May 31, 2015

Son Killed Alabama Mother After Argument Over Grades

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Blansit confessed to killing his mother, 45, after they got into an argument over grades, said DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris.
She died of blunt force trauma with a baseball bat, Gregg said.
Investigators said they found scratches on Blansit, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, when they met him at the scene, CNN affiliate WAFF said.
Mentone is a town of about 500 in northeast Alabama. Blansit’s father said his son had been home several weeks and they were waiting for his grades, Gregg said. The father was at work during the day, the chief said.
Tyler Blansit was the couple’s only child, Gregg said.

Sheriff: Son killed mother in argument over college grades
POSTED 2:58 PM, MAY 31, 2015

Alan H. "Bud" Selig's Legacy

Former Baseball Commissioner, Alan H. "Bud" Selig

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Since 1992, baseball has created four new teams, opened 21 new ballparks,adopted interleague play, instant replay and drug testing, expanded the postseason with two wild cards in each league, gone 20 years without labor troubles interrupting play and has vastly expanded revenue-sharing and has implemented a "competitive balance tax" on team payrolls above a certain threshold. And on Sept. 1, 2014, in the last season of the Selig era, 17 of the 30 teams were within 5 1/ 2 games of a playoff spot.
The average attendance at MLB games last year was 30,437, compared with 13,466 in 1955, in baseball's supposed golden age. Last year's worst per-game attendance (the Tampa Bay Rays' 17,857) was better than that of the 1955 World Series-winning Dodgers (13,423)
[. . .]
Eisenhower administered eight years of peace and prosperity. Voters gave him vast affection; the intelligentsia, which usually is the last to understand things, gave him condescension.
[. . .]
When a worried aide anticipated possible news conference questions about a delicate problem, Eisenhower placidly promised, "I'll confuse them."
Selig has sometimes resembled Alan Greenspan, who supposedly once said, "If I've made myself too clear, you must have misunderstood me."
[. . .]
the four most important people in baseball's history: Alexander Joy Cartwright (the genius who in the 1840s placed the bases 90 feet apart), Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and a fan from Milwaukee. Which is what Selig has been, first and always.

Bud Selig's winning legacy
By George Will
Published Jan. 29, 2015

Updated(2): Suspect Captured in Washington DC Mass Murders. Attorney: He Disliked Pizza

Posted May 21, 2015 7:58 PM ET; Last updated May 31, 2015 9:21 PM ET

Daron Dylon Wint in photos provided by DC police. 
Photo: AP

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Robin Ficker, who said he completed a two-hour consultation with Wint, 34, on Saturday at the D.C. Central Detention Center, sliced into official accounts of the alleged quadruple homicide in an interview with the News.
“He doesn’t like pizza, he doesn’t order pizza,” Ficker said. “If you don’t like pizza and you’re holding people hostage in a house, aren’t you going to look in the refrigerator for something else?”
[. . .]
But Ficker, who has represented Wint in past cases on the ex-con’s long rap sheet of assault, domestic violence and theft, maintains he’s not capable of killing someone and called the reputed Domino’s
analysis.” The popular pies aren’t “a big thing” in Wint’s native Guyana, Ficker noted, saying he plans to speak with forensic experts on Wint’s alleged link to the food.
[. . .]
“When you eat a pizza, you’re not getting the inside of your mouth on the pizza,” he said. “You’re trying to convince us that a touch of someone’s lips on a pizza crust means that a murder was committed hours later by the pizza biter? This pizza stuff is a stretch.”

D.C. mansion slaying suspect reportedly traced with DNA on pizza crust actually ‘doesn’t like pizza’: attorney (VIDEO)
Saturday, May 30, 2015, 10:07 PM

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

* * *

[From article]
He’d been staying in his gal pal’s Canarsie apartment since Sunday — but wasn’t concerned about getting caught until he was named as a suspect Wednesday night, a law enforcement source said.
Wint was “shocked” by the warrant for his arrest, the source added. He called his parents in Maryland, then hopped in a livery cab, forking over hundreds of dollars to get back to DC, the source said.

Family-slaughter suspect took cab from Brooklyn to DC to escape police
By Jamie Schram, Aaron Feis and Yaron Steinbuch
New York Post
May 22, 2015 | 10:47am
* * *

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Police believe the man suspected of brutally murdering a family and their housekeeper in Washington, DC, last week is in Brooklyn — because his Big Apple girlfriend told authorities he’d been staying with her, The Post has learned.
Daron Dylon Wint’s Brooklyn girlfriend claimed that he was with her but heading back to Washington, DC, to turn himself in, a law enforcement source told The Post.
The source added that her claims that he’s prepared to turn himself over to the police could be nothing more than a diversion. Police took her in for questioning at the 69th precinct Thursday, sources said.
[. . .]
“We had information to believe he may be here, and right now in the South Brooklyn area,” Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said at aThursday afternoon press conference.
“He has some relatives here and some friends here. We’re investigating that with them right now,” he added.
Wint was spotted as recently as Wednesday night in Brooklyn, authorities told the Associated Press.
Police believe he may have stayed with his girlfriend Wednesday night, then left early in the morning, law enforcement sources said.
[. . .]
Wint was at one time employed by American Iron Works, a construction materials supplier based in Hyattsville, Maryland, where Savvas served as CEO, Lanier said at a press conference in DC.
“We do believe that there is a connection between the suspect in this case through the business,” she said. “It does not appear that this is a random crime.”
He “possibly” traveled from Maryland to New York on a bus, and police haven’t connected him with a car at this point, Lanier said.
[. . .]
Wint was last seen in blue jeans, a blue hooded sweatshirt and white tennis shoes.

Police believe DC home invasion slaughter suspect in Brooklyn
By Jamie Schram, Michael Gartland, Yaron Steinbuch and Danika Fears
New York Post
May 21, 2015 | 11:47am

Ten Injured In Midtown Manhattan Construction Crane Collapse

Refrigeration Unit Dropped By Crane on  Madison Avenue Near 38th Street

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At least 10 people were injured when a construction crane dropped a massive heating and air-conditioning unit nearly 30 stories at a Midtown building Sunday, officials and witnesses said.
Workers were attempting to lift the unit into one of the Madison Avenue office building’s control rooms when the rigging strap holding it broke, sending it plummeting to the street around 10:45 a.m., said a source familiar with the investigation.
The metal rectangular unit struck the side of the building multiple times as it fell, sending glass and building debris raining down. The unit landed in the middle of Madison Avenue between 38th and 39th streets.

At least 10 hurt after crane smashes into Midtown building
By Tom Wilson, Dana Sauchelli and Daniel Prendergast
New York Post
May 31, 2015 | 11:16am

Two Stabbed At Tufts University Fraternity House

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“It does not appear to be a random act, and parties involved are believed to be known to each other,” Trant said.
He did not say if the person was affiliated with Tufts. Tufts spokeswoman Kim Thurler said the victims weren’t affiliated with the university. She referred other questions about the investigation to Somerville police. Police did not immediately return a message seeking further detail.
Trant said police responding to the Delta Tau Delta house just before 4 a.m. found the men outside. He said the stabbings appear to have happened inside. The house is on Professors Row, a street that runs through Somerville and Medford on the campus just north of Boston.
Both victims were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. A 20-year-old has a serious injury, and a 19-year-old’s injury is non-life-threatening, Trant said.

2 stabbed at Tufts University frat house
By Associated Press
New York Post
May 31, 2015 | 4:16pm

Bias In Health Care Denies Appropriate Treatment of Elders

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Under the proposed Sustainable Development Goals, UN member states will be given targets to cut the number of deaths from diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and dementia by one third by 2030.
However because many are age-related illnesses people who succumb to those diseases from the age of 70 are not deemed to have died prematurely and so are not included in the target.
[. . .]
Prof Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, professor of social policy and international development at the University of East Anglia, and lead author of the letter, said: “This premature mortality target is highly unethical, since it unjustifiably discriminates against older people.
“We already know that there is age discrimination in cancer care and surgery and these targets give that the stamp of approval.
“The targets are not quite set in stone yet, so we have a final opportunity to impress upon the UN the need to alter this explicitly ageist health target.
“If this doesn’t happen, people aged 70 and over will become second-class citizens as far as health policy is concerned.”
[. . .]
Last year the Royal College of Surgeons warned that elderly people are being denied life-saving operations because of age discrimination within the NHS.
[. . .]
Tom Gentry, policy advisor at AgeUK said that people were living far longer than in the past, with even the average 70-year-old expected to live for at least another decade.
“We know that access to surgery is getting worse for older people, and yet we are talking about people who still have years left to live,” he said.

Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets
Elderly people will be treated like second-class citizens and denied medical care under new targets which give priority to saving the lives of young people

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor
12:01AM BST 29 May 2015

Sweden Invaded By Beggars

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Many Swedes feel that their sense of home is deteriorating because of the rise in crime, vandalism, and homelessness, and the loss of public space: parks, libraries, and other public institutions are increasingly used as places of shelter.
The tragedy is that this state of affairs has been tolerated and in fact encouraged by most politicians and opinion makers across the political spectrum.
[. . .]
Sharing this worldview, Swedish political elites are reluctant to vacate the shantytowns and discourage begging. Instead, they pledge additional public resources that will serve only to enable the begging behavior and ensure that the problem continues to grow, to the real detriment of the social fabric. Even Sweden’s largest center-right party recently announced that it supported criminalizing “organizers” of begging but keeping the act itself legal. Sweden shows every sign of repeating the destructive story of many American cities a generation ago, as Myron Magnet chronicled in his 1993 book, The Dream and the Nightmare: in which elites churn out the dreams, but society pays the cost.

Shantytown Sweden
The welfare-state country finds itself engulfed by international beggars.
May 28, 2015

* * *

[From article] Stockholm University exchange students have been told to leave their accommodation immediately after a community of travellers set up an illegal camp nearby, raising concerns for the students’ safety.
[. . .]
“We would like everyone to move out today. We cannot guarantee the security for students over the weekend anymore.”
The move was sparked by a community of what Revolta estimates to be 50 families living in caravans in a nearby car park. The families have got out of hand in recent weeks, according to Revolta, who said that some of his classmates had nearly been run over by the community’s vehicles. Some students, including himself, have even been threatened by the families.

Sweden: Students Evacuated From University to Make Room for Roma Shanty Town
The Local
April 1, 2014

Mark Steyn Describes Trial of Geert de Wilders

Posted February 19. 2010 3:16 AM ET; Last updated May 31, 2015 12:31 AM ET

[From article]
At a certain level, the trial of Geert Wilders for the crime of “group insult” of Islam is déjà vu all over again. For as the spokesperson for the Openbaar Ministerie put it, “It is irrelevant whether Wilders’s witnesses might prove Wilders’s observations to be correct. What’s relevant is that his observations are illegal.”
Ah, yes, in the Netherlands, as in Canada, the truth is no defence. My Dutch is a little rusty but I believe the “Openbaar Ministerie” translates in English to the Ministry for Openly Barring People. Whoops, my mistake. It’s the prosecution service of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. But it shares with Canada’s “human rights” commissions an institutional contempt for the truth.
As for “Wilders’s witnesses,” he submitted a list of 18, and the Amsterdam court rejected no fewer than 15 of them.
[. . .]
Geert Wilders, by contrast, is one of the most popular politicians in the Netherlands, and his fate is central to the future of his kingdom and his continent. He is an elected member of parliament—and, although he’s invariably labelled “far right” in news reports, how far he is depends on where you’re standing: his party came second in last year’s elections for the European Parliament, and a poll of the Dutch electorate in December found it tied for first place. Furthermore, if you read the indictment against him, you’ll see that among other things Wilders is being prosecuted for is proposing an end to “non-Western immigration” to the Netherlands: the offending remarks were made in response to a direct question as to what his party would do in its first days in office. So the Dutch state is explicitly prosecuting the political platform of the most popular opposition party in the country, and attempting to schedule the trial for its own electoral advantage.
[. . .]
The judge in his wisdom has decided to deny the defendant the level of courtroom security they afforded to Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh. Wilders lives under armed guard because of explicit death threats against him by Mr. Bouyeri and other Muslims. But he’s the one put on trial for incitement. His movie about Islam, Fitna, is deemed to be “inflammatory,” whereas a new film by Willem Stegeman, De moord op Geert Wilders (The Assassination of Geert Wilders), is so non-inflammatory and entirely acceptable that it’s been produced and promoted by a government-funded radio station.
[. . .]
To some of us, the Netherlands means tulips, clogs, windmills, fingers in the dike. To others, it means marijuana cafés, long-haired soldiers, legalized hookers, fingers in the dike. But the contemporary reality is an increasingly incoherent polity where gays are bashed, uncovered women get jeered at, and you can’t do The Diary of Anne Frank as your school play lest the Gestapo walk-ons are greeted by audience cries of “She’s in the attic!” Speaking as a bona fide far-right nutcase, I rather resent the label’s export to Holland: Pim Fortuyn wasn’t “right-wing,” he was a gay hedonist; Theo van Gogh was an anti-monarchist coke-snorting nihilist; Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a secular liberal feminist; Geert Wilders says he’s opposed to Islam because of its hostility to gay equality, whereas the usual rap against us far-right extremists is that we want the godless sodomites to roast in hell. 
[. . .]
This democracy business is all very well, but let’s face it, the people are saps, gullible boobs, racist morons, knuckle-dragging f–kwits. One-man-one-vote is fine in theory, but next thing you know some slicker’s “tapping into” the morons’ “fears and resentments” and cleaning up at the polls.
Strange how it always comes back to a contempt for the people. Whenever the electorate departs from the elite’s pieties, whether in the Netherlands or in Massachusetts last month, it’s because some wily demagogue like, er, Scott Brown has been playing on the impressionable hicks’ “fears and resentments.” To the statist bullies at Canada’s “Human Rights” Commissions, their powers to regulate speech are necessary to prevent hate-mongers like me tapping into the fears and resentments of the Dominion’s millions of birdbrained boobs.  
[. . .]
You’ll still have your vote; it’s just that the guy you wanted to give it to is on trial, and his platform’s been criminalized.
To return to where we came in, what does it mean when the Ministry of Justice proudly declares that the truth is no defence? When the law stands in explicit opposition to the truth, freeborn peoples should stand in opposition to the law. Because, as the British commentator Pat Condell says, “When the truth is no defence, there is no defence”—and what we are witnessing is a heresy trial. The good news is that the Openbaar Ministerie is doing such a grand job with its pilot program of apostasy prosecutions you’ll barely notice when sharia is formally adopted.

The absurd trial of Geert Wilders
by Mark Steyn
Thursday, February 18, 2010 7:00am

May 30, 2015

Brigitte Gabriel Speaks To UN About Muslim Slave Trade, White House Has No Comment

Brigitte Gabriel

[From article]
Ms. Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian describing the systematic persecution, murder, rape, and slave-taking against Christians in the Middle East -- Christians who have lived there since the time of Jesus.
If we ever manage to make Americans face the reality of Jihad, it will be due to men and women like Brigitte Gabriel. Like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Geert de Wilder[s], they are risking their lives to save civilized society, constantly opposed by the malicious liberal media and death threats from Muslim fascists.

Geert de Wilder

As always, the Left’s silence about Islamofascist massacres means consent. The Left is utterly cold-hearted.
[. . .]
I don’t know if Obama is a secret Muslim, but it doesn’t really matter -- because his silence means consent. Whatever he believes, he stands convicted by his silence.
Every week ISIS uploads videos celebrating sadistic murders of innocents. But Obama says nothing.
This collusive silence of the Left is nothing new. The Left was just as silent about Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other Marxist murderers, including North Korea’s Kim dynasty.[. . .]
The genocide against Christians and native cultures in the Sudan has been public knowledge for two decades. But Americans still do not know where their president stands on the African slave trade. His silence gives the answer.
[. . .]

Pamela Geller

Today, black children and women are sold on slaves markets in Africa and the Middle East, just like the public markets used to sell the ancestors of today’s African-Americans. But Muslim slave raiders have no color prejudice. In the Middle East they kill and kidnap Christians of Arab descent, Yazidis, and any “apostate Muslims,” like the civilians of Ramadi who were just murdered on the public streets.
 In centuries past Muslim slave raiders in Africa brought their victims to coastal ports for the Atlantic trade.
[. . .]
African-Americans are whipped up to rage against living white folks for the Muslim slave trade. That is either woefully ignorant, or it is a political lie, meant to squeeze the race racket for money and power, like Mr. Obama’s good friend [and FBI informant] Al Sharpton.
The genocide against Christians and native cultures in the Sudan has been public knowledge for two decades. But Americans still do not know where their president stands on the African slave trade. His silence gives the answer.

Robert Spencer

May 30, 2015
Silence about Muslim horrors means consent
By James Lewis

NYPD Seizes One Million Bags of Heroin

(From l.) Jonathan Almonte, Orlando Rosario-Concepcion, Jean Carlos Rosario-Ortiz and Rodolofo Abreu-Crisotomo appear at their arraignments on Friday. They and a fifth man, Deckson Holguin-Rosario (not in photo) were arrested and charged with running a major heroin supply chain.

[From article]
“Sadly, an untimely death from a heroin overdose triggered this investigation, but as a result our collaborative efforts prevented more than a million bags of heroin from hitting the streets,” said Special Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan whose office is prosecuting the case.
Concepcion’s drug-trafficking operation, based out of the Bronx mill and another location in Washington Heights, supplied dealers locally, Upstate and on Long Island, court papers show.

Cops seize over a million bags of heroin in drug bust
By Rebecca Rosenberg
New York Post
May 30, 2015 | 1:17am

New York Fraudster Takes Tourist For $200 Ride on Free Staten Island Ferry

[From article]
Dopey tourists are paying top dollar to bogus vendors for “tickets” to the Staten Island Ferry — which has been free for 18 years, The Post has learned.
One clueless pair shelled out $400 for a round-trip journey to the city’s southernmost borough, sources said.
“They’re targeting people who are tourists, because they just don’t know better,” said a source with the city’s Parks Enforcement Patrol.
Career con Gregory Reddick, 54, hooked the big fish on Wednesday while wearing a snappy “Authorized Ticket Agent” jacket near the South Street Seaport, officials said.
[. . .]

Gregory Reddick

Joseph chased Reddick to The Battery, where he and a half-dozen fellow officers surrounded the 200-pound suspect, subduing him with the help of pepper spray, the complaint says.
He allegedly still had the $400 on him, but the two tourists were already gone and the cash could not be returned, a source said.
Reddick’s rap sheet dates to his early teens and includes six felony convictions, other law-enforcement sources said.
He has at least five aliases, six Social Security numbers and seven dates of birth — and has spent at least nine years in prison for burglary and credit-card fraud, sources added.

Tourists tricked into paying $200 for free Staten Island Ferry ride
By Rich Calder
New York Post
May 30, 2015 | 3:00am

Science Magazine Withdraws Published Survey Study

[From article]
Science magazine Thursday formally retracted a highly touted article about a study gauging the ability of openly gay canvassers to shift voters’ views toward support for same-sex marriage.
Columbia University political science professor Donald Green, one of the article’s authors, requested the retraction on May 19, saying co-author Michael LaCour had been unable to produce the raw data that was used in the study.
[. . .]
The magazine said it based its retraction on misrepresentation of cash incentives for survey participants, false statements about financial sponsorship of the survey, and the inability to produce original data, “which makes it impossible to verify or alleviate concerns about statistical irregularities.”
[. . .]

The study claimed that opinion changes produced by the straight canvassers tended to fade within a few weeks and those voters reverted to their previous, less favorable views of same-sex marriage. It said that the changes in viewpoints produced by the gay canvassers persisted nine months later.
Green began to have misgivings about the study after the integrity of the data was called into question by two graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley, who tried to launch a similar study

Science magazine retracts gay-marriage article
By Fox News
New York Post
May 29, 2015 | 12:53pm

Massachusetts Judge Tosses Evidence From Random Search of Bus

[From article]
“The detaining of the defendant was unlawful because the officers did not have a reasonable basis to suspect criminal activity by the defendant prior to detaining him on the bus,” Judge Charles J. Hely wrote in an order allowing the suppression of evidence in the case against Gregory Luperon, 27, of Framingham, who is facing a drug trafficking charge after T police say they found the more than 1,200 Oxycodone pills he stashed in the bathroom after realizing officers were going to search the bus.
Luperon’s attorney, Francis Doran Jr., called Hely’s ruling a “victory for freedom.”
“It is more than just five minutes of your time. If you were there on that bus, it is a terror-inspiring tactic,” Doran said of transit cops’ “drug interdiction” searches, during which officers step aboard and warn passengers that a police dog will be checking their bags.
Transit officers randomly searching a Lucky Star bus at the South Station terminal on July 14 say they noticed Luperon acting suspiciously after police announced they would be conducting a “random narcotics sweep,” court documents show.
Luperon allegedly rushed into the bus bathroom and hid 12 bags containing 1,233 Oxycodone pills above the sink before stepping off the bus, police said.
He was arrested after officers who noticed his behavior uncovered the bags.

Random sweeps violate passengers’ rights, judge says
Ruling brakes T drug bus-ts
Thursday, May 21, 2015
By: Owen Boss, Joe Dwinell
Boston Herald

Updated: Biker Shootout In Waco (We Ain't Coming Out), Texas

Posted May 19, 2015 3:04 PM ET; Last updated May 30, 2015 4:02 PM ET

[From article]
Nine people were killed at a massive biker brawl in Waco on Sunday. Reports now suggest four of the dead may have been shot by police.
Police knew about the gathering of biker gangs at the location and responded to the scene before the fight

New Details About The Deadly Biker-Brawl In Waco
By: Grant
(Breaking911 Newsroom)
May 18, 2015 | 6:40 PM

* * *

Nine dead, 170 arrested in bloody Waco biker brawl
KCEN, WFAA and Associated Press
4:31 p.m. CDT May 18, 2015

* * *

A McLennan County deputy stands guard near a group of bikers in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant , May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told KWTX-TV there were "multiple victims" after gunfire erupted between rival biker gangs at the restaurant. 
(Photo: Rod Aydelotte, AP)

[From article]
The dispute focused on turf and recruitment, two areas where the groups have often clashed. Preliminary findings indicate a dispute broke out in a bathroom and then spilled into the restaurant where it escalated to include knives and firearms, he said. There were 150 to 200 gang members inside the restaurant at the time

Nine dead in ‘gruesome’ biker shootout were all gang members
By Associated Press
New York Post
May 17, 2015 | 5:43pm

St. Louis Protest After Policeman Not Charged With Shooting Death Of Suspect

Vonderrit Myers, Shot Dead By St. Louis Police

[From article]
ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Protesters took to the to the streets of downtown St. Louis Tuesday morning over the Circuit Attorney’s decision not to charge an officer for the October shooting death of Vonderrit Myers. There were about 40 demonstrators near the intersection of 10th and Market. Police met with protesters on the scene.
The Circuit Attorney’s officer released the results of their investigation into the shooting on Monday. Investigators found that Myers shot at the officer therefore deadly force was justified.

Protesters march in downtown St. Louis over Vonderrit Myers decision
POSTED 11:09 AM, MAY 19, 2015
UPDATED AT 01:24PM, MAY 19, 2015

Anti Hate Group Protests Anti Israeli Propaganda Film

[From article]
Americans for Peace and Tolerance released an expose video April 23 that aims to prove “Whose Jerusalem?” fails “to meet the basic rules of evidence and logic and attempt[s] to indoctrinate students, especially Jewish students, against the state of Israel.”
The workshop teaches that Hamas – a U.S.-designated terrorist group – and Fatah are political parties that support “more peaceful means than intifada,” among other lessons. The group argues the lesson abandons “academic integrity” and enlists students as political activists for an ideological cause.
“Despite its bias and serious flaws, the … workshop is Common Core compliant,” APT president Charles Jacobs said.
The workshop’s curriculum, designed for students in middle and high schools, requires students play the parts of Arab, Israeli, or American leaders to negotiate a “BATNA” (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) for the division of Jerusalem using the materials provided by the workshop.
[. . .]
According to Americans for Peace and Tolerance’s video, the workshop also includes exercises that asks instructors to have Jewish students empathize with Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group that calls for the death of all Jews in its founding charter.
Boston University Profesor Carl Hobert, who developed the workshop, has defined “Whose Jerusalem?” as “educational civil disobedience” guided by a hands-on approach. Included in APT’s video is a clip of Hobert speaking to an audience about the simulations done in his workshop on the Arab-Israeli conflict. When describing the roles students play in the simulation he says:
“When a student goes, I am devoutly Jewish and I’ve got family members in Israel. I would like to be a member of Likud Party. Guess what we make that student? A member of Hamas.”
[. . .]
The workshop also suggests an equivalence between the use of military drones by the United States and terrorist suicide bombing. APT’s video shows Hobert telling students that drones “kill people who are supposedly terrorists.” He asks, “Isn’t that a form of terrorism?”
[. . .]
Noam Chomsky of MIT and Denis Sullivan of Northeastern, both outspoken critics of Israel and America, assisted Hobert in the creation of the course, according to APT. Hobert even brought Chomsky, who is described in BU Today as his “friend and longtime inspiration,” to speak about the Middle East at Boston University in 2009.

 MAY 18, 2015

Rape Victim Dies After 42 Years in Vegetative State

Aruna Shanbaug: Mumbai rape victim in a coma for 42 years has died

[From article]
A Mumbai nurse who was in a coma for 42 years after being sexually assaulted while working in a hospital has died, hospital authorities said Monday.
Aruna Shanbaug suffered severe brain damage and was in a vegetative state after she was raped and strangled by a hospital worker in 1973.
[. . .]
India's Supreme Court rejected the petition filed by Pinki Virani who had sought euthanasia for Shanbaug, saying the court should 'end her unbearable agony.'
The case was opposed by nurses at the hospital who took turns taking care of her for more than four decades after Shanbaug's family said they were unable to support her.
[. . .]
Aruna, a native of Haldipur in Karnataka, had joined KEM Hospital as a junior nurse in the seventies.
On the night of November 27, 1973, sweeper Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki attacked her when she had to gone to change in the vacant canine experiment room of the hospital.
To overpower Aruna, Walmiki used a dog chain to choke and sexually assault her. The choking permanently damaged her brain cells, leaving her in vegetative state and partially blind.
Culprit Walmiki was booked for robbery and attempt to murder, as the doctors then did not think it appropriate to include sexual assault charges to save Aruna from facing social stigma.
Walmiki was convicted, and after serving his sentence, he is said to have moved to Delhi.

Indian nurse who was in a coma for 42 YEARS after brutal hospital rape that left her in permanent vegetative state has died
Aruna Shanbaug was raped and strangled by a hospital worker in 1973
Shanbaug had been suffering from pneumonia and was on life support
Her case sparked a national debate over India's euthanasia laws
PUBLISHED: 02:40 EST, 18 May 2015 | UPDATED: 11:34 EST, 18 May 2015

Boston Gang Member Charged With Homicide Of Bystander Who Died After Fleeing Shooting

Kelvin Rowell, 40, Died After Fleeing Nearby Shooting

[From article]
A Boston gunman who fired a into a crowd while targeting a rival faces murder charges after a bystander fleeing the shooting suffered an asthma attack and later died in hospital
Michael ‘Fresh’ Stallings, 26, faces trial for first-degree murder after he allegedly triggered the death of Kelvin Rowell in 2012 .
Rowell, 40, ran one block from the shooting on Blue Hill Avenue before he suffered the asthma attack, according to prosecutors.
[. . .]
A defendant can be prosecuted for murder if they began a chain of events that led to death.

Michael "Fresh" Stallings, Hides His Face

Boston gang member on trial for first-degree murder after innocent bystander dies from asthma attack fleeing shootout between rival crews
Michael ‘Fresh’ Stallings, 26, faces trial after allegedly triggering the death
Kelvin Rowell, 40, had asthma attack and died after running from shooting
Rowell was not connected to the feud and was just an innocent bystander
Prosecutors seeking life for Stallings stretch boundaries of legal culpability
PUBLISHED: 03:33 EST, 18 May 2015 | UPDATED: 13:56 EST, 18 May 2015

Bill O'Reilly Allegedly Dragged His Wife By Her Hair Down Stairs, Caveman Style

[From article]
Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly is alleged to have physically assaulted his ex-wife by dragging her down a staircase by the neck, according to evidence heard during a bitter court battle over custody of their two children.
A hard fought three-year custody dispute between O'Reilly and ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy finally ended last month when a Nassau County Supreme Court justice granted custody of the couple's two kids to their mother.
During the closed hearing a court-appointed forensic examiner testified that daughter Madeline, who is now 16, claimed she had witnessed her father dragging her mother down a staircase by her neck, reports Gawker.

Bill O'Reilly forced to deny accusations he physically assaulted his ex-wife prior to 2010 split by dragging her 'down a staircase by the neck'
The Fox News anchor is alleged to have physically assaulted his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy by dragging her down a staircase by the neck
A court-appointed forensic examiner said O'Reilly's daughter told him about the incident as part of her parent's hard fought custody battle
Daughter Madeline, who is now 16, claimed she had witnessed her father dragging her mother down a staircase by her neck
O'Reilly issued a statement via his personal attorney in which he has called the allegations '100 percent false'
PUBLISHED: 18:22 EST, 18 May 2015 | UPDATED: 21:21 EST, 18 May 2015

White Students Bullied More Often Than Black Students

Like politicians, law enforcement agencies focus on high school student bullies. It is easy to control high school students. But they ignore the larger problem of bullying abuses by teachers, police, FBI agents and informants, Communists, and assorted adult psychopaths, e.g., psychologists and psychiatrists. Government policy directs school administrators to try to stop  high school bullying. But in adult society taxpayer funded private and government agencies, whose mission is to protect vulnerable persons (e.g., the human services industrial complex [MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term]), join in the abuses. In high school they try to give students a voice in their battle against bullying. But in adult society bullies censor the victim, and declare him crazy so that no one will pay attention to him. While shunning and isolating the bullied student victims is condemned in high schools, among adults it is a recognized acceptable practice to isolate the victim in order to make him an easier target. Ridicule and humiliation, character assassination, provocations, threats and insults are regular features of crime families, police, Communists and FBI harassment.

[From article]
Nearly 1 in 4 surveyed U.S. students say they have been bullied in school. That's an improvement, but the prevalence reinforces just how difficult the problem is to solve.
[. . .]
Educators and researchers praised the decline, but said the large numbers of students still reporting that they are victims reflects that the issue is difficult to understand and address, particularly in a world of rampant online social media where malicious statements can be made anonymously and shared quickly and broadly.
[. . .]
Overall, bullying can be physical, verbal or relational — such as leaving someone out on purpose.
Respondents said the being made fun of, called names or being insulted was the most common way they were bullied at school. Being the subject of rumors or threatened with harm was also common. Much of the effort in schools to tackle bullying has focused on helping victims understand they should come forward and will get support and educating bullies about how their actions affect others,
[. . .]
"Our biggest goal is we have to give students a voice as they battle this bullying behavior," Buie said.
[. . .]
A higher percentage of white students — 24 percent — said they were bullied than black, Hispanic or Asian students.
[. . .]
The survey is from the School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey.

Survey: School bullying problem recedes; whites more likely targets than minorities
By Kimberly Hefling
Associated Press
MAY 15, 2015 — 2:10PM

DEA Seizes Cash From Amtrak Passenger, Without Charge of Crime

Henry Louis Mencken's observed, "First they pass laws against the SOBs. Then they use them against the rest of us." In Harvey Silverglate's book, "Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent," he argues that Congress passed so many laws, ordinary citizens usually violate three felonies a day without knowing it. Making the victim "whole" is a curious legal notion. In this case the government thugs simply seized property. 

In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me using hallucinogens for 80 consecutive days contrary to law. I was not under the care of any psychiatrist. There was no court order to permit the criminal abuse. I never volunteered as a human subject for any medical research project. Some of the elite political geniuses thought I was a spy. They asked, "How did he know that?" If they did not reveal secrets no one is capable of figuring out what they do, was their thinking. 

Compassionate FBI agents and police scared me, then used me for 15 years to fight organized crime. They did not pay me one cent. They stole my personal journals and culled all of the women I mentioned and married them off to FBI informants. They told everyone I knew, know and met, "He's homosexual." adding, "He's a retired drug dealer." "He's a racist." "He's crazy." He's homeless." He's a high school dropout." and more. This continues in 2015. 

They coordinated teams of crime family associates who retaliated for the next 23 years. For 42 years crime families, FBI informants, local police, Harvard University campus police, building superintendents, and graduate students in psychology at Harvard Medical School, Communists and assorted psychopaths, took turns harassing me. At no time has the government ever admitted what they did. At no time has the government ever tried to make me half or three quarters whole. They continue stirring up more and more animosity to cover up what they did and continue to do. Democratic politicians want more of this kind of government. 

[From article]
Carly Fiorina told a packed audience that a huge, complex and sometimes corrupt government was "crushing the potential" of Americans.
"That is not hyperbole," she said. "That is fact."
When democracy becomes so big and powerful, and so costly and complex, Fiorina said, only the big, powerful, wealthy and well-connected can handle it.
"The small and the powerless get crushed," she said.

Carly Fiorina: Big government is crushing Americans
The News Journal
1:59 p.m. EDT May 30, 2015

* * *

[From article]
McLellan owns L&M Convenience Mart in Fairmont, N.C., a restaurant and store that opened in 2001. Last year, the Internal Revenue Service seized all of the money in the store’s bank account—$107,702.66—after accusing McLellan of committing structuring violations.
McLellan, though, was never charged with a crime.[. . .]
Structuring involves making consistent cash deposits of less than $10,000 into a bank account for the purpose of avoiding reporting requirements. The procedure began as a way to combat money laundering and drug trafficking. However, more and more instances have come to light where innocent Americans have committed structuring violations without knowing it.
[. . .]
Though the government will return all of the money it seized from McLellan, it dismissed the case without covering the store owner’s legal fees and expenses, as well as interest on the money.
In 2000, Congress passed a law that entitles McLellan to those fees and expenses, which total more than $20,000.
Additionally, government policies require the $107,702 seized is kept in an interest-bearing account. Though McLellan will receive the money, the government wants to keep the interest earned.
[. . .]
“But at the same time, the government needs to make Lyndon whole.” “They came into his store and turned his life upside down, caused him all kinds of heartache and expense, and now they’re just trying to walk away as if nothing happened and forcing Lyndon to bear all those costs,”

Federal Government to Return $107,702 Seized From North Carolina Convenience Store Owner
Melissa Quinn / @MelissaQuinn97
May 14, 2015

* * *

[From article]
DEA agents approached Rivers, the only black passenger in the train car, and asked to search his bag. Inside the bag, agents found $16,000 in cash—money Rivers said he had saved up and received from family members to pursue his music video aspirations.
The agents detained Rivers and asked him about the cash. According to Rivers and his lawyer, Michael Pancer, a San Diego-based attorney, Rivers had the agents call his mother to confirm his story, but the DEA nevertheless seized his money, believing it was somehow connected with drugs.
The DEA agents then released Rivers, leaving him penniless in Albuquerque. He was never charged with a crime. The incident, first reported by the Albuquerque Journal, is the latest case to highlight the practice of civil asset forfeiture.
Under civil asset forfeiture laws, police and federal agents can seize property on the mere suspicion that it is connected to criminal activity. The property owner does not even have to be charged with a crime, since asset forfeiture is technically an action against the property itself.
“We don’t have to prove that the person is guilty,” Sean Waite, the head of the DEA’s Albuquerque office, told the Albuquerque Journal. “It’s that the money is presumed to be guilty.”

DEA Seizes Amtrak Passenger’s Life Savings Without Charging Him with Crime
Latest case to highlight practice of civil asset forfeiture
BY: CJ Ciaramella Follow @cjciaramella
May 12, 2015 4:59 am

May 29, 2015

Former US House Speaker Suspected of Sexual Abuse Cover Up

Former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert

[From article]
Indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was paying an individual from his past to conceal sexual misconduct, two federal law enforcement officials said Friday.
One of the officials, who would not speak publicly about the federal charges in Chicago, said “Individual A,” as the person is described in Thursday’s federal indictment, was a man and that the alleged misconduct was unrelated to Hastert’s tenure in Congress. The actions date to Hastert’s time as a Yorkville, Ill., high school wrestling coach and teacher, the official said.
“It goes back a long way, back to then,” the source said. “It has nothing to do with public corruption or a corruption scandal. Or to his time in office.” Thursday’s indictment described the misconduct “against Individual A” as having “occurred years earlier.”
[. . .]
According to the seven-page indictment, Individual A met multiple times in 2010 with Hastert but brought up the allegations of past misconduct during at least one of the meetings. During that discussion and later meetings, Hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to Individual A to conceal the wrongdoing, the indictment alleged.

What's behind the Dennis Hastert scandal: 'It was sex,' official says
Hastert, the accidental House speaker, faces his own scandal
Timothy M. Phelps
May 29, 2015, 3:22 p.m.

Silicon Valley Geniuses Awkward With Women Socially

[From article]
While being a virgin at 40 may be extreme, Dan is one of many tech guys who are driving business for the sex therapists of the San Francisco Bay Area. The counselors I’ve spoken with say that anywhere between 50 to 90 percent of their clientele are tech workers, and the vast majority of them are heterosexual men. (Tech employees were estimated in 2011 to account for only 12 percent of workers in the Bay Area.)
This is in part a result of techies’ higher-than-average salaries, which allow them to pay for therapy, particularly when it comes to non-traditional counseling that isn’t covered by insurance. There’s something else at play here, though: In general, tech workers are more vulnerable to issues around love and intimacy, according to several local sex therapists I’ve interviewed. The reasons for this are wide-ranging, but in Dan’s particular case, it resulted from being tagged as a prodigy at a young age. He excelled in science and was encouraged to pursue it to the exclusion of all else.
[. . .]
“To his mind, and his processing, there was no desire to prioritize anything other than that.” She spends much of their sessions trying to teach him the very basics of talking to women.
That’s a frequent focus for the sex therapists in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas. “[These men] often spend their time in environments that are mostly male, like in school and tech offices,” explains another therapist, Celeste Hirschman. “So they don’t have a lot of practice just relating to women, period, let alone learning how to meet, pickup, seduce, touch.”
[. . .]
Another common issue that these therapists encounter with tech clients is they treat sex like a line of broken code in need of debugging, or a mathematical equation.
[. . .]
She’s seeing a couple now in which both partners are techies and the wife only wants to have quickies so that she can get back to her long to-do list.

Sex And The Valley: Tech Guys Seek Expert Love Advice From Therapists
Tech guys are flocking to experts to learn how to talk to women and fix sexless marriages
Author Tracy Clark-Flory
Posted: 05/29/15 09:05 EDT

Hillary Clinton's College Thesis About Saul Alinsky

[From article]
Does it strike anyone as strange that the only candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the next President of the United States is the wife of a former President? There is no historic precedent for this, no way to measure this against how Americans have selected Presidents in the past.
Like most Americans, I first took notice of her when Bill began his campaign to become President. I recall being struck by the fact that in 1969 as a student at Wellesley College, her 92-page senior thesis was devoted to the community organizer, Saul Alinsky’s book. The title of the thesis was “There is Only the Fight…”: An Analysis of the Alinski Model.” She would request Wellesley to deny access to it.
Alinksy was a Communist. His twelve rules for radicals, unlike the Ten Commandments, are devoid of a moral message. Instead, the message is “this is how you can win.” Hillary would do well to review Rule 7, “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” She was already old news when she announced her candidacy and it is becoming older with every passing day as she fails to take questions from the media, participating in totally staged events to look like “one of the people.”
She and Bill are not one of the people. They, like the Bushes, are political royalty. They have both been around a very long time.
[. . .]
What are her fundamental principles beyond the acquisition of political power? And money. Lots of it while uttering nonsense such as she and Bill being “dead broke” when they left office?
[. . .]
Alinski’s Rule 1 is “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Power is derived from two main sources—money and people.”
[. . .]
How devoid of any real leadership has the Democratic Party become if the only candidate they can offer is a former First Lady? That has been her primary claim to fame despite the two offices she has held since the 1990s.
I suggest that Hillary ceases to be an enigma if you just think of the Wellesley student who thought the best topic for her senior thesis was the book by a dedicated Communist, Saul Alinsky.

The Hillary Enigma
By Alan Caruba 
May 28, 2015

Lawyers Express Anger At Baltimore Prosecutor's Abuses

[From article]
“The civil unrest that occurred makes it unlikely the police officers could get a fair trial in the city of Baltimore, even if Mother Teresa were the prosecutor. But instead you have a prosecutor who acts and sounds like she’s a political candidate for office,” noted senior judicial correspondent and former judge Andrew Napolitano.

Megyn Kelly: ‘Learned Lawyers’ Are Saying Marilyn Mosby Should Be Disbarred [VIDEO]
Media Reporter
10:05 PM 05/27/2015

Jeb Bush's Big Government Blindside

[From article]
Similarly, after a 40-year-old Arizonan decided to try politics as a candidate for the Phoenix City Council in 1949, he said: "It ain't for life and it might be fun." Barry Goldwater was right: Politics is supposed to be fun, and done right it is.
[. . .]
Bush was, however, inscrutable when he recently mused about the possibility of a presidential campaign that would "lose the primary to win the general." This sounds like a baseball strategy that requires stealing first base. There is a reason this has not been tried: the rules of the game.
Still, it is bracing that Bush might bring to nomination politics the spirit of another son of a president, John Quincy Adams, who said America's leaders should not be "palsied by the will of our constituents."
[. . .]
has he not noticed what the federal government is doing, using Title IX as a pretext?
It simply states that no person "shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." Based on those 31 words, the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights has stripped colleges and universities of a crucial component of self-government. Using ludicrous statistics based on flimsy social science to manufacture hysteria about a "rape epidemic" on campuses, the federal government is mandating the overthrow of due process in adjudicating accusations of sexual assault. Title IX's 31 words beget hundreds of pages of minute stipulations and mandates.
This crusade against a chimerical "epidemic" is rapidly collapsing under the weight of its absurdities and of the frauds (hello, Rolling Stone) that moralistic frenzy begets.

Jeb's hurdles
By George Will
Published December 27, 2014

State Laws Inhibit Free Enterprise Contrary To Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms

[From article]
Kentucky, however, like some other states, requires movers to obtain a CON. Kentucky's statute says such certificates shall be issued if the applicant is "fit, willing and able properly to perform" moving services — and if he can demonstrate that existing moving services are "inadequate," and that the proposed service "is or will be required by the present or future public convenience and necessity."
Applicants must notify their prospective competitors, who can and often do file protests. This frequently requires applicants to hire lawyers for the hearings. There they bear the burden of proving current inadequacies and future necessities. And they usually lose. From 2007 to 2012, 39 Kentucky applications for CONs drew 114 protests — none from the general public, all from moving companies. Only three of the 39 persevered through the hearing gantlet; all three were denied CONs.
[. . .]
"The principle is imbedded in our constitutional system that there are certain essentials of liberty with which the state is not entitled to dispense," including "the opportunity to apply one's labor and skill in an ordinary occupation."
[. . .]
socialism's knowledge problem: For government to supplant markets in the efficient allocation of wealth and opportunity, governments must have infinite information to make them clairvoyant.
[. . .]
Judicial tolerance of CON laws is a result of judges embracing the "rational basis" excuse for retreating from judging. Such judges are either confessing that they cannot fathom basic political processes or they are saying that they cannot trust themselves to recognize brazen, unapologetic rent-seeking when they see it.

A strike against rent-seeking
By George Will
Published Jan. 1, 2015

Tennessee Senator May Have Proper Respect for Complexity of Middle East Conflicts

[From article]
Were Barack Obama more prudent than vain, he would want congressional collaborators in problematic foreign ventures. He has, however, ignored the historical norm whereby presidents specify the authority they need. He has offered no substitute for the 60-word AUMF [authorized use of military force] from Sept. 18, 2001, which authorized force against "those nations, organizations, or persons" complicit in 9/11. This was a decade before the Islamic State — which is not a nation and has no clear borders or regime with which to deal — existed.

A senator to watch in 2015
By George Will
Published Jan. 5, 2015

Two Books About History of Climate Change

These books comport with the comments in Dimitar Sasselov's book The Life of Super-Earths: How the Hunt for Alien Worlds and Artificial Cells Will Revolutionize Life on Our Planet, wherein he observes that climate changes run on a 40,000 year cycle. For those who think there is no history Mr. Gore's superficial claims make sense. In terms of history the alarmists are at best misguided. 

[From article]
In "The Third Horseman: Climate Change and the Great Famine of the 14th Century," William Rosen explains how Europe's "most widespread and destructive famine" was the result of "an almost incomprehensibly complicated mixture of climate, commerce, and conflict, four centuries in gestation." Early in that century, 10 percent of the population from the Atlantic to the Urals died, partly because of the effect of climate change on "the incredible amalgam of molecules that comprises a few inches of soil that produces the world's food."
[. . .]
came the severe winters of 1309-1312, when polar bears could walk from Greenland to Iceland on pack ice. In 1315 there was rain for perhaps 155 consecutive days, washing away topsoil. Upwards of half the arable land in much of Europe was gone; cannibalism arrived as parents ate children. Corpses hanging from gallows were devoured.
[. . .]
In "Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century," Geoffrey Parker, a history professor at Ohio State University, explains how a "fatal synergy" between climatological and political factors produced turmoil from Europe to China.
[. . .]
The flight from abandoned farms to cities produced the "urban graveyard effect," crises of disease, nutrition, water, sanitation, housing, fire, crime, abortion, infanticide, marriages forgone and suicide. Given the ubiquity of desperation, it is not surprising that more wars took place during the 17th-century crisis "than in any other era before the Second World War."
[. . .]
Neither book, however, supports those who believe human behavior is the sovereign or even primary disrupter of climate normality, whatever that might be. With the hands that today's climate Cassandras are not using to pat themselves on the back for their virtuous empiricism, they should pick up such books

Climate change's instructive past
By George Will
Published Jan. 8, 2015

Rockland County, NY Mother Murdered By Daughter-in-law

Peggy Nadell, Community Activist

[From article]
Diana Nadell, 51, received 23 years on first-degree murder charges for killing Peggy Nadell in Valley Cottage in January 2014.
The victim's daughter read an emotional victim's impact statement at the sentencing hearing. And Susanne Nadell-Scaccio did not hold back her emotions.
"You were born in paradise, and you're going to die in hell," she said. "You had the audacity to come back to New York and pretend to mourn after brutally strangling, bludgeoning and stabbing my mother to death and leaving me with an image that will stay with me forever."
[. . .]

Tanisha Joyner, 26, lied to police providing alibi for killer

Her husband, James, the victim's 53-year-old son who is a Florida neuropsychologist, was not in court.
After the sentencing, Scaccio's husband was rushed from the courtroom by officers following a profanity-laced outburst aimed at Diana Nadell as she was escorted from court.
In addition to the murder, Diana Nadell also pleaded guilty to attempted tampering with a witness in an alleged jailhouse plot to intimidate and kill two prosecution witnesses prior to the trial.
[. . .]
Co-defendant Andrea Benson, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, was sentenced today to 20 years to life in state prison.

Diana Nadell, 51, daughter-in-law, convicted of homicide

An extensive investigation by the Clarkstown Police Department and the Rockland County District Attorney's Office revealed that on January 24, 2014, Diana Nadell traveled to Washington, D.C. under the guise of attending a wedding. After meeting at the airport, Nadell allegedly offered Benson money to drive with her to New York to assist in the murder.

Andrea Benson, 25, admitted participating in murder for $10,000

Benson entered her plea in June, admitting that she and Diana Nadell entered the home of Peggy Nadell on January 25 and murdered her.
Eighty-year-old Peggy Nadell was a well-known community activist. Three other women are charged in her murder, with prosecutors accusing them of hatching the plot to get their hands on Peggy Nadell's $4 million estate.

Eltia Grant, 24, purchased cell phone for killer, to provide alibi
(Photo: Submitted photo)

Police have said the daughter-in-law wanted her "marital inheritance."
James Nadell is expected to receive half the estate. He was not charged in the case. The couple has two young children.

[Dateline NBC feature May 28, 2015]

By Tim Fleischer
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Documentary About Madam Marie Curie

Marie Curie (1867 – 1934)
Image from 1920

[English version video removed from BBC and YouTube due to copyright claims]
Nearly 80 years after her death, Marie Curie remains by far the best known female scientist. In her lifetime, she became that rare thing: a celebrity scientist, attracting the attention of the news cameras and tabloid gossip. They were fascinated because she was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and is still the only person to have won two Nobels in two different sciences. But while the bare bones of her scientific life, the obstacles she had to overcome, the years of painstaking research, and the penalty she ultimately paid for her discovery of radium have become one of the iconic stories of scientific heroism, there is another side to Marie Curie: her human story.
This multi-layered film reveals the real Marie Curie, an extraordinary woman who fell in love three times, had to survive the pain of loss, and the public humiliation of a doomed love affair. It is a riveting portrait of a tenacious mother and scientist, who opened the door on a whole new realm of physics, which she discovered and named: radioactivity.

The Genius of Marie Curie - The Woman Who Lit Up the World
PBS Boston, MA
May 28, 2015

* * *

[From article]
Initially, she was buried at a modest cemetery in Sceaux, a Parisian suburb. In 1995, she was exhumed and became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris.
First, however, her body had to be tested for traces of radiation. One of the revelations in the superb documentary was that she was unlikely to have died of radiation poisoning, as folklore would have one believe. A radiology expert interviewed by the programme recalled that when he tested her remains by “rubbing the forehead and pelvis of Marie Curie with blotting paper”, he found that the levels were low. He speculates that Curie in fact died of X-Ray poisoning sustained during her service in mobile X-Ray units in the Great War (which, incidentally, were her idea).

The Genius of Marie Curie - the Woman Who Lit Up the World, BBC Two, review
Jake Wallis Simons is entranced by this highly informative documentary on one our greatest scientists.
By Jake Wallis Simons
10:02PM BST 03 May 2013

May 28, 2015

Biracial New Jersey Gentleman Outraged Over Sign Promoting "White History Month"

[From article]
Curtis, a bi-racial neighbor, said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He confronted the owner, Jim Boggess.
“He didn’t have a clue why I was offended and then why other people would be upset about it neither,” he said.
WCBS 880 couldn’t reach Boggess for comment, but he told the Hunterdon County Democrat, “No matter what you are — Muslim, Jewish, black, white, gay, straight — you should be proud of what you are. I shouldn’t have to feel bad about being white. I just want to be included. Why is this such a big deal? I don’t get it.”
Curtis asked police to look into it but they decided nothing could or should be done.
“I’m never going to step foot back into that establishment, no,” he told Silverman Wednesday.
However, the sign has been taken down and Boggess has apologized to Curtis, reported Thursday.

Neighbors Outraged Over ‘White History Month’ Sign In Flemington Deli Window
March 4, 2015 7:48 PM

Florida City Wages Bureaucratic War on Churches

[From article]
“After we opened up the coffee bar and started doing services, I heard that he told people we were anti-gay,” Olive said. “So I went to his shop to ask him about that.”
I reached out to Amoroso on Wednesday but he did not return my telephone calls.
Pastor Olive told me he tried to convey to Amoroso that the church’s message is ‘Love God, Love People.’
“Our message to the gay community is the same as it is to the straight community,” he said.
The commissioner, Olive said, did not seem to appreciate his message.
“He pointed at me and said, ‘Listen, you better not have a church down there,” Olive told me.
By the strangest of coincidences, a code enforcement officer showed up for a Sunday service on Feb. 8. He was wearing a hoodie and was armed with a concealed video camera, according to the letter Liberty Counsel sent to the city.
[. . .]
For the record – the church was only licensed to sell java – not preach Jesus.
William Waters, the city’s community sustainability director, told me they have nothing against the church – they were simply responding to a complaint.
“We had a complaint that a gathering of people was taking place there in the form of a church,” he said. “We investigated that and determined that, yes, there were people gathered there.”
So if 115 people gather for coffee, that’s OK. But if they gather for worship – it’s against the law?
“We have to treat everybody the same,” Waters said. “We couldn’t give preferential treatment to churches versus other businesses.”
And in the city’s opinion, a church is, in fact, a business – just like grocery store, a Waffle House or an adult novelty shop.
[. . .]
“We’ve been there 99 years and we’ve never had to have a license,” she told the newspaper. “Where do you all of a sudden say the church has to have a license to gather and pray?”
Waters could not tell me how many churches have complied with the city’s demands. Local news accounts indicate the First Baptist Church paid nearly $500 in fees to the city.
Staver said the city’s actions violate the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Florida Constitution, the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the federal Religious Land Uses and Institutionalized Persons Act.
“Churches are not businesses and need not obtain such licenses,” Staver wrote in a letter to the city.
Waters said any church that refuses to comply could be shut down by the fire department.

Florida city wages soviet-style crackdown on churches
By Todd Starnes
Published March 05, 2015

New York City Residents Spend Almost 60 Percent Of Income On Rent

[From article]
City residents are now shelling out nearly 60 percent of their income to live here, according to a new study by the website StreetEasy.
The median monthly city rent is set to hit $2,700 — or more than 58 percent of residents’ median income.
And surprisingly, Manhattanites aren’t the worst off.
Residents of Brooklyn must grapple with the highest median rent cost — 60 percent. They’re followed by those in The Bronx at 52 percent, Manhattan at 48.8 percent, Queens at 41.4 percent and Staten Island at 30.1 percent.

New Yorkers spend nearly 60% of income on rent: study
By Jennifer Gould Keil
New York Post
March 3, 2015 | 5:43am