May 10, 2016

Updated: One Injured in East Somerville, MA Fire

Posted May 6, 2016 2:51 AM ET; Last updated May 10, 2016 9:18 PM ET

Fire officials are investigating at 20-24 Rush St. Friday morning after a late night fire. 
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Updated May 10, 2016 9:18 PM ET
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"The roof is on the first floor, so it's hard to even get inside night now," Chief Inspector Girard Gover said.
From the front of the building on Rush Street, it's possible to look through the windows and see clear through to the sky where the flames appear to have shot through the roof.
A total of 35 people have been displaced by the fire, broken up into a 11 families, according to Red Cross spokesman Jeff Hall. A total of 10 of the people impacted are children under the age of 18, Hall said.
The Red Cross has set up a case file for each of the families and provided financial assistance to allow them to get into a hotel and get some food and other basic necessities, Hall said.
“We will track them for several weeks, make sure they are finding a new place to live,” Hall said. “We will also work with area landlords to help these people in finding a new home.”
The fire started around 9 p.m. last night inside the multi-unit building and neighbors said the building was engulfed within minutes.

35 displaced in Somerville fire
Boston Herald
Chris Villani
Friday, May 06, 2016

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Posted May 6, 2016 2:51 AM ET
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Somerville fire crews battled a raging, three-alarm fire last night that sent flames shooting through the roof of an apartment building and forced firefighters to scramble out to safety, officials said.
The fire broke out about 9 p.m. on Rush Street inside a three-story, multi-unit apartment building, fire officials said. The roaring blaze consumed much of the third floor of the building and sent a plume of smoke billowing high above the structure.
A deputy fire chief on the scene said the building has nine units. Officials said all occupants were accounted for late last night.
Though they initially stormed into the building, firefighters were ordered to retreat due to heavy smoke and flames and attacked the fast-moving conflagration from the outside.

Blaze rages in Somerville
Residents flee inferno in apartments
O’Ryan Johnson
Friday, May 06, 2016
Boston Herald

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