October 31, 2015

Long Time Ago. Publishing Interruptus Continued October 27, 2015

After the charming Chinese Communists ended their few days of extreme criminal abuses in October 2015, they were immediately replaced by associates of the gambling rings operating in Cambridge, Boston, Medford  and Somerville, MA. For the following weeks these gambling ring associates and employees conducted a brutal campaign of intense relentless criminal harassment. Local and state police, and US authorities do not spend resources on gambling rings. They all participate in them, part of the families.

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 the charming gambling ring associates in the Kennedy cult brought out teams of alcoholics to surround me as if I was one of them. It is one of the many methods they use to insult, to ridicule, to humiliate and to discredit me. First the California crime Syndicate, now the Kennedy cult surround me with hateful and hostile persons. Surround me with man-hating feminists and  lesbians. Surround me with white-hating black and brown persons. It is how to create healthy, happy, well adjusted persons. Just ask the psychiatrists and psychologists employed by these criminal organizations who direct the ongoing criminal abuses. These health care professionals promote an image as healers, love and avoiding hurting feelings. But they unleash the brutal power of police and government on an individual to destroy his spirit and his humanity. They stir up animosity among special interest groups who take turns harassing me.

The previous night (Monday October 26, 2015) at a school committee candidate forum they continued 45 years of character assassination scaring ordinary civilians away broadcasting elements of the slander campaign. It shows that with all of their wealth and political power in this nation, the same depraved spineless bullies still fear me. After 45 years of being slandered they still fear having their lies and their predatory criminal abuses of power exposed. That indicates what they think of me, trying to discredit me further. Recall that in 1968 this same organization adopted me when I was a student at Columbia University, to groom me to be a political leader as they do with others now in public office.

But in 1973 and for the next 42 years it was inconvenient for them to continue their support. They had no use for me as a human being. They abandoned me, and joined with the California crime Syndicate and Communists attacking me.  Thus began a relentless campaign to discredit me. One element was to tell everyone "He's a retired drug dealer." They employed two mercenaries, a woman I dated for three months when I was in law school, and an FBI informant to pretend to be my friends for 35 years. That was after government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. They thought I was a spy. It was also after the FBI scared me and used me in an impaired state for 15 years to fight organized crime, and did not pay me one cent. 

The government promoted three cover stories for what they did. "He had a nervous breakdown." "He is a drug addict." "Teenagers put PCP in his marijuana." But even if one believes any of the three cover stories the FBI still used me in an impaired state to fight crime families and left me to live in the streets for 18 months. It shows how disgusting the FBI and the Kennedy cult can be. It shows how depraved this organization is while they promote high minded morally superior issues, as they destroy individuals. 

In 2015 they employ gambling rings for the same criminal abuses which the California crime Syndicate performed against me for the previous 35 years. Public officials in local, state and US agencies, and their $2 billion taxpayer funded human services industry stand by and watch. The criminals do what they want on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, the most prestigious and wealthiest ($37 billion) university in the nation.

Over the past 45 years one constant element of a double bind is police and Communists saying about me, "He's a criminal." The FBI said, "He's a retired drug dealer." for 35 years. They had other elements which changed over the years. First "He's a black, homosexual, Communist, Jew from New York." which morphed into "He's a racist, Italian, homosexual from Boston." At the same time crime families say, "He's a Communist." They each use their propaganda to justify harassing me. During the 20 years of my tenancy at Harvard University their superintendents began with "He's a homosexual racist." then reverted to "He's a Communist employed by the Kennedy cult." They tamper with electronic communications devices. Harvard University employs all the same technology to criminally abuse, and to control their tenants, as the government criminals use against terror suspects. Unlike government criminals, Harvard University hooligans do not obtain court warrants for their abuses.

In October 2015 Harvard employees resumed their effort to have me evicted. The latest gambling ring psychologist pretender joined the graduate student in psychology at Harvard University Medical School urging me to commit suicide. That is the kind of depraved people employed by Harvard University toward a tenant that they say is crazy. You have to admire their depravity, and the kind of politicians they produce to run the city, the state and the nation. Prey on the weak, and pretend to be a victim.

Next came the returning FBI homosexual squad who led the surveillance and harassment since 1973, ensuring that the Communist campaign trying to make me into a homosexual was actually effective. They made it appear that I was a homosexual keeping me surrounded by lesbians and homosexuals. In case I thought about talking with a heterosexual woman, they ensured the women I met were man-hating feminists, rape victims, police employees, psychologists, or psychiatrists. It is always thus. They added a new round of "He's not real." and "He's dead." I thought only Saddam Hussein had doppelgangers.

On Sunday, October 25, 2015 I was treated to a relentless day of harassment and provocations from a charming gentleman who is reportedly employed by the Kennedy cult gambling rings from above named cities and towns, protected by police agencies. Some report the gamblers are from San Francisco too. See how important I am? Numerous gambling aficionados work at Harvard University. The lead gambler-harasser of the day, is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs about 210 pounds. Has reddish brown curly hair, some facial hair and was wearing a green Oxford University sweatshirt when I saw him in the basement.

The on call superintendent for the weekend was in the basement attending a substantial water leak from a large pipe going from the first floor into the basement. The Oxford shirt, may be a wannabe psychologist, having worked in a mental hospital as a guard. They often think they are psychiatrists. I suspect he uses police or government files, which are notoriously inaccurate. Not just mine. I asked local police for any files, and the FBI twice. They denied having any files about me. They either lied or the files were destroyed contrary to law. That has happened in other jurisdictions. So it is not surprising to me. The lead psychologist-gambler of the day likely works for the gambling rings mentioned above with a Harvard University connection.

On Sunday, October 25, 2015, with a superintendent present,  I saw him wandering the halls with no supervision as if he lived in the building. He occupied the apartment above mine as all of the criminals do who harass me, disturbing my sleep, keeping me awake through evening hours, sabotaging my computer and keeping me under surveillance. That apartment is now vacant as previous ones were. Harvard employees provide access to criminals for the vacant units for harassment. The pattern that these creepy people use and repeat each time there is a new one is: first to harass, trying to provoke violence. They are told, "He's crazy." And the prevailing belief, obediently reported by journalists everywhere, is that if a person is crazy, they are easily provoked and are violent.

Failing to provoke, they next use young women as bait. When that fails to lead to an arrest, they use older women, often married. And when that also fails they use young men as bait. All of which occurred on Sunday, October 25, 2015. It suggests there is a limitless supply of mercenary morons willing to earn money interfering with my life. He is only the latest vulgarian to do so. One of the unlimited parade of hateful and hostile beings that I am surrounded by each day, every day. It indicates the priorities of police, crime families and Communists. But also for the FBI that allows this long term abuse, 45 years so far. Journalists report many murders, and attacks on police officers. How many people with long arrest records and histories of violent crimes are walking around with no one watching them? But for 45 years the same kind of creepy people have kept me under surveillance, harassment and character assassination. Consider how extremely misguided they are.

They think I do not know they are watching, harassing and using young women as bait. They are disgusting perverts, and reveal what they think of me. Do they think I will get violent and allow them to have me arrested? In 1990 the California crime syndicate hired Cambridge and Somerville police to harass me, and paid for a complete frame-up with seven attorneys, five judges, two clerks, and about a dozen police employees from the two cities. That was after I wrote letters to the chiefs of those police departments complaining about police harassment. No more complaints to police.  

The usual Harvard University superintendent suspects provided access to my building, to the Oxford hooligan. Harvard employees explain they are only following orders. It is not clear who is ordering the harassment. Is it from high up in the Harvard administration food chain? The President? The Provost? The General Counsel? Or one of the puppet Vice Presidents? The gambling ring psychologist wannabe continued the campaign trying to make me into a homosexual, then tried to provoke violence. The gamblers operate under the ancient profile of me being "a black, homosexual, Communist." They employed white-hating black people for harassment as I shopped for groceries. I suspect they also stirred up racial animosity, telling them, "He's a racist." It is what these thoughtful gentlemen do. But that element comes from the FBI which suggests they work as informants for the FBI. Watch for the history of Boston area gambling rings in my life 1971-1979, as soon as I am able to edit it into presentable form.

The Middlesex District Attorney (and the Attorney General of Massachusetts) ignores my complaints saying "He has no evidence." When is it the responsibility of crime victims to provide evidence? That is what the police (and the FBI) are for. When I went to the US Attorney to complain. They told me that they only act after the FBI provides evidence of a crime. Oh! That explains why the FBI in Boston is rife with corrupt agents. The FBI does not report themselves. Police (and the FBI) say "He's mentally ill." and ignore complaints in violation of the discrimination laws. Those laws remain unenforced due to the intentional ignorance of taxpayer funded agencies. Taxpayer funded agencies remain focused on white-only racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and sexism. Disability? Not on their radar. Even at the Cambridge Handicap Commission they are not concerned. In October 2015 I went to their office, explaining what happened the previous week. The staff told me, "That was a long time ago." Huh?

The mostly gambling ring criminals repeat events from 1971-1979 in 2015. When I complain the government tells me "That was a long time ago." I see. The gambling rings harass me and repeat events from long ago. But when I complain to the government they say it is the present, that was long ago. It is the same with character assassination, "He's crazy." They scare people away to keep me isolated. But when I seek help from taxpayer funded agencies who are paid to help persons who are crazy, the staff and the mental patients say, "Don't come here. There's nothing wrong with you." We do not want non mental patients observing us. Oh. So the crazy part is only for non crazy people, just to scare them. In the real world of crazy it is non existent. That is just perfect as one of the crime families often says. At a candidate forum on Monday October 26, 2015 there were at least two psychologists present conducting evaluations. That is in addition to the police employees watching for violence. Amazing waste of taxpayer resources.

Police power is focused on harmless individuals. The police and their employees fear targeting dangerous violent criminals. They might get hurt. Thus they harass harmless persons in order to provoke them and make their arrests without endangering themselves. The TSA and the DHS do the same at the federal level targeting older women and children at airports for thorough searches, while terror candidates wear police and pilot uniforms carrying weapons onto the planes. It is pathetic how the government wastes taxpayer money, and does not keep people safe.

Updated(2): Publishing Interruptus Again October 11, 2015

Posted October 11, 2015; Last Updated October 19, 2015 4:34 PM ET

It appears that the latest round of intense police criminal abuses are from those delightful and always charming Communist lesbian women from New York City. When it all began in 1970 it was the very same group of women. Except they were then operating under the auspices of the USSR. Now they are from the People's Republic of China. The awful part is that for 45 years crime families, FBI informants and assorted psychopaths conducted their abuses based on their beliefs that I was a Communist, while Communists were attacking me. They conduct the same pattern of boring performances. They begin with young women as bait continuing their behavior conditioning campaign trying to make me into a homosexual. 45 years so far and it still hasn't worked. But they never give up. After the women act as if I was trying to rape them, they use homosexuals who are admiring, friendly and loving. Often these men and women are extremely troubled. They bring along police (in this case Harvard University campus police, who are always willing to do favors abusing their power for personal, economic and political purposes) trying to scare me into a new round of fighting organized crime. Anything to keep me from enjoying the basic right to be left alone to pursue happiness. Only thing they forget or did not know, that government psychiatrists drugged me using hallucinogens and then the FBI scared me into their control in order to conduct a brutal 15-year campaign preying on an impaired individual, using me as bait for crime families. "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." -- Mark Twain.

* * *

On Saturday and Sunday October 17-18, 2015 for about 36 hours Harvard University campus police and their employees conducted a brutal relentless campaign of intense criminal harassment and alarming lockstep surveillance. In addition to disturbing my sleep, and keeping me awake, trying to provoke violence, they came along to public libraries where I use computers due to sabotage of my home computer. As if that is not enough, staff and patrons join in sabotaging my use of public computers intruding into the network to block my usage. On Saturday evening October 17, 2015 one fine gentleman sat at one of the computers talking loudly as if he was on Skype, or a cell phone. He laughed loudly. I wondered why no one said anything about his behavior in a library. Nonetheless he often took long looks at me smiling, acting as if I was his friend. I do not know if he is truly troubled or if he was just pretending to be, ridiculing me and humiliating me as if I shared his problems. I noticed Harvard University campus police patrol cars following as I arrived home. Later when I took out the trash there was another (or the same) HUPD patrol car sitting at the rear of the building near the trash barrels. One more day in the non stop, 45 year campaign of harassment, character assassination and criminal abuses.

* * *

Please take notice that intense harassment from mostly black homosexual police associates of the California crime Syndicate continues and increased over the last few days. They work with white women, who are likely lesbians. 

They seem to be imitating the Kennedy cult's protocol using a black homosexual FBI informant with a white lesbian for the past 35 years, who they employed to pretend to be my friends while robbing me and broadcasting character assassination.


Publishing will continue when possible until this current period of criminal abuse is reduced. It never ends.

One team replaces another. It appears that a black homosexual Cambridge police employee and FBI informant of the John Connolly and James Bulger crew at the Boston field office is again active.

Unable to document and record the daily attacks and publish. Some of these criminals are from Medford, MA and some are from Washington State.


It is not easy to distinguish. Local state and US authorities stand by and watch. They all say, "He's crazy." and then conduct their abuses on a person they perceive as disabled.


They are a charming group of public officials abusing their power. It is the kind of behavior that makes Washington DC politicians so lovable.   

Updated(2): New Lawyer Joins Harassment

Posted September 19, 2015 8:46 PM ET; Last updated September 27, 2015 8:57 PM ET 

After posting comments about harassment from Harvard Law School students, they disappeared. Don't want to jeopardize any chance at running for President. In most cases of criminal abuse, if the abuser disappeared the victim's life improves. But in my case when one group disappears another one is waiting to take their place as primary harasser.

Shortly after posting my discovery that Harvard Law School Professor of Ethics (no joke), Lawrence "On leave" Lessig,  is running a campaign for president using tax exempt property at Harvard University, his students began harassing me. They joined the criminals who watch me at my home, and follow me as I do my lawful errands. On Saturday, September 19, 2015, a group of Harvard Law students conducted a campaign of harassment, character assassination and sabotaging my use of public computers. They are allegedly associated with the Kennedy cult which runs the state of Massachusetts and the White House.

Reason for my suspicion that they are associates of the Kennedy cult is this. In 1968, when I was a student at Columbia University, the Kennedy cult adopted me due to my political activity during the student protests. After being accepted to Boston University School of Law, I met a troubled woman. She was in (as per her narrative) an abusive marriage. I was sympathetic and recommended she see a therapist. We were colleagues at a Madison Avenue technology firm.

After her divorce we dated for three months. I tried to help her emotionally. She responded by adopting me again. This time making me into her colleague (again without my knowledge) in the Communist nation USA. The FBI began promoting a profile as "He's a black, homosexual, Communist." The woman was a lesbian, again without my knowledge. I knew homosexuals were dating (and marrying) heterosexual women who did not know of their mate's sexual preferences. I did not know that lesbians did the same. One of my many blind spots at the time.

For the next few years (15?) the FBI told everyone I knew, and met, "He's a black homosexual Communist." Huh? Fast forward to 1979, after being beaten by Cambridge, MA police employees. I left Cambridge for the New York City suburbs. There I was considered to be by some, a "N-word." To others, "He's a white racist."  This continued over the next nine years until I returned to Cambridge, MA in 1988. Then it was all "He's a white racist." Black youth would jostle me on the street. Harvard University professors employed campus police to have me arrested, harassed, kept under surveillance and provoked. That continues today.

Skipping over many years of criminal abuses, brings me to September 2015, when I noticed Prof. Lessig running for president. His stated goal was to fight election campaign corruption. Then I noticed he was using his office at an ethics center, (really, an ethics center) on Harvard University tax exempt property for his campaign.  Here was one more Harvard Law School law professor fighting corruption while violating state and US election and tax laws. His words did not match his actions. Is there any other prominent Harvard University Law School graduate President who does the same? I wonder.

This was typical of what makes so many people cynical about politicians and government. It made me skeptical about Harvard University Law School professors who taught many of the current politicians in state and US government. What are they teaching there? Lawlessness?

After I posted online comments about the apparent contradiction of Prof. Lessig's published goals and his actions, the harassment was escalated at my home as teams of criminals continue to broadcast 45 years of character assassination. One omnipresent element being "He's crazy." It is what Harvard University criminals do best. They love to harass vulnerable persons who they say have disabilities. It is what makes that university so great. They prey on the weak and steal from the uneducated. They produce politicians who like Mr. Lessig and the current President are experts at deceiving others.

Lessig's helpers have already made several threats that "He can kill you." I am impressed that Harvard Law professors can kill persons perceived as having disabilities. If they can kill me, they can kill anyone. That is one more reason to vote for him. He will eliminate the weak as he fights corruption, as he says, with his ethics center. What a guy.

On September 19, 2015 a team of black homosexuals re-joined the 45 years of surveillance and harassment. They ignored me for about 17 years because, "He's a white racist." remember? But also they were punishing me for one of many acts I did not do. They punished me for revealing to the Nixon administration in 1973 that Harvard Law School professor Archibald Cox, appointed by Nixon to be a special prosecutor for the Watergate scandal was related to Edward Finch Cox, who married Tricia Nixon in 1971 in a White House wedding. Contrary to their narrative, my telephone was tapped by the FBI at the time due to my political efforts as a student at law school. The agent who listened and transcribed the tapes revealed to the Nixon White House what I was speculating about on the phone about Watergate. He was rewarded. I was and continue to be punished. 

Since I was punished for something I did not do, and having learned how thoroughly the government lies about ordinary civilians understanding criminal abuses of power, and broadcasting character assassination about these people, I decided to begin telling everyone what I noticed. The government may or may not learn what I noticed. The Harvard University administration and its $36 billion endowment, which enjoys its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, may or may not know what Lessig is doing. I find it ludicrous to think they do not know. But even if they know, there are so many Harvard University supporters in and out of state and US government, with and without power and money, it is laughable to think that anyone will do anything to jeopardize Harvard University's tax exempt status. It is not up to me to enforce any laws. I get punished by criminals and police no matter what I do or do not do. The law is totally used for political purposes these days. I have seen it in my life often. 

In 2015  it was more important for them to undermine any support I might have accumulated over the years defending myself. They needed to undermine the claims about false racism. So they just remade me into a "black homosexual Communist." Voila! Everyone believes the FBI. It solves the problem. No more false racism. All the support against extremist leftists in government using racism to destroy reputations and careers, went into the trash. How can he be a victim of false racism if he is "a black homosexual." See? He's no victim. He is guilty. They do not say what "He is guilty" of doing or saying. Just being guilty is enough for the misguided morons who work for the FBI and believe what they say.  They see a monster as their target. No human being. That is the reason for my suspicions.

Super Blood Moon and Eclipse September 27, 2015

A perigee moon coincided with a full moon creating a "supermoon" when it passed by the earth at its closest point. 
Photo: Reuters

In the days leading up to the Blood Moon, a group with previous activity in my life re-joined the campaign. This was a visiting group from Europe. It is one tactic of the groups who employ non Americans, or Americans from foreign (i.e., not Massachusetts) jurisdictions for harassment. Does that suggest there are not enough criminals and psychopaths in Massachusetts, to conduct harassment of a 70-year-old white male, who they say is crazy? Surely there are sufficient white-hating black men who enjoy harassing an elder white male. Dontcha think?

As usual the new team brings along a psychologist, a lawyer, a police employee and an associate of an approved crime family. Like other groups, isolating me is extremely helpful and makes it easier to control my life. This newest group (actually an old group rejoining the campaign as I said) adds shunning to their effort. They declare that no homosexuals can be employed. For 45 years I've been surrounded by homosexuals, so they ensure none are around. The new (old) group can isolate me and say whatever they want as long as they say "He's crazy." so that no one pays any attention to me. No one knows me since only non homosexuals are employed keeping me surrounded by hateful and hostile people who take turns harassing me.

They bring homeless persons as bait, hoping I will accept them into my home to care for them. The new (old) team adds the element of the previous 45 years of character assassination which many groups used, "He's homeless." Do they ask Secretary of State John Kerry, or George Soros to take in  homeless persons? Hehe. This new group is working with, or on behalf of the California crime Syndicate and Communists from Washington state. Their profile included saying of me, "He's homeless and mentally ill." for the past 45 years. The rotation continues.

Psychologists are again employed by police associates of the various organizations -- police, crime families, FBI, etc. They begin as usual using young women as bait in order to try to discredit me further. But the fact remains political activity is being conducted on Harvard University's tax exempt property. The FBI always denies their egregious abuses over 45 years. In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me using hallucinogens for 80 consecutive days contrary to law. They thought I was a spy. Then the FBI scared me, an impaired person at the time, and used me to fight organized crime for 15 years. They did not pay me or protect me. Later they coordinated 22 years of retaliation by the same crime families beginning in 1988.

They deny broadcasting for 35 years, a false profile saying about me "He's a retired drug dealer." They employed a homosexual black informant who was involved with surveillance beginning in 1968. The informant is married to the woman I dated for three months while I was in law school.  The one who adopted me in 1970 to join her in her playful organization. They were paid by the FBI to pretend to be my friends, while the FBI stirred up social, racial and political animosity among everyone I knew, know and met. They spread the false profile, in order to keep me isolated and dependent on them. It is a disgusting abuse of FBI power. It is a pattern developed by J. Edgar Hoover, who was called the arsonist and the fire chief.

Another round of criminal abuses by the same organizations. Only the individuals have changed. All of them seek money and to advance their careers by using and abusing me some more. I am now 70 years old. Many of these people were not born when it began. Knowing how citizens and government employees have been greatly dumbed down over the past 45 years, it is not surprising for so many people to be fooled. Most young people, i.e., under 35 think of two weeks ago as ancient history.

They do not believe the history of abuse, because of their limited information, and conformist personalities. Few people read. Fewer government employees read. Fewer still read books. Today's journalists are as ignorant as the rest of the society. They enjoy fooling their readers in order to advance their careers, pleasing politicians, who are mostly interested in promoting propaganda. They abuse the privileges of the psychiatry industry using it to scare people and to keep me and other individuals isolated. It is one more ongoing abuse of power by criminals who pretend to know the future and use their personal opinion, likes and dislikes and their limited knowledge to impose their misguided opinions on others. They destroy lives, careers, reputations and take freedom from innocent, harmless persons without due process. It is laughable, if not for the irreparable harm done in the name of good; if it was not so egregious and disgusting to watch.

And someone added more malware to my home computer. Not a good moon for me. It is beautiful to look at as some people are, who have evil hearts.

[Spectacular images from around the world embedded]


Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years
During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns a deep rusty red, due to sunlight being scattered by the Earth's atmosphere
The rare celestial event coincided with the 'supermoon' being at its nearest point in its orbit around our planet
Some religious groups are convinced it is a sign that the End of Days is approaching
Last time a lunar eclipse shared a stage with supermoon was 1982 - and the next will be in 2033
Do you have any photos of the supermoon? Please email: pictures@mailonline.co.uk
PUBLISHED: 20:12 EST, 27 September 2015 | UPDATED: 04:42 EST, 28 September 2015

* * *

[From article]
For the first time in decades, skygazers are in for the double spectacle Monday of a swollen "supermoon" bathed in the blood-red light of a total eclipse.
The celestial show, visible from the Americas, Europe, Africa, west Asia and the east Pacific, will be the result of the Sun, Earth and a larger-than-life, extra-bright Moon lining up for just over an hour from 0211 GMT.
"It will be quite exciting and especially dramatic," predicted astronomer Sam Lindsay of the Royal Astronomical Society in London.
"It'll be brighter than usual, bigger than usual."
The Moon will be at its closest orbital point to Earth, called perigee, while also in its brightest phase.

The resulting "supermoon" will look 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than when at apogee, 
[. . .]
Unusually, our planet will take position in a straight line between the Moon and the Sun, blotting out the direct sunlight that normally makes our satellite glow whitish-yellow.
[. . .]
For people younger than 33, this will be their first-ever chance to see a "super blood moon".
The last, only the fifth recorded since 1900, was in 1982, according to the NASA space agency, and the next will not be until 2033.
[. . .]
Monday's "blood moon" will be the last in a string of four total lunar eclipses since April 15, 2014, in a series astronomers call a tetrad.
These phenomena may be a normal part of the celestial calendar today, but for many ancient peoples it was an omen of bad things to come.
"Throughout history many cultures have seen (eclipses) as being a sign of gloom and doom," Petro said.
They weren't always wrong.


'Super blood moon' to give stargazers a rare show
By Joshua Melvin
September 23, 2015

* * *

[From article]
Get ready to be supermooned Sunday night.
For the first time in more than 30 years, we’ll be treated to a total lunar eclipse combined with a supermoon — a full moon occurring on the same day as its perigee, the point in its orbit when it’s nearest Earth.
The moon will appear 14 percent closer and 30 percent brighter than a full moon at apogee, when it’s farthest from Earth, according to NASA.
During the celestial wonder, Earth will pass between the sun and the moon, which will appear as an oversized orange orb — a so-called blood moon.
But some people are seeing the supermoon eclipse more as a sign of the apocalypse.
[. . .]
The fearless better get a look at Sunday night’s spectacle because the next super­moon lunar eclipse won’t occur until 2033.
The total eclipse will start at 10:11 p.m. and peak at 10:47 p.m.

Lunar eclipse, ‘supermoon’ will be visible for first time in decades
By Yaron Steinbuch
September 27, 2015 | 1:25am

He Killed Them All, Book About Robert Durst's Notorious History

Debrah Lee Charatan, Durst's Current WifePhoto: Getty Images

[From review]
In this excerpt from Pirro’s new book — “He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice,” out Tuesday — she details meeting Durst’s current wife, Debrah Lee Charatan, who was seen briefly in “The Jinx” and became a source of fascination to viewers.
[. . .]
Robert gave her a $78,000 ring. It might sound like a lot. But consider that Durst received $3 million a year from his trust. If you used the one-month-salary rule, Durst should have spent $250,000.
The betrothed couple next went to a lawyer’s office, and he signed over power of attorney, giving her control of his vast fortune. Durst would himself describe the union to his sister, Wendy, as a “marriage of convenience. I had to have Debrah to write my checks. I was setting myself up to be a fugitive.”
I said to her, “You do realize that Robert Durst is a dangerous man.”
“He’s not dangerous at all. If he came home, I’d open the door.” He was on the lam at the time, having jumped bail in Galveston, Texas.

Morris Black
Photo: AP

At the time, Durst was a suspect in the murder and dismemberment of Morris Black. After being charged with the murder, he posted $300,000 bail and fled Texas. He was later caught in Pennsylvania shoplifting a sandwich from a Wegman’s grocery store.


What kind of woman would marry Robert Durst?
By Mackenzie Dawson
New York Post
October 31, 2015 | 2:54pm

Colorado Police Shoot Dead Gentleman Suspected of Three Shooting Deaths

The rear window of a Colorado Springs Police car is shattered after a shooting Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, in Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Christian Murdock / The Gazette via AP

[From article]
Four people are dead, including a suspected gunman, following a shooting spree in Colorado Springs on Saturday that ended in a gunbattle between police and the suspect.
Lt. Catherine Buckley said officers were responding to a report of shots being fired when they spotted a suspect matching the description of the person they were trying to find.
[. . .]
“They yelled, ‘Put the gun down,’ and he turned around, and that’s when they shot at him a good 20 times,” she said. “There was a lot of gunfire.”
[. . .]
El Paso County sheriff’s spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby said there are at least three crime scenes.


4 dead including suspect in Colorado shooting rampage
By Associated Press
New York Post
October 31, 2015 | 5:46pm

Multi Billion Dollar Scandal in Malaysia

[From article]
[Wall Street Journal]
It is a story of political intrigue, backroom politics and billions of dollars in missing money. At the center of it all is Prime Minister Najib Razak, who founded 1MDB. A Malaysian government probe found that nearly $700 million moved through banks, agencies and companies linked to 1MDB before being deposited into Mr. Najib’s alleged private bank accounts ahead of a close election. The source of the money is unclear, though in August, Malaysia’s anticorruption body said the funds were a donation from the Middle East. The donor wasn’t specified.
[. . .]
The context is important here. Malaysia has a diverse population, with Muslim ethnic Malays in a smallish majority, but with a substantial minority of infidel Chinese and Indians. The Malays insist that the country is officially Islamic, and resent strongly the economic success of the minorities, so much so that affirmative action with explicit quotas has been practiced for many years.


October 26, 2015
Multibillion-dollar scandal in Malaysia has echoes for American conservatives
By Thomas Lifson

Elite Abuses Government Power Contrary To Desires of Voters and Taxpayers

[From article]
Members of the elite, the people who make public policy, are generally above average intelligence. They are generally well informed. Why would they promote a policy that is clearly not in the best interests of their nation? Their stated reason for encouraging immigration from the third world is to replace workers that are absent due to demographic decline.
[. . .]
the future Pope Benedict XVI: "There is a self-hatred in the West that can be considered only as something pathological. The West attempts in a praiseworthy manner to open itself completely to the comprehension of external values, but it no longer loves itself; it now only sees what is despicable and destructive in its own history, while it is no longer able to perceive what is great and pure there."
[. . .]
former British Home Secretary Jack Straw, who allegedly said, “The English as a race are not worth saving.” Straw was part of the British administration that opened “up the UK to mass migration.” When asked “what is Swedish culture,” Mona Sahlin, former leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party replied, “I can’t figure out what Swedish culture is. I think that’s sort of what makes so many Swedes jealous of immigrants. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you together.”
[. . .]
Multiculturalism is ordained in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted by the General Assembly on 13 September 2007. It states, “that all doctrines, policies and practices based on or advocating superiority of peoples or individuals on the basis of national origin or racial, religious, ethnic or cultural differences are racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust.” This nonsense is not even believes by the migrants. Haitians bypass Cuba, Muslims transit through Turkey and other migrants pass through half a dozen countries to reach the narrowminded, oppressive West.


October 27, 2015
Immigration - The State vs. the People
By John Dietrich

Germany Considers Military Aircraft To Return Migrants To Home Countries

[From article]
Berlin is looking at the use of military transport vehicles to send refugees back to their countries of origin. The government has been mulling ways to speed up the deporation process.
The German government is willing to use army vehicles to ship refugees back to their homelands, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday.
The story broke earlier the same day, when German newspaper Bild reported the government was looking into the use of Bundeswehr aircraft as one way in which federal and state governments could deport asylum seekers whose applications had been rejected.
"Obviously, the usage of the Transall (Army transport aircraft) is not ruled out," von der Leyen confirmed. "But only in the event that all civilian transport capacities are exhausted and if it does not affect the German army's priority missions."
Struggling to cope
The news comes as Berlin searches for ways to speed up the deportation process in an effort to ease the burden on local governments struggling to cope with Europe's largest refugee crisis since World War II. The country says it's expecting more than 800,000 refugees this year.
According to the article in Bild, the number of asylum requests in Germany is currently far greater than the number of deportations.


Germany considering use of military aircraft to deport refugees
Berlin is looking at the use of military transport vehicles to send refugees back to their countries of origin. The government has been mulling ways to speed up the deporation process.

Drug Dealing Students at Harvard University, Who Me?

[From article]
“I’m not a dealer,” Noah said. “I only ever sell to my friends. I mean, I guess technically it is dealing, but it’s because I’m not buying weed to sell. When I buy weed, I never plan to resell it, but sometimes my friends come to me and tell me they need some.”


OCTOBER 26, 2015
Reported by Flavia Cuervo

Cambridge City Council Candidate's Past Expression Enrages Other Candidates

"'based on this information, that’s not something we want to be a part of,' said Councilor Marc McGovern," a social worker in diversity saturated, conformist Cambridge, MA. He says he works with the most vulnerable population. Who is more vulnerable in Cambridge, MA than a person who holds different views than the majority, 10-20 years ago or even at present? There is no support for offensive speech, called hate speech, which is protected by the US and the Massachusetts Constitutions, in this allegedly tolerant city. There is also no compassion from this politically motivated social worker who shows lack of support for the Constitution he swore to protect. Under the Civil Rights statute of Massachusetts MGL Ch. 265, Sec 37, intimidating a person in the free exercise of a constitutionally protected right is a felony. Stormfront promotes nationalism, not supremacy. Notice the Chronicle's neutral recognition of a black separatist organization, whose forum was attended by most of the city council and school committee candidates in Cambridge last week. Use of the word supremacism, may more properly be applied to the Cambridge chapter of black separatists and nationalists who ran that candidate forum.

[From article]
John Sanzone has withdrawn from the Cambridge City Council race after the Chronicle revealed he had participated as a teenager on a major white supremacy website.
The Chronicle learned that Sanzone, now 27, wrote more than 120 posts back in 2004 and 2005 under his own name on the racial hate forum, Stormfront, mostly on the subject of white nationalism.
[. . .]
[Sanzone] It’s very shameful that I would ever think or talk that way.
[. . .]
“I feel that every race and ethnicity should be pure, and have their own nations to themselves.”
[. . .]
the Chronicle revealed Sanzone’s former affiliation with the white supremacy forum,
[. . .]
based on this information, that’s not something we want to be a part of,” said Councilor Marc McGovern,
[. . .]
horrible things I said and posted online from my younger days
[. . .]
I am not a racist, nor homophobic, and am in fact firmly progressive and take these issues very personally and aim for a city government that takes them very politically. However, the revelations of these confused, misguided, nonsensical writings from my past---which I wholeheartedly own up to, and condemn---have made me untouchable.
[. . .]
the city I have come to love deeply and intimately.


BREAKING: Cambridge council candidate withdraws after past online hate speech revealed
By Amy Saltzman
asaltzman (at) wickedlocal.com
Posted Oct. 26, 2015 at 5:51 PM
Updated at 6:47 PM

Halloween Homosexual Harassers October 31, 2015

In the days leading up to Halloween 2015 a team of homosexual police employees (may also be FBI informants), resumed their position as primary harassers of a 70-year-old white man on property owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. These men are part of the group which began the egregious criminal abuses in 1973 after the same man was drugged by government psychiatrists. The FBI scared him and used him as bait to fight organized crime for 15 years and did not pay him one cent. Indeed they broadcast character assassination, left him impaired, and without a home for about 18 months. Over the next 30 years one element of relentless character assassination was "He's homeless, and mentally ill." Thus PR flacks took control of the nation.

For about 15 years this man was surrounded by police and FBI informants. Not all of them were protection. Some were attacking him on behalf of crime families to which they owed allegiance. Nonetheless I survived 45 years of intense and severe attacks. In 2015 homosexuals who were the protection became the attackers. They began with the usual pattern, intense harassment disturbing my sleep trying to provoke violence. As usual when that failed they used women as bait. This round the women were more troubled than attractive. Unlikely that would succeed. But it does indicate what these bullies think of me.

Next they deployed psychiatrists and psychologists for evaluations and testing, contrary to state and US law. Because of severe sabotage (illegally installed malware) of my home computer I am forced to use public facilities. These charming, thoughtful and loving psychiatrists and psychologists follow me to the facilities and again use young women as bait. As if I go to the libraries to pick up women. Something I never did, but I learned there is a substantial number of college students who do just that.

When that failed one psychologist made an appearance preparing to sit near me, then sent a giant mental patient (over six feet tall) employed by the police to try to provoke an incident. I went to different section of the library. They are so arrogant and filled with hatred and hostility. They say they act in the name of love and healing. No wonder so many of these psychiatric professionals take their own lives. And they urge me to do so with them? I have no conflicts between what I say and what I do. They are the ones with such conflicts.

Within three days two of the homosexuals threatened me saying, "I've got to kill you." A third said, "You can be hit." In addition to the Kennedy Cult, the Midwestern Outfit re-joined the harassment campaign before Halloween making criminal accusations against me, which brought more police and psychologist scrutiny.

The thoughtful homosexual police made illegal entries to my premises and placed psychiatric drugs in my foods, which made me ill. Two days in a row so far, (October 28, 29, 2015). They have a misguided belief that they are the first to make use of  flexible Harvard University campus superintendents to obtain access to my living space. It is a way for them to conduct surveillance, to place illegal substances (poison) in my foods, perhaps place more malware on my computer and who knows what else. On one occasion these charming thugs intentionally broke items I use daily forcing me to have them replaced. Then they had money deposited into my bank account to compensate me. When I notified the bank they said "Think of it as Santa Clause. " Oh! Tampering with my account? If they can add money what prevents them from taking money?

The timing of these changes (new harassers) is curious. The homosexual police and FBI Halloween harassers appeared shortly after I published brief accounts of criminal abuses on my blog. Laughably Harvard University lawyers tell me repeatedly "No one reads your blog." If that is so no one is harassing me either. Which is what they say. It is all in your mind is how they cover it up using criminal psychiatrists who have high tech creative explanations, of made up illnesses to explain my reports. During one period there was a standing offer of $50,000 for anyone who could drive me crazy. During other periods government psychiatrists conducted behavior conditioning and testing of devices using me as a human subject without consent. They use the same psychiatric mumbo jumbo to cover that up too.

And so another holiday brings more of the same. The criminal thugs may change but my life stays the same as I grow older. The allegedly good people of society and those who are highly paid by taxpayers to prevent abuses of vulnerable persons remain bystanders as the thugs have their way. On Friday October 30, 2015 at about 6:00 PM the two homosexual police criminals left the campaign. They were immediately replaced by a lesbian police employee, who began with the usual behavior conditioning trying to make me into a homosexual. One more misguided moron who did not get the memo. The FBI, Communists, and some crime families have been trying to do that since 1970. They have yet to succeed. Who was it that said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?" And they say I'm crazy. Hahaha. With omniscient police criminals there is no need to read memos or anything. They know all there is to know and then some. No talking to them. They know how to beat up old white men, because they can get away with it. It is all about priorities.  

In the film Scent of A Woman, starring Al Pacino, as a retired blind US Army Colonel, he speaks at a private school. A scholarship student stands accused of wrongdoing with some other students who have wealthy parents. Pacino comes to the hearing to defend the poor student. He says, "There is no prosthesis for a broken spirit."

Employees Sue Married Energy Executive, Say He Used CIA Fantasies To Get Sex

Adam Victor and Eve Khatskevich.
Photo: Ashleih Walsh

[From article]
A Manhattan energy magnate claimed to be a CIA and FBI asset, code-named Rambo, in a twisted scheme to pressure his pretty Kazakh employees into being his sexual playthings, according to their lawsuits.
Married TransGas Energy founder Adam Victor, 62, hired 30-something Kazak natives Eve Khatskevich and Nazym Toktassynova in 2013 as administrative assistants.
Victor brought Khatskevich to parties with North Korean diplomats and told her “that he was planning a mission to North Korea under the guise of developing either a cogeneration or coal-to-gas facility,” the suit says.


Energy titan posed as CIA spy to pressure women into sex: suit
By Julia Marsh and Josh Saul
New York Post
October 31, 2015 | 1:21am

October 28, 2015

Middle East Migrants Signal End Of European Civilization

[From article]
There is a profound irony that as waves of Muslim migrants press into Germanic Europe, that the very civilization they are now undermining was created in a series of migrations seen by the civilized people they replaced as an invasion. And just as Germanic tribal movements proved inexorable against the politically, economically, and morally weakened Roman state (at least in Western Europe), it appears (barring dramatic reversals of policy and will) that the ongoing wave of Muslim migration will inevitably replace European civilization as we know it. Even more worrisome, if history is any guide, this will happen long before Muslims become a majority there.
[. . .]
While today’s Muslim immigrants to Europe don’t outwardly resemble the Germanic migrants of old, there are a lot of similarities between the two migrations, which, given the outcome of the former, does not bode well for Europe today.
[. . .]
Roman elites had long lost the spirit to fight, while some, doubting the worthiness of their own long-lived culture, had come to admire their adversaries as more wholesome and pure than their own corrupted society. Even where Roman leaders did not admire the Germans, they bribed tribal leaders for alliances, hired them, and invited them into Roman territory.
[. . .]
But mostly, the Germanic migrants were quickly able to dominate new lands because they were tough, decisive, and aggressive, while the existing populations and their leaders were passive, disorganized, and confused.
Compare this to Europe today. Although the total number of Muslim immigrants may seem small against existing populations, this is misleading. They are moving into lands where substantial Muslim minorities already exist, and where asylum laws will allow them to bring in large numbers of relations. Muslim immigrants also have much higher birthrates than Western Europeans, who welcomed earlier waves of migrants as laborers. So demographically, things are in the migrants’ favor.
[. . .]


Germans were able to dominate new lands because they were more motivated, more determined, and more aggressive than the resident populations. This dynamic is evident in Europe today, where Muslims steadily and forcefully push their agenda within new homelands, erecting giant mosques, creating Islamic-dominated no-go zones, and instituting sharia law.
[. . .]
Refusing charity they deem inadequate, they push for more, even to the point of destroying what’s given to them. They refuse to abide by the simplest of civilized conventions, such as using a toilet (much the way the ancient Germans wrecked public sanitation and defecated in fine basilicas.) The migrants happily stand by while their new hosts clean up after them. The mostly passive response of Europeans to these outrages, marching in peaceful rallies and calling for togetherness, will be laughed off by these new migrants, whose culture, mores, and objectives are at odds with this liberal post-national idealism.
[. . .]

Europe is in the thrall of a kind of vague, loosely held, atheistic social humanism, which is probably incapable of resisting the adherents of the strictest, most doctrinaire monotheistic system ever devised, Islam, which literally means “submission.” Whereas the ancient migrating Germans, beginning with their elites, universally converted to the existing monotheistic system, in Europe today it is working in the opposite way.
[. . .]
European elites are likely to increasingly adopt Islam. Their ready, even enthusiastic adoption of Muslim positions with respect to Israel, and to a lesser extent the United States, are a sign of worse things to come.
The key historical point to recognize is that focusing on demographics, while important, ignores the fact that relative population size is not decisive. If current trends continue, Islamic politics and culture will dominate Europe long before Muslims reach a demographic majority,


October 26, 2015
Migrants and the Fall of European Civilization
By Jonathan F. Keiler

Israeli Doctors Save Lives of Palestinians, Who Threaten to Kill Them All

[From article]
the 16-minute video released on October 23, 2015 by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In it a masked terrorist, armed with a rifle and speaking fluent Hebrew, threatened to slaughter Israelis and Jews everywhere. He promised his viewers that soon there won’t be a single Jew left in Jerusalem or in the whole country. Tens of thousands of these Islamic terrorists would soon be on the way to slaughter Jews and throw them into the garbage.

Israel’s humane behavior does not resemble garbage, as Palestinian leaders obviously know. On October 20, a few days before the video, the brother-in-law of President Abbas underwent a successful life-saving heart surgery at a private hospital, Assuta Medical Center, in Tel Aviv. Israel has similarly helped other patients. One is the wife of Abbas who in 2014 was also treated at Assuta in a private room with security guards to maintain her privacy. Another was the sister of a senior Hamas leader, Moussa Abu Marzouk, who was treated for advanced cancer. Marzouk was listed as a specially designated terrorist by the U.S. Treasury Department. This was in addition to the Israeli treatment of relatives of other Hamas figures. Among them were the daughter, mother-in-law, and granddaughter of Ismail Haniyeh, another senior Hamas leader.
[. . .]

The Muslim countries in the Middle East are characterized by religious groups subject to religious intolerance and hostility and the accompanying political, economic, and ethnic suffering.
Israel, by its Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty, establishes freedom of religion, and the legal protection for religious freedom is enforced. The Israeli Supreme Court has upheld that freedom, including freedom of conscience, faith, religion, and worship, regardless of the religion of an individual. Though Israel is described as a “Jewish and democratic state,” freedom of religion and conscience and legal political equality exist regardless of religious affiliation.
[. . .]
After [Saddam Hussein] fell in 2003, the Shia Muslim majority, under PM Nouri al-Maliki, acted against the Sunnis, preventing peaceful protests, mistreating Sunni citizens and prisoners, and limiting the number of Sunnis in government and security positions. A major result of this was the entrance of ISIS, which now controls considerable parts of northern and central Iraq.
[. . .]

All religious communities who do not accept that ideology [ISIS] have been subjected to extraordinary abuses, including expulsion from their historic homelands, forced conversions, rape, enslavement of women and children, torture, beheadings, and massacres.
After it captured Mosul in June 2014, ISIS issued an ultimatum that all Christians, whose community dates back 1,700 years, must convert to Islam, leave Mosul, pay a tax, or be killed.
[. . .]
The once vibrant Jewish community in Egypt has now disappeared, but nevertheless, anti-Semitic publications and cartoons still appear.


October 25, 2015
Murderous Religious Intolerance in the Middle East
By Michael Curtis

Cambridge Officials Show Lack Of Respect and Intolerance for Diverse Ideas

"Slate for Cambridge candidates didn’t know of his past beliefs and condemn them in the strongest terms,” the group wrote in a joint statement. Condemning the words shows a moralistic view denigrating the views expressed. It is one reason why it is nearly impossible to have rational discussions in Cambridge and at universities. A more appropriate phrase is "we disagree" with what the ex-candidate said. That would show respect for the person instead of saying this person said bad things implying he is a bad person. Too bad Cambridge city officials, voters, Harvard University students and professors are unable to show respect for those with whom they disagree. 


This is also a First Amendment issue denying a person protected speech, no matter how hateful. Some of the condemners are public officials, who took oaths to defend the state and US Constitutions. They are chilling speech. See Harvard Law School Prof. Archibald Cox's book, Freedom of Expression to see what is protected speech. Lively discussion on Cambridge Chronicle site.


Sanzone Exits Council Race After Racist Comments Revelations
October 28, 2015

Harvard University JFK School of Government Researcher Finds United States Has Worst Electoral Process of All Democracies

"In this index, the United States ranks the worst of all established democracies, and below several other countries with shorter histories of electoral processes," That explains the high quality of elected officials and candidates in this nation. Does Prof. "On Leave" Lessig know about this study? Is he running to fix the US system, or to exploit it?


Kennedy School Lecturer Discusses Election Failure
October 27, 2015

High School Students Body-Slam School Principal

[From article]
Three Florin High School students were taken to juvenile hall after a wild fight in which the school’s principal was body-slammed.
[. . .]

A fight broke out, drawing a school resource police officer, a school official and Principal Don Ross. Students gathered around, at least one recording the melee on a cellphone, as officials tried to break up the fight.
After trying to restrain a tall student, Ross was thrown to the floor.


OCTOBER 28, 2015
Florin High principal body-slammed in student fight that results in 3 arrests
blindelof (at) sacbee.com

MIT Researchers Find Wi-Fi Can Be Used For Through The Wall Surveillance

Using a wireless transmitter fitted behind a wall, computer scientists have developed a device that can map a nearby room in 3D while scanning for human bodies. Using the signals that reflect off these people, the device creates an accurate silhouette (pictured) and can even use this silhouette to identify who that person is.

[From article]
X-ray vision is a staple of sci-fi films and comic books and now researchers have turned this concept into a reality.
Using a wireless transmitter fitted behind a wall, computer scientists have developed a device that can map a nearby room in 3D while scanning for human bodies.
Using the signals that bounce and reflect off these people, the device creates an accurate silhouette and can even use this silhouette to identify who that person is.
[. . .]
With this in mind the researchers have been developing technologies that use wireless signals to track human motion since 2013.
As part of its latest research, the team has shown that these technologies can detect gestures and body movements as subtle as the rise and fall of a person's chest from the other side of a house.
[. . .]
The RF Capture device transmits wireless signals that travel through a wall and reflect off a person's body back to the device.
It begins by scanning the 3D space to capture wireless reflections of objects in the room, including any human bodies.
Since only a small number of body parts reflect the signal back at any given point in time, the device monitors how these reflections vary as someone moves and walks.
[. . .]
The researchers said the technology could have major implications for everything from gaming and film-making to emergency-response and elder-care.
[Yes, and it will enable assassins to target individuals though walls too. Seldom do these high minded research scientists consider the evil potential for their technology, which uniformly is used for unintended purposes.]


Forget X-rays, now you can see through walls using WI-FI: Device captures silhouettes and can even identify people when they're stood behind CONCRETE
The RF Capture device was developed by researchers at MIT
Wireless signals travel through the wall and reflect off the body behind it
This creates a silhouette from which body parts can be identified
Silhouettes can then be compared to a database of bodies to identify who they belong to - and it can even identify which hand their moving
PUBLISHED: 08:06 EST, 28 October 2015 | UPDATED: 10:28 EST, 28 October 2015

MIT Graduate Student Demands Conformity With His Views on Global Warming

Essayist cites "the international community [for an] upper limit of tolerable warming." Using international standards for policy in the United States, white people, a minority in the world, deserve protections from the oppressive majority non white population. Maybe some affirmative action at MIT? Convince Exxon and BP to cease extracting oil. Will essayist petition ISIS in Iraq, Russia, Venezuela to join the ban? Argument that a committee majority recommends action is not a scientific finding. Ethics experts make recommendations, personal opinion, like psychiatry. Spreading disinformation is protected speech. Government agencies and PR flacks do it every day. Is he recommending a bureau of permitted speech?

[From article]
2 degrees Celsius, the upper limit of tolerable warming agreed upon by the international community, and by MIT itself.
[. . .]
I’m skeptical that MIT can convince Exxon, BP and the like to forgo extracting fossil fuel reserves
[. . .]

a three-fourths majority of the president’s own climate committee supported MIT’s divesting [. . .] form an Ethics Advisory Council to investigate ties between MIT and entities spreading disinformation on climate change.


GUEST COLUMN: MIT's paltry plan for climate action
By Ben Scandella
Posted Oct. 28, 2015 at 2:24 PM
Ben Scandella is a PhD candidate in MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering.