, one company “put out of business under the weight of a Federal Trade Commission data-privacy investigation is now suing three agency attorneys for allegedly bringing a case based on ‘fictional’ evidence.”
[. . .]
Bureaucrats need to comply with the Fourth Amendment. Warrants require probable cause and oath and affirmation before neutral judges.

November 28, 2015
FTC goes 'Star Chamber' on warrant transparency
By Mark J. Fitzgibbons

In Terror War Muslims Permitted To Use Religious Tests. White House Prohibits Christians From Using Them

[From article]
[White House] recently scolded those who don’t want to admit “Syrian refugees” to the United States, saying there should not be a religious test. He had the temerity to suggest it was “un-American,” as if being American means abandoning national security to exchange our lives and future for the lives of some other group of folks, many of whom hate us.
In any case, for all of [The White House’s] faux passion and outrage about religious tests, he had nary a word to say about the religious test that is the core of Islam – the test put forth to non-Muslims before terror strikes, sparing those who can recite passages from the Quran before massacring those who cannot. The dead did not pass the religious test.
[White House] does not speak about the religious test put forth to Yazidis and Christians and other non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East when jihadists show up in their town and at their door and in their homes and demand they convert to Islam. Or die. Because they failed the religious test.
[White House] does not speak about the religious test when “Palestinians” take to the streets of Israel and knife, or run over, or shoot Jews because they are Jews, with 23 murdered and 192 wounded in the most recent wave of attacks. It’s a war against Jews because they fail the test.
[. . .]
How dare he raise the idea of a religious test in the face of genocide sweeping across the Middle East, as individuals and families are wiped out because the religious test was put to them? How dare this man stand upon the world stage and utter a single word on a single matter with a fake air of authority when he is, among so many things (and none of them good), a hypocrite of epic proportions?
[. . .]
Islamic scripture is a doctrine of war, and anyone who is talking about other matters while circumventing this is a dangerous fool and has no business being in a position of power or having access to the bull horn.

November 28, 2015
The 'religious test' hypocrisy
By Carol Brown

Russian Woman Member of Parliament and Her Husband Killed By Car Bomb

Oksana Bobrovskaya, Member of Russian Parliament

[From article]
The semi-naked bodies of Oksana Bobrovskaya, a member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, and her husband Nikita Bobrovsky were found in the back seat of their Toyota RAV4.
[. . .]
Other accounts suggested that a grenade was detonated by the MP’s husband, Nikita, a former member of Russia’s special services.
The Siberian Times said that the couple had marital problems, with unconfirmed reports that she had been accused of infidelity.

Russian MP and her husband killed in car explosion
Bodies of Oksana Bobrovskaya and her husband were semi-naked when discovered in their car
By David Millward
12:03AM GMT 28 Nov 2015


Macedonia Erects Fence to Control Migrant Flow

[From article]
Police in Macedonia fired tear gas and stun grenades at desperate migrants stranded for days at the Greek border and who are demanding passage to western Europe, as soldiers began erecting a metal fence to keep them out.
Macedonia, along with other Balkan countries on the migrant route, began turning away "economic migrants" nearly two weeks ago. Human rights groups have criticized the decision, under which only Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans are allowed through.
The new restrictions triggered days of protests from Iranians, Pakistanis, Moroccans and others, stranded in squalid tent camps on the border. 
[. . .]

Earlier on Saturday, Macedonian soldiers began driving metal poles around 3 meters high into the cold, muddy ground, building a barrier similar to that erected by Hungary on its southern border.
European Union member Hungary in September and October sealed its southern border to migrants, calling them a threat to the security, prosperity and "Christian values" of Europe.

Police, migrants clash on Macedonia border; soldiers build fence
By Yannis Behrakis
November 28, 2015

November 25, 2015

Woman Student Stands Up To Black Lives Matter Bullies, Gets Fired

Emily Faz (Facebook picture)

[From article]
One young student at Georgia Southern University (GSU) is learning the consequences for publicly criticizing the racially-charged protests at the University of Missouri after being reportedly dismissed from her job and having a number of her fellow classmates demand her expulsion.
Emily Faz, a senior at the public university, shared a November 14 Washington Times article on Monday that reported on how some Mizzou protesters and Black Lives Matter activists were upset that the Paris attacks were stealing the media spotlight.
Faz wrote above the link, “I swear if I see this B.S. at Southern I will make you regret even knowing what a movement or a hashtag is, and you’ll walk away with your tail tucked.”
She continued on to say, “The whole black lives matter movement is misguided and out of hand. Maybe no one likes or takes y’all seriously because no one can see past your egotistical bullshit. Some people might just look past it, but fair warning I am not one. All lives matter, that has always been the case, and you part of the problem if you think other wise [sic].”

Georgia College Student Criticizes Black Lives Matter, Becomes Victim Of Witch Hunt
SCOTT GREER Associate Editor
10:21 PM 11/18/2015

Tennessee Official Wants To Round Up Recent Syrian Refugees And Send Them Back To Syria

Tennessee State House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-Franklin

Up to 34 state governors, declare they will not provide assistance to "refugees," or migrants. They allege the state cannot distinguish between peaceful migrants and dangerous terrorists. Why is no one concerned about allowing people into the nation, and them running for office. Maybe becoming president and doing more harm than a hundred explosions and shootings? 

[From article]
A top Tennessee Republican lawmaker believes the time has come for the National Guard to round up any Syrian refugees who have recently settled in the state and to stop any additional Syrian refugees from entering Tennessee.
"We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop them from coming in to the state by whatever means we can," said House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-Franklin, referencing refugees.
[. . .]
"Tennessee is a sovereign state. If the federal government is forsaking the obligation to protect our citizens, we need to act," Casada said during a phone interview with The Tennessean on Tuesday.
[. . .]
But Casada, Rep. Rick Womick, R-Rockvale, and at least a few other lawmakers believe it's time to call a special legislative session to look at doing something.
"I believe we should take a long look at the entire refugee program and use any means necessary to stop refugees from entering Tennessee if they come from countries with ties to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and similar terrorist groups," House Majority Whip Jeremy Durham, R-Franklin, said in a statement.
"If the U.S. Supreme Court says the federal government cannot force states to expand their Medicaid rolls, I'm not sure how the federal government believes it can legitimately force Tennessee to accept refugees from countries with known terrorists."

Tennessee GOP leader: Round up Syrian refugees, remove from state
Dave Boucher dboucher (at)
9:37 a.m. CST November 19, 2015

Residents of Philadelphia Housing Authority Earn Over $100,000

[From article]
The Philadelphia Housing Authority has a 10 year waiting list with roughly 100,000 people on it, according to officials.
But while low income and homeless families wait, the NBC10 Investigators found some families were allowed to live in PHA properties while earning six figures.
Officials say 181 families living in PHA housing earn more than they’re allowed to. The Department of Housing and Urban Development refers to them as "over income."
“I believe that they’re serving an important purpose,” PHA president Kelvin Jeremiah said. “I believe that the fact that they’ve achieved some level of success while being in PHA, I want to be able to encourage that.”
[. . .]
Pennsylvania has 750 over income families living in public housing according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. New Jersey has 755. Nation-wide there are 25,226.

Some Families Living in Philly Public Housing Earn Over $100K
By Mitch Blacher
NBC News Philadelphia PA
Published at 6:59 PM EST on Nov 24, 2015

November 24, 2015

Oxford Professor Explains to Harvard Students How States Collapse

Monica Duffy Toft, a professor of public policy at the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government

So will bringing in more anti American, anti Constitution people, help to stabilize the American republic? Or will it help bring about the end to freedom and a constitutional democracy? Do lessons from the Roman Empire have any application to the United States? Does Medieval History of Europe provide any lessons for that continent?

Professor Uses Demography To Explain How States Collapse
Harvard Crimson
November 23, 2015

Cambridge, MA City Councilor Wants $15 minimum Wage By Any Means Necessary

“I’m not super concerned with how we implement it,” Mazen said. “What I am concerned with is the absolute imperative to increase wages in the city.” There's an un-American theory of government. Under that standard police could eliminate drunk driving, domestic violence, rape, and drug use in Cambridge by beating anyone they see doing it until they are senseless. That's the way to implement policy determined by personal mandate. Did Councilor Mazen learn this system of legislating at MIT?

[From article]
“I’m not super concerned with how we implement it,” Mazen said. “What I am concerned with is the absolute imperative to increase wages in the city.” There's an un-American theory of government. Under that standard police could eliminate drunk driving, domestic violence, rape, and drug use in Cambridge by beating anyone they see doing it until they are senseless. That's the way to implement policy determined by personal mandate. Did Councilor Mazen learn this system of legislating at MIT?

City Councillor Leads Effort Advocating $15 Minimum Wage
It remains unclear whether such a policy shift would affect some of Harvard’s temporary and part-time employees
Harvard Crimson
November 24, 2015

Former Intelligence Chief Suggests Self Evaluation of White House

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
[From article]
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) during President Obama's tenure, [. . .] said the investigation should "start at the top. Where intelligence starts and stops is at the White House."

Former DIA Head: Investigation of Manipulated Intel Should Start at White House
7:22 AM, NOV 24, 2015

Austrian Woman Beaten To Death After Fleeing ISIS As A Jihadi Bride

Samra Kesinovic, before and after leaving Austria to become a jihadi bride.
Photo: Europics

[From article]
One of the two teens who fled Austria last year to become a “poster girl” for ISIS has been beaten to death after trying to escape the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa, reports say.
A Tunisian woman who had been living with Samra Kesinovic, 18, says the young girl was killed by Islamic State extremists after she tried to flee recently, according to The Local Austria.
Kesinovic and her friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, made headlines in April 2014 when they ran away from their homes in Vienna and shacked up with militants in Syria.
The gal pals had traveled to the war-torn nation with the hope of becoming “jihadi brides” — and they later married two of the ISIS militants upon their arrival.

Austrian jihadi bride beaten to death after trying to escape ISIS: friend
By Chris Perez
New York Post
November 24, 2015 | 3:46pm