May 18, 2016

CBS Boston Liberal Journalist Worried More About Facebook Deceptions, Than White House National Security Fraud

Jon Keller, CBS News Boston, MA

Jon Keller is an opinion reporter on WBZ-TV (CBS News) in Boston, MA. He also is a regular on the local PBS television show Beat The Press hosted by Emily Rooney, daughter of CBS News famous journalist Andy Rooney.

Keller is at far left of this image

He appears to be indignant about deception. But only by individual civilians. Not a problem when the White House fools the people and journalists. Below is an email I sent to him on May 17, 2016. No reply as usual. He has never responded to my previous comments to his misguided criticism of his colleagues.

Ben Rhodes, White House National Security Adviser 

Saw your report on WBZ-TV news at about 5:20 PM on Tuesday May 17, 2016, regarding false Facebook posts which fool the public. I am curious why that gets priority over the reports that high ranking national security mogul Ben Rhodes, boasted of fooling American voters and taxpayers about the Iran nuclear deal. How he boasted of how stupid Americans are and how smart he and his colleagues are. Isn't that an abomination deserving of your access to air time? Or do you share the elitist attitude of the White House staff? Then there was similar boasting by Jonathan Gruber, about how stupid Americans are that the health care law was passed by his propaganda too.

Low information voters is nothing new. H.L. Mencken regularly ridiculed Americans for that 50-80 years ago. He was not a White House official. Does how one reacts to knowing that, measure the integrity of the individual?

See also Congressional hearing on May 17, 2016 before Government Oversight Committee on the deception of Rhodes. The Democrats on the committee argued that because some working for George Bush deceived Colin Powell about weapons of mass destruction, that makes it OK. Republicans and Democrats wonder why Trump is so popular.

[Entire hearing is about 2 hours and 45 minutes] 

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