August 31, 2011

Media and Police Intimidate Civilians

Man Faces Life In Jail For Recording Police
Every other case involving people arrested for filming cops has been thrown out of court, but media promulgates hoax that recording police is illegal
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prostitution Legal in Germany Since 2002

German City Unveils "Prostitute Meter"
Streetwalkers get a nightly permit
By Greg Wilson
Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 | Updated 12:30 PM PDT

US Helped Kadhafi Retain Power

Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi
Al Jazeera uncovers evidence that influential Americans tried to help the now-deposed Libyan leader cling to power.
Jamal Elshayyal
Last Modified: 31 Aug 2011 16:39

CIA Flights and Expenses Exposed in NY Trial

[From article]
"Moss said he had an understanding with DynCorp that the company would not be required to provide passenger manifests. “This was a highly unusual situation,” he said. “But I received the waivers.”
At first, the sub-contractors thought they were working for the State Department, which gave Richmor official letters saying it was providing “global support to U.S. embassies worldwide.” The letters also authorized Richmor to deviate from stated flight plans.
One letter is dated March 1, 2003, the date of the capture of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks. That suggests that the Richmor plane was used to transport him out of Pakistan, but there is no invoice for the relevant flight in the court record."

N.Y. billing dispute reveals details of secret CIA rendition flights
By Peter Finn and Julie Tate,
Washington Post
Wednesday, August 31, 4:01 PM

Obama In High Powered CYA Mode

[From article]
"Keep your friends close and your henchmen on the verge of spilling all the beans closer.
[. . .]
DOJ is run by Eric Holder, the Beltway swamp creature who won bipartisan approval for his nomination -- even after putting political interests ahead of security interests at the Clinton Justice Department in pushing presidential pardons for both big donor Marc Rich and several Puerto Rican FALN terrorists.
Screw up, move up, cover up: It’s the Holder way, the Obama way, the Washington way. And innocent Americans pay."

‘Furious’ coverup?
Gun scandal taints Justice
Michelle Malkin
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:08 AM, August 31, 2011
Posted: 10:41 PM, August 30, 2011

Everyone in France is a Psychiatrist Too

Blaming crime on mental illness is not limited to American amateur psychiatrists. Here a socialist politician makes a diagnosis about his colleague. Anyone can make a psychiatric diagnosis which is dutifully reported in major media outlets. The charlatans of psychiatry operate around the world even in Libya where the hospitals are reportedly crowded these days. Everyone is an expert on psychiatry.

[From article]
"This man quite obviously has a mental illness that makes it difficult for him to control his urges,"
[. . .]
It was "clearly medical problems" that drove Strauss-Kahn from sex scandal to sex scandal, said [Michel Rocard, 81] who served as prime minister from 1988 to 1991.

DSK has a 'screw' loose: pol
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:34 AM, August 31, 2011
Posted: 2:55 AM, August 31, 2011

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Has High Priced Lawyer

A caller to the Howie Carr Show (Boston AM Radio 680) reported that Obama's uncle's Cleveland lawyer gets $200 for the first half hour. She is the best immigration lawyer in the country and gets a $10,000 retainer for any case she takes. It is unknown who is paying for this lawyer who also represented Obama's aunt in Boston who was living illegally in public housing while an illegal immigrant. The caller said this lawyer privides good counsel coaching the clients on what to say at immigration hearings. That may explain the lies made by the woman who accused Dominique Strauss Kahn of rape in New York City.

In 1990 after I filed a complaint about police harassment in Cambridge the police arrested me. Seven lawyers were paid to defend me. But others paid them to NOT put on a defense. I fired them all, and had to stand trial by myself. One lawyer told me that if I got on the stand to tell what happened to me, the judge would stop the trial and call psychiatrists to have me put in a hospital. So much for citizen rights to access to Cambridge courts.

[From article]
"Mike Rogers, a spokesman for Onyango’s immigration lawyer, Margaret Wong, did not return calls."

Barack’s policies could aid locked-up relative
By Joe Dwinell and Laurel J. Sweet
Boston Herald
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Broke Fannie Mae Paying Bank Fees

[From article]
"mostly-hidden government program called HARP to accomplish these restructurings. HARP stands for the Home Affordable Refinance Program.
[. . .]
But where, exactly, are the banks getting the money they are earning in these refinancings?
One bank that’s prominent in the home refinancing business says its fees are being paid by the government. Fannie Mae, to be exact.
[. . .]
Do I care that banks have found a way to make money? Or that homeowners are getting a nice deal from the government? Or that Fannie Mae, in its delicate situation, is giving away revenue to banks that have already been bailed out?
Sure, I care about all those things.
But I mostly care that nobody in Washington seems to know what the guy down the street is doing."

Washington’s new refinancing plan is actually old
John Crudele
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:16 AM, August 30, 2011
Posted: 11:34 PM, August 29, 2011

People Don't Like Government; Reagan Smiles

[From article]
"Only 17 percent of Americans have a positive view of the feds, the lowest rating of 25 business sectors in the survey."

Feds in real bad 'company': poll
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:02 AM, August 30, 2011
Posted: 2:16 AM, August 30, 2011

Dumb, Not Corrupt Government Facilitates Abuse

[From article]
"The Cohen Media Group’s documentary “Chasing Madoff” is out. Reviews excellent. It’s the true story of “No One Would Listen,” whistleblower Harry Markopolos’ best seller about 10 years trying to nail Mr. Piggy Bernie. With a wife and children, terrified after reporting to the comatose SEC and nonfunctioning business reporters, Markopolos feared Madoff would kill him.
[. . .]
The SEC was inept. Nobody there’s smart enough to be corrupt.”
[. . .]
government paid $3 billion of our tax dollars to save $350 million. Let’s hope they do a better job with health care."

He was on to Madoff
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:04 AM, August 30, 2011
Posted: 11:02 PM, August 29, 2011

August 30, 2011

Illegals Enjoy Rights and Privileges Unavailable to Citizens

This man who was arrested for driving under the influence (one of hundreds), has a driver's license, and a Social Security Card contrary to law. He lives in a house and has neighbors who think kindly of him. One report said he has a job. I'm an American citizen who the FBI used to fight organzed crime for 15 years. The FBI did not pay me. Now local police and FBI informants harass me and slander me, every day for 20 years. What are the misguided priorities supported by spineless politicians, that the FBI and police go along with, to get along? Are all public officials criminals?

[From article]
"It almost sounds like the American Dream. A 2011 version of it, maybe. Because the 67-year-old Kenyan who happens to be President Obama’s uncle wasn’t supposed to be living here, let alone driving drunk here. He’s what some people call undocumented. What others call illegal."

Living American dream illegally
By Jessica Heslam
Boston Herald
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

* * *

Obama's illegal alien aunt and his illegal alien uncle have a high power attorney from a thousand miles away to represent their interests enjoying rights and privileges unavailable to US citizens. What are the misguided priorities of the spineless, lawless local, state and US officials who provide protections for non citizens while abusing law abiding citizens?

[From article]
"Mike Rogers, a spokesman for Cleveland immigration attorney Margaret Wong, who is representing Onyango, said he “wouldn’t know how” Onyango obtained a Social Security number. Wong is the same lawyer who represented the president’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, in her fight to win asylum last year."

President Obama’s uncle had Social Security ID
By Dave Wedge and Laurel J. Sweet
Boston Herald
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 29, 2011

Father Throws Son Into Ocean

Aug 29, 7:38 PM EDT
Calif. man accused of throwing son off cruise boat
Associated Press
Reporter Noaki Schwartz in Los Angeles also contributed to this report.

No Common Sense a Crime in Philadelphia

Good thing lack of common sense is not a crime in Cambridge. The jails would be unable to hold all the criminals.

[From article]
"When Dray asked why the men were being arrested, he said the officers replied, “for lack of common sense.”

Pair Arrested For ‘Lack Of Common Sense’ After Rafting Down Main Street In Manayunk
August 28, 2011 9:36 AM
CBS News Philadelphia

Climate Change Causes Mental Illness?

Is Al Gore a psychiatric researcher too? He discovered the planet has a fever, now this?

Mental illness rise linked to climate
Erik Jensen Health
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
August 29, 2011

US Ambassador in Syria Attacked

Robert Ford attacked in Syria (VIDEO)
Posted By Josh Rogin Monday,
Foreign Policy
August 29, 2011 - 4:21 PM

Accused Drunk Driver Threatens Prosecutor

Boston man in plot to kill Worcester prosecutor
By Associated Press
Boston Herald
Monday, August 29, 2011

Government and Academic Show Business

Amy Gutman is the President of the University of Pennsylvania and the chair of the Bioethics commission. U Penn gets millions of US taxpayer funds for research grants each year. This report addresses wrongdoing 60 years ago. Any criminal statute has long expired. This is typical of government commissions. They are for show business. Not only do they have no power, but also this one is an advisory commission. They do not challenge or criticize any current operations on which they could have an effect. US laws have no penalties for non compliance. There is no incentive to curb criminal the enthusiasm of the researchers. They believe that the benefit to society outweighs the harm to the individuals. This can be seen in the arguments trying to justify the syphilis experiments. They are the same arguments used by the Nazi doctors at the Nuremberg trials. People have not changed and are no less greedy, sadistic and mendacious as ordinary citizens., So why is this news? Why no scrutiny of the current illegal government experiments which the Office of Human Subjects Protection refuses to investigate?

U.S. researchers broke rules in Guatemala syphilis study
By Alina Selyukh
August 29, 2011

Obama's Letter to Harvard Law School's Record

Several interesting additional facts revealed in the comments. Worth reading. Cashill wroteObama a book about Obama's claimed authorship.

August 29, 2011
Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write
By Jack Cashill
American Thinker

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Driving Drunk Hits Framingham MA Police Car

Onyango Obama, seen here in his...
Photo by AP/Framingham Police
Onyango Obama, seen here in his booking photo, was arrested in Framingham, Mass., for several infractions, including operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

The Framingham Police Department in Massachusetts just released Onyango Obama's mugshot photo to The Washington Times Water Cooler. Mr. Obama, President Obama's uncle, was arrested by Framingham police last week and charged with a DUI. He is being held by ICE authorities, as he is an illegal immigrant from Kenya.

Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Busted for Drunk Driving, Hits Police Car, Media Silent
Posted by Warner Todd Huston
Aug 29th 2011 at 4:58 am

* * *

Barack Obama's uncle has been arrested and held as illegal immigrant
The Times
The Australian
August 29, 2011 10:00AM

* * *

Reported earlier in MetroWest Daily News.

By Norman Miller/Daily News staff
The MetroWest Daily News
Posted Aug 26, 2011 @ 12:00 AM
Last update Aug 26, 2011 @ 11:25 AM

* * *

Obama’s uncle arrested in Framingham on drunken driving charge
By Dave Wedge
Boston Herald
Monday, August 29, 2011

Journalists and The FBI

People wonder why Al Sharpton has access to journalists no less having
his own network show. Some say he must be an FBI informant. There are
some journalists who act outrageously but continue to get paid gigs in
print and on air. Being a witness or an informant of the FBI gets you
money, fame and access. The FBI uses odious people who commit serious
crimes for the FBI. It is an extra legal way to silence unpopular
people in this country. How many people had their lives destroyed by
Sharpton's racism allegations?

Robert Rudolph's "The Boys From New Jersey," is the true story of the
longest trial in US Court history. Twenty defendants from the Lucchese
crime family in New Jersey were found not guilty of all charges. Lead
defense attorney Michael Critchley summed it up during the trial. "We
know who protects us from the criminals, but who protects us from the

Rev. Al's new station in life
Andrea Peyser
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:17 AM, August 29, 2011
Posted: 12:59 AM, August 29, 2011

Weakness of Eyewitness Testimony

[From article]
"there is a pervasive “cross racial bias” that makes people less able to identify those outside their own race.
[. . .]
“Brain Works” author Sweeney is more unequivocal: “That our memory is fallible and malleable,” he says, “is going to shake up the foundations of our legal system.”

Trick of the eye
Why witnesses so often get it very wrong
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:25 AM, August 28, 2011
Posted: 10:49 PM, August 27, 2011

Rangel's Non Profit Exploits Taxpayer Funds

[From article]
"While Harlem entrepreneurs are denied assistance, the nonprofit's execs are living high on the hog. Its director, Ken Knuckles, is paid $243,949 and stands to get a retirement package of more than $500,000."

Critics say the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, a favorite of Rep. Charles Rangel (above), is sitting on taxpayer money instead of helping small businesses.
Ron Sachs - CNP
Critics say the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, a favorite of Rep. Charles Rangel (above), is sitting on taxpayer money instead of helping small businesses.

Bunch of 'keep'skates
Nonprofit hoards cash as its execs prosper
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:02 AM, August 28, 2011
Posted: 12:02 AM, August 28, 2011

Still Seeking IDs at Terror Attack Site

[From article]
"To date, 1,629, or 59 percent, of victims have been matched. In the past five years, the new lab has generated 33 new IDs."

WTC ID effort heroic
Late lab results
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:45 AM, August 27, 2011
Posted: 2:10 AM, August 27, 2011

Shacking Up, Destroying the Family

[From article]
"“Children in stepfamilies,” according to the study, “are more likely to experience school failure, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, and incarceration than children growing up in intact, married families.”
[. . .]
One of the more disturbing is that children in cohabiting households are more likely to be abused than children both in intact, married families and single-parent families."

The high price of shacking up
Rich Lowry
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:08 AM, August 26, 2011
Posted: 9:57 PM, August 25, 2011

Ed Schools Create Problems Which Ensure Failure

[From article]
"secondary and high-school education in this country has too often become a sinecure of last resort for people who have no business teaching in the first place.
[. . .]
The heck with reading, writing and arithmetic -- these days, it’s all about “strategies for learning.”
[. . .]
Today a high-school diploma too often simply signifies four years spent under adult supervision in juvenile-detention centers for the largely nonviolent
[. . .]
The fact is that education in America has been turned on its head. It’s not about book learning any more. Instead, it’s about allowing teachers to stick another gold star of self-esteem on their resumes
[. . .]
the vicious cycle of bogus achievement leading to invincible ignorance."

How education schools fail the nation
Michael A. Walsh
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:56 AM, August 25, 2011
Posted: 10:45 PM, August 24, 2011

University Brainwashing

[From article]
"For all we hear about faculty ideological or political bias, campus administrators are often worse when it comes to brainwashing students.
[. . .]
Indeed, in her training to become an RA, “We were told that ‘human’ was not a suitable identity, but that instead we were first ‘black,’ ‘white,’ or ‘Asian’; ‘male’ or ‘female’; ... ‘heterosexual’ or ‘queer.’
[. . .]
How to fight this indoctrination? First, warn your children or grandchildren about it -- and remind them that every public college (and most private colleges) must leave students free to make up their own minds on such controversial ideas as “all white people are racists” or “all men are responsible for rape.” College is supposed to teach you how to think, not what you must think."

Brainwashing U
Colleges’ sick ‘orientation’ game
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:29 AM, August 25, 2011
Posted: 10:47 PM, August 24, 2011

Upper Class Children Sue Mother for Bad Mothering

Adult children’s ‘bad mothering’ lawsuit dismissed
By Steve Schmadeke
Chicago Tribune
First published Aug 27 2011 07:01PM
Updated Aug 28, 2011 12:06AM

August 28, 2011

Army Officer Found Dead, Suspect in Death of Relatives

Va. soldier sought in 4 deaths found dead in Pa.
Associated Press
August 28, 2011

August 27, 2011

Police Priorities Encourage Homicides in Many States

Gary Michael Hilton, convicted of homicide, and sentenced to death. He was not under surveillance until he was arrested as a person of interest in the murder of Meredith Emerson.

NBC News Dateline August 26, 2011 broadcast a two hour report about four murders. Gary Michael Hilton admitted killing Meredith Emerson in a Georgia forest.
Meredith Emerson. Hilton admitted killing Meredith Emerson in Georgia. As part of an agreement to show where he buried her body, officials agreed not to seek the death penalty.

He was convicted of killing Cheryl Hodges Dunlap in a Florida forest.
Cheryl Hodges Dunlap. Hilton was convicted of murdering Cheryl Hodges Dunlap in Florida. He was sentenced to death.

He is on trial for murdering a couple John and Irene Bryant, in a North Carolina forest.
John and Irene Bryant Hilton. Hilton is on trial for the murder of this couple in North Carolina.

Hilton was not under surveillance. He was captured after ordinary citizens saw his picture on television reporting that he was a person of interest in the Georgia murder. Police suspect he may have killed others.

Many police efforts include watching civilians for personal and political purposes. FBI agents and local police, but also those delightful campus cops who want to be real officers (or are retired real officers collecting their taxpayer pensions and still working) are always willing to do favors for the faculty and administrators at their employer university or college.

I am fortunate to live in a building owned and operated by the President and Fellows of Harvard College in Cambridge MA. That is the university that churns out politicians as fast as Starbucks makes coffee. You may have heard of some of them, like Barry Obama, and his Chicago pal, Deval Patrick who is the MA Governor. MA has a charming history which allowed it to become a one-party state government (Thank you Joseph P. Kennedy!), that imitates the Saddam Hussein government in Iraq and the Bashar Al-Assad government in Syria. Liberals and Harvard grads who dominate the Cambridge political leadership are super smart and well educated. Common sense is not taught at Harvard, and is not required to obtain a Harvard degree.

For the past 42 years beginning in New York City the FBI kept me under 24/7 surveillance. Beginning in 1970 in Cambridge MA the FBI conducted a brutal campaign of harassment, surveillance and disgusting character assassination. From 1973 to 1979 the FBI said I was a Black homosexual Jew from New York. White supremacists harassed me and abused police powers for many years. In 1973 Harvard government psychiatrists drugged me using hallucinogens for 80 consecutive days. They thought I was a spy because I discovered through skepticism that the government was lying about a major political event in 1973.

The same kind of people at Harvard run the government. They know they are smarter than anyone else. I mean, like, totally, you know, I mean, like, they have degrees from Harvard and Yale and Princeton. If they do not tell others what they know (e.g., that they are the smartest man in the room), then others cannot know what they know. Unless, Gasp! they are spies. They thought I was a Russian spy and drugged me to find my control agent. "How did he know that?" was their thinking. I'm told the same paranoid bureaucrats said the same about I.F. Stone. Hello! Ordinary citizen here!

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda observed, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Goebbels' words were proven accurate by my life for over 4 decades. Today after destroying my career, my reputation and isolating me they use students to conduct the same campaign over and over again and again. In 1979 when a woman I dated for three months when I was a student in law school, married a black homosexual, the delightful character assassins began a 30 year campaign calling me a racist. After being harassed by white racists, now I was being harassed by Black racists including Harvard University professors, administrators and students. It was quite informative to say the least. I learned the real nature of racism in America. It is simply a political, economic and personal ruse. Grown men and women made lucrative careers accusing others of racism destroying their lives.

Currently the harassers are mostly students from China. They are very bright and well educated. But they do not share the American culture of support for the US Constitution. They are not part of the minority of Americans who support the Constitution. Few elected officials and few police support the US Constitution in the United States today. Only fools still do e.g., the Tea Party people that the Vice President of the US, and the Director of Homeland Security call terrorists. And the quixotic Governor of Alaska too. What's her name? Tina Fey?

I am inspired to tell my unhappy story by three books that I recently read. The first was Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand. She tells part of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who was an aviator in World War Two. He was rescued from two plane crashes and survived an attack on a Pacific air base. He was captured by the Japanese and held in special secret camps, where he was brutally tortured for three years. When he came home after the war ended, he told his father and a therapist what he lived through. They did not believe him.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption [Book]

People do not believe me when I tell what I survived. Government propagandists deny it happened, and they promote the idea that I am mentally ill. The FBI paid two homosexuals who knew me 40 years ago to tell everyone I meet that I am a retired drug dealer. One is a lesbian I dated for three months when I was a student in law school. I did not know she was a lesbian at the time. Nor did I know she was a Russian agent. But that is another story. Her husband worked for the FBI when he said he knew me in the 1960s. Perhaps he was watching me then too. They were paid well to work for the FBI over 30 years. They are quite wealthy now. Some people thrive as FBI informants. Crime within the federal government does pay well these days.

The second book is the novel, Twilight by Elie Wiesel. It is about the holocaust where young people question "Why is this happening to me?" I ask that question several times a week.

When one Jewish man escapes a mass execution of Jews, his father questions him about what he saw. The father says, "You must tell the facts. But nobody will believe you. They'll accuse you of spreading panic." When The Harvard psychiatrists drugged me in 1973 the police scared me and then used me to fight organized crime for 15 years. They did not pay me. They often said to me, "You're scaring people." I was unable to reason and to respond at the time saying, "The police scared me." I was too scared.

The conversation in Twilight continued. The son asked, "Are you telling me to keep silent?"

The father answered. "My son, having survived, it is your duty to testify. Even if people won't believe you, you have an obligation to speak. Tell what happened. A victim must never be ashamed."

The third book is the newest one. It is A Stolen Life, a memoir by Jaycee Dugard. A convicted sex offender kidnapped 11-year-old Dugard using a stun gun assisted by his wife. Parole officers visited his home 60 times over 18 years where the girl was being held, and while the sex offender was being "treated" by psychiatrists. Stirring deep emotions it is not an easy read. She was reunited with her mother and sister. Clueless taxpayer funded officials were unable to see what this guy was doing FOR 18 YEARS!!! Yet police and FBI informants keep me under 24/7 surveillance, harassment and character assassination for 40 years, for personal and political reasons. Who sets priorities?

Product Details

Actually there is a fourth book, The Rage and The Pride by Oriana Fallaci. She was a courageous war correspondent, who stopped writing. When the World Trade Center in New York was a terror target on September 11, 2001 she wrote about her anger at the spineless politicians and citizens in Italy and in Europe. She loved Italy and America. She lived in New York City and in Italy. I share her rage. I wish I had her writing skills.

The Rage and the Pride Written by Oriana &<span class=lt;span class=" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">

That is where Jaycee Dugard comes to the rescue. She recognizes that her awful experiences confused her. She was unable to think clearly about what she lived through and did not want to think about it. I share that revulsion with her. Unlike, Jaycee and Louis Zamperini I am still being harassed every day 24/7 at my apartment at Harvard University, and as I do errands, after 42 years of police and FBI abuses.

In Boston MA liberal Democrats control local, state and US government mechanisms. One FBI informant, James Bulger, is on trial for 19 homicides. He was a fugitive for 16 years living in Santa Monica CA. Some believe he was protected by the FBI while a fugitive. The incompetence (intentional or not) of the Boston FBI in finding this accused murderer is obvious. But there is a lack of will also among the taxpayers and voters of MA, where Harvard dominates the population and public opinion, to clean up the government. There is no outrage for 19 homicides by the FBI. One agent is in jail for murder. Another died awaiting trial for murder.

In another delightful operation by the Boston FBI, special agents framed four white men for a murder they did not commit. The FBI used one of their informants to lie in a state court trial. Two of the men died in prison. Two were released after 30 years. They were awarded $101 million by a USDC Judge. That helps explain why the police, Harvard students, faculty, FBI informants are allowed to continue their sociopathic harassment of a man they say is mentally ill. It is how I learned about the absurdity of psychiatry.

It makes me wonder about all of the things I was taught in school, college and from books. The government lies and exhibits its incompetence, its greed, its spinelessness, and its cluelessness every day. Police and the FBI abuse their power. The courts do not weed out the innocent from the guilty. POTUS Barry Obama has a Harvard Law School degree and one from Columbia University. He is assisted by an Attorney General, with a Columbia Law School degree, who openly makes racist decisions. They show their lack of common sense and their open defiance of the laws. They expect support for an increased role of abusive irrational government in the lives of a formerly free society. I don't think so. I'll tell my story as best I can.

August 26, 2011

Human Services Wastes $2 billion Annually

Show me the money. The human services industry wastes taxpayer funds in the name of good, "for the children" and "homeless," and "mental patients," etc. Some of the $2 billion annual taxpayer dollars goes to elder services agencies. They pay good salaries and benefits for social workers and for lawyers who do not know the laws they are supposed to enforce, i.e. to protect vulnerable persons. Funds appropriated to protect disabled persons, e.g., Disability Law Center, Mental Health Legal Advisor's Committee, Disabled Persons Protection Commission, Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Disability Rights Division of the Attorney General's Office, Center For Public Representation (not a complete list), may reveal how wasteful they are. Not that the disabled community does not need help. But the money does not get to them. NAMI a front organization for drug corporations, joins the Department of Mental Health promoting drug company products. They do not protect persons accused of mental illness. About $600,000 is wasted annually by the Mass Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC is a state agency), which gives out taxpayer funds for lawyers to help vulnerable people. Hello? Anybody home? Every taxpayer funded human service agency has a lawyer sometimes more. They seldom know the laws regarding vulnerable persons and they seldom do any law. They are great at pretending to know the laws.

Teen program draws state auditor’s ire
By Christine McConville
Boston Herald
Friday, August 26, 2011

Broken Business Model For Western Governments

Published: Aug. 26, 2011 Updated: 1:16 p.m.
Depraved but not deprived
Orange County Register
Mark Steyn:


US Rep. Maxine Waters, Hails Castro, "Tea Party Go to Hell!"

Humberto Fontova
Maxine Waters Apologizes-To Fidel Castro
August 26, 2011

Mixing Government Money with Politics The Obama Way

BREAKING: Obama Dirty Tricks Operative Buffy Wicks to Run Campaign Unit Named After ACORN’s Voter Fraud Factory
by Matthew Vadum
August 26, 2011

US Rep Calls Chinese Hackers High Tech Mafia

Rep. Ted Poe: China’s High Tech Mafia
Posted by Secure Freedom Radio
Aug 26th 2011 at 10:53 am

TX Supreme Court Voids Award For Vioxx

Merck: Texas Supreme Court overturns Vioxx award
Aug 26 05:32 PM US/Eastern
AP Business Writer

FL Police Sued for Citing Light Flashers of Speed Traps

Class action suit says Florida Highway Patrol illegally tickets motorists who warn others about speed traps
9:51 AM, Aug 26, 2011
Mike Deeson

Union Thugs Disrupt School in Wisconsin

Continuing their disruption of government liberal union thugs clued doors of school. Was this done for the children?

Locks superglued prior to protests of Governor Walker at local school
By Jay Sorgi and Jon Byman
WTMJ Radio 620 Milwaukee WI

MA State Police Shut Child's Tea Stand

Massachusetts State Police Shutdown Twelve-Year-Old’s Green Tea Stand
E.D. Kain, Contributor
August 25, 2011

Attack on Mexican Casino Leaves 52 Dead; 5 Suspcets Held

Mexico offers $2.4m reward in deadly casino arson
Associated Press
Houston Chronicle
Updated 11:37 a.m., Friday, August 26, 2011

* * *

5 detained in attack that killed 52 in Mexico
By Associated Press
Boston Herald
Monday, August 29, 2011

CA-Chicago Amtrak, 8 Hours Late, Hits Crane, Derails

[From article]
"the train struck a crane that was doing demolition on a nearby grain silo.
[. . .]
already was running about eight hours behind schedule after hitting an abandoned car on the tracks Wednesday night near Salt Lake City."

Aug 26, 1:57 PM EDT
Associated Press
Amtrak's California Zephyr train derails in Neb.

Texas $5 Tax on Strip Clubs is Legal

This is like taxing smoking. If it is so bad for humans, why allow it? If there's a link between nude entertainment, alcohol and sexual violence, why permit it?

Texas Supreme Court upholds $5 strip club fee
Associated Press
August 26, 2011

CIA Censors Book About Sept. 11th

C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight
Published: August 25, 2011
New York Times

Facial Recognition Cameras Will Become Common

[From article]
"Once the stuff of science fiction and high-tech crime fighting, facial recognition technology has become one of the newest tools in marketing, even though privacy concerns abound.
The Venetian resort, hotel and casino in Las Vegas has started using it on digital displays to tailor suggestions for restaurants, clubs and entertainment to passersby.",0,7327487.story

Advertisers start using facial recognition to tailor pitches
By Shan Li and David Sarno, Los Angeles Times
August 21, 2011
Los Angeles Times

Syrian Government Thugs Attack Political Cartoonist

Syrian gunmen break artist's hands as 'warning'
Aug 25 07:14 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press

DSK Unusual Dismissal by Prosecutor Motion

[From article]
"Prosecutors are poised to file what's called a Dismissal On Recommendation motion, which will say the indictment against the frisky Frenchman cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt because of credibility problems with the sole witness in the case, Strauss-Kahn's hotel-maid accuser.
[. . .]
Prosecution sources said the motion, also called a Recommendation for Dismissal, will be lengthy, thorough and carefully crafted.
[. . .]
Judges always grant such motions immediately, experts said,
[. . .]
"When it's the DA asking for dismissal, it's never denied," said veteran defense lawyer Michael Shapiro, who got a motion to dismiss in Manhattan last year
[. . .]
"I suppose a judge technically could deny it," Shapiro said. "But then no one would show up to prosecute the case on the next court date."
Shapiro -- who has been a defense lawyer for 38 years, [. . .] called prosecutor motions to dismiss "as rare as hen's teeth."

Manhattan DA's office will ask judge to dismiss all DSK charges: source
New York Post
Last Updated: 10:42 PM, August 21, 2011
Posted: 12:46 AM, August 21, 2011

August 25, 2011

Sixteen-year-old Charged With Rape of Woman, 68

Aarion Mosley
Aarion Mosley

Suspect Arrested In Rape At South Shore Train Station
August 24, 2011
CBS News Chicago

Police Seize Cameras at Public Meeting of US Rep. Chabot (R-OH)

[Following sent by online form to US Rep. Steve Chabot.]
Video shows the unlawful seizure of cameras by police at your town hall meeting on August 22, 2011 at the North Avondale Rec. Center. That was an abuse of police power which you ordered or permitted. The police officer was negligently trained and violated the rights of the citizens whose cameras he seized. It may be theft by holding. You violated your oath to uphold and to defend the US Constitution. It was one more shameful act by an elected official. Are there no elected officials left who support the constitution?

[Following was added to emails sent to two Cincinnati police officers]
amy.stevens (at)
craig.gregoire (at)
I did not mention any open meetings laws that OH may have in place and do not know if it was also a violation of that law.

[Two video clips embedded showing police abuses]
Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall
Kurt Nimmo
August 24, 2011

Most Americans Say Race Relations Unimproved Under Obama

Byron York
August 24, 2011 12:27pm
Few say race relations have improved under Obama
Washington Examiner

FBI and Courts Need Attention of Cleaners

Gelzinis says the FBI was "incompetent, [and] arrogant." This and the Bulger case are limited to negligence of the Boston FBI. It should not be surprising with a one-party government for many years. When one party controls the operations of US offices in the state (no matter which party made the appointments) the offices may become corrupt. See Lord Acton, e.g. The same pattern of negligence, among not just the FBI but also US Attorneys, is found across the nation. For an extreme example see, Robert Rudolph's "The Boys from New Jersey," a book about the longest US Court trial in history. Twenty Lucchese family defendants were acquitted of all charges after a three year trial. The lead defense attorney Michael Critchley summed it up during the trial. "We know who protects us from the criminals, but who protects us from the informants?" The government uses criminals who are only interested in getting out of jail after they commit crimes. In the NJ case the witnesses were more odious than the defendants. The matter needs scrutiny. But elected officials and the taxpayers lack the will to clean up the FBI and the Courts.

Just another rotten apple in FBI barrel
By Peter Gelzinis
Boston Herald
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Print Ads Vs Online Ads

You observed people at bars, and on the MBTA train "looking at their phones." What were these people reading? People read print ads at home, at libraries and at work. Some people don't have "[cell] phones." Gasp! Older people still read print. Younger people grew up with "phones." Print ads are still a way to get the message to target audiences. You make no distinction between age groups, ethnic groups, and interest groups. You do raise a serious issue regarding what ensures that an ad was published? Is a .pdf file proof?

Posted on August 24, 2011
“Just to confirm, this will be for a review in print, online or both?”

Yale University Invested in Oil Futures

[From article]
"The CFTC never identified specific investors publicly, but The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed the list. It offers a rare glimpse of the secretive world of oil trading, where buying and selling often takes place away from public markets.
[. . .]
The list could fuel calls for a crackdown on oil speculators, a label critics apply to those who trade in oil but don't use or produce it.
A range of investors were in the market, too. Yale University, Singapore's government, hedge funds Brevan Howard and D.E. Shaw & Co., as well as pension funds for Texas teachers and Danish workers all held positions, according to the list."

As Oil Spiked, Many Traded
Corporations, Foreign Funds Appear on List of Investors During Oil's Peak
August 18, 2011
ianthe.dugan (at) and
liam.pleven (at)

Exploiting Human Sympathy

Playing on people's sympathy is a tactic of manipulative persons. FBI informants and other criminals, are practitioners.

[From article]
"He kept saying his child had sickle-cell anemia and how his wife was a bad mother," said Stephen's seething sis, Sandra."

Mistress conned, says sis
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:57 AM, August 23, 2011
Posted: 2:13 AM, August 23, 2011

Warehousing Humans

Muzzy Rosenblatt uses the same revolving door between government and business as officials of the Department of Defense and the White House. Warehousing humans is good for the profit-maker. How does it help support the needs of the individuals? Treating homeless persons as prisoners, as if they lost their rights under law, shows how greed manifests itself in the human services industry. Big Homelessness rules in New York as Big Pharma rules in DC.

Chelsea shelter opens under ire
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:57 AM, August 23, 2011
Posted: 1:19 AM, August 23, 2011

August 24, 2011

How Massachusetts and California Citizens Differ

California authorities arrested Iraqis for allegedly selling drugs. They brought shame to their ethnic group, not admiration but intense hatred from citizens. Two FBI informants, who said they were my friends, told everyone I met for 30 years that I was "a retired drug dealer." And this was helping me how? When I complain about this one element of character assassination broadcast by the FBI over 40 years they recruit psychiatrists to put drugs in my food. Poisoning is a felony. But in Massachusetts FBI criminals operate with no accountability for many years.

Iraqi-Americans receive threats after drug arrests
Aug 24 07:44 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press

Life Cycle of Democracies

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinborough,
had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.

A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history,
has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."

The Obituary follows:

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota,
points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

Number of States won by:
Obama: 19 McCain: 29

Square miles of land won by:
Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by:
Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income Tenements and living off various forms of government welfare."

Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached The "governmental dependency" phase.

Do Americans Have the Will To Fight Terror?

Jewish World Review
August 23, 2011 / 23 Menachem-Av, 5771
Is the U.S. Willing to Fight Against Islamic Terrorism No Matter How Long, No Matter How Costly in Blood and Treasure?

By Ed Koch

Obama Can't Lead

[From article]
"President Obama is not limited by the Republican Congress, or the decisions of past presidents, or the state of the economy; he is limited by his perceptions of what a black politician can and cannot do. Because black political thinking indoctrinates even its proponents into thinking that they are not responsible for their choices, that their futures are determined by white society, Barack Obama is either incapable of making decisions (because he never felt able to make them), or cannot betray the political paradigm of black leadership. Either way, the result is a lack of engagement in the decision making process."

August 24, 2011
Why Obama Can't Lead
American Thinker
By Michael Bargo Jr.

1-year-old Chicago Girl Shot in Head,0,2978813.story

1-year-old girl shot in head in South Chicago
Staff report
Chicago Tribune
11:13 p.m. CDT, August 23, 2011

Sex With 12-year-old Girl to Get Increased Benefits

Woman 'encouraged husband to have sex with 12-year-old girl so that she would get pregnant and they could claim more benefits'
By Paul Thompson
Daily Mail (UK)
Last updated at 5:05 PM on 23rd August 2011

Psychiatric Drugs Caused Another Death?

[From article]
"Russell Armstrong had stopped taking anti-depressant drugs a fortnight before he committed suicide, it has been claimed.
The venture capitalist is said to have been taking the prescription medication to control his rage issues.
He had been taking the drugs for several months,"

eal Housewives husband Russell Armstrong 'stopped taking anti-depressants weeks before suicide'
By Mike Larkin
Daily Mail (UK)
Last updated at 7:03 AM on 24th August 2011

Myopia of Black US Rep.

So what about the 70 percent unemployment rate of persons with disbilities? Why is that not an issue for the esteemed US Rep. from Florida?

[From article]
""When you look at African American males, 40% of them are unemployed, those under 30 years of age."

Dem Congresswoman Blames Black Unemployment On "Racism"
Real Clear Politics
August 23, 2011

How did Jefferson know?

How did Jefferson know?

John F. Kennedy held a dinner in the white House for a group of the
brightest minds in the nation at that time. He made this statement:

"This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to
gather at one time in the White House with the exception of
when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."


When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe,
we shall become as corrupt as Europe.

Thomas Jefferson

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.
A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.

Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government
from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much

Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.

Thomas Jefferson

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms
is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants.

Thomas Jefferson

To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he
disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson said in 1802 "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their
currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will
grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property - until their children
wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Data Collection Thwarts Firewalls

[From article]
"Once downloaded, comScore software modifies a computer's firewall settings and gains full rights to access and change any file on the computer, the lawsuit says.
It is nearly impossible to disable the software once it is installed, the lawsuit says."

Exclusive: Privacy lawsuit targets comScore
By Dan Levine and Jim Finkle
Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:00pm EDT

Baby Thrown From Building, Mother Arrested

Baby hospitalized by 4-story fall, mom arrested
Tuesday, August 23, 2011
By Subha Ravindhran and Eileen Frere
ABC News

A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard's Memoir

Unimaginable depravity living amongst us. A convicted sex offender kidnapped the 11-year-old girl using a stun gun assisted by his wife. Parole officers visited his home 60 times over 18 years where the girl was being held, and while the sex offender was being "treated" by psychiatrists. Stirring deep emotions it is not an easy read. She was reunited with her mother and sister. Who sets the priorities regarding watching civilians? Clueless taxpayer funded officials were unable to see what this guy was doing FOR 18 YEARS!!! Yet police and FBI informants keep me under 24/7 surveillance, harassment and character assassination for personal and political reasons. Who sets priorities?

Jaycee Dugard's 'A Stolen Life' -- the first 100 pages
July 13, 2011 2:00 pm
Los Angeles Times Blogs
Carolyn Kellogg

Illegal Alien Driver Kills Youth

Nobody watching this guy. Yet police keep me under 24/7 surveillance, harassment and character assassination.

[From article]
"A totally smashed illegal from Ecuador is accused of running a stop sign and mowing down a 23-year-old American on a motorcycle, and then proceeding to drag him, screaming, under his truck for a quarter mile. When the illegal finally ran off the road, the American became disentangled. He was still alive. But then the illegal backed his truck back over him, according to prosecutors.Told later he’d killed the young man, Matthew J. Denice, cops say the illegal shrugged."

Gov. Deval Patrick’s stand on illegals is indefensible

By Howie Carr
Boston Herald
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 23, 2011

Politicians Often Lack Social Skills

These descriptions of Nixon are compatible with the description of Nixon in Stephen Ambrose's biography. Ambrose goes further stating that Nixon was clueless about the personal lives of his wife and his daughters. He was all business focused only on politics. Other profilers state that people who succeed in politics like people, and want to help others. What some find difficult to accept is that having these good qualities politicians are often also medacious, greedy, spineless and have a relaxed rectitude.

The Awkwardness Olympics
Aug 23, 2011 1:00 AM EDT
Daily Beast
Jill Lawrence

Charmer Fights Racism With Hate and Bigotry

Gwen Ifill Includes Hateful Racialist Tim Wise on Panel
by A.R. Ward
August 22, 2011

Sharia Law and the US Constitution

This is a simple matter. Which is supreme in the United States? Is it Sharia law or the US Constitution? All elected officials and many appointed officials, take an oath to support and to defend the Constitution. But they do not appear to understand what the words mean. One more example of clueless spineless politicians with relaxed rectitude.

True Colors: Shariah Law In Michigan
Posted by Dr. Marc Weisman
Aug 22nd 2011 at 11:26 am

Irena Sendler, 1910 - 2008

WWII savior of young Jews
Irena Sendler, 1910 - 2008
May 13, 2000
Elaine Woo
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Pregnant Chicago Teen Shot Dead by Teen,0,4708681.story

Teen dies in shooting but doctors deliver son: 'The baby is fighting for his life'
Story: Teen dies in shooting but doctors deliver son: 'The baby is fighting for his life'

Prosecutors: Pregnant teen begged for her life before gunman shot her
By Jason Meisner and Dawn Rhodes Tribune reporters
Chicago Tribune
3:32 p.m. CDT, August 22, 2011

Hard to Advertise Women's Sex Aid

Female sex enhancement Zestra, an over-the-counter, hormone-free, female arousal oil is having trouble being allowed to advertise. Walmart sells it. One more reason to support Walmart.

Getting word out about sex boost for women frustrating
By Christine McConville
Boston Herald
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 22, 2011

Senior Texting Codes

Since all the "kids" have all their little BFF, WTF, LOL, etc. here are some codes for seniors:

ATD - At the Doctor's
BFF - Best Friends Funeral
BTW - Bring the Wheelchair
BYOT - Bring Your Own Teeth
CBM - Covered by Medicare
CUATSC - See You at the Senior Center
FWIW - Forgot Where I Was
FYI - Found Your Insulin
GGPBL - Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
GHA - Got Heartburn Again
HGBM - Had Good Bowel Movement
IMHO - Is My Hearing-Aid On?
LMDO - Laughing My Dentures Out
LOL - Living on Lipitor
LWO - Lawrence Welk's On
OMSG - Oh My! Sorry, Gas
ROFL...CGU - Rolling on the Floor Laughing...Can't get Up!
WAITT - Who Am I Talking To?
WTFA - Wet the Furniture Again
WTP - Where's the Prunes
WWNO - Walker Wheels Need Oil
GGLKI - Gotta Go, Laxative Kicking in!

Baltimore Housing Market Depressed. $10 K for House,0,5171792.story?page=1

In Baltimore, homes for $10,000 — and less
Housing prices continue to fall through much of the region, with some of the most striking examples in city neighborhoods
By Jamie Smith Hopkins, The Baltimore Sun
12:25 p.m. EDT, August 20, 2011

Banks Got $1.2 trillion in Secret Loans

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Loans
By Bradley Keoun and Phil Kuntz
Aug 21, 2011 7:01 PM ET

Accused Wife Killer Fooled Gay Man With Disability Too

[From article]
"He graduated summa cum laude from Columbia [University]" Martin boasted. "They wanted him in Harvard . . . And he wanted that. Because he wanted to get that [architecture] degree to build anywhere he wanted to build."
[. . .]
Martin was apparently unaware that Parvaiz never went to Harvard or Columbia."

NJ hubby got $2M share of apt. building before wife's murder
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:46 AM, August 22, 2011
Posted: 2:05 AM, August 22, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors in DC

[From article]
"And according to several analysts, the numbers say that Congress and the president have not even begun to solve the government’s overspending.
The recent federal-spending deal called for an initial $917 billion in cuts over the next decade."

Analysts: debt deal not up to the job
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:03 AM, August 21, 2011
Posted: 10:02 PM, August 20, 2011

Wasting Taxpayer Money Giving Foreign Aid

[From article]
"In her book “Dead Aid,” Dambisa Moyo argues that benevolence is worse than useless for Africans. “Between 1970 and 1998, when aid flows to Africa were at their peak, poverty in Africa rose from 11% to a staggering 66%,” she said. “Aid has been, and continues to be, an unmitigated political, economic and humanitarian disaster for most parts of the developing world” — especially Africa, which is “shearing off. The rest of the world is going one direction, on one growth trajectory, and Africa is going completely in the opposite direction. And yet we sit around and discuss sending another $50 billion of aid? I mean, come on.”
[. . .]
in practical life being right is more important than anything else;"

The gift that keeps on taking
Why benevolence can backfire
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:50 AM, August 21, 2011
Posted: 12:21 AM, August 21, 2011

Obama a PR Creation

[From article]
"The candidate who promised to close Guantanamo and the president who’s kept it open. The champion of the poor and middle class who took more campaign contributions from Wall Street than any of his fellow candidates. The leader who says he has ended the war in Iraq while preparing the public, through leaks and trial balloons, for the American military presence to last for years.
[. . .]
now exists in what the Harvard Business Review calls “product limbo.” It’s a byproduct of the content not aligning with the sales pitch.
[. . .]
Barack Obama had undeniably the greatest, most successful product launch of the 21st century. Weeks before winning the presidency, he won Ad Age’s “Marketer of the Year” Award, beating such brands as Apple, Nike and Coors. It was a hard-won honor: No presidential campaign in history had been run with such airtight, top-down control, with veteran political consultant David Axelrod stressing an aesthetic and thematic unity that resulted in the consistent use of a lovely font, two pithy slogans and high-tech advances. One of the first applications designed for the iPhone was the official Obama for America app.
[. . .]
Months after the election, two spots produced by the Obama campaign won prizes at the Cannes Lions advertising awards. The most tech-savvy president ever
[. . .]
“We have the best brand on Earth — the Obama brand,” she bragged. “Our possibilities are endless.”

Obama loses his cool
The President used to have the best 'brand' in America -- then it all went wrong
Maureen Callahan
New York Post
Last Updated: 6:35 AM, August 21, 2011
Posted: 12:22 AM, August 21, 2011

Psychiatry, Big Business

No recession among taxpayer funded psychiatrists.

[From article]
"One physician, Quazi Rahman, pulled in $681,441. Three others topped the $500,000 mark.
[. . .]
Marengo said the huge overtime payments came at a time when the hospital had difficulty recruiting psychiatrists."

Death pays as shrinks rake in OT
David Seifman
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:12 AM, August 21, 2011
Posted: 1:14 AM, August 21, 2011

Liberals Are Undiverse and Racist

[From article]
Liberal "refusal to acknowledge free will, individual choice and true diversity of thought confirms that race-obsessed liberals remain the most unrepentant and odious racists of all."

Garofalo’s lily-white-liberal gas
Michelle Malkin
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:33 AM, August 20, 2011
Posted: 10:12 PM, August 19, 2011

US Military Only One Left

[From article]
"We are in the fifth month of the Libyan intervention that Barack Obama’s administration said would involve “days, not weeks,” an undertaking about which Prime Minister David Cameron was much more enthusiastic than Obama, who rarely mentions it.US Only Military

Britain’s last war?
It soon won’t have much military left
George Will
New York Post
Last Updated: 4:11 AM, August 20, 2011
Posted: 9:32 PM, August 19, 2011

History of West Memphis Three

The West Memphis Three
By Fiona Steel

Murders by Denver FBI Informant

In this updated version of Hannibal Unmasked CBS News 48 Hours Mystery reports that a Denver FBI informant murdered at least 3 young women, and his uncle. The pattern repeated what happened in Boston with James "Whitey" Bulger, an informant working for Boston Special Agent John Connolly, who was convicted of murder. Bulger is in custody as of July 2011 in Boston after 16 years as a fugitive living in Santa Monica CA.

When the father of one woman went to the FBI to report that a man named "Hannibal" may have kidnapped his daughter, the FBI in Denver "dismissed it as pure fiction." "Hannibal" was Scott Kimball, an FBI informant who married the mother of another missing young Colorado woman.

John Davis' wrote "Mafia Kingfish" about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Davis reveals that several men reported to the FBI that there was a plot to kill the President in the months leading up to November 1963. The FBI dismissed all of the reports as unreliable. They had an opportunity to prevent the assassination but due to their arrogance they failed.

On one occasion I visited the FBI's office to report criminal activity. They greeted me with the expression, "I never heard of anything like that." NJ defense attorney Michael Critchley summed it up during the longest trial in the history of US Courts, "We know who protects us from the criminals, but who protects us from the informants?"

Another familiar pattern of abuses by the FBI was to try to discredit one murder victim. They tried to portray her as a drug addict and a stripper so that no one would be concerned or sympathetic about her murder.

The FBI conducted a similar smear campaign against me. For 30 years they paid a woman (that I dated for three months when I was a law student) and her FBI informant husband to broadcast character assassination. They told everyone I met that I was a "retired drug dealer." That scared away any law abiding civilians and eliminated any sympathy for the 40 years of FBI and police abuses I survived.

It also attracted young drug dealers who believed the government lies. The FBI proceeded to arrest the young dealers who then were told that I worked for the police. It was a charming attempt to scare me into their witness protection (WITSEC) program. It was a way for the FBI to cover up 40 years of criminal abuses. And the woman and her husband? They told everyone they were my friends.

J. Edgar Hoover the homosexual founder of the FBI was known as the arsonist and the Fire Chief. That pattern of starting the abuses and making the victim seek help from the FBI perpetrators is well established and how they eliminate annoying citizens.

At the conclusion of this informative report, an FBI apologist-spokesman said that the FBI does not have the manpower to watch their informants. Huh? But they have enough manpower to watch law abiding citizens whose speech and behavior they dislike and to harass them 24/7 for 40 years? One FBI informant said to me, "I know how to get control of you." then proceeded to push me almost off my feet. Provocations is one way. But I knew what he was doing and walked away as I've done hundreds of times before.

The FBI eliminates freedom and the pursuit of happiness of individuals in the name of control. Is that why they were created? Corrupt politicians, police and the FBI protect each other from citizens. Annoying citizens become targets of all of the above. It is not just the Boston FBI office that runs murderous informants and protects them from the families of the victims. Hear all that deafening silence from the spineless politicians for reform?

[Link to CBS video broadcast on August 20, 2011]

Hannibal Unmasked
August 20, 2011 7:45 PM
CBS Nes 48 Hours Mystery
Three young women murdered and the hunt for a serial killer named Hannibal. In a broadcast dedicated to his memory, Harold Dow reports.

August 21, 2011

Easy Access to Online Medical Records

Good reporting. One potential abuse not mentioned is changing online records to the detriment of the patient. Medical professionals can do this but also others with nefarious objectives. The Paul Newman film "the Verdict" was about changed medical records. There's an analogy to the comment by Beth Givens concerning government. Both Plato and Aristotle agreed that the "least worst form of government is democracy. It is least capable of excellence, but rule of the many prevents the worst cases, at least in theory.

[From article]
"When things go wrong, they can really go wrong," says Beth Givens, director of the nonprofit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which tracks data breaches. "Even the most well-designed systems are not safe. ... This case is a good example of how the human element is the weakest link."
[. . .]
In the wrong hands, health records can be used for blackmail and public humiliation. The information can also be used by insurance companies to inflate rates, or by employers to deny job applicants.

Aug 21, 4:33 PM EDT
New data spill shows risk of online health records
AP Technology Writer

Obama's Harvard Mentor

Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree is more than just an expert on race and politics. He is the ultimate authority on all issues of race at Harvard University and in Cambridge MA. He is the decider. Not expressly stated is what appears to be his main paradigm. Black Americans deserve priority over White Americans for high level jobs, and admission to elite universities. That the Black Americans who get these privileges are members of the upper class does not matter. That those who suffer under such policies are poor and had nothing to do with racism or slavery does not matter. It is simply a power and money grab by Black Americans using racism as the club and the excuse. Anyone who thinks that Black Americans are any different than White Americans, being greedy, mendacious and power hungry, are terribly misguided. It is all about money and power just as it is for White upper class, ruling class members. Even Black politicians who blindly supported Obama are beginning to wake up from their comas.

[From article]
"Ogletree is an authority on race and politics"

Obama drops in on Harvard mentor Charles Ogletree during Martha’s Vineyard vacation
By Associated Press,
Published: August 20, 2011

Decline of The West

The role of Communism destroying the US is not mentioned. In 1941 it was known and not prominent. In 2001 journalists and politicians deny it exists. Yet KGB officers admit their goal was to divide America. Blacks blame whites for all their problems. Homosexuals attack breeders as homophobes. Women blame men for their difficulties. The Frankfort School moved to New York to institute political correctness. Neither had an influence in 1941. Sixty years later Communists dominate the media, many governments and many universities. You cannot solve a problem if it remains unknown. Then there is the rise and acceptance of organized crime because of their diligent program of accountability, unlike government bureaucracies. Roger Morris in his tome about the Clintons "Partners in Power," describes the preferred chief executives of government agencies and corporations. They are weak and have a relaxed rectitude. These added to the decline of US prominence.

9/11 exposes West's moral decay 2
Toronto Sun
By Salim Mansur, QMI Agency
First posted: Friday, August 19, 2011 8:00:55 EDT PM

West Memphis Three Released After 20 Years

Posted at 01:05 PM ET, 08/19/2011
‘West Memphis Three’ freed after nearly 20 years in prison [video]
By Elizabeth Flock
Washington Post Blogs

Facebook Censors AZ Governor Criticizing Obama

Friday, August 19, 2011
Facebook Removes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Post Criticizing New Immigration Policy Set By President Obama's Administration
Paul Davenport
Associated Press

August 20, 2011

Euro Doomed To Failure May Bring Down Good Economies

[From article]
"In Europe the past couple of decades, this hasn’t been a fanciful hope, it’s been a reality. A political and financial overclass engineered the adoption of the euro, based on one of the world’s most foolhardy delusions since the fall of the Berlin Wall: that you can have a common currency without a common country.
[. . .]
True to form, Greece lied about its fiscal indicators to get accepted into the euro, and kept right on lying once it joined the currency. Its national motto could be a paraphrase of the famous “Animal House” line: “You messed up -- you trusted us.”

The ‘expert’ road to ruin
Behind the euro catastrophe
Rich Lowry
New York Post
Last Updated: 2:54 AM, August 19, 2011
Posted: 10:10 PM, August 18, 2011

Obama Plan Continues Help To Wealthy

[From article]
"utterly preposterous notion of a new Cabinet-level Department of Jobs to solve the nation’s employment woes: Just what the country needs, another expensive, useless and quickly metastasizing bureaucratic monstrosity.
[. . .]
If he wants to really go after the truly rich, instead of simply high-income earners, why not suggest an emergency wealth tax on inherited fortunes that would hit supporters like the Kennedys and the Kerrys right in their yachts and Hyannis Port compounds?"

Bam’s great PR bus-t
Worse: This is all he’s got
Michael A. Walsh
New York Post
Last Updated: 9:07 AM, August 18, 2011
Posted: 10:30 PM, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Built On Fantasies

Is this another effort made up by the PR firm for the psychiatric industry and the drug companies? How can illnesses with no pathology, that are created by consensus not science have any genetic link? This is nonsense published on a site called New Scientist. Does that include new methodology, making up scientific conclusions out of thin air? What is with these people? Will this be allowed into evidence by clueless judges who fear accountability?

[From article]
"Although it's widely agreed that genetics are involved in mental illness,"

Does science support an insanity defence for Loughner?
11:35 19 August 2011
Jeff Hecht, contributor
New Scientist

Defense Lawyers Seek Hereditary Link to Mental Illness

As in the Unabomber case, Jared Loughner's lawyers are working to create an insanity defense. They are creating a new path increasing the client base for the psychiatric industry and the drug companies. They seek to find link to mental illness in Loughner's family. Surely this is a return to the good old days of Massachusetts and the eugenics movement. The state sterilized anyone accused of mental illness to avoid passing on the disease to future generations. How misguided can lawyers, courts and journalists be that they are clueless about the imaginary nature of this effort?

Jared Loughner's Defense Team May Be Looking for Mental Illness in His Relatives
Aug. 19, 2011
ABC News

Obama Denies Biden Called Tea Partiers Terrorists Huh?

[From article]
"Two weeks ago Politico reported that vice president Joe Biden said tea party Republicans “acted like terrorists” in the debt talks. Since then, the activist old media has been relatively silent on the story.
[. . .]
Barack Obama denied Biden used those words when he spoke with tea party activist Ryan Rhodes. Obama was not in the private meeting, but he has gone on the record and taken a position. He said it did not happen. Certainly, it’s interesting that the media has not asked Obama about this, a private citizen has to bring up this issue and pull a denial out of the media’s Dear Leader.
[. . .]
Biden denied to CBS that he used the terrorist word, but as of the writing of this story, CBS has still not aired the interview. They have it. Perhaps they don’t want to air the verbal record of Biden’s denial."

Politico Stands Behind Its “Biden Terrorist” Story
Posted by Ron Futrell
Aug 19th 2011 at 4:58 am

Cambridge Pays $8 million For Unlawful Retaliation

[From article]
Attorney "Silvia Glick, who recently backed out of a City Council run, was one of the Cambridge residents who came the meeting. She said that when she ran for City Council in the last election, she was laughed at when she suggested that the city should settle the case. She said the fault lies in the hands of City Manager Robert Healy.
[. . .]
A judge has called our city manager reprehensible and our city council has chosen to look the other way.”
Glick was also upset that that two councilors did not attend the meeting.
“Where is councilor Reeves, the champion of civil rights?” she said.

By Scott Wachtler
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Aug 19, 2011 @ 11:08 AM
Last update Aug 19, 2011 @ 03:51 PM

City Manager: The Courts are wrong.

The City Manager sounds like a convicted prisoner in jail. He trusts the courts except when it applies to his actions. It is laughable to see his comments and to watch the City Council's spineless conduct. "What me worry?" is their motto. The Spending Other People's Money Society marches onward. $10 million here, a few hundred thousand to some lawyers and the carnival plays on. In the upper class lawless enclave of Cambridge MA where homosexual limousine liberals rule, voters lack any will to stop the institutionalized criminal abuses. The out of control city plays to their clueless and mindless supporters of liberalism. Taxpayers care little about their contributions to this masquerade. They willingly give a portion of their inherited wealth each year to be a part of the elitists who run this satanic political cabal.

Cambridge City Manager statement on wrongful termination verdict
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted Aug 19, 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Last update Aug 19, 2011 @ 12:45 PM

US Doctor Sold Drugs to Mexican Dealers

APNewsBreak: Doc charged in prescription drug case
Associated Press
August 20, 2011

August 19, 2011


A helpful hint that may come in handy some day.


George Phillips, an elderly man, from Walled Lake, Michigan, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?"

He said "No," but some people are breaking into my garden shed and stealing from me.

Then the police dispatcher said "All patrols are busy. You should lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available"

George said, "Okay."

He hung up the phone and counted to 30. Then he phoned the police again.

"Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I just shot and killed them both, the dogs are eating them right now." and he hung up.

Within five minutes, six Police Cars, a SWAT Team, a Helicopter, two Fire Trucks, a Paramedic, and an Ambulance showed up at the Phillips' residence, and caught the burglars red-handed.

One of the Policemen said to George, "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"

George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"

Fake Harvard Student Charged with Murdering Wife

Man charged with murdering his wife lied about being a Harvard student.

Husband charged with murder of wife in New Jersey
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:43 PM, August 19, 2011
Posted: 9:47 AM, August 19, 2011

Police Question Harvard Grad Student In Wife's Murder

Cops questioning husband after murder of his wife in NJ: source
New York Post
Last Updated: 6:43 PM, August 18, 2011
Posted: 11:08 AM, August 18, 2011

Illegal Alien Held on Homicide in Head-on Collision

Created: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 5:30 a.m. CDT
Sheriff says fatal crash no accident
Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake IL)
By SARAH SUTSCHEK - ssutschek (at)

Longest US Court Trial, All Acquitted

True story of the longest trial in US Court history. Twenty defendants from the Lucchese crime family in New Jersey were found not guilty of all charges. Judge Harold Ackerman who died in 2009 presided in US District Court in Newark, NJ. Lead defense attorney Michael Critchley summed it up during the trial. "We know who protects us from the criminals, but who protects us from the informants?"

The Boys from New Jersey: How the Mob Beat the Feds
by Robert Rudolph
William Morris and Company
New York

The Boys From New Jersey: How the Mob Beat the Feds

August 18, 2011

Palestinians Kill 8 Israelis

Associated Press
Armed men cross Egyptian border, kill 8 Israelis

Harvard Grad Student Shot; Wife Killed

NJ couple shot by assassins may have been involved in love triangle
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:11 AM, August 18, 2011
Posted: 2:12 AM, August 18, 2011

NYPD Cop Robbed Cigarette Smugglers

[From article]
"Kyron Collins allegedly wore an NYPD "raid" jacket and flashed a badge while executing a fake search warrant on July 26.
Court papers say he and two accomplices made off with a load of illegal smokes and about $7,000 in cash after Collins, 39, ransacked the residence."

Kyron Collins
Steven Hirsch
Kyron Collins

Feds: Cop robbed cig smugglers
New York Post
Last Updated: 11:15 AM, August 17, 2011
Posted: 2:33 AM, August 17, 2011