December 23, 2007

Boston Fined $376,000 for Inaccessible sidewalks

Boston Fined $376,000 for Inaccessible sidewalks

[This letter was published in the Boston Herald on December 31, 2007.]

The Rehabilitation Act was passed in 1973. It applies to Boston which gets
taxpayer funds. The $376,000 fine is chump change. (Marie Szaniszlo, "Judge
upholds fines vs. Hub, Boston Herald, December 23, 2007) The sidewalks have not
been accessible for 34 years violating the basic Right to Travel for all those
Where were all of the taxpayer funded lawyers who are
supposed to assert the rights of persons with disabilities? That includes the
Disability Law Center, the Mass Office on Disabilities, the MA Attorney
General's Disability Rights Division. What are they doing for their $100,000

Roy Bercaw, Editor ENOUGH ROOM

Judge upholds fines vs. Hub
$376G later, sidewalk still unfixed
By Marie Szaniszlo
Boston Herald
Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Superior Court judge has upheld a state agency’s $500-a-day fine against the
city of Boston for failing to make a sidewalk accessible to people with

The board has fined the Hub $500 a day since Nov. 30, 2005, for its failure to
correct the violation. Since then, the city has accruedmore than $376,000 in
fines, making the section of Huntington Avenue the city’s most expensive

“I’m really gratified the judge found the city’s arguments weak and easily
dismissable,” said John B. Kelly of the Neighborhood Access Group, who spent
yesterday trying to navigate the Hub’s icy byways. “The court’s decision exposes
the city as a two-year-long scofflaw.”

Dot Joyce, spokeswoman for Mayor Thomas M. Menino, yesterday said: “Our
Department of Public Works continues to work with Mr. Kelly and his group and we
continue to listen to them for guidance about which streets need to be fixed.”

In a recent 10-page decision, Justice Paul E. Troy found the city had failed to
show that a decision by the Architectural Access Board was “not based on
substantial evidence” that an uneven, sloping stretch of brick on Huntington
Avenue violates state law.

The horizontal slope of a sidewalk must not exceed 2 percent. But in some spots,
the slope of the 4-year-old Huntington Avenue sidewalk is 4.5 percent - enough
to send Kelly and others who use wheelchairs tipping over, he said, or sliding
into the street.

The city claimed that although it owns most of the sidewalk, the MBTA and
Massachusetts Highway Department oversaw its construction.

Earlier this year, all three agencies said they would work together to make the
sidewalk accessible but would not say when.

The sidewalk is part of what Kelly and other advocates for the disabled denounce
as a pattern of violations in the city that puts them at risk, particularly at
this time of year.

So many sidewalks have gone unshovelled, Kelly said, that he and other
wheelchair-users are forced to remain home or take their chances dodging cars in
the street.

“To be quarantined because we apparently don’t count is demoralizing,” Kelly
said. “What kind of city forces people to resign themselves to that?”
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December 22, 2007

Fumento's Two Flaws

Fumento's Two Flaws

There are two flaws in Fumento's argument about homeless people. (MICHAEL
FUMENTO, "THE HOMELESS 'VETS' WHO AREN'T," New York Post, December 18, 2007)
He suggests that "money to expand the welfare state," motivates the Homeless
Research Institute (HRI). He ignores the lobbyists for the psychiatric industry
and drug companies who are greedier than HRI. They promote psychiatric illnesses
and drug treatment for no rational reason other than profits. Psychiatry is the
greatest boondoggle in the history of man.
Mental illnesses are created by consensus, not science. (Margaret Hagan,
"Whores of the Court") Psychiatry is personal opinion masquerading as science.
Fumento's focus is misguided.
It is cheaper to put homeless people in apartments and provide them with
the substances that they abuse than it costs to let them roam the streets
committing crimes and destroying the quality of life for others. Sane people
become disoriented when they have no place to sleep and to clean themselves.
Historically poor people are most likely to be diagnosed as mentally ill.
"Asylums in the nineteenth century served as poorhouses." (Robert Whitaker, "Mad
in America," page 173)

Roy Bercaw, Editor ENOUGH ROOM

New York Post

December 18, 2007 -- THE homeless-advocacy industry always puts the most
sympathetic face on its "clientele." It works desperately to divert attention
from alcoholics, drug users, schizophrenics, and fat panhandlers holding signs
reading: "Hungry."

And it doesn't talk about unpleasant truths like those reported by ABC's John
Stossel (viewable on YouTube) - who, after exhaustive efforts, managed to find
only one person with a sign reading "Will work for food" who would actually do

Instead, advocates focus (with the media's help) on unrepresentative but
heart-tugging cases - like veterans.

Eleven years ago, I debunked a "study" claiming a third of all men in homeless
shelters were vets - noting it was based entirely on the men's own claims, and
that claiming to be a vet is a favorite panhandler ploy.

But comes now a new "study" from the Homeless Research Institute (HRI), the
research arm of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. It claims government
data show that vets are more than twice as likely to be "homeless" as non-vets -
that is, that vets make up 11 percent of the adult US population, but 26 percent
of the labeled homeless.

The 29-page report also insists it's a myth that substance abuse and/or mental
illness is at the heart of the homelessness problem; rather, it's "lack of
affordable housing." And, naturally, it's the job of an expanded government to
make that housing affordable.

HRI's claims are false on both the "veteran disparity" and the causes of
homelessness. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development, for example,
says only 18 percent of homeless are veterans (albeit based on incomplete data),
and that's down from 23 percent in 1996.

That still leaves vets seeming to be disproportionately homeless. But you have
to account for two facts: the demographics of those in homeless shelters differ
vastly from those not homeless, as do demographics of veterans and non-vets.
Most important: Among adults in homeless shelters, males outnumber females by
three to one, while females outnumber males in the general adult population. And
93 percent of all veterans are male.

So HRI didn't really measure the disparate homeless rate of vets; at best it
restated the obvious - that men are a lot more likely to be homeless than women.

On to HRI's claim for the cause of vets' homelessness - namely, that it's mainly
the non-affordability of housing.

As HRI admits, veterans generally are more educated and more employed than those
with similar demographics in the general population; they earn more, too. That
doesn't exactly explain why vets are less able to afford housing . . .

In fact, to live or work near homeless populations is to sadly observe that many
won't even avail themselves of the shelters - you see them on cold winter nights
sleeping on heating vents and covered with blankets provided by city workers who
couldn't coax them inside.

And decades of empirical research support what those of us who regularly
encounter the homeless readily observe: They aren't just like you and me, minus
a home. Their major defining features are indeed alcohol and drug abuse, along
with mental illness.

According to the Veterans Administration, 70 percent of homeless vets suffer
from alcohol- or other substance-abuse, while 45 percent are mentally ill.
Obviously, there's overlap between those groups (since they add up to 115
percent), but between them there's little room for the "non-affordable housing"

Further, for the general homeless population, those sad figures are even higher.

Three years ago, researchers at Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis
published a paper in the American Journal of Public Health on the results of
three different studies conducted at homeless shelters (one each for 1980, 1990
and 2000). In the latest assessment, a stunning 84 percent of the homeless men
and 58 percent of the women suffered from substance abuse. Worse, 88 percent of
the men and 69 percent of the women had psychiatric disorders.

Note the far higher rates of both substance abuse and mental illness among the
men than among the women; then recall that homeless men outnumber women by three
to one. That's highly suggestive that it's the substance abuse and mental
illness that's tied to homelessness - and that men's greater rates of the former
explain why they make up most homeless.

HRI does admit that homeless vets have a high rate of psychiatric illness. But
it claims they have a special reason for mental illness: post-traumatic stress
disorder (PTSD) from their military service.

Obviously, there is some PTSD among homeless vets. Problem is, most vets served
only in peacetime. We've had 17 years of "hot wars" in the 62 years since 1945 -
and even most wartime vets never saw combat. (Another problem: Homeless vets
suffer mental illness at half the rate of the general homeless population -
strongly suggesting that PTSD is not a big factor.)

Not that HRI cares about any of this. Substance abuse and mental illness isn't
its shtick; raising "awareness" - and hence money to expand the welfare state
with more subsidized housing - is. You can count on the advocates to keep on
pursuing that agenda no matter how much it harms the homeless by removing the
focus from their real problems.

Michael Fumento is a former paratrooper who has been embedded three times in
Iraq and once in Afghanistan.

December 3, 2007

Letter to Council About Noise

Letter to Cambridge City Council November 29, 2007

Cambridge City Council November 29, 2007
City Hall
795 Mass Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139 Cambridge Conformist Party

Honorable City Councilors,

Cambridge Conformist Party

The Boston office of the FBI is an unofficial member of the Conformist Party. They ensure that no party members are ever prosecuted for malfeasance or any criminal abuses. The Boston FBI works closely with the ACLUeless and the high psychiatric priests. In order to maintain access to their sources the Boston Globe, Conformist Party organ, does not publish negative stories about the Boston FBI, no matter how difficult that is.
Citizens have rights guaranteed by the US and the MA Constitution. The Right to Petition, the Right to Redress, and the Right to Access are all parts of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.
Being a citizen has little meaning in Cambridge where limousine liberals grant rights to illegal aliens and give special privileges to members of special interest groups.
The Conformist Party that rules Cambridge and much of Eastern Massachusetts is not a registered political party. It is part of the shadow government, which rules the area. The puppets that run Cambridge City government, and other elected and appointed officials in Eastern MA are members of the Conformist Party.
The puppeteers at Harvard University and at MIT dictate policy and determine what laws will be enforced (and not enforced), and who will be permitted to enjoy the rights enumerated in the Constitutions.
The Conformist party shares a propaganda machine with the Democratic Party, using the Boston Globe to promote the Party Line. The Conformist Party has some members at the Globe who promote the interests of Harvard and MIT and keep unpleasant news about Cambridge from print.

Cambridge Minister of Information

The Minister of Information for Cambridge is Robert Winters who maintains the City propaganda organ online, The Cambridge Conformist Journal. Winters and his fellow Conformist hacks ridicule deviants from Conformist party policies. Winters is also Chief of the Hackerama for Ridicule in Cambridge.
He dutifully reprints propaganda, which he copies from the City websites and from other government publications. Conformist Party members prefer to get their government documents from Winters. They believe with some justification that his site is more reliable than the government information.

Conformist Media Mogul Priests

Former Cambridge City Councilor Jim Braude, charter member of the Cambridge Conformist Party is a high priest of Broadcast Information Technology (BIT). He hosts a daily Cable TV show and co-hosts a daily radio talk show. Like his former Council colleagues he promotes the same interest groups as the career politicians.
Another high media priest of the Conformist Party is Emily Rooney, daughter of 60 Minutes super star Andy Rooney. From her regal perch on taxpayer-funded WGBH-TV the local PBS station, she hosts Conformist Party members who promote themselves and the shadow government of the Party. Rooney ignores discrimination against persons with disabilities. Braude’s guests make hateful comments about persons with disabilities.
Rooney was news director at Boston commercial TV station WCVB-TV for many years. That is where she solidified her prejudice against persons with disabilities. She believes they are clients for Human Services Corporations, the Psychiatric Industry, the Drug Companies and the Academic Research Industry. She frequently has corporate leaders and members of the academic community on her show promoting these ideas.

Anonymous Conformist Soldiers

Conformist soldiers use anonymous handles on blogs promoting Conformist puppets in Cambridge government. They use the First Amendment for government officials to harass, to ridicule and to discredit their critics and to silence victims of government abuses of power.
This was raised to an extreme level when James Bulger ran the Boston FBI office. When a citizen tried to expose the real Special Agent-In-Charge in Boston, Bulger and his gang murdered the 19 potential leaks. Bulger is now allegedly a fugitive. But his criminal empire continues to function silencing critics of the puppets.

Deviants: Useless Eaters Need Treatment

Psychiatry is based upon conformist principles. Mental illness is speech and behavior, which is unacceptable to the high priests of Psychiatry, who rule the Conformist Party. Anyone who deviates from what psychiatrists like or from what they understand, are declared mentally ill. They are not only deviants from the Conformist Party principles, but they are also deviants from proper psychiatric behavior and speech.
Mental illnesses are created as fast as critics are found who deviate from the Conformist Party Line. Criticism of Party officials is a mental illness. Non conformists are mentally ill. In Massachusetts being a New York Yankee fan is a mental illness.
Approved peaceful spokesman for the Conformist Party says “Cambridge people are not intolerant. We are diverse. We love people from El Salvador, from Guatemala, from Haiti and from Iran. Everyone knows that heterosexual men of no color are deviants. We’re trying to weed them out of here to purge the population of useless eaters.”

Role of ACLUeless Conformists

The Cambridge Conformist Party puppets obey the ACLUeless strategists. When the ACLUeless condemned the Commander-in-Chief of US military forces, the Cambridge puppets did the same. The Conformist City Councilors declared Cambridge a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens to support the War on Terror for the other side.
The Cambridge Chapter of the Conformist Party demanded the repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act. They claimed it violated conformist rights. Nonetheless Cambridge Conformists want a policeman on every block to stop city violence some of which is committed by illegal aliens. Contradictions of the Conformist Party are too many to be discussed in this letter.

Cambridge Police Priorities

Cambridge police are much too busy to address violent street crime. They have higher priorities. Cambridge police enforce discrimination laws protecting the five divisions of the Conformist Party.
Jokes are not for everybody. Many jokes do not carry over and across cultural boundaries. I encounter many visitors from other states and from other countries in Cambridge. I offer to help people who are looking at maps. I ask, “What are you looking for?” Then I show them where they want to go. One day I was looking at Harvard’s Memorial Hall. A man from Africa approached me and asked, “What are you looking for?” I looked at him and wondered if he was making fun of me. I live near Memorial Hall.
I said to him, “I’m looking for love, money and power.”
He laughed and said to me “That’s funny.” as he walked away smiling and looking back at me.

P-Whipped Cambridge Cops

This joke is not always received as well. On Friday August 24, 2007 I went to the Fresh Pond Whole Foods store at about 9:30 PM. It was the second time I was in that store since it was the Bread and Circus.
A woman employee was placing containers of fruit into a shopping cart. As I passed her she said to me, “Can I help you?” I ignored her because I did not need any help. I also do not like when police approach a person in a store they want to arrest saying, “Can I help you?”
She asked me again, “Can I help you? I saw you walking around and looking.”
I said to her, “I’m looking for love, fame and power.” I paused. Then I asked “You can’t help me with that can you?”
She looked at me. When I passed the customer service desk walking to the checkout lanes, I saw a uniformed Cambridge police officer, who used to work details at the Porter Square Star Market.
While waiting in the checkout lane, the officer moved to the front of the lane in which I was standing. I thought nothing of it at first. Then I recalled my comment to the women in the produce section. I wondered, “Did she complain about what I said?”
The officer walked away from the line. I thought I was being paranoid thinking he was standing there for me.
After I paid for my items I walked out of the store. The officer was standing outside of the store keeping late arrivals from entering the store, which had closed.
The officer asked me, “Can I speak with you?” I was wrong. He was standing at the checkout for me.
He asked me if I said anything to a woman in the store. I told him what I said. I told the officer I’m from New York. I tell jokes. Sometimes they don’t carry over into other cultures. The woman was from Central or South America. She is not a fashion model.
I discussed this event at length with the officer. I asked him “What’s the crime, harassment?” He said it was. I asked, “She was alarmed?” I did not add “rationally?”
He stated he knew I had no intent to cause her alarm. He said that he too is or was a wise ass. I inquired about the fact that as an immigrant, whether legal or illegal it was suspicious that she was aware of the discrimination laws. I mentioned how some immigrants come to the US and want to kill us but they are well versed in the discrimination laws and claim they are victims.
I said, “I’m a citizen.” I did not mention 35 years of harassment from organized crime families about which the City of Cambridge ignored my complaints. I told about a Harvard lawyer who complained about my criticism of Harvard. I said I told the lawyer I thought I was being civilized considering what Harvard did to me. I told the officer “I respond with pen and paper, not weapons.”
I noted that the woman was not attractive to me. She may have an exaggerated self-image thinking that all men wanted to bed her. I also wondered how this was an issue.
I asked the officer how my alleged pass at her was an issue for the police. Was it a crime to ask a woman to go to bed? He declared that she was entitled to be free from a hostile work environment.
This raised a further issue. Are the Cambridge police enforcing private corporations’ work rules? Isn’t that an issue for the MCAD or the EEOC? I told the officer I did not think that hostile work environment applied to customers. It is for a employee’s superiors. He disagreed. I told the officer of my experiences at CCTV where women harassed me and that the management laughed at me when I complained. I did not tell him about homosexuals who rubbed up against me (sexual assault) in work places.
Assuming that the officer was being truthful, why did he respond to the complaint? He said that he knew me. He knew the name of my television show which I used to do on CCTV. He did not know the law and misapplied it in any case.
Moreover, if the Cambridge police were now enforcing discrimination laws, why do they openly harass persons with disabilities contrary to city policy, state and US laws?
The officer’s response to the alleged crime shows that the Cambridge Police are p-whipped by the Women’s Lobby. A feminist runs Harvard. A feminist runs MIT. It appears feminists run the Cambridge Police and the City Manager’s office too. The standard for speech and conduct is not law but what the loudest whiners want?
I did not argue with him because I know police love to arrest people. I recalled vividly how in 1990 when I complained about police harassment, the Cambridge police arrested me and held me for 78 days. The seven lawyers assigned all worked for the police and put on no defense. That police frame-up is still being used to scare people. In August 2007 Harvard police and the tenant of record tried to repeat the event of 1990.
I told the officer about another incident with women. I asked him if these were all lesbians or man-hating women. He said they were all kinds. He revealed that he was aware that the pendulum has swung too far with this ability of women to complain about men for minor incidents, which do not rise to level of being a crime.
We discussed the many murders of women by their boyfriends and husbands. I asked, “Why don’t they just kill themselves? Why do they need to kill the women first?” I lamented the murder of young babies by boyfriends and stepfathers.
Another Cambridge citizen told me that a Cambridge police officer called him to tell him that it was illegal to discriminate against illegal aliens.

ACLUeless and Psychiatry

ACLUeless is unaware of psychiatric abuses. They do not believe that psychiatrists employed by organized crime families would enter an apartment to place drugs into foods ingested by critics of the Conformist Party. ACLUeless believes that if a person complains about such criminal abuses by police and psychiatrists that the person is mentally ill. The ACLUeless believes that if a person is mentally ill then the Conformist Party should ignore everything the person says. That’s how the ACLUeless complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ACLUeless believes that psychiatrists have genes cleansed of greed, mendacity and sadism. They stand beside the Cambridge puppets that strictly follow ACLUeless policies.

Is the ADL Conformist?

The Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is the most successful fighter of hate speech and discrimination in the country. They are better than the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice, whose main function is writing letters to public officials explaining the law. Beginning with hate speech against Jews the ADL expanded its focus to include the same four divisions of the Conformist Party as the Cambridge City Council’s focus. Like the City Council and the Conformist Party and the ACLUeless the ADL excludes persons with disabilities from their interest groups. The question is, “Has the ADL joined the ACLUeless as a division of the Conformist Party?”

El Poo-Bah

The Cambridge Conformist-in-Chief (el Poo-Bah) City Manager brought workers from El Salvador and Guatemala to Cambridge to complain about US military abuses. “The people of El Salvador need love,” they shouted. The Conformist Party ignored the needs of vulnerable Cambridge citizens and showered the visitors with love.
Cambridge Conformist policy condones abusing vulnerable citizens who have no rights under Conformist policies. Conformist policy approves using persons with disabilities for medical research experiments without consent. They protect animals from research abuses. “It is a matter of priorities,” their website says.
In November 2007 the City Manager (el Poo-Bah) puppet held a public teach-in to reveal why Conformist members love Iranians. The President of Iran wants to kill all Americans and Jews, and wants to eliminate Israel. Conformists say “No problem.”

Conformist Boy Scout Policy

Boy Scout troop (# 45?) ignored Conformist Party policies. They sought and were granted permission to place collection boxes for US soldiers at polling places on Election Day November 6, 2007. 24 percent of eligible voters came to the polls on Election Day 2007. The Boy Scouts thought some voters would make a contribution to help the soldiers fighting for the rights of the Conformist Party members.
One member of the Conformist Party Central Committee (allegedly the Homosexual Division) objected. The Chief Legal Theorist of the Cambridge Conformist Party ordered the collection boxes removed. Ordinary citizens rallied by FOX News (considered to be a deceptive lying and criminal corporation by the Conformist Party), expressed outrage. The Conformist Party Central Committee official claimed that the Boy Scouts promoted the war.
The Homosexual Lobby controls the Cambridge Conformist Party. The Lobby condemns the Boy Scouts because they refuse to allow homosexuals to be troop leaders. The Homosexual Lobby says that the Boy Scouts are warmongers.
Responding to national outrage that the Conformist Party thwarted the efforts of the Boy Scouts, the Cambridge City puppets declared they are misunderstood. They say they oppose the war and the Commander-in-Chief. But they say they support the troops. Why they even violated state law to pay some city employees their full city salary and their military pay. They got state approval to pay others both full salaries while they work for the Commander-in-Chief.
The Cambridge elected puppets of the Conformist Party asked the Chief Conformist City Manager (el Poo-Bah) to allow the Boy Scouts to collect contributions at fire stations, libraries and City Hall. They want to show the world how much they love the Boy Scouts. The Homosexual Lobby remains silent.
The voters are happy because they are the real conformists in Cambridge, re-electing the same people over and over again and again. The Conformist Party moved one member from the City Council to the state house (he supports young people). Now they have nine Conformist Party members on the City Council. They all support housing, the environment and education. How can you not love them all? They all conform to the party priorities designed by Harvard and MIT.

Conformist Divisions

There are five divisions of the Conformist Party in Cambridge. The Feminist Caucus accuses men of sex crimes. The Persons of Color Caucus accuses white men of racism. The Illegal Alien Caucus accuses white citizens of racism. The Business Caucus (formerly called Organized Crime families) takes turns threatening, disturbing the sleep and slandering critics of the Conformist Party. The Homosexual Caucus stalks the Boy Scouts to prevent them from recruiting on the Harvard and MIT campuses.
Robert Winters is not only the Minister of Information for the Cambridge Chapter of the Conformist Party he is also the approved Conformist pundit for commentary on local government for the Cambridge Chronicle and the Harvard Crimson. Other Central Committee approved conformist commentators include Glenn Koocher and John Moot.
The Business Caucus, which runs Eastern Mass is unable to get permission to permanently silence one of the few remaining critics of Cambridge Conformists. They are reduced to preventing him from sleeping, threatening him, slandering him, tampering with newspapers he gets delivered, and having him repeatedly evaluated by Conformist (is that redundant) psychiatrists. They tap his phone intercept snail mail, email and FedEx deliveries. Conformity has its priorities.

Progressive Conformists

Though the Conformist Party controls the regular Democratic Party mechanism in Cambridge there are some Conformists who want to be different. AH-hem! They created the Progressive Democratic Party of Cambridge to make their distinctive mark on local policies. The current Chairman is Lesley Phillips who is also a Ward Committeeman for the Regular Democratic Party. This wing of the Conformist Party just elected Sam Seidel as a City Councilor to firm up their lack of conformity on that government body. This non-conformist division of the Conformist Party adamantly derides persons with disabilities citing Robert Winters’ ridicule on his Conformist Central Committee approved web pages.
One unifying policy of the Conformist Party is intolerance of non-conformists. Conformists and regular Democrats alike designate non–conformists mentally ill. Republicans who are scarce in Cambridge agree that non-conformists are a threat to the well being of Cambridge. That explains the solid support among Conformists for psychiatry. Most psychiatrists are card-carrying members of the Conformist Party. They write the rules for conformity -- what is acceptable thought, speech and behavior, and what is not. It was natural for them to become conformists because they share interests and views of reality with the politicians in Cambridge where the Conformist Party was founded.

Most Vulnerable Conformists

Conformist Councilors in Cambridge earn $100,000 in salary and benefits for a part time job. This puts them in an upper level economic class. Most Cambridge Conformist party members (the ones that vote) in Cambridge share their economic status.
Would that explain why City Councilors refer to upper class women as “some of the most vulnerable?” During the discussion of the decision of the Cambridge Health Alliance to end OB-GYN services at the Windsor Street Clinic, two Councilors referred to the women as “some of the most vulnerable.” At the Council meeting were women with PhDs., women who worked as medical professionals, and women city officials.
Some Conformist politicians grew up poor. Bill Clinton began life in a modest home. Deval Patrick claims an underprivileged start to his life as a Harvard corporate lawyer. Marjorie Decker boasts of her young life in “public housing.” But like the two multi millionaire politicians she forgot where she came from. She now has an MA Degree from Harvard’s JFK (“Life is not fair.”) School of Government.
In November 2007 during discussion of amending the Noise Ordinance to regulate leaf blowers, Conformist City Councilor Brian Murphy, a Harvard lawyer (redundant?) referred to the leaf blower operators as “Some of the most vulnerable.” The citizens who demand an end to leaf blower noise cannot understand why the men and women who operate these annoying machines are getting consideration from the Conformist Party. Does el Poo-Bah have anything to do with that?
When the Conformist Party wants to regulate an activity they are unconcerned whether they have jurisdiction to do so. In the case of noise at work that is definitely an issue for the US Government Department of OSHA. But never let it be said that the Conformist Party abstained from pandering when they had an opportunity.
Why are snow blowers not included in this ordinance? And what about wet vacs? They all make as much noise. Are there too many items for a conformist to consider at once? Are the Conformists confused?