September 29, 2014

Off Duty Drunk NY State Cop Shoots Companions

[From article]
The drug cop had handed his firearm to the 31-year-old woman when she asked to hold the weapon as they all stood on West 82nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue — then tried to grab it back at about 9 p.m., the sources said.
The gun went off as the cop and the woman fought over it, the sources said.
The the bullet ricocheted off the street.
First it struck her foot, then slammed into her 42-year-old boyfriend’s shin.

Drunk off-duty state cop shoots 2 after struggle over gun
By Gabrielle Fonrouge, Matt McNulty and Josh Saul
New York Post
September 13, 2014 | 2:51am

Officials In Denial of Black Gang Violence

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“It’s crazy when you go to an event and there be a majority white people there. As soon as black people come around that get to moving out of the way. They already know what is going to happen.
“It’s like when you want to go to Juneteenth. I ain’t going to go to Juneteenth because people already know what is going to happen. People are going to be shooting and fighting.”

September 12, 2014
The Racial Violence Epidemic in Milwaukee that the Local Media Dismiss
By Colin Flaherty

Courts Failing To Function As Expected

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The adversarial process, the foundation of our criminal justice system, has become an inquisitorial process that fails to produce fair trials. Or even trials. "In 1963, nearly 15 percent of all federal defendants went to trial; in 2010, the figure was 2.7 percent." All this, exacerbated by funding disparities between prosecutors and publicly provided defense lawyers, is one reason the United States has the world's highest incarceration rate. "In most cases," Patton says, myriad factors push defendants toward "folding without a fight."

Indigent defense crisis

By George Will
Published August 23, 2014

Loophole in MA Law Permits Inhaling Chemicals While Driving

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A Middlesex defense lawyer has exposed a glaring loophole in the impaired driving law that could let motorists who get high inhaling aerosol gases skate on criminal charges.
Manuel Sousa is a Malden man who in September 2011 was inhaling, or “huffing,” computer cleaner as he drove around his hometown, according to court papers. Sousa stopped in the middle of the road, with the engine running, and as police approached his vehicle, he grabbed an aerosol canister “which he placed to his mouth and sprayed,” court documents state.
Sousa was rung up on four charges and was convicted of operating under the influence and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. He appealed, and his attorney brought up an interesting loophole: ethylene, the chemical Sousa was getting high on, isn’t listed in the statute controlling impaired driving.
That could be enough to let Sousa get away with it.
[. . .]
It reminds me of the upskirting case,” said Jerry Cibley of Safe Roads Alliance, referring to the controversial Supreme Judicial Court ruling that said it was legal to take photos under a woman’s skirt. “The Legislature changed that law in a matter of days.

Loophole could leave DAs in a huff
Saturday, September 20, 2014
By: Bob McGovern
Boston Herald

Fiftieth Anniversary Tribute to Free Speech Movement Soldiers

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former Berkeley graduate Robert Cohen. A privately sponsored lecture series in Savio’s honor, dominated entirely by leftist speakers, will be hosted by the College of Letters & Science. In making the announcement, Dean of Social Sciences Carla Hesse declared: “I think it is fair to say that the attitude of [the administration] toward the Free Speech Movement has evolved over the past 50 years, from fear to pride in what the students at that time stood up for and what they accomplished.”
[. . .]
Official sanctification of the FSM goes hand in hand with an attack on intellectual diversity on campus. Every undergraduate must now take a course on “theoretical or analytical issues relevant to understanding race, culture, and ethnicity in American society,” administered by the university’s Division of Equity and Inclusion. As Heather Mac Donald hasshown, the point of the requirement is to enforce ideological uniformity on campus regarding race and gender issues.
[. . .]
For all his brilliance, he never acknowledged the damage done to the cause of intellectual freedom by conflating the essentially liberal Berkeley administration with the Bull Connors of the racist South.
[. . .]
this moment may have been the beginning of the sixties radicals’ perversion of ordinary political language, like spelling the name of our country “Amerika” or declaring corporate liberalism “fascism in disguise,” while seeing something hopeful and progressive in Third World dictatorships.
[. . .]
The Free Speech Movement was born on October 1, 1964, when the campus police tried to arrest a recent Berkeley graduate, Jack Weinberg, just back on campus after spending the summer as a civil rights worker in Mississippi. Weinberg set up a table on the Bancroft strip for the Berkeley chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and then refused to identify himself to the police. Rather than submitting to arrest, he went limp and had to be carried to a police car. Dozens of students then spontaneously sat down around the vehicle, preventing it from leaving the campus. A 32-hour standoff ensued, with hundreds of students camped around the car.
[. . .]
The police-car incident came to an end when the Berkeley administration gave in. Weinberg was released, and the charges against him were dropped.
[. . .]
It was during the FSM that the New Left radicals first designated liberalism as the enemy, romanticized Third World revolutions, and broke the long-standing liberal taboo about working with Communists. One of the movement’s most effective leaders was Bettina Aptheker, a 20-year-old sophomore from Brooklyn, New York, who was a proud member of the Communist Party USA. The other FSM leaders rejected the notion that there was anything unusual about a free-speech movement led by a supporter of Soviet totalitarianism.
[. . .]
The radical movement that the FSM spawned soon imploded into violence and mindless anti-Americanism.
[. . .]
Left untold by most of the friendly narratives about the FSM and the New Left is the story of how a once-idealistic student movement crossed the line to antidemocratic ideologies and undermined the possibility of a decent Left in America.
[. . .]
“Tenured radicals,” inRoger Kimball’s phrase, now dominate most professional academic organizations in the humanities and social studies. They have turned many once-distinguished university departments into bastions of anti-Americanism and apologetics for socialist and Islamist dictatorships. Moreover, the new generation of academics plays rough. Unlike our old liberal professors, who treated my generation of New Left graduate students in a respectful manner, today’s radical professors insist on ideological conformity in their departments and don’t take kindly to dissent by conservative students.
[. . .]
New records have been set for speech suppression on America’s campuses in this 50th anniversary year of the FSM—including a long list of rescinded commencement addresses by “offensive speakers,” such as the anti-Islamist writer Aayan Hirsi Ali (Brandeis University), former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice (Rutgers University), and International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde (Smith College). But the year’s greatest free-speech disgrace will soon occur at Berkeley, where Bettina Aptheker has been designated as keynote speaker for the September 27 campus rally. After the FSM and for the rest of her academic career, this “free-speech” activist remained a cheerleader for the suppression of free speech in the Soviet Union and other socialist regimes. Today, Aptheker is professor of feminist studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she inducts undergraduate students into what she calls “feminist pedagogy.” She’s also a supporter of Hamas, a revolutionary movement that takes a somewhat different view on free speech and the rights of women.

The Free Speech Movement at 50
The movement won; free speech lost.
25 September 2014

Massachusetts Governor Shares Misguided Policies With President

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It’s not like Massachusetts isn’t attracting enough volunteer freeloaders from every banana republic in the western hemisphere. Now we’re forcing actual taxpayers onto welfare — against their will.
Might have been a big national story, but Deval, with his little feet, was big-footed yet again by Barack Obama, who went to CENTCOM in Florida and delivered the following blood ‘n’ guts statement:
“Because in an uncertain world full of breathtaking change, the one constant is American leadership.”
And if you don’t like how constant American leadership is, just wait five minutes, because it’ll change again. Obama and Kerry said Assad was a reformer before he was Hitler before he was a partner in the peace process, although we’re still arming his opponents, the Free Syrian Army, who are our staunch allies even though some of them apparently sold Foley and Sotloff to ISIS to be beheaded.
Compared to Barack’s bungling, what’s an Annie Dookhan here, a Justina Pelletier there, 60 or so deaths in the New England Compounding Pharmacy.
Deval and Barack, not to mention the fake Indian. Harvard Law must be very proud.

Carr: Deval Patrick basking in shadow of President Obama
Friday, September 19, 2014
By: Howie Carr
Boston Herald

Australian Teen Shot Dead By Police After Stabbing Two Officers At Police Station

Numan Haider, 18

[From article]
Firebrand preacher Sheikh Ustadh Mohammed Junaid Thorne made the explosive claims on Facebook as he paid tribute to the slain Endeavour Hills teenager.
Haider, 18, had an Islamic flag with him when he was shot dead after stabbing two counter-terrorism police officers.
“We understand that the local authorities had cancelled the passport of this young boy for no reason, keeping him a captive in his own country for no valid purpose,” Sheikh Thorne wrote.
“We also understand that the police visited or raided his house (not clear yet) as he was hanging out with some friends in Hungry Jacks, just hours before his death.”
“The police then requested him (or forced him) to come in for a brief meeting or questioning.”
Sheikh Thorne said Haider’s friends tried to talk him out of visiting the police station, but he said he had nothing to hide or be afraid of.
“Unfortunately, our young brother went alone to meet with these “ambiguous” policemen, the violators of his privacy, and it is still unknown the details of what happened then,” he wrote. “What we are sure of though is that he was murdered in cold blood right in front of a police station, in front of a place that is supposed to be providing security and comfort to our youth.”
[. . .]
Counter-terrorism officers met Haider outside Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne’s southeast about 7.45pm after the teen told police he felt uneasy about taking in the station’s foyer.
He greeted the officers with a handshake before stabbing an AFP agent in the neck, abdomen and upper body.
He then stabbed a Victoria Police officer twice in the arm.
Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the Victorian officer fired a single shot that killed Haider.

Man shot dead, two counter-terrorism officers stabbed outside Endeavour Hills police station
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 9:11PM

* * *

[From article]
Authorities said Haider went to the Endeavour Hills police station where he was to be interviewed on Tuesday night and stabbed two police officers who greeted him in the parking lot.
One of the officers shot and killed Haider and a bomb squad was called to sweep his car.
Haider had been under surveillance by police and intelligence agencies and his passport had been confiscated, Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan told reporters.
Police initially said the teenager was seen displaying the Islamic State flag and made threats against Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Teen terrorist suspect shot dead in Australia after stabbing
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
By: Benita Van Eyssen
Boston Herald

MA Woman Escapes From Kidnappers, One Suspect Arrested in Baltimore

Stephanie Walker is facing charges of kidnapping and being a fugitive from justice. She was apprehended on Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland.

[From article]
A suspect was arrested in Baltimore on Saturday for the gunpoint kidnapping that ended dramatically in Taunton last week when the victim escaped from the trunk of a moving car on Route 24, according to the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.
Stephanie Walker, 28, of Lawrence, was arrested at a motel by Baltimore police around 4 p.m. on Saturday. Walker, the alleged accomplice to a second suspect named Adynew Alves, was charged in Maryland with being a fugitive justice after warrants were issued for her arrest in Massachusetts on charges of kidnapping and assault and battery.

Stephanie Walker apprehended after search
A suspect was arrested in Baltimore on Saturday for the gunpoint kidnapping that ended dramatically in Taunton last week when the victim escaped from the trunk of a moving car on Route 24, according to the Bristol County District Attorney's Office.
Marc Larocque
Taunton Gazette Staff Reporter
Posted Sep. 28, 2014 @ 4:51 pm
Updated Sep 28, 2014 at 5:46 PM

* * *

Massachusetts police seek kidnapping suspects
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
By: Associated Press
Boston Herald

Popular Anti Facebook Social Network

[From article]
Created last year as a "private" social network, Ello ( recently opened its doors on an invitation-only basis.
[. . .]
Ello's policy states that the practice of collecting and selling personal data and mapping your social connections for profit "is both creepy and unethical."
"Under the guise of offering a 'free' service, users pay a high price in intrusive advertising and lack of privacy."
[. . .]
But former Ello collaborator Aral Balkan said Ello has already been compromised by taking $435,000 in venture capital funding.
A designer and founder of, a privacy advocacy group, Balkan said he worked briefly for Ello but left when he learned of the venture investments.
"When you take venture capital, it is not a matter of if you're going to sell your users, you already have," says a blog post from Balkan.;_ylt=AwrBJR.oMihUexoAqzjQtDMD

'Anti-Facebook' social network gets viral surge

By Rob Lever
September 28, 2014

Car Surveillance Systems May Violate State Laws

Under the Holder-Obama Doctrine, inconvenient laws may be ignored. Auto industry lawlessness is like the psychiatric industry which remain clueless about laws that regulate the behavior of psychiatrists. If it feels good just do it.

[From article]
The feature involves "Valet Mode," an aspect of the Performance Data Recorder in the 2015 Corvette. It allows owners to secretly record conversations in their cars and performance data when they're not along for the ride, such as when the car is being parked by a valet.
GM has apparently discovered that secret recordings are illegal in many states.
[. . .]
Besides recording conversations, Valet Mode also shows how the car was driven while in the hands of another. It disables the entertainment system and locks storage compartments to deter thefts. Valet Mode is just one part of the Performance Data Recorder, which has the main purpose of being a fun way for owners to make video and audio recordings of their more exhilarating drives in a Corvette, including their choice of some of the car's performance indicators.

GM warns Chevrolet Corvette spy feature may break law

10:51 a.m. EDT September 28, 2014

Swiss Voters Reject National Government Health Plan

[From article]
Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a plan for a seismic shift from the country's all-private health insurance system to a state-run scheme.
Referendum results showed that almost 62 percent of voters had shot down a reform pushed by left-leaning parties which say the current private system is busting the budgets of ordinary residents.
The results also underlined the national divisions over the hotly-contested issue as the country's German-speaking regions voted against the plan, while their French-speaking counterparts were in favour.;_ylt=AwrBJSAxZihUJXUA8YHQtDMD

Swiss reject switch from private to state health insurance

By Jonathan FOWLER
September 28, 2014

Philadelphia Municipal Judge Pleads Guilty After Elaborate FBI Sting

Judge Dawn A. Segal

Former Judge Joseph C. Waters pleaded guilty Wednesday to fraud.

[From article]
Khoury was charged with carrying a firearm without a license - a felony - and scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing that July.
After his campaign donor's request, Waters placed a call to Municipal Court Judge Segal, who was scheduled to hear the case.
Identifying Khoury as "a friend," Waters asked Segal to "help him," according to Waters' plea document.
He also recommended a lawyer, Brennan, who would later represent Waters himself during part of the federal investigation.
Reduced charge
And while Municipal Court transcripts of Khoury's July 24, 2012, preliminary hearing do not contain the arguments lawyers presented before Segal, the court's dockets show she reduced the charge Khoury faced to a misdemeanor with far less risk of a prison sentence.

Fictitious case to snare judge was elaborate
By Jeremy Roebuck and Mark Fazlollah
[Philadelphia] Inquirer Staff Writers
POSTED: September 28, 2014

Threat By Second Terrorist in Oklahoma To Behead Coworker

[From article]
A fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested Friday for allegedly threatening to behead a co-worker — less than 20 miles from where Alton Alexander Nolen is accused of beheading a co-worker the day before.
Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million, The Oklahoman reported.

2nd Oklahoma man threatened to behead coworker, police say
By Jessica Chasmar
The Washington Times
Sunday, September 28, 2014

Colleges Misleading Youth About Rape

Paglia's description is accurate. She omits discussion of the law written by lobbyists and spineless politicians, signed into law by a spineless ideological White House, and enforced by spineless overpaid academic officials. Universities remain focused on receiving US taxpayer funds and will comply with irrational laws without objection. Misleading students is an easy endeavor and successful beginning in grade school. Supremacist women masquerading as victims, supported by the psychiatric industry and drug corporations, force this misguided therapeutic state paradigm on unsuspecting young people. 

[From article]
Young women today do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature
Wildly overblown claims about an epidemic of sexual assaults on American campuses are obscuring the true danger to young women, too often distracted by cellphones or iPods in public places: the ancient sex crime of abduction and murder. Despite hysterical propaganda about our “rape culture,” the majority of campus incidents being carelessly described as sexual assault are not felonious rape (involving force or drugs) but oafish hookup melodramas, arising from mixed signals and imprudence on both sides.
Colleges should stick to academics and stop their infantilizing supervision of students’ dating lives, an authoritarian intrusion that borders on violation of civil liberties. Real crimes should be reported to the police, not to haphazard and ill-trained campus grievance committees.
Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.
[. . .]
The assumption is that complaints and protests, enforced by sympathetic campus bureaucrats and government regulators, can and will fundamentally alter all men.

Camille Paglia: The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil
Camille Paglia
9:40 AM
September 29, 2014

New Jersey Has Wealthiest Zip Code

[From article]
Move over Beverly Hills, Alpine, New Jersey is home to the wealthiest zip code in the United States.
[. . .]
this area of New Jersey is shaping up to be the place to live for people with money.
Real Estate Agent Jessica Nelson says most of the celebrities who want their privacy aren't living in New York City anymore, but instead are moving to suburban towns like this in the Garden State.

Wealthiest ZIP Code In The Nation
Posted: Sep 29, 2014 11:20 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 29, 2014 1:21 PM EDT
By Tamara Laine, @ChasingTamara

September 28, 2014

Updated (2): Police Official Suggests Cambridge Man, 26, Committed Suicide Because He Was Depressed

Posted September 4, 2014 8:56 PM ET; Last updated September 28, 2014 7:10 PM ET

Here's another case of police in New Hampshire making cause of death determinations without the medical examiner. It appears to be a pervasive practice. But also why do journalists repeat whatever  police say? That is another bigger issue because they mislead taxpayers, voters and decision makers. A New Hampshire television news service reported that the police chief made the assertion. He added that the medical examiner needed to clean it up. So who needs medical examiners? Just as who needs psychiatrists if police, parents, children, lovers, neighbors can make psychiatric diagnoses, and journalists relate what they say?

By Renee Anderson
Amtrak Downeaster hits, kills woman on tracks
Police believe this was case of suicide
UPDATED 10:22 AM EDT Sep 25, 2014

* * *

Updated September 12, 2014 6:36 PM ET

This article was updated by Sara Feijo on the Cambridge Chronicle site, on September 9, 2014. The ridiculous comments by the Police Director of Communications, who never responded to my inquiry, were removed and these paragraphs were added.

MIT later identified the man as graduate student Austin Travis in an email sent out to the school’s community. Travis, a Pleasantville, New York, native, was a chemistry student, who also took an interest in biology, exploring protein structure, function and design.
"Our hearts go out to his family and friends in their sorrow," wrote MIT President L. Rafael Reif.
MIT did not release any information about the cause of death. Cambridge Police officials said they are still investigating, but said the death was not a homicide. As of Tuesday evening, Sept. 9, the state's Medical Examiner had not yet determined the cause of death, according to Terrel Harris, spokesperson for the state's Medical Examiner.

* * *

[No response to email sent on Thursday September 4, 2014 to Cambridge Police Director of Communications]
Hello Jeremy Warnick. Cambridge Chronicle 

quotes you as saying about the 26-year-old man found dead at 10 Forest Street, "It’s a very unfortunate situation from someone who appears to have suffered from a psychological issue, likely depression." 

Are you a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist? On what do you base your diagnosis? Are you speaking for the Cambridge police department or the city of Cambridge? This is a serious inquiry. Pervasive among police, journalists and lawyers is an eagerness to make such diagnoses and report them contrary to state and US privacy laws. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
[End email message]

In addition there is the issue of making a medical determination of the cause of death. That is a job for the medical examiner. But the Cambridge Director of Communications has already suggested he knows the cause. In a recent feature on NBC News Dateline, "Burning Suspicion,"

an instructor at the Kansas Law Enforcement Center, Brett Seacat, was found guilty of killing his wife and making it appear as a suicide. It is not a unique case. What inspired the Cambridge Director of Communications of the Police department to make such an outrageous statement to the media?

[From article]
"It’s a very unfortunate situation from someone who appears to have suffered from a psychological issue, likely depression." [Jeremy Warnick, Director of communications for the Cambridge Police Department]

Police investigating Cambridge man’s apparent suicide
By Sara Feijo
sfeijo (at)
Posted Sep. 4, 2014 @ 10:02 am
Updated at 10:41 AM

September 27, 2014

Climate Justice Fantasy Has Misguided Priorities

[From article]
China is responsible for 27 percent of carbon emissions, more than any other country, and uses as much coal as the rest of the world.
Since 1990, it has matched the United States in cumulative carbon emissions. China is representative of a developing world that is taking the global lead on emissions, at nearly 60 percent of the total.

The futility of the climate protest
By Rich Lowry
New York Post
September 24, 2014 | 1:18am

Tribute To Courageous World War Two Woman Warrior

John Lichfield pays tribute to Nancy Wake, the Second World War's most decorated woman, who has died at the age of 98

Nancy Wake when she was younger

[From article]
Even before she escaped to Britain, through Spain, in 1943 to train as a guerrilla leader, Nancy had been top of the Gestapo's French "wanted" list. With her husband, she ran a resistance network which helped to smuggle Jews and allied airmen out of the country.
Her "invisibility", according to French colleagues, was partly explained by her gender and her beauty. The Germans could not believe that one of their chief opponents was a slender, pretty, dark-haired woman.

Resistance heroine who led 7,000 men against the Nazis
John Lichfield pays tribute to Nancy Wake, the Second World War's most decorated woman, who has died at the age of 98
Tuesday 09 August 2011

Police Deny Terror Attack By Muslim In Oklahoma

Colleen Hufford, 54

[From article]
The FBI is investigating the incident in which fired employee Alton Nolen, 30, allegedly attacked Colleen Hufford, 54, stabbing her several times before severing her head. Nolen also stabbed another women at the plant. The company’s COO, a reserve sheriff’s deputy, thwarted the second attack, shooting Nolen, who is in stable condition.
Co-workers reportedly said Nolen tried to convert them to Islam after his own recent conversion.
And Fox 25 in Oklahoma City reports that the FBI is looking into Nolen's Facebook page. The page has anti-American rants under the name "Jah'Keem Israel."
The station said the Facebook page has several photos of Usama bin Laden and a screen shot from the 9/11 terror attacks. It also shows a man with a quote: "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smile ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them."
Colin Clarke, a Rand Corp. terrorism expert, told Fox & Friends Saturday that the beheading was an act of terrorism and should be characterized as such.

Critics blast authorities for treating beheading as case of workplace violence
Published September 27, 2014

Major DC Lobbying Firm Rejects Israel as Client, Accepts Muslim Brotherhood

Rachid al-Ghannouchi, veteran leader of the Islamist Ennhada party, which has hired Burson-Marsteller 
Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images

[From article]
Despite this appetite for controversy—and the juicy retainers that companies in trouble will pay—apparently even Burson-Marsteller has its limits. They refused to work with the democratic nation of Israel to help the tiny Jewish state improve its image. In turning down a potential $3.5 million engagement, Sigurd Grytten, Burson-Marsteller’s Managing Director said, “We will not deliver tender to such a project… we are running a commercial venture. If we accept this project, this will create a great amount of negative reactions … Israel is a particularly controversial project.” Representing Israel, apparently is worse than offending American Indians, anonymous smears, and shady defense contractors involved in extra-curricular killing.
Newly released documents reveal that Burson-Marsteller’s squeamishness about controversial Middle East clients is rather selective. Just released government filings reveal that the PR agency has been hired to improve the foreign image of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, the Muslim Brotherhood of Tunisia.
[. . .]
One understands the need for Tunisia’s Muslim Brotherhood to have such a powerful lobbying and communications firm. What is troubling, however is that Burson-Marsteller deemed working to improve Israel’s image as too controversial, while determining that the Muslim Brotherhood’s money is kosher. Interesting times we live in.

Burson-Marsteller Rejects Israel as a Client; Accepts Muslim Brotherhood
PR Giant Signs Tunisia Branch of Muslim Brotherhood But Thumbs Nose at Israel's Shekels
By Ronn Torossian
09/26/14 8:25am

White House Making It Up To Justify War in Syria

This is what politicians, lawyers and PR flacks do for a living. They make it up as they go. But also the supremacist as victim paradigm applies as well to women, black American racists and homosexuals. On the PBS McLaughlin Group, September 26, 2014, the host suggested that the existence of Khorosan in northern Syria was an al Qaeda subsidiary. That would permit the White House to use the 2003 Iraq resolution from Congress to permit his attacks on Syrian territory.   

[From article]
For six years, President Obama has endeavored to will the country into accepting two pillars of his alternative national-security reality. First, he claims to have dealt decisively with the terrorist threat, rendering it a disparate series of ragtag jayvees. Second, he asserts that the threat is unrelated to Islam, which is innately peaceful, moderate, and opposed to the wanton “violent extremists” who purport to act in its name.
There is a reason that no one had heard of such a group until a nanosecond ago, when the “Khorosan Group” suddenly went from anonymity to the “imminent threat” that became the rationale for an emergency air war there was supposedly no time to ask Congress to authorize.
You haven’t heard of the Khorosan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorosan — the –Iranian– Afghan border region — had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it.
[. . .]
Since the Islamic-supremacist ideology that unites the jihadists won’t disappear, it has to be denied and purged. The “real” jihad becomes the “internal struggle to become a better person.” The scriptural and scholarly underpinnings of Islamic supremacism must be bleached out of the materials used to train our national-security agents, and the instructors who resist going along with the program must be ostracized.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 4:00 AM
The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist
It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us.
By Andrew C. McCarthy

Scientists Create Lens To Make Objects Invisible

A cloaking device using four lenses developed by University of Rochester physics professor John Howell and graduate student Joseph Choi is demonstrated in Rochester, New York in this September 11, 2014 University of Rochester.
Photo: REUTERS/J. Adam Fenster/University of Rochester/Handout via Reuters

[From article]
Scientists at the University of Rochester have discovered a way to hide large objects from sight using inexpensive and readily available lenses[. . .]
Cloaking is the process by which an object becomes hidden from view, while everything else around the cloaked object appears undisturbed.

New York scientists unveil 'invisibility cloak' to rival Harry Potter's

By Caurie Putnam
September 26, 2014

Uber Driver Charged With Hammer Attack on Passenger

[From article]
Karajah allegedly picked up the victim and his two friends from a bar at about 2 a.m. Tuesday. While driving the two men and one woman to their destination, he got into a dispute with the victim over the route he was taking, according to court documents.
Karajah, who was driving for the basic UberX service, stopped near the intersection of Ellsworth Street and Alemany Boulevard and forced the victim and his friends to get out, according to documents.
Once the victim was out of the vehicle, Karajah struck him on the side of his head with a hammer, and then drove away, authorities said.
When police arrived, they reportedly found the victim slipping in and out of consciousness on the sidewalk, suffering from severe fractures and trauma to the head. Karajah was later arrested at his home in Pacifica.

Uber driver accused of hammer attack on S.F. rider
By Vivian Ho
Updated 8:58 am, Saturday, September 27, 2014

NYC Rapist Follows Woman Into Her Building

The corner of West 105th Street and Central Park West.
Photo: Google Maps

[From article]
On the third floor, the woman confronted the man as he stood in front of a neighbor’s door and pretended to look for some keys.
She told the man she knew he didn’t belong in the building — and he answered he was waiting for a friend.
The woman entered her apartment but didn’t immediately lock the door behind her.
Moments later, the man walked into her apartment and put her into a chokehold.
Then he forced her to her knees and demanded she perform oral sex, said the sources. He also fondled her, the sources said.
But the pervert couldn’t perform. He soon zipped up his pants and fled the scene.

Man follows woman into apartment, forces oral sex
By Natasha Velez
New York Post
September 27, 2014 | 12:35pm

September 26, 2014

Substantial Fraud In Theft of Medical Information

[From article]
Your medical information is worth 10 times more than your credit card number on the black market.
Last month, the FBI warned healthcare providers to guard against cyber attacks after one of the largest U.S. hospital operators, Community Health Systems Inc, said Chinese hackers had broken into its computer network and stolen the personal information of 4.5 million patients.
[. . .]
Fraudsters use this data to create fake IDs to buy medical equipment or drugs that can be resold, or they combine a patient number with a false provider number and file made-up claims with insurers, according to experts who have investigated cyber attacks on healthcare organizations.
[. . .]
one patient learned that his records at a major hospital chain were compromised after he started receiving bills related to a heart procedure he had not undergone. The man's credentials were also used to buy a mobility scooter and several pieces of medical equipment, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in total fraud.
[. . .]
Fraud involving the Medicare program for seniors and the disabled totaled more than $6 billion in the last two years,

September 24, 2014
By Caroline Humer and Jim Finkle
Yahoo News

US Hospitals Unprepared For Disposal of Ebola Hazardous Waste Materials

[From article]
So many Ebola victims are dying at home because of the severe shortage of treatment centers here in Monrovia, Liberia‘s capital, that they are infecting family members, neighbors and others in a ballooning circle of contagion.
Only 18 percent of Ebola patients in Liberia are being cared for in hospitals, holding centers or other settings that reduce the risk of transmission by isolating them from the rest of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unless that rate reaches 70 percent, the center predicted this week, Ebola cases will keep soaring.
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“I’ve worked in many crises for more than 20 years, and it’s the first time I can see a situation that nobody wants to come,” said Jean-Pierre Veyrenche, who is heading the World Health Organization’s efforts to build treatment centers here. “There’s plenty of money, so that’s not the issue. If you look at Haiti, there were about 800 N.G.O.s there.”
“People are afraid to come — that’s it,” he added.
[. . .]
Here in Monrovia, the first city to face Ebola’s full onslaught since the virus was discovered in 1976, entire families are dying at home, unable to get a ride in one of the city’s few ambulances or gain admission to overcrowded treatment or holding centers.
[. . .]
Deeply distrustful of the government and fearful of becoming social outcasts, families often lie about the cause of death, furthering the contagion throughout their communities.
[. . .]
this community, caught up in its own denials, continued to engage in funeral practices that helped spread Ebola, he said.

Liberia’s Ebola Victims Dying at Home Amid Shortage of Clinics
SEPT. 24, 2014

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U.S. hospitals may be unprepared to safely dispose of the infectious waste generated by any Ebola virus disease patient to arrive unannounced in the country, potentially putting the wider community at risk, biosafety experts said.
Waste management companies are refusing to haul away the soiled sheets and virus-spattered protective gear associated with treating the disease, citing federal guidelines that require Ebola-related waste to be handled in special packaging by people with hazardous materials training, infectious disease and biosafety experts told Reuters.
Many U.S. hospitals are unaware of the regulatory snafu, which experts say could threaten their ability to treat any person who develops Ebola in the U.S. after coming from an infected region. It can take as long as 21 days to develop Ebola symptoms after exposure.
[. . .]
CDC advises hospitals to place Ebola-infected items in leak-proof containers and discard them as they would other biohazards that fall into the category of "regulated medical waste." According to DOT guidelines, items in this category can't be in a form that can cause human harm. The DOT classifies Ebola as a Category A agent, or one that is potentially life-threatening.
[. . .]
Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, an expert on public health preparedness at Pennsylvania State University, said there's "no way in the world" that U.S. hospitals are ready to treat patients with highly infectious diseases like Ebola.

U.S. hospitals unprepared to handle Ebola waste
Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:11am EDT

DNA On The Go, Take Out Service For Police and the FBI

Not that the FBI or the police would ever abuse its power by planting fake evidence, intentional errors to frame anyone, but this procedure does facilitate such abuses. 

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The FBI is preparing to accelerate the collection of DNA profiles for the government's massive new biometric identification database.
Developers of portable DNA analysis machines have been invited to a Nov. 13 presentation to learn about the bureau's vision for incorporating their technology into the FBI's new database.
So-called rapid DNA systems can draw up a profile in about 90 minutes.
The Next Generation Identification system, or NGI, the successor to the FBI's criminal fingerprint database, is designed to quickly ID crooks through facial recognition, iris matching, tattoo cross-checks and vocal recordings, among other unique traits.
But critics say aggregating DNA along with all this other data makes it easier for authorities to track the general population.
[. . .]
The Supreme Court ruled last year that analyzing DNA from saliva, for example, is a legal part of booking a suspect, just like fingerprinting.
But Congress would have to intervene for rapid DNA results to be entered into the FBI’s databases.
Current law states DNA in CODIS must be processed at an accredited laboratory. A legislative tweak is needed to allow DNA processed by a portable machine to be entered into the FBI's systems, bureau officials acknowledge.
But some privacy advocates warn it's not a huge leap to go from using rapid DNA at the police station to using it out in the field on anyone's discarded DNA.
[. . .]
the potential cataloging of hordes of DNA samples in a central government database is compounding concerns about domestic espionage.

By Aliya Sternstein
September 23, 2014

Memorial Service For Mother Killed By Bicyclist

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The Connecticut mom who died after being struck by a cyclist in Central Park was remembered as a do-gooder who was “bursting at the seams with life” in a heart-wrenching funeral Wednesday.
Nearly 300 mourners packed the Congregation B’nai Israel in Bridgeport to say a tearful goodbye to Jillian Tarlov, who died on Sunday after she was left brain dead in last Thursday’s accident.
Tarlov, 58, had just bought her daughter Anna “the most beautiful birthday dress” to celebrate her 23rd birthday and was walking through Central Park when biker Jason Marshall plowed into her.
“She said, ‘”All I had planned today is celebrating my baby girl,’” a tearful Anna Wittman recalled her mom replying to a text. “She loved birthdays more than anything. She was so happy. I kissed her goodbye and said I love you.”

Tearful farewell for mother killed by Central Park cyclist
By Jennifer Bain and Lia Eustachewich
New York Post
September 24, 2014 | 2:03pm

Court Halts NYU Land Grab, NYU Appeals

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NYU brought the turf war against its Greenwich Village neighbors to a Manhattan appeals court Wednesday seeking to overturn a lower court decision that blocked the university’s $6 billion expansion, which has been approved by the city.
Manhattan Judge Donna Mills had handed the 20-member group of residents — supported by celebrity neighbors like Matthew Broderick and Susan Sarandon — a victory in January saying the city broke the law by giving away public parkland without state approval.
But NYU and city attorneys said in an appeal that “the lower court erred” because the land was technically governed by the Department of Transportation, not the Parks Department, and so was not parkland, even though it had been used as green space for decades.

NYU embroiled in turf war over $6B expansion
By Julia Marsh and Matthew Abrahams
New York Post
September 24, 2014 | 7:06pm

Delivery Service Pays NYC $5 million For Avoiding Cigarette Taxes

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A Virginia-based delivery company on Wednesday agreed to shell out $5 million to the city to settle a lawsuit accusing the business of illegally assisting upstate Indian reservations in delivering untaxed cigarettes to Big Apple residents.
The settlement in the Manhattan federal court suit against LaserShip Inc. also mandates the company agree to end all cigarette shipments and strengthen its compliance practices.
The city alleged Lasership failed to charge the required $5.85 per pack while delivering about 120,000 cartons of cigarettes in some 23,000 deliveries citywide from 2011 until June 2013.
The $5 million payoff exceeds the city’s actual $1.9 million tax loss.

Delivery company in un-taxed cigarette racket to pay $5M
By Rich Calder
New York Post
September 24, 2014 | 7:07pm

University of California Students Support Murdering Jews

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A group of students and other community members on the campus of University of California at Berkeley confirmed their support for violence against innocent civilians during a protest on Tuesday afternoon. Protestors can be seen chanting "long live the intifada" and "we support the intifada."
An intifada is defined literally as "uprising" or "resistance." During Palestinian intifadas, attacks have included Islamist suicide bombers detonating themselves in public areas within Israel and have led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent men, women and children of all faiths.
[. . .]
Protestors can also be heard screaming the genocidal chant, "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," which calls for the elimination of the Jewish state to be replaced with "Palestine."

UC Berkeley Students Call For Murdering Jews: 'We Support the Intifada'

Fact Checking The White House

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The AP fact-checker faulted Obama “gloss[ing] over some inconvenient truths” in his global warming lecture Tuesday, particularly in regard to his claims about America’s attempts to clean up emissions at home and his insistence that emissions reductions do not have an impact on the economy.
The fact-check says that not only did Obama distort the numbers to claim that in the last eight years the U.S. reduced total carbon pollution “by more than any other nation on Earth”—Europe actually reducing theirs by a larger percentage in that time—Obama is hiding the fact that the U.S. has largely lowered those emissions by “sending dirty fuel abroad to pollute the same sky.”

AP Fact-Check Shreds Obama UN Speech
Debunks key claims about America’s response to global warming

Two Reviews of Ken Burns' Roosevelts

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The omission of the details of the Wallace issue exemplified the goal of the Roosevelt series to brainwash rather than inform. The derring-do of Teddy and the ferocious bravery of FDR are washed away in an attempt to deify Eleanor and praise her far Leftist political views. In retrospect, the program appears in the rear-view mirror as a greedy act of cannibalism of two great men to plug the Democratic Party and elevate the role of women to pay homage to the politically-correct feminists of our era.

September 25, 2014
Ken Burns Makes Room on Rushmore for Eleanor Roosevelt
By Bernie Reeves

* * *

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Woodrow Wilson’s distaste for Blacks is well known, but his hate of Mexicans is not. He instructed his ambassador to Mexico, Henry Lane Wilson (no relation) to interfere in Mexican politics including two invasions in 1914 and 1916.
Proof number one: In the great Burns PBS Special of the American Civil War, as outstanding and award winning as it was, not a single second of the massive multi-hour production mentioned that Hispanics fought in the Civil War or that two of the very first Civil War Medal of Honor awardees were Hispanic, one, Spanish and the other Chilean born. Nor is there any mention of New Mexico Union troops led by an officer who was a Mexican citizen until 1848 when the United States took over New Mexico. Nor is there any mention that entire cavalry units were 100% former Mexican citizens who also became Americans in 1848. They fought on both sides. In fact the very last battle of the Civil War was fought by Union and Confederate cavalry in Texas between 100% Mexican American troops.
[. . .]
In the fine Roosevelt production currently being shown on PBS, the fact that Hispanics served in Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders in Cuba is ignored by Burns even though they included his most favorite company Commander Maximiliano Luna of New Mexico who led the charge of Company A up San Juan Hill.
[. . .]
the current Roosevelt production has the defects noted here. Will Ken Burns and PBS ever learn? Hispanics have been here for a long time and have served the country well, even when they weren’t Americans.

September 24, 2014
Ken Burns and Hispanics
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

GA Woman Charged With Shooting Mother of Two, In Order To Kidnap Children

Twisted plot: Catherine Goins, 37 (above), is facing murder charges after police say she shot dead mother-of-two Natalia Roberts (below), 30, so she could claim her two children as her own.

[From article]
A Tennessee woman has been charged with murder for allegedly luring a young mother from Georgia to her death in a twisted plot to kidnap her two children and claim them as her own.
Law enforcement officials in Catoosa County held a press conference Wednesday morning unveiling the charges against Catherine Goins, 37, who is accused of shooting dead Natalia Roberts, 30, last week.
Goins, of Hixson, Tennessee, had pretended she was pregnant and called police last Friday claiming she had shot an intruder inside her ex-boyfriend’s home.
[. . .]
The sheriff added that Catherine Goins’ most recent boyfriend broke up with her after discovering that she had been lying to him about being pregnant, so she decided to present Roberts’ three-week-old baby as her own.

Woman 'lured a young mom to home and shot her dead so she could kidnap her children and pass them off as her own'
Catherine Goins, 37, is facing murder charges in the shooting death of Natalia Roberts, 30, a mother of two from Georgia
Sheriff's officials say Goins lured Roberts to an ex-boyfriend's home under the pretense of wanting to give her some baby clothes
She then shot the mother in the back of the head and fled the scene with her three-week-old and three-year-old kids, police said
Goins initially told police she heard a noise and shot an intruder in a hallway
PUBLISHED: 20:21 EST, 24 September 2014 | UPDATED: 07:39 EST, 25 September 2014

KY Woman Student Murdered In Chile

22-year-old Erica Hagan
[From article]
Police arrest a security guard in connection with the murder of a Kentucky woman, killed in Chile.
Erica Hagan was found in the bathroom of her apartment.
The 22-year-old was in the country working as a teaching assistant at a Baptist school.
The man under arrest is a security guard at that school.
Prosecutors said Hagan was beaten to death with a fireplace poker.

By JJ Dixon
Security guard in Chile arrested in connection with Ky. woman's slaying
Published 1:18 PM EDT Sep 16, 2014
* * *

[From article]
Hagan, originally from Murray, graduated from Georgetown College in May and was teaching English in Temuco, Chile. She was scheduled to come back home in December.
A prosecutor in Chile said Hagan was killed in her apartment sometime Saturday with some kind of sharp object. She was found in her bathroom with head injuries. Chilean officials have ruled Hagan's death as a homicide.

Sep 10, 2014 12:51 PM
Thousands Raised To Bring Body Of Murdered Ky Woman Back From Chile

Walking Beats Drugs For Feeling Good

Walking can beat stress and boost mood, according to U.S. researchers. They found it was especially beneficial for people going through a tough time, like the death of a loved one or splitting up with a partner.
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'Our findings suggest something as simple as joining an outdoor walking group may not only improve someone's daily positive emotions but may also contribute a non-pharmacological [non-drug] approach to serious conditions like depression.
'Group walks in local natural environments may make a potentially important contribution to public health and be beneficial in helping people cope with stress and experience improved emotions.'
The findings add to the growing body of research on the benefits of taking a stroll.
Previous studies have found that walking can delay the onset of cancer, help stave off obesity, heart disease and diabetes as well as lowering blood pressure.
Walking for 40 minutes a day seemed to increase the size of people's brains, according to one study, improving their memory and protecting against dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Feeling down? Get some fresh air: Taking a walk really does beat stress - without the need for antidepressants
Walking is especially beneficial for people going through a tough time
Strolling through natural settings such as woodlands and mountains best
One theory is because these areas allows the brain to completely relax and enter into a state of contemplation
PUBLISHED: 11:37 EST, 24 September 2014 | UPDATED: 12:48 EST, 24 September 2014

MA Man Charged With Kidnapping Rape of Teenager

Rashad Deihim
[From article]
Rashad Deihim is accused of drugging a 16-year-old girl and dragging her into the woods behind an elementary school in Saugus, where police say Deihim, his 18-year-old girlfriend and another 17-year-old man sexually assaulted the victim and filmed and distributed videos of the attack on their cellphones, Fox affiliate WFXT reported.
The victim was later found in the woods, impaired and unable to walk. She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she lost consciousness and had to be revived, according to the station.
Two of the three suspects, Deihim's 18-year-old girlfriend and the 17-year-old man, have been taken into custody, while Deihim remains at large

Police hunt for Massachusetts man who allegedly filmed sexual assault
Published September 25, 2014

Heroin For Votes in Texas

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A campaign manager working in the south Texas town of Donna has been charged with buying votes in a school board election by paying voters with cash and cocaine, U.S. officials said on Tuesday.
The indictment said Francisco Garcia, 47, who managed campaigns for four candidates for the Donna School Board in the November 2012 election, bought votes and worked with other campaign workers to pay voters by giving them either $10 or a small bag of cocaine if they voted for his slate.
Garcia was charged with conspiring to buy votes, paying for votes and aiding and abetting others to buy votes, according to a statement from U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson.

Posted September 24, 2014 - 11:15amUpdated September 24, 2014 - 11:04pm
Campaign manager charged with buying Texas school board votes with cocaine

OK Muslim Beheads Woman

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FBI officials are reportedly investigating a beheading at an Oklahoma food distribution center after co-workers said the suspect tried to convert them to Islam after his recent conversion.
The alleged suspect, Alton Nolen, 30, was recently fired from Vaughan Foods in Moore prior to Thursday’s attack. Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis told KFOR that Nolen drove to the front of the business and struck a vehicle before walking inside. He then attacked Colleen Hufford, 54, stabbing her several times before severing her head. He also stabbed another woman at the plant, 43-year-old Traci Johnson.
Lewis said Mark Vaughan, the company’s chief operating officer and a reserve county deputy, shot Nolen as he was stabbing Johnson, who remains hospitalized in stable condition Friday.

FBI probing suspect's recent conversion to Islam in Oklahoma beheading
Published September 26, 2014

* * *

[From article]
The brutal murder took place shortly after 30-year-old Alton Nolen was fired from his job in Moore on Thursday, when he allegedly drove to the front of the Vaughn Foods plant where he had worked, walked in and began brutally attacking 54-year-old Colleen Hufford with a knife, local TV station KFOR reports.
Co-workers at the plant described a chaotic scene as Nolen shouted Islamic phrases during his attack, KWTV Channel 9 reporter Robin Marsh tweeted Friday.

Man in Oklahoma workplace beheading tried converting victim to Islam: report
By Chris Perez
New York Post
September 26, 2014 | 11:07am

NYC USPS Carrier Did Not Deliver 40,000 Pieces of Mail

[From article]
A New York City mailman failed to deliver about 40,000 pieces of mail--some of which date back nearly a decade--and stashed the parcels and letters in his work locker, car, and Brooklyn home, investigators allege.
Federal agents this week began investigating Joseph Brucato, 67, after receiving information that there was undelivered mail in his personal vehicle.
When he was confronted Tuesday, Brucato told agents that he had been keeping undelivered mail in his car for the past six months, noting that “on some days he did not deliver the mail intended for his route for various personal reasons.”

SEPTEMBER 26, 2014
Feds: NYC Mailman Hoarded 40,000 Pieces Of Undelivered Mail In His Home, Car, Locker
September 26, 2014

CA Woman Punished For Questioning Flying of Mexican Flag

[From article]
“This is America. Maybe you can move to Mexico if you want to fly your Mexican flag. Does that make sense?” Capps says.
Wait spoke to the homeowner’s husband, Sigifredo Banuelos, who didn’t understand why Capps was making their flag her concern.
“I don’t think it’s offensive because this flag doesn’t do anything,” he said.
Banuelos says he and his family never meant to offend anyone. They were just celebrating their Mexican heritage. He says the family keeps both a U.S. and Mexican flag flying.
“We decide. We have one American and one Mexican,” he said.
Capps said she was offended by the Mexican flag.
“I was offended. I was pretty upset. But I couldn’t understand her,” Capps said.
Capps says she’s received threats since the video was posted and went viral. Capps insists she’s not a racist, just a patriot.
“I don’t understand what all the hatred is about. Why everyone is labeling me these names. Racist? I don’t understand why everyone is so angry.”
Capps says the fallout from the video caused her to lose her independent contact position with a real estate company.
As for the city, they say the flag is not in violation of any city, state or federal ordinances.

Woman Irate That Ontario Family Is Flying Mexican Flag In Their Front Yard
September 25, 2014 5:37 PM
CBS News Los Angeles CA

Anti Semitism in Baltimore

[From article]
Police say three men walking in the 6800 block of Old Pimlico Road were first approached by a vehicle.
The driver yelled “Jews, Jews, Jews” at the victims. Investigators say the suspect then fired some type of BB or air gun in their direction and fled the area.

Bias Incident Under Investigation In Baltimore County
September 25, 2014 11:55 PM
CBS News Baltimore MD

White House Leads US Into Unending War

[From article]
"Once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end.
"War's very object is victory, not prolonged indecision."
So said Gen. MacArthur in some of the wisest counsel the old soldier ever gave his countrymen.
Yet, "prolonged indecision" would seem the essence of the war the president has begun to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the Islamic State.
For, following only one night of bombing in Syria, Gen. Bill Mayville, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs, asked to estimate how long this new war would last, replied: "I would think of it in terms of years."
[. . .]
While, undeniably, the Islamic State has shown itself beyond the pale with its beheading of innocents and its massacres of soldiers who have surrendered, let us not forget that our allies abetted these monsters, while adversaries we have designated as terrorists and state sponsors of terror were fighting them.
Lord Palmerston had a point when he said Great Britain has no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.
Those interests should determine our policy.
While, undeniably, the Islamic State has shown itself beyond the pale with its beheading of innocents and its massacres of soldiers who have surrendered, let us not forget that our allies abetted these monsters, while adversaries we have designated as terrorists and state sponsors of terror were fighting them.
Lord Palmerston had a point when he said Great Britain has no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.
Those interests should determine our policy.

A Basket of Snakes
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Friday - September 26, 2014

September 25, 2014

Intolerant Liberals Want To Jail Disobedient Citizens

[From article]
Until recently, the totalitarian impulse has been blessedly absent from American politics. Now, however, the American left has caught the totalitarian bug that infected Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, and so many others. A case in point: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the drug-addled son of the former Attorney General. Kennedy thinks it is a shame that he isn’t able to jail or execute the Koch brothers and other conservatives, like–for example–me:


Harvard University Treats Illegal Aliens Better Than Citizens

With an endowment at $36 billion Harvard University is like the 800-pound Gorilla.

[From article]
When Dario Guerrero, an illegal immigrant who found out about his status in high school, told Harvard that he was in the country illegally, the school encouraged him to apply--and gave him a full scholarship after he was accepted.
Writing in the Washington Post, Guerrero, who is currently a junior at the university, said after an MIT official recommended that he not apply to the school during a trip to visit college, he "left the office in a daze" because MIT had been his dream school. He started walking down Massachusetts Avenue" and, "without really planning it, I found myself in the middle of Harvard." A Harvard admissions officer told him, "If you are admitted to Harvard College, we will meet your full financial need without regard to your legal status.”
He eventually got in, and "they gave me a full ride. This meant I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans or quarterly tuition payments; that I always had a place to stay away from home; that I could travel every semester, on Harvard’s dime, back to California; that my parents would never have to worry whether I’d finish school. Those are luxuries few people, documented or not, ever have."
"I used to think that being undocumented was a disadvantage to me. I used to mourn the fact that I was different," the current junior wrote. "But ultimately I realize that it was because of, not in spite of, my identity — as an undocumented Chicano — that I was been able to do what I did. Being something different in the socioeconomic fabric of the United States gave me the perspective I have."

25 Sep 2014, 6:30 AM PDT

Uber Driver Charged With Groping, Says It Was Because Woman Was Asking For It

Ramy Botros, a driver for the Uber ride-sharing service in Orlando, was arrested Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, on battery charges after police say he inappropriately touched a female passenger. (PHOTO/Orlando Police)

[From article]
A driver for the Uber ride-sharing service in Orlando has been arrested after police said he inappropriately touched a woman he picked up while on the job.
Orlando police said the victim's boyfriend requested an Uber driver to pick up his girlfriend last Friday, Sept. 19, and meet him at an agreed location.
Investigators said the driver, identified by police as Ramy Botros, picked up the woman and then rode around aimlessly, making comments about how attractive and pretty the passenger was.
Police said Botros then stopped the vehicle and placed his hand inside the victim's blouse. The woman told the driver several times not to touch her and to take her to her destination, where her boyfriend was waiting for her.
The victim told police she didn't want to upset the driver, so she pretended as though everything was fine after the incident, and even requested a business card from him when they arrived at her destination.
The woman then notified police, giving detectives the driver's business card and a recording she took during the incident, saying she had read several things about Uber drivers allegedly sexually battering women.
Police interviewed Botros on Wednesday. During the interview, detectives said Botros described how the victim was dressed, and said in his home country of Egypt, if a woman dresses a certain way, "she [is] asking for that."

Uber driver in Orlando arrested for groping passenger
By Mike Westfall, Senior Web Content Editor
Last Updated: Thursday, September 25, 2014, 5:03 PM