February 27, 2009

Capuano is Innocent

Capuano is Innocent

Suggesting that putting “a guy in charge of reform who really was knee-deep in lobbyist games” would be detrimental shows ignorance of how depraved things are in Washington. (DAVID S. BERNSTEIN, “Capuano cornered?” Boston Phoenix, February 25, 2009) If “there is no suggestion that Capuano has done anything illegal,” where’s the beef? The business of government in DC is to get the money and not get arrested. Capuano does that well.
Voters don’t care about corruption, as long as the malfeasant apologizes and says he learned from his bad behavior. Massachusetts voters enthusiastically reward malfeasance when it brings taxpayer funded contracts to the district.
Capuano says, “I hold myself to the highest standards.” Not illegal. High standards. What me worry? If “the biggest political question in Massachusetts [is] who will succeed Kennedy in the US Senate,” the answer is simple -- Capuano.
Bernstein mentions hypocrisy. Hypocrisy? A politician is accused of hypocrisy? I am SHOCKED!!!
Capuano is mostly clueless about what goes on around him. He is likely unaware of any conflicts of interest or even who gave him money. He says he is “closely monitoring this situation.” He cannot be guilty of any wrongdoing if he has no knowledge that it was committed.


Capuano cornered?
Could a developing Washington probe hurt the Somerville congressman, and derail his Senate hopes?
Boston Phoenix
February 25, 2009
Why doesn't Rahm Emanuel pay property taxes?

According to the Cook County Assessor's website, the Chicago home of four-term Democrat Congressman and new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, doesn't exist. While the address of 4228 North Hermitage is listed as Emanuel's residence on the Illinois State Board of Elections' website, there seems to be no public record of Emanuel ever paying property taxes on this home.
The Cook County Assessor's and Cook County Treasurer's online records indicate Emanuel's Chicago neighbors pay between $3,500 and $7,000 annually. However, Illinois Review has been unable to locate any evidence that the former Clinton advisor and investment banker is paying his fair share of Cook County's notoriously high tax burden.
Why wouldn't 4228 North Hermitage property owners Rahm Emanuel and wife Amy Rule pay property taxes?
One reason may be because Emanuel and Rule declared their 4228 North Hermitage home as the office location for their personal non-profit foundation called the "Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Foundation". As the non-profit's headquarters, their home could be exempt from paying property taxes.
In January 2007, USA Today reported on Emanuel's foundation:
The Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Trust was formed in 2002, when the Chicago lawmaker was first elected. The former Clinton White House aide and his wife, Amy Rule, are its only donors. Emanuel was an investment banker after serving in the White House.
The trust reported having $2,900 on hand at the end of 2005 after receiving $34,000 from Emanuel and donating more than $31,000
During the past three years, Emanuel's charity gave nearly $25,000 to the Anshe Emet synagogue and school [a private school that the Rahm/Rule children attend]..., and $15,000 to the foundation run by former president Bill Clinton. It also gave $14,000 to Marwen, a Chicago charity that provides art classes and other educational help to low-income children. Rule is on Marwen's board.
(He doesn't pay any property taxes and he gets income tax write-offs by donating $25000 to the Synagogue and other amounts of money to his Foundation. This allows his kids to attend school tuition-free and allows him to expense a lot of personal expenses. What a racket!
Take all your income and donate it back to yourself via tax exempt orgs. where you can spend it on things such as expenses to operate your car, pay the electric and water bills, etc.
Apparently if you are a hypocritical "liberal" democrat who advocates raising taxes on everyone else, this is all permissible.)
Emanuel's 4228 North Hermitage home is one of the largest in the neighborhood, with a side yard that appears to be a vacant lot, making the Emanuels' property the largest portion on the block.
Other North Hermitage homes on Emanuel's block are valued in the $500,000 plus range. According to Cook County Treasurer's website, the Chicago owners of nearby 118 year old 4222 North Hermitage pay almost $6800 annually. The family at 4224 North Heritage pays $6000 each year in property taxes.
President Obama - himself a connected, Chicago insider, who has benefited from questionable land deals - may find it difficult to explain why his very own Chicago-based chief of staff doesn't pay property taxes like the "little guy" he claims to represent. Or perhaps allowing his wealthy friends to avoid taxes is part of Obama's trickle down redistribution economics. It's certainly the kind of "change" we Illinoisans can believe in...since we're quite familiar with it here in the federal indictment land of Daley, Blagojevich, Madigan, Jones, Cellini, Rezko, .......and maybe, soon ..... Burris.
Too Much Viagra


Man, 28, Dies After 'Guzzling' Viagra During 12-Hour Romp
The Sun (UK)
Vince Soodin
Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

Disability Discrimination Appears on TV Show

A television station in England had the audacity to allow a woman with one arm to host a children’s TV show. Parents express their hatred by demanding that they stop scaring their children. How intolerant some people are! What if parents said that black people were scaring their children? Would that be enough to keep them off the air? In this day and age this shows why so many radio and TV stations refuse to do any features about discrimination against Persons with disabilities. In Boston, MA the prominent host of a PBS news show refuses to do any shows on this issue. The former President of that station (WGBH-TV Boston MA) listed 100 shows on disabilities. They were all about providers of goods and services not about disabilities. Here is why. When I raised the further issue about persons accused of mental illness the issue was dropped and I was threatened.


One-armed presenter is scaring children, parents tell BBC
By Liz Thomas
Mail (UK) Online
Last updated at 4:05 PM on 23rd February 2009
Lamenting Death is Political

When politicians and journalists lament military deaths in a war theater they show their lack of concern for human life. Each year 90,000 persons die in American hospitals due to medical negligence--sometimes due to not performing a procedure as simple as washing hands between patients. Doctors are reluctant to publicize that fact. 130 years after the medical profession ridiculed Louis Pasteur for demanding that doctors wash their hands before treating patients, the geniuses continue their lazy work habits. Why do politicians focus on cost? Why not safety?


Twittering Helen THomas
By Ken Shepherd
February 25, 2009 - 15:18 ET

February 25, 2009

Not Enough Sullenbergers

Here is one obvious anomaly in public policy madness. (Daphne Retter, “SULLY: PILOT CUT$ THREATEN AIR SAFETY,” New York Post, February 25, 2009) Chesley Sullenberger saved 155 lives due to his training and experience. He accepted a 40 percent pay cut because of the fragile finances of the airlines. Useless, incompetent, conscienceless politicians gladly take pay increases for doing nothing while negligently watching the destruction of the national economy. Shameless parasites in the financial and banking industries drove their companies into bankruptcy and took multi-million dollar bonuses for doing it. How many more Sullenbergers do their jobs well and suffer quietly while their superiors rob the national interests?


By Daphne Retter
New York Post
Last updated: 3:06 am
February 25, 2009
Posted: 2:13 am
Carrier Negligence

Mr. Dill, I hate to disappoint you but to the USPS your mail is just paper. There are frequent news reports of carriers who don't deliver the mail and just throw it away or keep it in their homes or storage. People often believe that the post office can be relied on to deliver the mail but don't trust politicians. People are people. There are very few Sullenbergers in this country left. Most people just want the money without doing any work. If they can steal it they will. I've had my mail stolen and held back for 35 years. My complaints to postal authorities were laughed at. Criminals run the country. Wake up!


Letter: Post office problems
Wed Feb 25, 2009, 05:53 AM EST
Cambridge Chronicle
Huron Avenue
Shut Down the Projects

Jane Jacobs (The Death and Life of Great American Cities) explained that housing projects make it almost impossible for residents to move up and out. It is cheaper to provide subsidies and allow all economic levels of families to live amongst one another. This conflicts with Harvard policy which is to segregate classes based upon their status in society. Nonetheless Jacobs makes the case for ending the cycle of poverty. Cambridge, run by elitists, subscribes to the traditional view of segregation.


Cambridge Housing Authority director hopeful Obama will deregulate housing funding
By Katrina Ballard/correspondent
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 24, 2009, 06:00 AM EST
City Manager Makes Police Policy

It is unfair to say that Cambridge police 'don't enforce ANYTHING.' Police do what they are told to do. The City Manager sets police policy. What is enforced is criticism of Cambridge officials. Anyone who dares to criticize the fragile officials, is harassed, arrested and slandered. That is one of several things for which the City Manager's policy demands enforcement. As a CCTV producer told me, 'There is no such thing as free speech.' That is not an issue for members of the Conformist Party who see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil in the city. As for crosswalks, if pedestrians were banned there would be no need for crosswalks. All transportation would be by vehicle.


Letter: Cops need to enforce pedestrian crosswalks more
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 24, 2009, 09:05 AM EST
Cambridge Street
Loud Silence

Listen to the loud silence about the 600,000 Americans who died in a civil war to free America's slaves. All we hear about is the suffering of the beneficiaries, 150 years later, of the slaves who were freed, enjoying privileges that poor white people never enjoy. Listen to the sounds of America.

Courage, Mr. Holder
Pat Buchanan
Human Events
February 23, 2009


February 24, 2009

Altruistic Professionals


Harvard prof wants docs to put humanity into practice
Let’s get physical
By Jessica Fargen / Making the rounds
Boston Herald
Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dr. Samuels says doctors "lost sight of the reason they became doctors.” Oh? Like lawyers, police and politicians many people choose to become a doctor to make a lot of money, to have prestige and power. Has Dr. Samuels not learned that by now? I was horrified to learn that lesson when I was a student in law school. People need to seek out integrity. It would be easier if all the greedy professionals were required to wear signs saying, "I am not doing this to help others."

One of the people commented that people become Dr.s to be rich and have prestige and power as opposed to helping people. First off becoming a Dr. isn’t easy, it requires a lot of brainpower, years of study, hours and hours of on the job training and massive amounts of money for the tuition. That’s just to become a Dr. Once you are a Dr. there is a practice to be built, an office to lease, equipment to purchase, insurance to buy, staff to hire...and you wait for that first patient to come in. [this rant continued for several paragraphs.]

platousa, police choose their job to make a lot of money?? Base pay of 40-50k Cmon, and spare me the detail crap, it runs hot and cold for them.

Hello WheresTheOutrage. So you say that ALL doctors are altruistic? I don't think so. You never read about the Medicaid mills? Selling body parts? Lots of problems not reported in the media. AMA is very strong and hires PR firms.

Hello bobbyschmautz. Police salaries (in Boston?) are 40-50 k? Some police sell their badges? They make money not arresting guilty people, and by arresting innocent people as favors. They make money changing the names of persons arrested. They make money losing files, evidence, and by selling evidence. There are many ways to earn large money with a badge. The good cops don't snitch on their mercenary colleagues. FBI agents can make more money as we saw with the James Bulger coalition of police and FBI.

February 23, 2009

Upper Class Affirmative Action

Miller omits the trust fund babies. Bernie O discusses one case, whether or not it is BDS. Some people born into wealth get the opportunities to be greedy at levels to which others are not admitted. It is a form of familial affirmative action. Real affirmative action depends on the person being helped subscribing to the policies and programs of the upper class providers. What role does self interest play in all of these programs, plans and economic classes?

[Quotes from article.]
"And what if to fix our economy right now we actually have to get over the idea that people end up where they deserve to?"

"Adam Smith argued that the spending of the wealthy was actually an engine of economic activity and employment. Next came the narrative that economic status did have moral connotations. Napoleon, this idea’s exemplar, loathed his era’s “imbeciles and hereditary asses.” And in Britain and the United States, these new impulses combined with Charles Darwin’s theories to yield the ugly (but for rich people, quite gratifying) philosophy of economic survival of the fittest."

"pervasive and institutionally administered belief in meritocracy, via the rise of intelligence testing, the SAT, and the all-consuming college admissions craze. Over time, it became an article of faith that those with “merit” in these narrow terms would deservedly enjoy the best of society’s material rewards."

"The best-performing gerbils on the treadmill are learning that working hard, acing every test, attending top colleges, and succeeding in their chosen profession is no longer the path to the topmost ranks of wealth and influence."


You Don't Deserve to Be Rich
The Daily Beast
by Matt Miller

[Comments on The Daily Beast under this story.]

By Rob Taylor
“the real reason Western Civilization is on the decline and con artist were bale to take investors for all they had. We live in a culture of where actual knowledge is ignored and populist drivel is considered brilliant.”

By BernieO
Claiming our country is a meritocracy is a smokescreen created by conservatives to decry things like affirmative action which help the unwashed masses get a shot at success. The same conservatives have no problem with affirmative action for the rich.

[. . .]

Bush - and his family - are some of the more visible examples of the way our system really works. People with little or no talent frequently rise to the top due to their powerful, wealthy connections. Once there, they work hard to make sure truly talented, unconnected people are kept out of the inner circle.

February 22, 2009

Hope and Change

Here’s more evidence of Obama’s hope and change. (ISABEL VINCENT, “HILL $QUEEZES SERBS,” New York Post, February 22, 2009) The new President demonstrates money buys anything, as long as it is taxpayer money. Listen to the loud silence from civil rights maven Al Sharpton.


New York Post

February 21, 2009

Pope Benedict Warns of Eugenics Based on Beauty

With a long history of eugenics in Massachusetts this warning should be focused on the Universities in the Bay State. Formerly persons accused of mental illness and other illnesses were kept from having children. The Massachusetts programs were so efficient that Adolf Hitler praised the Massachusetts medical community. Many elite members of the Harvard Community believe in upper class dominance and superior genes. They do not define what superior is, only that they have them.


Pope warns on new eugenics based on beauty
(Writing by Deepa Babington; editing by Robert Woodward)
Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:08pm EST
Obama's Stimulus Bill (also known as the Lobbyist Enrichment Act) grants millions to billionaire.


Obama Stimulus Saves Microsoft Billionaire Hundreds Of Millions
Nicholas Carlson|
Business Insider
Feb. 19, 2009, 8:00 AM

February 20, 2009

Puff Politics

Amartya Sen in Development as Freedom says two elements are essential for a democracy to thrive. A strong two-party system and a free press that keeps voters informed. Massachusetts has neither. Bernstein describes superficial attributes of DeLeo’s appointees saying they are “all under the age of 45.” (DAVID S. BERNSTEIN, “Youth infusion,” Boston Phoenix,
February 19, 2009)
He suggests that DeLeo will not require them to “follow orders from command central.” He quotes DeLeo who shares Bernstein’s view that women “have been untapped resources.” How is young age any measure of integrity? Does youth necessarily coexist with intelligence, wisdom or reason?
Young politicians are as venal as older ones. Young people in Massachusetts are as cynical as older persons and at least as corrupt.
Bernstein says “Boston-area senators made out well.” Really? What experience does Anthony Galluccio have with agriculture? Do the community gardens in Cambridge qualify? ,
How does this article help the voter understand who is not corrupt? Which of these officials are in it for self benefit? Which occasionally vote for the public good?
Why waste the scarce newsprint on puff pieces like this?


Youth infusion
The surprisingly diverse leaders of team DeLeo. Plus, do environmentalists have reason to worry?
Boston Phoenix
February 19, 2009
First Amendment Violation by OK Police, Secret Service

Here is another instance of unlawful censorship by police. It is a clear violation of
the First Amendment. Due to the First Black President it appears that race is playing a role in these frequent violations. Note the comments (two included here) under the article. There are more.


Oklahoma City police officer pulls man over for anti-Obama sign on vehicle
By Johnny Johnson - Staff Writer
Published: February 19, 2009

Adrian Andrews, head of the Secret Service's Oklahoma City field office... the man responsible for the intimidation of the white Christian truck driver.... IS BLACK....surprise surprise...google "adrian andrews" "Secret Service" and look what pops up ....http://www.justput.com/forum/showthread.php?p=25716
bill, Oklahoma City - Feb 20, 2009 at 2:16 AM

To Bryan: Thanks to black Attorney General Eric Holder, white people can stop being "cowards" and can start talking openly about race.... So get over it.... Let's recap: A white man driving a pickup with an anti-Obama sign... pulled over for no reason... white man's property confiscated... white man's right of free speech violated... Police report the white man to Secret Service .... Secret Service intimidates white man to allow inspection in his house to look for evidence of "hate-group" membership.
bill, Oklahoma City - Feb 20, 2009 at 1:17 AM
Travis is not Obama

It is nonsense to say that the New York Post editorial showing police
shooting Travis the chimp is racist. Asking who will write the
stimulus bill now, is no reference to Obama. Obama did not write the
stimulus bill. He didn't even read it!


That Cartoon
Last updated: 8:18 pm
February 19, 2009
Posted: 8:00 pm
February 19, 2009

* * *


New York Post Apologizes for Cartoon
February 19, 2009
More Studies Needed

This is good news for the Cambridge Department of Human Services. Now the Assistant City Manager can hire more consultants to study how to end homelessness and how to improve the system of providing shelter to homeless families. Many academic experts would otherwise be unemployed if they did not get hired to study this problem, over and over again and again.


HUD gives $3.4M to Cambridge homeless service programs
Cambridge Chronicle
Thu Feb 19, 2009, 02:13 PM EST
Brian Murphy to the Rescue

Not to worry, Brian Murphy erstwhile Cambridge City Councilor with decades of experience as a transportation expert is now an Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Cadillac Deval. Now that this transportation expert (read campaign contributor) is recognized by his six figure salary he will rescue the state.


Cambridge analyst finds flaw with Senate transportation bill
By State House News Service
Cambridge Chronicle
Thu Feb 19, 2009, 07:00 PM EST
They can too

Writer says, 'I have seen how 'Si Se Puede' has been adopted by people in social movements around the world.' Did you notice how it was adopted by upper class elitists at Harvard to get Obama, a child of the ruling class elected? Elitists are clever using spin doctors to make up, down and down, up. Pity the poor underprivileged Obama, whose father was finance minister for Kenya and who was adopted by the son of one of the biggest gangsters in America. US Senator Edward Kennedy brought Obama's father to Harvard before Obama Jr. was born. Si Se Puede. Indeed.


Guest commentary: Si se puede. Yes, we can
By Leigh Hardy
Cambridge Chronicle
Thu Feb 19, 2009, 02:38 PM EST

February 19, 2009

Obituary: Stanley “Stash” A. Horowitz

Wed Feb 18, 2009, 01:43 PM EST
Cambridge - Stanley “Stash” A. Horowitz, of Cambridge, Feb. 16, 2009. Beloved Husband of Niki Baccus Horowitz. Devoted step-father of George Baccus and his wife Marybeth and Lauren Grandmaison and her husband Tom. Loving grandfather of Andrew Grandmaison and Carissa Baccus. Nephew of Walter and Rosalind Kostin and Victor Weiss. Also survived by many relatives and friends. A memorial service will be held at a date to be announced. For online guest book go to www.faggas.com.

Cambridge Chronicle article




Horowitz dies at 69, fought for Cambridge neighbors
By Jillian Fennimore
Cambridge Chronicle
Mon Feb 23, 2009, 05:13 PM EST

February 18, 2009

Dangerous Leaders

I agree that anti-semitism is dangerous for Jews. Yet the sanctuary formed in 1948 to allow Jews a refuge from anti semitism is now called dangerous to Jews. Perhaps Jews should hide in Egypt, Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia. Good thinking. I'm more concerned with the dangerous leaders in Washington DC, Beacon Hill and City Hall. These delightful experts brought us the greatest economic catastrophe since the great depression. We are expected to believe that the same people who brought it to us will fix it. Want to buy a bridge?


Guest commentary: Israel’s dangerous leadership
By Sherif Fam
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 10, 2009, 03:35 PM EST

Hollywood in Cambridge

Hollywood in Cambridge

The writer says, 'The quality of the intake is more critical, hence Harvards success.' This presupposes a definition of success. Harvard graduates are filled with book learning but lack common sense. What makes an educated person? Harvard grads dominate others with competitiveness, accumulation of facts, and often their parents' connections. Where is compassion, contribution and cooperation in this success? Those qualities are sorely missing among Harvard grads, faculty and administrators. Harvard trains corporate and political upper class men taught to exploit others. Hooray for Hollywood.


Guest commentary: Incentives for Teachers: No!
By Martin G. Evans
Cambridge Chronicle
Mon Feb 16, 2009, 07:51 AM EST

Councilor Prohibitions

Councilor Prohibitions

Writer says, 'The Area 4 Coalition asks that the City Manager and City Council use their good offices to urge the Planning Board to delay granting MIT a special permit.' State law prohibits the City Council from interacting directly with any city employees or appointees except for informational purposes. The Council can only request the City Manager to interact. Request are what they call 'orders.' It would be a serious violation of state law for any councilor to try to influence the Planning Board. That fact that many City Councilors do this often does not make it legal. It only shows that the city government is run by lawless officials.


Letter: MIT’s Main St. proposal out of scale with neighborhood
Tue Feb 17, 2009, 02:08 PM EST
Cambridge Chronicle
Area 4 Neighborhood Coalition

Ban Heterosexuals

Ban Heterosexuals

Heterosexual haters in Cambridge? Does the City Council know about this? Bible quotations in the Cambridge Chronicle? Where is the Human Rights Commission? How much more can the Conformist citizens of Cambridge tolerate? Who invited the heterosexual haters into the city? Are they registered to vote? Did they make any campaign contributions? Do they have any businesses that the good Conformist citizens of Cambridge can destroy? This cannot be allowed to continue. Next heterosexuals will want to live in Cambridge. There is no room for hateful heterosexuals in this peaceful city of lovers. Bah Humbug!


Letter: Anti-gay church the real clueless ones
Tue Feb 17, 2009, 02:47 PM EST
Cambridge Chronicle
Exeter Park

Reading is Dangerous

Reading is Dangerous

J. Edgar Hoover recognized the dangers of reading books. People get ideas. Then they talk about them and write about them. They start asking questions and cause all kinds of trouble in a peaceful Conformist loving city like Cambridge. The City Manager knows best. Better to give money to MIT and to Harvard and to prevent trouble in this city by the Charles, by keeping the number of hours for library access down to a minimum. People can watch television or listen to their iPods or MP3s. No need to read books. Don't worry, be happy!


Letter: Impact of library closing detrimental
Elm Street
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 17, 2009, 02:45 AM EST

Anti Depressants in the News

Anti Depressants in the News

Travis, a Chimpanzee was given Xanax before mauling a woman in CT.


Woman Mauled by Chimp Still in Critical Condition
New York Times
Published: February 17, 2009

* * *
Avi Nelson was guest host on Boston radio WRKO's Howie Carr Show on
Tuesday February 17, 2009. The last caller just before the end of the
show at about 6:55 PM was a female police officer. She explained that
about 90 percent of the people she arrests are on anti depressants.

FBI Agent Supports Ann Coulter's Thesis

FBI Agent Supports Ann Coulter's Thesis

Undercover FBI agent supports Ann Coulter’s arguments in her new book Guilty, regarding abuses of children of single mothers.


Single Moms and NAMBLA
by Bob Hamer
Big Hollywood

February 17, 2009

Everyone Deserves A Roof

Everyone Deserves A Roof

Link to Everyone Deserves A Roof (EDAR) based in Los Angeles, a non
profit that gives free "roofs" to persons without homes. They cost
about $500 each and are mobile, like a shopping cart. It can be moved
on its wheels during the day and opens into a tent at night. CBS Up to
the Minute (overnight news) broadcast a feature on February 17, 2009.

Here is a cheap temporary solution to give people a place of their
own. Considering all of the wasteful spending of all governments this
should be a no-brainer for governments to provide.


She's Human?

She's Human?

It is shocking that Gov. Sarah Palin of the "sparsely populated" state is human. She has flaws! Did she pay taxes unlike the Treasury Secretary and the beautiful people of the Abomination administration? Alaska has more people than North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming. It is the largest state in land area with lots of valuable minerals and resources. But it is not New York with all of those beautiful people. Alaska has a lot of small towns with ordinary people, unlike the upper class small-minded elitists who run DC.


Palin's Big Secrets
The Daily Beast

Your Lying Eyes

Your Lying Eyes

Citizens demonstrate against the porkulous bill, that Obama says has no earmarks. He may need an eye test not being able to see all of the earmarks in that bill. Since Obama and all congressman and senators did NOT read the bill it enables all of them to say whatever they want since they have not read it. Obama seems to be saying, “Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes.”


From the Boston Tea Party to your neighborhood pork protest
By Michelle Malkin
February 16, 2009 04:38 PM

More Academic Same Sex Censorship

More Academic Same Sex Censorship

This discussion is difficult due to the infantile inability of many supporters of same sex marriage. They never learned how to disagree rationally. Because a Christian says their religion prohibits homosexual sex and same sex marriage does not mean that they hate. It is a different belief. Promoters of same sex marriage refuse to allow disagreements. They are intolerant. It is shameful that academics at major universities abridge the concept of free expression an essential element in searching for and finding truths.


Student Sues, Says Prof Called Him a "Fascist Bastard"
February 16, 2009
LA News
NBC News

February 15, 2009

Obama's Unification

Obama's Unification

Here’s a report that the Democratic Party of Barack Obama wants to eliminate the Republican Party altogether. Is this what Obama means when he says he wants to unify the country? Did he mean under one party by eliminating all dissent?


Democratic Underground: 'The Republican Party Needs to Be Eliminated'
By P.J. Gladnick
February 14, 2009 - 10:07 ET

February 13, 2009

One-man Rule

One-man Rule

[This letter was published in the online edition of the Cambridge Chronicle, on February 18, 2009.]

The City of Cambridge, run by one un-elected man, has an unlawful policy of hindering release of public information. Previous cases when the Office of Public Records ordered the city to release documents the same one-man government ignored the order. Few requesters have the stamina to pursue a lawsuit to obtain information. That is the reason for the City Manager's policy. The Manager makes a judgment based upon the likelihood of a person or persons to sue. The city ignores inconvenient city, state and US laws and the Constitution. When the Cambridge Chronicle requested the questions used to interview employees regarding their THOUGHTS, the state ordered that information released also. The Manager simply ignored the order. The Chronicle did not sue.


State says Cambridge Public Schools can't charge $14K for public records
By David L. Harris/
Cambridge Chronicle staff
Fri Feb 13, 2009, 02:10 PM EST

Democrats break promise to post stimulus bill online.

Democrats break promise to post stimulus bill online.


SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday
by Connie Hair
Human Events
February 12, 2009

Lobbyists got the bill before the elected officials.

Lobbyists got the bill before the elected officials.


Congressional Offices Don't Have the Stimulus Bill, Lobbyists Do
February 12, 2009 04:14 PM ET
US News and World Report
By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Another Obama Tax Cheat?

Another Obama Tax Cheat?

The Washington Times and the New York Daily News report that Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, received free rent from a US Rep. This is one more allegation of tax cheating by Obama’s high appointees.


George Stephanopoulos’s Buddy Rahm Emanuel in Possible Tax Trouble; Will ABC Viewers Learn What George Knows?
By Rich Noyes (Bio | Archive)
February 11, 2009 - 15:12 ET

Narrow view on Racism

Narrow view on Racism

Why feel “a measure of guilt” and “annoyed that you feel guilty” for slavery in the US, even though you and your parents were not alive when there was slavery? (ADAM REILLY, “Black like him?” Boston Phoenix, February 11, 2009)

Obama’s race is not an easy question. Is he black, half-white or African American? Cambridge City Councilor Ken Reeves reminded Emily Rooney on PBS that Obama is half white.

Some Africans have as much animosity toward American blacks as white racists. Some Africans oppose interracial marriage as vehemently as some white Americans. Racism among American blacks is not discussed; neither toward each other, nor toward white people.

What does Reilly mean by “a more traditional black candidate?” Would that be a person who sounds and looks like a poor black American? Why do college educated black Americans focus their time on accumulating tokens and power just like white people? How are they any different from white politicians and white lawyers?

This article does not discuss Obama’s integrity. What does it matter what his skin color is, or who his parents are if he is a lying forked tongue politician just like all the rest?

Most importantly why the limited focus on white racism toward blacks? Many groups suffer unlawful discrimination. If it is due to slavery, why no focus on anti Jewish sentiments? Jews were murdered wholesale by the German government? Did the US government ever have a policy or program to kill black people? Why is there no guilt among non Jews for that abuse?

In February 2009 a prominent TV Host on a PBS station (hint: Her initials are ER) openly stated that it is acceptable to ignore a person because he is regarded as having a disability? There were no objections from any of the alleged media critics, who agreed that it is OK to ignore such persons. Why the hypocrisy?


Black like him?
Obama is, apparently, our first African-American president. But is that the identity he touted as a candidate?
Boston Phoenix
February 11, 2009

February 12, 2009

Mini Madoff

Mini Madoff

27-year-old Christopher J. Warren was arrested for $100 million fraud involving 500 homes in western states. How many more of these mini Madoffs are there who stole millions but not billions? He had two passports when he was arrested trying to enter the US at Buffalo.


Calif. fraud suspect caught with $70,000 in boots
By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Writer
Yahoo News
Wed Feb 11, 6:25 pm ET

No Shame

No Shame

Obama pre-selects which reporters will be allowed to ask questions. Here is one more example of his hypocrisy promoting openness and controlling access. He is one of many elected officials who have no shame and no conscience.


Obama's Press List
Membership shall have its privileges.
Wall Street Journal
February 11, 2009



The Cambridge City Council voted to prevent the Department of Homeland Security to operate surveillance cameras in the city. They allege that their privacy is of great concern. What legal acts do people do in public that they fear being exposed? But the City Council remains silent on the Obama proposal to put all medical records online. The history of computer security is atrocious. Yet there is no concern for having one’s medical records available to each and every government bureaucrat to share with the media or their friends? Hello? What are the priorities of these shameless, clueless and conscienceless officials?


Goodbye, America! It Was Fun While It Lasted
by Ann Coulter
Human Events

Voting Counts Less than Money

Voting Counts Less than Money

Ron Marlow, the governor’s assistant secretary for access and opportunity explained, “Let me just put it plainly that if you don’t vote, you don’t count.” (MORGAN KEENAN, “The tally is in,” Boston Weekly Dig,
February 11, 2009) Oh really? Why do campaign contributors get access to the governor whether they vote or not? Marlow’s comment is as disingenuous as the governor. What counts is money not votes. I vote in every election and can’t get police protection from criminal abuses.
Caroline Kennedy failed to vote in several elections. Yet she was a serious candidate for US Senator. Is he kidding?


The tally is in
Boston Weekly Dig
February 11, 2009

Are some cameras less intrusive?

Are some cameras less intrusive?

The report about surveillance cameras is misleading. Many vocal residents support the use of cameras. Some Homeland Security Department cameras are on private buildings, e.g., Harvard and Lesley Universities. (CAITLIN WILSON, “CAMERAS COME DOWN,” Weekly Dig, February 11, 2009) The City Council lacks jurisdiction to prevent their operation. The un-elected Cambridge City Manager runs the City as chief law enforcement officer. He remains silent on the funding of these cameras, their placement and operation. Many surveillance cameras operate in Cambridge, which are used by Harvard University police, Cambridge police and state police. What is the difference?


Cambridge not into being watched
Weekly Dig
February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

Abuse of Judicial Power

Abuse of Judicial Power

If the judges are on the take there is no chance of getting a fair shake from the courts. Here is one example of how two corrupt judges used their courtrooms to make money with private corporations.

Feb 11, 4:59 PM (ET)
Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash
MyWay News

Obama School of Acting

Obama School of Acting

Speakers at the Obama road show in Florida are scrutinized exposing how deceptive Obama is, exploiting needy persons.


Update: Henrietta Hughes gets a house
By Michelle Malkin
February 10, 2009 04:31 PM

Obama Appointees Don't Pay Taxes

Obama Appointees Don't Pay Taxes

Nancy Killifer withdrew her name from becoming the Chief Performance Officer for Obama. She is a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management. She allegedly did not pay employment taxes for her household help.
Why does she show integrity but not Tim Geithner?


Does anyone know how to pay taxes in the Obama White House?
By Michelle Malkin
February 3, 2009 10:50 AM

Trust me, There's No Need to Count

Trust me, There's No Need to Count

Emperor Obama is thwarting another constitutional provision taking control of the census. If this was an action of a Republican administration it would be a major media firestorm. However there was no mention by any of the three major TV networks or the New York Times.
Add this to the five nominees of Obama who had tax problems it shows that he is not dedicated to the rule of law as he says. He shows no conscience for open lies and deceptions and has no shame when confronted with his distortions.
He is all words and indicates that he believes that by giving speeches he will be able to have his way because he won.


Networks Silent on White House Grab of 2010 Census
By Rich Noyes
February 10, 2009 - 11:17 ET

February 7, 2009

Obama: No Lobbyists in My Administration, Just Kidding

Obama: No Lobbyists in My Administration, Just Kidding

Obama Hires Lobbyists of Various Stripes
Source: Politico,
January 28, 2009

As PRWatch has noted, lobbyists of various backgrounds are finding jobs in the new Barack Obama Administration. Some recently hired include Eric Holder, one of whose clients was Global Crossing, Tom Vilsack who represented the National Education Association, William Lynn who was a top exec for military contractor Raytheon, William Corr who lobbied for The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Mark Patterson, recently a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs, Ron Klain who represented the Coalition for Asbestos Resolution, Melody Barnes, a lobbyist for the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Constitution Society, Cecilia Munoz who lobbied for the National Council of La Raza and Patrick Gaspard, a lobbyist for the Service Employees International Union.

February 4, 2009

Wonder No More

Wonder No More

If you wonder why local police, state officials and the US government refuse to investigate electronic stalking, or other institutionalized abuses, wonder no more. The government is either a part of the criminal enterprise or they are obtuse. This is not the only criminal activity that affects thousands to which government employees closed their minds.

An informative news report broadcast on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric tells of a man who reported the fraud of Bernie Madoff to the SEC for ten years. The SEC ignored him. Madoff is the perpetrator of a $50 billion dollar fraud on individual and institutional investors across the US.

“The SEC failed to act despite receiving credible allegations of fraud from Markopolos about Madoff's operations over a decade.”


Lawmaker: SEC Impeding Madoff Probe
Chairman Of House Committee Investigating Fraud Calls Agency's Lack Of Cooperation An "Abuse Of Authority"
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2009

Trust Me I'm an Expert

Trust Me I'm an Expert

Stanley Kutler says, “Please, I’m a trained historian. I don’t work that way.” And his critics are not trained historians who do work that way? (PATRICIA COHEN, “John Dean’s Role at Issue in Nixon Tapes Feud,” The New York Times, January 31, 2009) Kutler does not answer the substantive charges. He undermines his own position by claiming personal privilege.

Some persons within the Nixon administration were too willing to participate in discrediting the President. Dean, McCord, and others had pivotal positions and did not support the President as others in the administration did. Why were Dean and McCord so anxious to give up their boss? According to Colodny the first break-in (there were two) was to retrieve an address book with Dean’s phone number in it. How does Kutler explain that?

The last thing a “pre-eminent historian” will admit is “I’m wrong.” In some circles, prestige trumps truth. Is this one?


John Dean’s Role at Issue in Nixon Tapes Feud
New York Times
Published: January 31, 2009

February 3, 2009

Illegal Police Power?

Illegal Police Power?

Do MIT police have legal authority to make traffic stops? (Meghann Ackerman, “Cambridge man cuffed after allegedly stealing car while drunk,” Cambridge Chronicle, February 03, 2009) As special state police officers they are empowered to make arrests on their campus. Under informal (illegal) agreement with the city police they can make arrests 'near' their campus and hold the suspects for the Cambridge police. This informal agreement is denied by the city. Is the Sunoco station part of the MIT campus? The actions described by this report do not sound as if they are a legal use of the police power of the state. As for the residence of the suspect, isn't that the headquarters for the City Republican Party? Not reporting the political affiliation of the suspect suggests that he is a Democrat. Nor do we know if this alleged auto thief is a citizen, thanks to the City Manager's sanctuary City policy.


Cambridge man cuffed after allegedly stealing car while drunk
By Meghann Ackerman/Correspondent
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 03, 2009, 01:23 PM EST

More, More Equal?

More, More Equal?

Will there be any effort at hiring persons with disabilities to make the city staff reflect the population of the city and the country? About 20 percent of the population has a disability. About 70 percent of these people are unemployed. Or will this official group continue the City Manager's illegal policy focusing only on one group, which experienced discrimination? Why are some people in Cambridge more equal than others?


City looking for Affirmative Action Advisory members
(City Press Release?)
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 03, 2009, 02:59 PM EST

Farther is Better

Farther is Better

Good thinking Deval. (Kyle Cheney, State House News Service, “Patrick to tout Microsoft's Cambridge location in West Coast trip,” Cambridge Chronicle, February 03, 2009) Why would anyone in California want to go to the suburbs of San Francisco to consult with Microsoft? You can come 3,000 miles to Cambridge to get your technical advice. Those Harvard Corporate lawyers are smart. Are you writing or doing any research for your book on this trip Governor?


Patrick to tout Microsoft's Cambridge location in West Coast trip
By Kyle Cheney/State House News Service
Cambridge Chronicle
Tue Feb 03, 2009, 05:52 PM EST

Where to Put the Cameras

Where to Put the Cameras

One surveillance camera must be placed into the City Manager's office, another in the City Council's buffet room. (Jillian Fennimore, “Cambridge City Council: We don't need Big Brother watching us,”
Cambridge Chronicle, February 03, 2009) The City dispatchers already have too much power thwarting citizen access to police and emergency vehicles. They often are not trained in the First Amendment rights of citizens to have access to police protection. The dispatchers often make decisions about what is a crime and who they should believe, openly discriminating based upon disability. This is a long term abuse that the City Manager refuses to address. The dispatchers often illegally divert calls to Harvard in order to ensure some abuses will NOT be corrected. If the surveillance cameras give more decision making authority to these ill trained dispatchers that is another rational argument against their deployment.


Cambridge City Council: We don't need Big Brother watching us
By Jillian Fennimore/
Cambridge Chronicle staff
Tue Feb 03, 2009, 03:27 PM EST

February 2, 2009

Can't You See What that Policy's Been Doing to Me?

Can't You See What that Policy's Been Doing to Me?

[This letter was published in the February 12, 2009 online edition of the Cambridge Chronicle.]

GOP Chair Jennifer Nassour referred to "an appearance of impropriety." (State House News Service, "GOP questions life sciences center meeting in Cambridge," Cambridge Chronicle, February 2, 2009, online edition) A what? Not in this state, Chump. No such thing. Never. Ningun. Nada. All is on the up and up here. With the Conformist Party running the state, how can there possibly be an appearance of anything? All is well here, Pal. Nothing improper at all. It's all in you mind. We are told, "the governor and his administration feel that no one cares and no one's watching and they can get away with this." It is not just the Governor who feels that way. All the politicians know that no one cares. If they do care they get some love from the character assassination squad where they live. No sleep for a few years will teach them to recognize the propriety of all government actions. "The center's spokesman, Angus McQuilken [described] a transparent conflict of interest policy is strictly adhered to by all of our Board members." ALL Board Members, do you hear me? Transparent policy, can't you see? As long as you can see the conflict of interest there is no problem. It is transparent. So what are you complaining about, Buddy?


GOP questions life sciences center meeting in Cambridge
By State House News Service
Cambridge Chronicle
Mon Feb 02, 2009, 06:50 PM EST

Roy Bercaw, Editor ENOUGH ROOM

Obama's Distortions

Obama's Distortion

No Lobbyists except. . .
PROMISES, PROMISES: No lobbyists at WH, except ...

Associated Press Writer Charles Babington
February 2, 2009
Yahoo.com news


Hllary Under Fire?

Hillary under fire now
But not in Bosnia, she admits
By Associated Press
Boston Herald
Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Media Reality Check

Wednesday, January 28, 1998
Vol. Two, No. 3
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Why Hillary Ought to Shut Up
Brent Bozell



January 21, 2009 9:45 AM
Unpardonable: Holder’s Marc Rich Shuffle
The AG nominee’s 1995 lawsuit refutes his claims of ignorance about the fugitive.
By Andrew C. McCarthy
National Review
Eric Holder, AG
In Spite of Pardon for Marc Rich, Fugitive


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