May 31, 2016

Review Of Performance, James Joyce Romance

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“Himself” refers to the protean and magical Irish giant of the past century, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, whose birthday is celebrated annually with a full day of readings and performances at NYC’s Symphony Space even now.
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James Joyce

Nora, of course, is the fiery Muse he adored, lived with, and refused to legitimize as wife, even after 27 years and several children.
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Influenced by the Bard, Yeats, and Oscar Wilde, Joyce the writer polymath died much too soon in 1941, still a man with many works unwrit. But although he’s gone, ere we knew him, lovers of literature and romance can experience a chunk of transcendent elegance and eloquence. Quaff deeply of this linguistic and musical golden goblet.
Grievously, in a time of deracinated and prostituted cultural offerings, the literacy and quality of Himself & Nora are an emotional and singular pleasure we might not be accessible to in a few years of lowest-bar, rancid hanging fruit.

May 30, 2016
Himself and Nora: A Review
By Marion DS Dreyfus

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