May 26, 2016

Cambridge, MA Firemen Save Woman Trapped After Accident

Cambridge, MA firemen saved an elder woman trapped in her car which crashed on Kirkland Street, Cambridge, at about 5:45 PM on Thursday, May 26, 2016. I did not see the accident but was walking along Kirkland Street as the emergency vehicles were still arriving. Several firemen worked to extract the woman from her car. One fireman actually climbed into the car to free her. She was alert and talking to emergency responders as they strapped her onto a gurney to take her to a hospital. Her car was upside down, and badly damaged, having turned over after the accident. Another vehicle showed damage in the rear from the collision. That driver did not appear to be injured as he spoke with police officers.

Police interviewed witnesses as I left at about 6:15 PM. I do not have images or video. Some bystanders were capturing video on their cell phones. One woman was capturing still images with a camera. Cambridge firemen exhibited their excellent training and preparations. They had the special services vehicle, and four other pieces of equipment on scene. They used iron tools to pry open the doors. They also had available a metal saw, but it was not needed. The woman was freed before they were able to saw off either door. Cambridge police were placed strategically at adjacent streets keeping non essential traffic away. One ambulance was at the scene near the overturned car. EMS workers stood by until, the woman was freed and placed her on the gurney.

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