May 15, 2016

White House Diverts Attention From Criminal Scandals With Non Gender Bathrooms

Agree that this is one of many issues used by PR flacks to divert attention, not just from important issues, but also from many criminal scandals of this lawless administration. What is extremely troubling is how alleged conservative pundits, including the erudite Mark Levin, no less the obedient mindless lame stream journalists, spend far too much time discussing these diversions.

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Let's add the battle over transgenders and bathrooms to Obama's favorite pastime of distractions.
To be honest, I think bathrooms are for boys and girls. This is why we identify them as such on the door. Furthermore, women are entitled to a sense of privacy about going to a public bathroom.
Most important of all, this is an issue that should be settled by state legislatures. We don't need a Roe v. Wade about bathrooms.

Let North Carolina decide. Let them figure this out, and they will.
In the meantime, the Obama administration should use its time to deal with real issues, such as:
1) Obamacare premiums: The rates are going up from coast to coast. They are about to explode in 2017.
[. . .]
2) The last GDP number started with a zero. In fact, the U.S. economy is weaker than anticipated:
[. . .]
3) The battles vs. ISIS is not going well. In fact, the public does not think we are winning, and with good reason.

So what do you do when Obamacare premiums are crushing family budgets, or the economy is losing steam and the wars on drugs and terror are lacking a strategy?
The answer is that you find topics to distract your base with, such as getting into a war with North Carolina over bathrooms.
Our Founding Fathers got this right many years ago. They gave the federal government certain responsibilities and left the rest to the states. This bathroom issue is for the states, and the Justice Department should get back to doing something important, such as enforcing immigration laws.

May 11, 2016
Talking bathrooms beats talking about everything else that isn't flushing
By Silvio Canto, Jr.

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