May 23, 2016

Immigrant Suspect With Lengthy Crime Record, Shot Dead By Police After Shooting Death of Massachusetts Policeman

Policeman Ronald Tarentino, 42

This undated identification photo released by the Massachusetts State Police shows Jorge Zambrano, killed Sunday, May 22, 2016, during an exchange of gunfire with police at an apartment building in Oxford, Mass. Zambrano had been suspected in the shooting death of Auburn, Mass., Police Officer Ronald Tarentino during a traffic stop early Sunday morning. 
Photo Massachusetts State Police via AP

Here's a thoughtful gentleman who regularly took time from his busy schedule to engage with local law enforcement encouraging them to practice their arrest and chase techniques. He resisted arrest to test them, and was convicted on at least two occasions. Though on probation and violating it repeatedly, judges never revoked his probation. His resident status was not clear. He is suspected of having false citizenship papers. As expected no one was watching this active business oriented gentleman. No police, psychologists or psychiatrists, no Communists from New York or New Jersey, no Harvard University campus police, no local police from Somerville, or Medford, MA, no FBI informants, and no crime family associates. They have higher priorities. For example, the above mentioned organizations and licensed professionals took turns for 45 years maintaining relentless surveillance, harassment, behavior conditioning, drugging without consent, psychological testing, character assassination, ridicule, humiliation, sleep disturbances, computer tampering, provocations of a 70 year old white male who they say is mentally impaired. They used this law abiding American citizen's personal journals to ridicule and to humiliate him for 40 years. They denied him basic rights and privileges enjoyed by illegal alien criminals and terrorists alike. Here is more evidence of a serious problem with the misguided priorities of government and how thoroughly they waste taxpayer funds and ridicule voters. It is not just a local problem. The White House National Security deputy, Ben Rhodes (brother of CBS News President), openly boasted of how he fooled taxpayers, journalists and voters to get the misguided Iran nuclear arms deal promoted in media. He explained that he is much smarter than voters and taxpayers. He joins Jonathan Gruber using government power to deceive Americans to their detriment. These government criminals are unable to comprehend why Donald Trump is so popular.   

[From article]
The man police say shot and killed an Auburn police officer has a long history with drugs and violence towards cops, had repeatedly violated probation this spring and had been arrested just a week ago on motor vehicle charges, according to Worcester district and superior court documents.
Jorge Zambrano, 35, was shot and killed by police yesterday 18 hours after they say he killed Ronald Tarentino, 42, an Auburn police officer.
Zambrano was arrested last Monday when police noticed him driving a car with plates that belonged to a Nissan Maxima, not the Acura Infinity he was driving. He was pulled over and arrested without incident and charged with driving with a suspended license, driving an unregistered motor vehicle, and a number plate violation to conceal his ID. He was arraigned that day and let go on personal recognizance, according to court papers.
The Worcester resident has an extensive record and court papers show he had violated probation repeatedly this spring. A notice of probation violation and hearing filed in court states Zambrano tested positive for cocaine on April 11 and April 25, self-reported for cocaine on April 22, self reported for Suboxone use on April 11, missed a drug screening on April 8, and missed visits with his probation officer on April 4, April 8, April 11, and April 22. He was due in court for a probation violation hearing May 11, but the hearing was continued to June 9 because Zambrano said he needed to hire an attorney, records show.
He was also arrested in Worcester on Jan. 24 and charged with assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.
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Last year, in May 2015, Zambrano led cops on a high-speed chase when a police officer who knew Zambrano — and knew his license had been revoked — recognized him driving a car, according to court papers. Police followed him through early rush-hour traffic in Worcester and attempted to pull him over with lights and sirens. Zambrano stopped briefly before taking off and, according to the police report, drove at speeds “far greater than what was reasonable,” buzzing past the Rice Square School just after 2 p.m. — as it was letting out — driving an estimated 60 mph and “operating recklessly to endanger the public,” records show.
Zambrano damaged a Mercedes while he was fleeing, and police elected to terminate the pursuit, records show. He was charged with failure to stop for police, leaving the scene of a property damaging crash, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
[. . .]
Zambrano was charged with cocaine trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and a drug violation near a school. Zambrano’s case had dozens of evidentiary, status and motion hearings from 2008 until May 2011, when he pleaded guilty to numerous charges and was sentenced to seven years in prison, court records show. He was given 1,637 days — nearly four and a half years — credit for time served.
Zambrano was charged in May 2003 with cocaine trafficking, possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute, and driving with a suspended license. He pleaded guilty to the lesser included offense — possession with intent to distribute — and was sentenced on May 28, 2004, to serve one to three years in state prison.

Records: Suspect in Auburn cop killing was in court last week
Chris Villani
Monday, May 23, 2016
Boston Herald

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[From article]
A police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop in a central Massachusetts town early Sunday and authorities are now hunting for the suspect, Fox 25 Boston reported. The murdered officer, Ronald Tarentino, 42, joined the Auburn Police Department two years ago after transferring from the Leicester, Mass., department, Auburn Police Chief Andrew Sluckis said at a news conference Sunday afternoon. Police surrounded a house Sunday afternoon close to four miles from where the shooting took place, and gunshots were heard as authorities deployed tear gas and a robot, The Boston Herald reported. State and local police surrounded the home in Oxford, Mass. and were using a bullhorn to tell the occupants to come out, the Herald reported. The murdered officer, Ronald Tarentino, 42, joined the Auburn Police Department two years ago after transferring from the Leicester, Mass., department, Auburn Police Chief Andrew Sluckis said at a news conference Sunday afternoon. Authorities have not yet released information about the suspect's identity. A law enforcement source told Fox 25 that police are looking for suspects out of Worcester, Mass. Tarentino leaves a wife and three children. The department “lost a dedicated and brave public servant,” Sluckis said, before announcing that no further details on the incident would be released at this time. Massachusetts State Police said the Auburn police officer was shot at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday. Auburn is about 45 miles southwest of Boston. Tarentino was rushed to UMass Medical Center in Worcester, WGGB/WSHM-TV reported. Auburn Police, the Massachusetts State Police, the FBI, and the Worcester Police are working together in the investigation, Sluckis said. State and local police officers lined up outside the hospital on Sunday as a police vehicle, escorted by a police procession, took Tarentino's body to the state medical examiner's office in Boston, where the vehicle was met by a large group of officers.

Massachusetts officer shot and killed; hunt on for suspect
Published May 22, 2016

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