September 30, 2013

Marine Commandant Wants Two Generals Fired

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Jim Amos.
U.S. Marine Corps Photo / Cpl Lia Atkins

Marine Commandant Calls For Two Generals To Be Fired Over 2012 Taliban Ambush
Brian Jones
Sep. 30, 2013, 6:51 PM

Florida Lady, CEO of Food Company, Has No College Degree

Woman in charge: Kat Cole started off her food industry career as a waitress at Hooters to pay for college, but soon rose through the ranks and is now the president of Cinnabon.

From the sports bar to the boardroom: How one former Hooters waitress worked her way up to become president of Cinnabon
Kat Cole started her career in the food industry as a Hooters waitress to pay for college
But she quickly rose through the ranks of the company and was a vice president by the age of 26
In 2010, she left Hooters to become chief operating officer of Cinnabon
Within two months of getting her MBA she was promoted to president
This year, Cinnabon is expected to take in $1billion in sales, due in part to Cole's focus on licensing deals
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 13:21 EST, 30 September 2013 | UPDATED: 13:28 EST, 30 September 2013

Harvard University Graduate, Lawyer Captured Charged With Charity Fraud

Caught: John Donald Cody, aka Bobby Thompson, at a court hearing in May, after his arrest.

[From article]
The defendant referred to as himself as Bobby Thompson throughout his years on the lam, but authorities later identified him as Harvard-trained lawyer and former military intelligence officer John Donald Cody, 67.
He was arrested last year in Portland, Oregon, after two years on the run. It was later discovered he had been evading the FBI since 1987.
He's charged with defrauding people who donated to a reputed charity for Navy veterans, the United States Navy Veterans Association based in Tampa, Florida.
The alleged fraud spanned 41 states, including up to $2million in Ohio.

Trial starts for fugitive conman who masterminded $100million fraud scam under the guise of helping navy veterans but used the money for himself
Trial of accused conman and fugitive John Donald Cody, who has been wanted by the FBI since 1987, starts today
Cody practiced law in Sierra Vista, Arizona in the 1980s, when he was accused of stealing money from his clients but he fell off the grid
Under the alias of Bobby Thompson, he operated a fraudulent charity, raising over $100 million and rubbing shoulders with D.C. power players
His charity scam was discovered in 2010, though his true identity remained a mystery
By Associated Press Reporter
PUBLISHED: 11:29 EST, 30 September 2013 | UPDATED: 11:29 EST, 30 September 2013
Daily Mail (UK)

Academic Historians Attack History By Seeker of Truth, Diana West

American Betrayal
Diana West
St. Martin's Press
May 28, 2013
New York

[From article]
Where a professional historian pursues an academic career, the amateur seeks after the truth. Ignorant of taboos, the amateur can follow the trail of evidence to wherever it leads and discovers things which, according to the academic conventional wisdom, are best left untouched and unsaid.
[. . .]
Did all these people (the glorious FDR administration) really conduct the Second World War in the interests of Western democracies, or was it in the interests of Comrade Stalin? Having declared that war to defend the freedom of Poland, the Western democracies ended it by surrendering Poland and a dozen other nations to a totalitarian empire worse than Hitler’s. Was that really a victory? Above all, was that outcome inevitable, or did it, to a greater or lesser extent, result from the work of the Soviet agents of influence in the positions of power in the West?
[. . .]
if some 80 years later we find the Western Establishment to be utterly corrupt, we should know what has corrupted them.
The Left have learned a lot since the times of Duranty and Agitprop. They no longer try to argue with such books as Mrs. West’s. They no longer try to sue us for libel in the courts of law. They quietly assassinate such books well in advance, by confidential e-mails to publishers and editors. In rare cases when that does not work and the book is out, they simply ignore it and wait for another crisis in the Middle East, or the release of the next series of the latest blockbuster, or mid-term elections, to distract the public attention from everything else. They simply let the dangerous revelations sink in the massive flood of information that overwhelms today’s readers.
[. . .]
The “consensus” is that Soviet agents of influence had no real influence, that FDR was a great patriot and war leader, and that Stalin’s occupation of half of the world was the best possible outcome of the war. On these points, it has emerged, the "conservative" and "liberal" academics have no disagreements. All their disagreements are about how exactly to explain away the facts that do not fit into their “consensus," and how exactly to suppress dissent.
[. . .]
In the best traditions of those campaigns, most of the eminent critics attacked the book without ever reading it, and some of them even admitted this. Come to think of it, one hardly needs to read a book in order to accompany any mention of it with a garland of epithets such as “awful”, “embarrassingly kooky”, “poorly conceived”, “ill-informed”, “conspiracy-mongering”, “preposterous”, “incompetent”, and “dishonest”, and to insult the author in similarly intelligent expressions, including positive assertions that Mrs. West is insane (pity Professor Lunz is no longer with us).
[. . .]
The difference is no greater than between a "liberal" academic liar and a "conservative" one.
[. . .]
Some of us here are talking about truth and lies. And this, perhaps, is precisely what annoys the academics, whose monopoly on writing history depend upon the half-truths of the "consensus."
[. . .]
There is another danger in attacking books without reading them.
[. . .]
It is in the nature of a totalitarian regime to try and corrupt not only its own society, but anybody within its reach. This is how they conquer the world. Communism has corrupted greater men than a few arrogant academics. Indeed, the academics turned out to be one of the easier targets.
[. . .]
As a ‘community’, they are bound together with their corrupt colleagues, and have to defend their collective monopoly against intruders. It is for a very long time that they have been no more than a self-serving nomenklatura, caring nothing about the truth, but only about their own elevated positions. Like politicians. Like the media. Like the rest of the modern world.
[. . .]
To them, the history of that battle has been no more than a comfortable job. They never saw establishing the truth about it as a sacred duty we owe to the memory of millions of victims; but merely as a matter for “gentlemanly give-and-take” between "liberals" and "conservatives," leading to a sound academic consensus.
[. . .]
A nice, endless debate with no practical conclusions– just what the academics need.
[. . .]
Diana West, with her “reckless” discoveries, has jeopardized their comfortable world.
[. . .]
The sheer number of their academic degrees bears witness to their infinite knowledge. It is just that they lacked honesty and courage to tell us the truth.
Clearly, history is far too important to be left to the historians.


* * *

"Professor" Radosh Gets an "F"
Written by: Diana West

Friday, August 09, 2013 2:08 AM 

Police Use Smart Water To Catch Thieves

Yafet Askale, 28, denied breaking into the vehicle which had been fitted with a traceable liquid called SmartWater, which contains a dye that becomes visible under ultra violet light

Car thief sprayed with invisible dye in police trap
A thief was arrested after being sprayed with invisible ultra violet dye when he broke into a 'trap car' set up by police.
By Agencies
3:38PM BST 30 Sep 2013

Sen. Warren's Employee Misuses Government Property

Elizabeth Warren, US Senator (D-MA)
Photo: Angela Rowlings

State GOP files ethics complaint against Warren staffer
Boston Herald
Monday, September 30, 2013
By: Joe Battenfeld, Joe Dwinell

Gambling Lobby Strong Enough To Censor Critics

[From article]
Sometimes it’s not what people say that reveals who and what they are; sometimes it’s what they don’t say.

Candidates too timid to speak out against gambling? You bet
Boston Herald
Monday, September 30, 2013
By: Joe Fitzgerald

Media Censors Descriptions of Suspects

Not identifying suspects is a national problem with police and journalists. It serves to keep the vulnerable public ignorant and to allow police to have exclusive control of searching for suspects. In Cambridge the police and the local weakly do not identify locations other than the street where crimes occur.
Feminists say all men are rapists. What's the difference with race?

Three Women Assaulted, Robbed in Cambridge
September 27, 2013

Democrats Divert Attention From Misguided Policies

[From article]
For three consecutive years — 2010, 2011, and 2012 — the Democrat-controlled Senate did not pass a budget bill because Reid knew that it would be a political liability to do so. Passing a budget that detailed the Democrats’ plans for spending and revenue as official policy would have exposed the “something for nothing” swindle that Reid and his colleagues are perpetrating on the American people.
Personal attacks on men of integrity is rule one of propaganda.

Extremely Extreme Extremists
on 9.30.13 @ 6:11AM
Liberal “shutdown” rhetoric ignores the irresponsibility of Democrats.

Civil Disobedience Of Health Care Law

[From article]
I live in Massachusetts, where, once upon a time, a spirit of resistance and independence animated much of the citizenry.  But many here have devolved from the shot heard round the world to sheltering in place.  Not I -- nor many of my fellow Bay Staters, who are outnumbered but undaunted.

September 30, 2013
I Will Not Comply
By Matthew May

Cambridge City Council Passes Orders Contrary to Law. Are They Valid?

Published September 23, 2013 11:16 AM ET; Last updated September 30, 2013 7:57 PM ET

[This letter was published in the Cambridge Chronicle Thursday, September 26, 2013 print edition at page A11, and online at

See my comments on Council order to have City Council learn Robert's Rule's of Order and their own rules in this video clip

In "Highlights from the City Council meeting," September 12, 2013, Erin Baldassari reported "the Attorney General [of Massachusetts], ruled in June [2013] that [the Council was] violating open meeting laws by co-sponsoring policy orders before voting on them." Not reported is how far back do these violations go? If the orders going back some months, years are illegal are they valid?

A related matter is the failure of the City Council to run its meetings according to its own rules, e.g., according to Robert's Rules of Order. About 7 years ago I reminded the Council repeatedly that they were not obeying their own rules. The response was to tell me I was violating a rule that they 

never enforced. 


Does the Council's weekly work have any legal worth? Why is the City Council permitted to violate Due Process requirements and the Open Meeting Law? Does the Council operate under direction of the President and Fellows of Harvard College, with permission to ignore inconvenient laws as long as they do not anger their master?

60 SECONDS: Highlights from the Cambridge City Council meeting Sept. 9
By Erin Baldassari ebaldassari (at)
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Sep 13, 2013 @ 11:08 AM

September 28, 2013

Is San Francisco, CA Becoming Cambridge, MA?

Rents have risen faster in San Francisco than in any other US city
AFP/Getty Images

The dawn of the 'start-up douchebag': San Francisco locals disturbed as Google, Facebook, Apple and eBay professionals move in
As Google staff flock to the city, a battle is raging at the heart of San Francisco’s middle class

LASERs Threaten Airline Safety

These lasers could knock a passenger jet out of the sky

EXCLUSIVE: Laser horror as attempts to blind pilots puts UK passengers at risk
THOUSANDS of planes coming in to land at Britain’s busiest airports are being endangered by a wave of potentially deadly laser attacks from the ground.
By: Ted Jeory
Published: Sun, September 29, 2013

Texas County Now Owns Mine Proof Tank

Photo: Dallas County
Soon to be outfitted with Dallas County Sheriff's Office livery.

Dallas County Now Has Its Very Own Bulletproof, "Mine-Protected" Military SUV
By Eric Nicholson
Fri., Sep. 27 2013 at 12:00 PM

September 27, 2013

NJ Attorney Sentenced to Six Life Terms

N.J. attorney to rap stars, drug lords given six life prison terms
Published: Sept. 24, 2013 at 6:28 PM

Brother of Black NJ Teen Convicted of Murdering Young White Girl, Released from Jail

Autumn Pasquale

(LEFT) Image of Dante Robinson, 17, taken from Twitter. (RIGHT) Image of Justin Robinson, 15, taken from Facebook.

Autumn Pasquale killing: Dante Robinson released from jail, pleads guilty to obstruction
By Carly Q. Romalino
South Jersey Times
on September 24, 2013 at 6:38 PM, updated September 25, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Mudslinging Around Ted Cruz's Harvard Law School Roomate, Cruz's Elitism

US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Photograph by Benjamin Sklar

Source in Ted Cruz GQ Article Is a Disbarred Convict
The source of the allegation that Cruz refused to study with grads of ‘lesser Ivies’ was disbarred in June
BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
September 24, 2013 12:00 pm 

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates US Government and Political Organizations

Brigitte Gabriel's Act For America
works relentlessly to expose misguided government officials who allow Muslim propaganda into policy manuals and training.

[From article]
Subversion: As Cairo bans the radical Muslim Brotherhood and jails thousands of its leaders, the terror-supporting group is making deeper inroads into our own government.
The extent of the Brotherhood's influence on operations — within the State Department and even the FBI — is stunning and demands further investigation.
It turns out that one of those arrested Brotherhood leaders previously worked for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, according to the Washington Free Beacon.
Gehad (Jihad) el-Haddad, a top Brotherhood official and aide to ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, was actually employed by the Clintons from August 2007 to August 2012, when he left to work full-time for Morsi's regime.

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Clinton Camp, FBI Offices
Posted 09/24/2013 06:56 PM ET

Academic Propaganda Permitted, Because . . . Well, Because They Are Academics

Only academic propagandists claim it is legal to hunt children. But in real life young black teens play a game called knockout, where they seek out a white person to beat until they are unconscious. One more example of misguided academics misleading students.

School official tells students Trayvon Martin case proved it is 'legal to hunt' children
By Maxim Lott
Published September 26, 2013

Black NC Man Shoots 4 Based on Race

[From article]
A [black] man who shot four people near a Greenville Wal-Mart in June picked out his victims because they were white, according to several indictments handed down against him.

Greenville Wal-Mart Shooter Picked Victims By Race
September 25, 2013 8:50 AM

Pat Buchanan's Strategy For Stopping Health Care Abomination

Pat Buchanan to GOP on Obamacare: 'For sure you cannot win if you do not fight'
September 26, 2013

NM Police Chief Charged With Malfeasance, Working With Mexican Drug Cartels

Former Columbus police chief Angelo Vegas is accused of accepting $2,000 a month from the Juarez Cartel in exchange for helping them smuggle drugs and guns

Former New Mexico police chief 'was on drug cartel's payroll and even let them use cop cars to carry out their business'
Angelo Vegas is accused of accepting $2,000 a month from the Juarez Cartel in exchange for helping them smuggle drugs and guns
The ex-police chief of Columbus is also accused of allowing the cartel to use the village's police cruisers to carry out dealing
Vega testified on Wednesday that he didn't remember exactly how much he was paid or how long he worked for the cartel
He has admitted to running background checks and license plates at the request of the gang
PUBLISHED: 13:03 EST, 26 September 2013 | UPDATED: 13:06 EST, 26 September 2013

Seymour Hersh On Obama's Misguided Actions

Seymour Hersh exposed the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize. Photograph: Wally McNamee/Corbis

[From article]
"The republic's in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple." And he implores journalists to do something about it.

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media
Pulitzer Prize winner explains how to fix journalism, saying press should 'fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can't control'

Mao's Red Book Reprinted, China Going Capitalist?

27 Sep 2013, 11:24 AM PDT

Obama Accused of "Shuck and Jive," Again

Another Republican accuses Obama of ‘shuck and jive’
Morgan Whitaker, @morganwinn
3:50 PM on 09/27/2013

Fed Housing Administration Broke, Due to Bad Loans

UPDATE 2-U.S. FHA to tap $1.7 billion in taxpayer funds
Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:31am IST
FHA needs cash to maintain required capital cushion
Shortfall stems from loans backed from 2007 to 2009
Republicans: FHA was irresponsible in propping up market
White House predicted $943 million draw in April
Obama administration officials see finances improving
By Margaret Chadbourn

September 26, 2013

Misguided Republicans

US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), graduate of Harvard Law School like Obama.

[From article]
In every single category of Crap Forced On the Country by the Left, liberals always have a work-around for themselves.
They love the public schools and denounce school choice — but their kids go to St. Albans or Sidwell Friends. As Al Gore responded to a question from a black journalist for Time magazine who asked him why he opposed school vouchers while sending his own kids to private schools, “My children — you can leave them out of this!”
Oh, now I see.
[. . .]
Unfortunately, most Republicans are too stupid to notice that Democrats are walking around with a gigantic glass jaw. Democrats must not be able to believe their dumb luck. Instead of hitting our glass jaw, Republicans have decided to attack Ted Cruz!

By: Ann Coulter
9/25/2013 04:46 PM

Police: Black Teen Cambridge Gang Robs, Beats White Man on Street

What makes this item newsworthy is that the description of the black suspects was reported.

Police: Teens jump Cambridge man
By Staff reports
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Sep 25, 2013 @ 05:49 PM

September 25, 2013

Pro Athlete Charged With Strangling Girlfriend

Photo: Bob Olsen, AP
Fired ESPN analyst Hugh Douglas, seen here in 1997 while with the Jets, was charged with strangling his girlfriend.

Ex-ESPN analyst charged with strangling girlfriend
By Associated Press
September 25, 2013 | 4:14pm

Charity Chief Charged With Grand Theft

Photo: Michael Appleton for The New York Times
William E. Rapfogel after his arrest on Tuesday on charges of looting the Metropolitan New York Council on Jewish Poverty.

Former Chief of Jewish Charity Stole Money Early and Often, Prosecutors Say
Published: September 24, 2013

Teen Attacks 70-year-old Man Who Dies From Injuries

Jim Gifford: A life built around neighborhood, church and service. 
(Submitted photo)

Suspect Romeo Williams, 18, has long arrest record. Celebrated after the attack.

Assault victim James Gifford dies at hospital; grand jury to consider homicide charges against Williams
By Sean Kirst | skirst (at)
on September 25, 2013 at 6:18 PM, updated September 25, 2013 at 9:06 PM
* * *

Cops: Teen pauses attack on 70-year-old man to celebrate
Posted: Sep 22, 2013 8:46 AM EDT Sunday, September 22, 2013 8:46 AM EST
Updated: Sep 24, 2013 10:51 PM EDT

80-year-old Georgia Man Beaten in Attempted Carjacking

Creston Portis, 80

Suspect "Dexter"

Suspects "Esha" and "Rickey/Tray"

80-year-old man beaten in attempted carjacking
9:58 AM, Sep 25, 2013 

Boston Police Commissioner Retires, Says He Always Wanted to Go To Harvard

Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, Moving To Harvard University as celebrity policeman.

Comment from Harvard Crimson reader:

Bruno •September 24, 2013

Davis,ranks as average; no immense scandals but too much a inside guy and menino puppet.He would not tackle union privileges-such as highly overpaid detail duties; also minority recruitment issues. Boston has one of the weakest and toothless citizen review boards and processes in the nation .Davis,over significant public and City Council abolished the mounted unit "for reason of cost" but spent over 2500K on purchase and training for a micro-wave crowd zapper that will never be used. Give this old pol a well deserved NON-Harvard retirement.

[From me]
One more celebrity government official joining Cambridge City Manager Healy, former Cambridge Mayors, to increase university firepower for fund raising. Will Davis assist promoting Harvard University's public policy encouraging security over freedom, and covering up HUPD abuses of power?

Boston Police Commissioner Will Resign Within 60 Days
Davis still undecided on accepting Harvard IOP Fellowship

Harvard University Campus Cops Escalate Their Criminal Abuses

September 2013 brought the new year for Jews. It also brought increased criminal harassment from Harvard University campus cops who have been harassing me and broadcasting character assassination since 1995 when I became a tenant of the President and Fellows of Harvard College. For 17 years there was non stop criminal abuse of police powers granted to the criminal non profit educational institution enterprise which runs the state of Massachusetts.

Like their political creation in the White House for the last five years there is no accountability for misguided activity which violates state and US laws. Obama learned how to ignore inconvenient laws at Harvard Law School. The University has an absolute exemption from any and all laws; local, state and US. They argue in the name of good. Diversity. Multiculturalism. Inclusion. But if you raise the idea of violations of local and state laws, they say, "Will you shut up." Then they harass you using psychologists and psychiatrists, white hating black racist students, police and faculty, man hating feminist women, and homosexuals who hate breeders.

When all of that does not work to provoke violence to enable an arrest or commitment to a hospital, they bring out super secret experimental high tech harassment weapons used by the military to torment prisoners. Harvard University has the power, and the fake image just like Obama and Holder to get away with murder, using human subjects for medical research without consent, tormenting vulnerable persons, and isolating humans from police protection.

So in spite of having been harassed by the FBI and the CIA when I was a student at Columbia in 1968; then drugged by government psychiatrists at Harvard University for 80 consecutive days without consent in 1973, because they thought I was a spy; then used to fight organized crime in an impaired state by the FBI for 15 years, without any compensation; and then used as a target for retaliation by 9 crime families for 22 years coordinated by the FBI, Harvard University lawyers and administrators; now the geniuses at Harvard University, lawyers, faculty, graduate student psychologists conduct a new round of terror on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Local officials obey their authority figures at Harvard University. State officials remain focused on their careers and do not want to make any waves suggesting that Harvard University may be run by criminals. US officials are under control of Harvard University graduates who will not allow any laws to be enforced if they impact the fund raising efforts of Harvard's investment group.

So they deploy university police employees to conduct a relentless program to prevent me from writing about what they do. Harvard University lawyers ridicule me online telling me and everyone, "No one reads your blog." Then they try to prevent me from writing on it. So which is it? No one reads it, or Harvard University's small-minded fragile officials fear what I write? On Wednesday, September 25, 2013 beginning at about 2:51 AM one of Harvard University's thoughtful and gentle campus police employees began a project to force my computer to crash every minute and sometimes twice a minute.

By 3:22 AM he or she had made my computer crash 34 times, when I began writing this report. It is a new record of frequency for this type of criminal abuse. Tampering with a computer is a felony under the US Code. But Harvard University campus cops know that the FBI and the Secret Service will not act unless there is a $75,000 minimum of damages. Local police will not enforce any laws against Harvard University's campus cops. Plus they are mostly clueless about technology and computer abuses. At least with regard to enforcing criminal laws. Local police are adept at tampering, hacking and conducting surveillance using computers. But they no longer protect civilians' freedom. Cambridge and Harvard University gave up freedom for security and now promote bigger and bigger government. Anyone who disagrees with them will see what the police can do to make their life miserable.

Early in the evening Harvard University campus cops followed me to a local library along with one of their thoughtful women police psychologists. As usual (this is a repeating pattern for more than 35 years) they used young women as bait. It is perplexing how limited the range of creativity of police and psychologists is. All they seem to know is using young women, or young men as bait. Do all police and all psychologists think with their testicles and vaginas?

The police and their criminal employees at Harvard University threatened me so many times I no longer fear their threats. They try to provoke violence to have me arrested. They even employ young black "homeless" men and women to try to provoke a crime. Harvard University campus cops are like teenaged thugs with guns and badges. They have no control and show they lack training and knowledge of state and local laws, no less the Constitution. But that is elementary if you pay any attention to the state government in Massachusetts or the current occupant of the White House. Laws are optional.

September 24, 2013

Cambridge Politician Whines Encountering Intolerant Citizens

Cambridge native Marjorie Decker seems to have lived a sheltered life in this intolerant city. She is upset that campaign signs of candidates she supports have been removed twice. Horrors! If she ever criticized someone with influence she would know how pervasive anti democratic people are in Cambridge. Harvard University campus cops under direction of University officials conduct non stop harassment of persons they say are mentally ill. Harvard University professors request HUPD to arrest critics of black politicians. The campus police happily and unlawfully comply. City police and state officials conduct relentless character assassination, provocations, ridicule, humiliation of elders who dare to criticize their one party intolerant abuses of power, which Rep. Decker is a proud inside member. Then there is the time during a City Council meeting when she demanded that a citizen be removed from Council chambers because the citizen had a service dog, which made Decker sneeze. Is that how Decker defines democracy? What she likes is protected speech?

LETTER: Candidate yard signs removed from property
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Sep 24, 2013 @ 11:18 AM
Marjorie Decker, Cambridge City Councilor, State Representative 25th Middlesex District

Con Man Obama Running Out of Marks

[From article]
During the 2008 presidential debate he peddled this fiction:
"For my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they're saying that this may be a pre-existing condition and they don't have to pay her treatment, there's something fundamentally wrong about that."
Why was this lie more important than any others?
It was a foundational lie; a talisman for all that would follow for, as Victor Davis Hanson so keenly noted, a man who would lie about his own mother's death would "fudge" about anything, and do so shamelessly.
[. . .]
The storytelling worked for years. Indeed, they lifted him from a lowly state senator in Illinois to the highest office in the land. Such rags to riches stories are part of the American creed and often are celebrated. But another part of American history has been the role of con men.
[. . .]
Character assassination of all his political opponents is a recurring motif.

September 24, 2013
Obama the Storyteller

Intolerant Liberal Haters Destroy Conservative Icons; Reagan Statue, Ten Commandments Tablet

Torched Can-Do Monument at Ronald Reagan Sports Park, Temecula, Calif.

Vandalized Ten Commandments monument outside Faith and Action, Washington, D.C.

Launch 2 attacks on tributes to conservative values over same weekend
Drew Zahn
September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Journalists Continue to Under Report Role of Psychiatric Drugs In Mass Gun Violence

Media Buries Psychiatric Drug Connection to Navy Shooter
Networks don’t want to risk losing $2.4 billion in ad revenue from pharmaceutical giants
Paul Joseph Watson

September 18, 2013