May 31, 2016

Jefferson-Adams Political Feud in 19th Century

Thomas Jefferson left, and John Adams

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Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were two of the key figures of the American revolution. Jefferson's glorious pen gave the Declaration of Independence the lines that we all love. Adams was a major force in leading the colonies toward independence.
They were part of the first Cabinet under President Washington. Mr. Adams was the first V.P. and the second president. Mr. Jefferson was the second V.P. and third president. Jefferson defeated Adams in 1800 in a very nasty election that fractured their friendship.
After losing to Jefferson, Adams went home to Massachusetts, and the two men never spoke again. It was a very sad ending to a partnership that mattered so much from independence to the formation of the new nation.
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The Jefferson-Adams bitter feud remind us that politics has always been rough.

May 29, 2016
1813: The week Jefferson and Adams started their historic correspondence
By Silvio Canto, Jr.

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