May 17, 2016

Vassar College Tolerates Anti Israel Anti Semitic Jihadist Groups

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There is a real hate problem on today’s campuses. No surprise, the people targeted are the same people who show up at the top of the victims in the FBI’s nationwide hate crime statistics. The hate is not a few scattered individual incidents. It is organized and well funded on 126 campuses. This institutionally promoted hate is almost always the recipient of student-funded activities fees. It is ignored, condoned, and even promoted by college administrators.
These anti-Semitic hate campaigns could not exist without the compliance, support, and encouragement of the liberals who dominate academia. All of us need to be aware of this campus scourge, because it is what we can expect throughout society where leftists dominate.
The Obama administration has unleased Title IX Civil Rights Act threats of federal defunding of campuses for mythical incidents of rape culture, racism, homophobia, and the horror of transgender bathroom angst. But on the real scourge of actual hate on campuses – jihadi groups promoting crude Nazi-era anti-Semitism – crickets.
California was the first to put out the campus welcome mat for the pro-jihadi Students for Justice in Palestine.
Students for Justice in Palestine accuse Israel of sponsoring concentration camps and running an apartheid state, two contemporary forms of antisemitism condemned by the U.S. State Department and the Europeans. Their rallies have included surrounding Jewish students and shouting, "Too bad Hitler didn't finish the job!" Their national conferences have been paid for by Hamas front groups and included speakers later arrested as terrorists.
These days, Jews are fair game, from state universities to the Ivy League across America. A few weeks ago, the story was Harvard Law School (read “Harvard’s Disgrace” on Powerlineblog here.) This week it is Vassar.
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The incidents include unaddressed swastikas, Jewish students being mocked and vilified during a March BDS vote, anti-Semitic statements posted on Vassar Yik Yak including “fuck Jews” and “Zionism is a plague of mankind” and Vassar SJP advertising the sale of shirts with convicted terrorist Leila Khaled holding a gun with the caption “Resistance is not Terrorism.” SJP’s promotion described the shirt and other items for sale as, “sweet fucking anti-Zionist gear.”
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This same month a year ago, Vassar’s Students for Justice in Palestine created embarrassing headlines by disseminating a neo-Nazi poster, which simultaneously vilified Jews, blacks, and Americans. The Vassar administration responded at that time by sending out an email requesting a review of SJP’s “pre-organization status.” Apparently nothing has improved.

May 13, 2016
Jihadi hate group privileged at Vassar
By Karin McQuillan

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