May 17, 2016

Free Spirited Clinton Foundation

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The Clinton Global Initiative articles of incorporation state that its purposes are "exclusively charitable," yet Bill used the CGI to steer a $2 million donation to a private company with ties to his close friend and neighbor, Julie Tauber McMahon.
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The articles of incorporation for the CGI provide in Article VII as follows:
The purposes for which the corporation is established are exclusively charitable, as specified in Ark. Code Ann, § 4-33-201, and shall include engaging governmental, corporate, and non-profit leaders, as wel1 as college students and on-line participants, in the development of concrete and measurable commitments to action to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.
The management of CGI included some Wall Street alumni: the CEO was Robert S. Harrison, a former partner and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs (which paid Hillary $675,000 in speaking fees)
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The purpose of the CGI was to bring like-minded people together to solve global problems and they did so at lavish, splashy meetings. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, at a 2010 meeting in New York, Bill Clinton arranged for a "commitment" by Kim Samuel, a philanthropist and owner of the Samuel Companies, to invest $2 million in Energy Pioneer Solutions, a private company. While the CGI did not make the investment itself, it did pay substantial sums for the venue to close the deal. This alone should raise eyebrows since a tax-exempt charity is facilitating an investment in a for-profit company, which in this case was clearly in violation of the CGI articles of incorporation. The kicker is that one of the major investors in this company was Ms. McMahon who is Bill's neighbor, a frequent visitor and by some accounts, his mistress.
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It is not clear if the FBI probe has looked into this episode of the long running Clinton soap opera, but there appears to be plenty to investigate about Bill and Hillary.

May 14, 2016
Clinton Sleaze: Bill's foundation violated its own articles of incorporation
By Richard Henry Lee

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