May 16, 2016

Updated: Three Groups Continue Criminal Harassment May 15, 2016

Posted May 15, 2016 9:03 PM ET; Last updated May 16, 2016 7:58 PM ET

Updated May 16, 2016 7:58 PM ET

After the group of criminal behavior conditioners left the area, they were immediately replaced by Communists from Washington State. They were followed by a charming thoughtful black homosexuals employed by the FBI, who took time from his busy schedule to conduct a similar harassment campaign disturbing my sleep and a milder form of the same effort to try to make mr into a homosexual. On Monday, May 16, 2016 an even more charming homosexual psychologist indicated his personal depravity by using a toddler as bait. They are determined to have me jailed or hospitalized for their own depraved fantasies. Is it any wonder why so many people are disgusted with the current crop of mindless lawless politicians who allow these depraved homosexuals to continue harassing law abiding civilians? Greedy, mendacious officials remain clueless why Trump is so popular, and will be the next President.

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Posted May 15, 2016 9:03 PM ET
After Mother's Day 2016, the weather got warmer as if it was really spring. Along with the warmer weather came more harassment, and one day two attempts to kill me. Three crime families continue their criminal abuses. Mostly it is the Kennedy Cult, the California crime Syndicate and the Midwestern Outfit.

The Midwestern outfit using black racist lesbians, employed by the Harvard University campus police, resumed behavior conditioning trying to make me into a homosexual. They join the California crime Syndicate prohibiting me from having any interaction with heterosexual women. It is now 40 years with no social life due to the Communists and the crime families. Criminal abuses by psychologists and a concurrent character assassination campaign began in or about 1973 and never stopped. It accompanied me through many states.

On Wednesday May 11, 2016 black lesbian Midwestern Communists employed extreme measures to try to provoke violence. It was severe enough to consider it an attempt to cause a heart attack or a stroke. After about four hours of harassment by the lesbian, a black Kennedy Cult, homosexual took over, and continued conditioning to try to make me into a homosexual. It was a second attempt to cause life ending harm to me within one day, where I live.

At a library a Boston Red Sox fan who was developmentally disabled asked, "Are you a professor?" I told him no. That is one of many false light campaigns by the Kennedy cult. When others find out the truth they take it out on me. Each day new insults and continued abuses, non stop. For the past 45 years police, FBI informants, Communists, police employees, crime family associates took turns attacking me for allegations made by the FBI and other federal officials. Not one day was free from such harassment.

International Migratory Bird Day arrived. Two black racist lesbians continued their intense harassment trying to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke. They are reportedly employed by the Midwestern Outfit. Their harassment was interrupted for about three days by a gentleman from Somerville, MA who repeated the menu of events that local police use as a guide to harm me. First they try to recreate the police frame up from 1990, using intense relentless harassment, disturbing my sleep, tampering with telephones, computer, and cable television. All of the above are felonies. But in Cambridge, Massachusetts, laws are optional, with additional protection for selected persons by the Obama-Holder doctrine, "Inconvenient laws may be ignored." When harassment fails to provoke violence, they use young women as bait, and then young men as bait. It never fails to amaze me how obedient these police criminals are to what they are told. These police criminals are unaware of the prohibition by the California crime Syndicate and the Communists from New York who issued a joint decree which makes it a capital offense for me to speak with heterosexual women. It is all part of the 45 year behavior conditioning campaign to try to make me into a homosexual.

After the Somerville, MA police criminal completed his program and left the area, the two black lesbians resumed their criminal abuses, which included all of the above and more. They increased the frequency of sleep disturbances to less than every one hour. They increased the effort to try to cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke, and the behavior conditioning campaign.

These are employees of police psychologists maybe FBI criminals who conduct experimental psychological behavior conditioning, and treatment without consent. They use a law abiding American citizen who they treat as a human subject for experimental conditioning and for treatment without consent. But this is Cambridge, MA where Harvard University criminals run the local and state government. They often add threats, among which are "They will kill you." "I have to hit you." "You got hit here."

What makes this all so embarrassing if it was revealed is that while so much man power is devoted to abusing a 70-year-old white man, there are criminals with a long list of serious violent crimes walking freely. No one is watching them, no less harassing them. Government officials lament "the opioid crisis." Hundreds of deaths from overdoses of heroin and prescription drugs across the nation. The southern border remains wide open for the drug cartels, to transport drugs, employees, terrorists, into the country to feed the weak citizens, and to kill the strong. But the response of the mindless politicians is to appropriate taxpayer money to treat addiction not to stop the flow of drugs. It is like the savings and loan crisis. The same lawyers, accountants and crime families who created the scandal were paid with taxpayer funds to solve the problem. It really is all about stealing taxpayer money. That is why the various criminal organizations compete in elections.

Journalists divert attention of other journalists and concerned citizens from the egregious lawless scandals of the White House and other governments by promoting extreme measures, e.g., prioritizing same sex bath rooms, and eliminating bias against persons with mercurial genders. High ranking White House officials openly ridicule American taxpayers and voters boasting of how they fooled the people, and how stupid the people are, and how smart the government criminals are. How charming.

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