May 31, 2012

US Senate Candidates Bring Convictions, Bankruptcy

There are eight Republicans, three Democrats and two Independents currently running for the U.S. Senate that have bankruptcies, tax liens or criminal convictions in their past.

Thirteen candidates have past bankruptcies or criminal records

Obama Gaffes His Way Through Polish Award Ceremony

O’s polish blunder
Fumbles on Nazi death camps
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Posted: 11:06 PM, May 30, 2012

May 29, 2012

Short Term Greed Defeats Democracy

[From article] I am all too afraid that Benjamin Franklin correctly saw our nation’s destiny when he said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

Walter E. Williams applies 'tragedy of the commons' phenomenon to U.S. debt
May 28, 2012

New Disease From Bug Bite, No Cure

Chagas Disease, an incurable infection, called the ‘new AIDS of the Americas':report
Is this the disease that killed Charles Darwin?
Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 1:03 PM
Updated: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 1:03 PM

Largest Law Firm Declares Bankruptcy

Dewey files for Chapter 11 in record law firm collapse
By Joseph Ax and Sakthi Prasad
Tue May 29, 2012 7:23am EDT

Four NY Men Sue NYPD, Nassau County Police

False-arrest flap
Cop slapped by grand jury & sued by ‘perps’
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:44 AM, May 28, 2012 Posted: 1:11 AM, May 28, 2012

Chicago Shootings Leave 8 Dead, 38 wounded

[From article]
A violent holiday weekend ended with eight people reported dead and at least 38 others injured in shootings across the city.

8 slain, dozens injured in weekend shootings
Killings are double the figure for Memorial Day 2011
By Stacy St. Clair, Chicago Tribune reporter
10:00 p.m. CDT, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Man Stabbed After Blocking Photograph

Brian Terrell Strayhorne

Monday, May. 28, 2012
Myrtle Beach police charge N.C. man in stabbing after victim interrupts photo
By Tonya Root

Worldwide Illegal Sale of Kidneys Thrives

Illegal kidney trade booms as new organ is 'sold every hour'
World Health Organisation estimates 10,000 black market operations involving human organs take place each year
Denis Campbell and Nicola Davison in Shanghai,
Sunday 27 May 2012 15.00 EDT

May 27, 2012

NY Crime Boss, FBI Informant, Allegedly Killed 50

Boston's notorious crime boss, James Bulger is now in custody awaiting trial for 19 homicides. His FBI handler John Connolly is in a Florida prison convicted of homicide. Scarpa's FBI handler Lindley DeVecchio was found not guilty in a state court trial. The pattern of FBI informants committing serial crimes is not a local matter. It remains unaddressed by local, state and US officials. 

[From article]
he [Scarpa] worked with the FBI, doing dirty jobs for the bureau and getting a free pass on a spate of killings during the bloody internal war that engulfed the Colombos during the 1990s.

Mafia daughter says dad was Grim Reaper
Suitors were beaten. Friends were scared away. And when a man tried to rape her, Linda Schiro learned the horrible Mafia truth . . .
Last Updated: 7:45 AM, May 27, 2012
Posted: 1:30 AM, May 27, 2012

May 26, 2012

US Justice Dept. Frame Up of British Citizen

[From article]
All of which means The Africa Sting case raises troubling questions about the integrity of the American judicial system and the likely fortunes of British nationals extradited to face it.
[. . .]
It was, he says, ‘like having a bomb dropped on your life. There is a dark side to our world, a place beyond our control where governments and their agents can do what they want.
[. . .]
All of which means The Africa Sting case raises troubling questions about the integrity of the American judicial system
[. . .]
It led the foreman of the jury, which eventually tried six of David Painter’s co-accused, to reveal the underlying view of the jurors was that ‘the defendants had acted in good faith and the DoJ-FBI in bad faith’.
[. . .]
‘My dramatic arrest and the way I was treated in prison was to soften me up for a plea bargain. Ninety per cent of people in my situation accept one because of the almost insurmountable odds against fighting the limitless resources of the DoJ.

The Vegas sting: A cunning FBI trap set by a cocaine-addicted stool pigeon ensnared this British businessman and destroyed his life.
The only problem? He was innocent
FBI entrapped David Painter in fake $15million deal to arm the presidential guard in Gabon
He was forced to sell £1.5m home and sell shares to cover his legal costs
The 58-year-old slept on a concrete floor with 24 hour a day electric lighting in prison
He said: 'After I was arrested I felt as if I’d just dropped off the radar of my real life, as though I’d disappeared into the American prison system and would never be discovered'
Daily mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 18:49 EST, 26 May 2012 | UPDATED: 18:52 EST, 26 May 2012

Georgia Woman, Father Killed; Husband Sought

[From article]
"According to, Ms Neal, who was 22 years younger than her husband, was considering a return to school to become a dental assistant. Sources also told the station that she was contemplating getting divorced."

Jessica Neal
Jessica Neal, 27

Adolph Ray
Crime of passion: A source told local news station that Jessica was planning to divorce Sonny

Desperate hunt for husband, 47, who 'murdered wife and her grandfather in horrific crime of passion' Jessica Neal, 27, and Don Shedd, 69, 'brutally murdered' in Georgia home
Authorities now on manhunt for Neal's husband, Adolph 'Sonny' Neal
They say homicides were a 'crime of passion'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 19:08 EST, 26 May 2012 | UPDATED: 19:32 EST, 26 May 2012

Mother, Two Toddlers and Man Shot Dead

The good news? Same sex marriage is legal in four states.

Tragedy as mom finds daughter and grandchildren aged two and four killed in 'triple-murder suicide'
New York Post
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 08:38 EST, 26 May 2012 | UPDATED: 11:48 EST, 26 May 2012

British Man Jailed For Raping Daughter Over 9 Years

Here's a charming gentleman in the United Kingdom who made appointments for spending quality time with his daughter who he raped repeatedly over nine years. Months after she reported him to authorities she killed herself. Who was watching this sorry excuse for a father? Anyone? In Cambridge MA host city for Harvard University, Lesley University and MIT, local police, crime families, Communists, FBI informants, with assists from Harvard University campus cops, conduct 24/7 surveillance, harassment, provocation, and character assassination of a 69-year-old white male who they all say is disabled in order to discredit their target. Curious differing public safety priorities.

Tragedy of the young woman who killed herself after reporting rapist father
Sex assaults started when victim Claire Warrener was just 11-years-old
Six years after the abuse ended she reported her father Michael Warrener
Tragic Claire took her own life just months after breaking her silence
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:10 EST, 17 May 2012 | UPDATED: 04:34 EST, 18 May 2012

Vitamins Do Work

The vitamin pills that actually work!
How some supplements can work wonders for certain ailments
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 16:07 EST, 26 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:07 EST, 26 May 2012

Beware Homeland Security Online Word Watch

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')
Department of Homeland Security forced to release list following freedom of information request
Agency insists it only looks for evidence of genuine threats to the U.S. and not for signs of general dissent
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 04:32 EST, 26 May 2012 | UPDATED: 12:46 EST, 26 May 2012

Google Collects Private Data, Ignores Government Inquiries

How Google used tech to ‘pry into people’s lives’
David Streitfeld & Kevin J O’Brien
May 24, 2012, 06.39AM IST
Times of India

NYPD Fail To Arrest Suspect Due to Disability Discrimination

Police and journalists love psychiatry which is used to explain crime, and to dismiss confessions. It is used to scare people and to solicit sympathy. Psychiatry is like baking soda. It has multiple contradictory uses. When several men reported to the FBI in 1963 a plot to kill President JFK, the FBI ignored them all because they believed they had histories of mental illness. (See, John H. Davis, Mafia Kingfish.) Police and FBI agents uniformly dismiss complaints from crime victims they believe have a disability,  and they often do not record the complaints. This is more the rule than the exception. In 2001 Gary Sampson called the Boston FBI to turn himself in for previous crimes. A FBI agent hung up the phone and said it was inadvertent. Sampson went on to kill three people before he was captured. The agent was disciplined. Police and the FBI never admit they discriminate against people because they believe they have a disability. It is illegal to do so, since The Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Here is more evidence of negligent training of law enforcement which denies a large portion of the population, access to police protections, due to unlawful perceived disability. It makes them easy targets for abuse and is used by nefarious lawyers to mitigate criminal liability. 

NOOSE TIGHTENS: Secret information about Etan Patz, says NYPD boss Ray Kelly, has been revealed by “killer” Pedro Hernandez and definitively links him to the 1979 crime.
Etan Patz, was six when he disappeared in 1979.

Does this man look like a nut case?

’79 NYPD boss doubts just one slaying for Etan suspect
New York Post
Last Updated: 8:02 AM, May 27, 2012
Posted: 12:58 AM, May 27, 2012

* * *

Etan suspect knew 'intimate details' tying him to slaying: sources
New York Post
Last Updated: 11:03 AM, May 27, 2012 Posted: 1:57 AM, May 27, 2012

* * *

I’m still looking ... for the truth
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:21 PM, May 27, 2012 Posted: 12:59 AM, May 27, 2012

* * *

Hernandez ‘too crazy’ for cops when he confessed years ago
New York Post
Last Updated: 8:03 AM, May 26, 2012 Posted: 1:41 AM, May 26, 2012

* * *

SoHo pals saw the devil in Etan Patz's 'killer'
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:42 PM, May 26, 2012 Posted: 1:02 AM, May 26, 2012

* * *
[From article]
Hernandez’s relatives said he spoke to police and was dismissed as a nut, but the NYPD says there’s no record of that.

How police blew it in ’79
New York Post
Last Updated: 1:40 PM, May 26, 2012 Posted: 12:47 AM, May 26, 2012

Boston Human Traffickers Arrested

Another group of hard-working charming citizens(?) recruiting, training, and selling women for sex. Who was watching these service providers? Anyone? How delightful in Massachusetts where sexism is prohibited by Harvard University, Cambridge and state officials. Do laws only apply if they are not inconvenient? The AG herself said "Technically it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts." Cambridge and Harvard officials also differ on public safety priorities. On Harvard property in Cambridge, local police, crime families, Communists, FBI informants and an occasional Harvard University campus officer, take turns for 20 years conducting 24/7 surveillance, criminal harassment, provocations, character assassination, and more, of a 69-year-old white man they all say is disabled in order to discredit the target. Did this group of human traffickers learn their craft from the FBI and police who use women as rewards, for punishment and for compensation for their wrongdoing?

AG accuses four in Hub human trafficking, prostitution
Boston Herald
By Renee Nadeau Algarin
Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taxpayer Subsidized Prostitution, Drug Sales

Here's an ongoing criminal enterprise, prostitution and drug sales subsidized by taxpayers. None of these suspects were being watched by local police, crime families, Communists or FBI informants. They may be associates of the crime family that runs Massachusetts. One of them may be a police or an FBI informant. But they were allowed to continue their criminal enterprise as James Bulger was and the gambling ring that operates freely in Somerville MA. But in Cambridge different standards apply. Local police, FBI informants, Communists and crime families take turns over 30 years conducting 24/7 surveillance, harassment, provocations, and character assassination of a 69-year-old white male who they all say is disabled in order to discredit their target. In case they are short staffed, Harvard University campus police join the police abuses. Currently a delightful black Communist police employee (Georgia? New York?) is the lead harasser. He completes the circle begun in New York in 1970 when another charming black Communist cop began the program of character assassination and abuse of police power. It's as if 40 years of in between abuses did not happen. Unanswered question: Who sets public safety priorities in New York and Massachusetts?

3 charged in prostitution ring Section 8 scheme alleged
Boston Herald
By Erin Smith and Renee Nadeau Algarin
Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nazi Doctors Apologize For Human Experiments On Jewish Subjects

Seventy years after the fact of depraved experiments using Jewish human subjects Nazi doctors apologize. Huh? How many decades will it take US doctors who used vulnerable American citizens for abusive experiments? The Nazis and the US doctors all use the defense that the benefit to society outweighs the harm to individuals. That is all well and good as long as you are not one of the human subjects. See, e.g., Michael D'Antonio's book, State Boys Rebellion. It is unlikely that any US citizens or government agencies will ever address such abuses. The 2006 book, Mind Wars by Jonathan D. Moreno says, "I believe those who think they have been victimized by government mind control experiments are misguided. Yet there are thousands of such persons. Many associate their ideas with conspiracy theories. I have worked for two presidential commissions and have been a member of several government advisory committees. During periods set aside for public comments in those meetings and in private conversations, I have heard many of these people provide seemingly lucid testimony about scenarios I find fantastic. Some of them are courageous and resolute in the struggle they perceive as having been foisted upon them; others are distraught and terrified of what horrors the next day may bring." 

 If there were presidential commissions when the Nazi doctors were conducting their experiments the members of those commissions would say what Moreno says. People like Moreno are chosen because they are unwilling to recognize how depraved some researchers are. They will not allow any thoughts that US doctors could be as depraved as the Nazi doctors. For Moreno US doctors and researchers have had their genes cleansed of mendacity, greed, and sadism. But even if someone who is aware of the criminal abuses of medical researchers was mistakenly chosen to be on any of those commissions, they are only advisory commissions. They have no power to do anything not even to subpoena witnesses and to take sworn testimony. They are an element of show business to make it appear that none of the abuses occur in the US, and if they did this is how they would be exposed. But see how Moreno ignored what the people tell him. He is the extremely superior kind of bureaucrat. Sadly that is why the criminal researchers can get away with their abuses over and over again and again.

Germany's doctors apologise for sadistic experiments Nazi doctors carried out on Jews
Body admits many doctors under Nazi-rule during WWII were guilty of 'scores of human rights violations'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 12:44 EST, 25 May 2012 | UPDATED: 19:09 EST, 25 May 2012

New Book: Obama's High School Drug and Beer Days

Obama was a Hawaii pothead, biography reveals
Bureau Chief New York Post
Last Updated: 8:16 AM, May 26, 2012 Posted: 1:48 AM, May 26, 2012

* * *

Thanking his drug dealer in his yearbook and inventing the best ways to inhale: Book lifts lid on 'Barry' Obama's marijuana-smoking school days
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 15:28 EST, 25 May 2012 | UPDATED: 16:36 EST, 25 May 2012

May 25, 2012

Founder Of McAfee Anti Virus Arrested in Belize

[From Article]
After his company suffered setbacks, the yoga lover moved to Belize in 2008 and then launched a bid to make antibiotics from jungle plants. As of 2009 his fortune, once valued at $100million, had fallen to $4million.

Millionaire on the run: How the man who founded software giant
McAfee lost his fortune and ended up hiding from police in Belize after they 'rousted him from the bed of a 17-year-old and shot his dog because he's running a meth lab'
John McAfee was once worth $100million but lost nearly all his fortune and moved to Central America in 2008
Belize security claim he had illegal weapons and drugs and that he was arrested with 17-year-old girl
In post on private messageboard, McAfee says he has not left his hideout for five days and only has three DVDs and an iPad - without a charger
Distributed world's first marketable anti-virus software from his home in California in the late 1980's. Known to enjoy alternative therapies, new age teachings and yoga
Employed Wiccan witches to bang drums at the headquarters of his eponymous anti-virus software firm Allegedly turned a blind eye to his employees using McAfee Associates first offices for sex games in the early 1990's.
Faces a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit in the U.S after 61-year-old man died flying an aircraft owned by one of his firms in 2006
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 10:04 EST, 25 May 2012 | UPDATED: 17:52 EST, 25 May 2012

Interstate Prostitution Ring Busted

By Ryan J. Foley
Associated Press
1:03 p.m., Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exploding Watergate Myths

The Unraveling Myth of Watergate
Pat Buchanan
 May 25, 2012

May 23, 2012

L.A. Daughter 13, Two Classmates Try To Murder Mother,0,1039435.story?page=1

Mother shocked by daughter's alleged murder plot against her
Angelica Aquirre of Hesperia says she recently became tougher with her rebellious daughter. Then the 13-year-old plotted to kill her, police say.
By Phil Willon,
Los Angeles Times
May 24, 2012

Couric Invites Palin To Her New Show

Couric indicated her elitist values by her personal attacks on Governor Palin who was not groomed by elitists at Harvard to become a politician. Palin got involved because she was unhappy with how the schools were being run. The people admired her for how she conducted herself and elected her to be governor. When the eastern liberal elites discovered she had no Ivy degree they began personal attacks which continue today. It shows how thoroughly distorted the political system and their journalist enablers are in the US. The party leaders are the most corrupt and their standards bleed into the running of the government. If anyone showed her ignorance it was Couric.
 Couric to Palin: Let's talk again
May 23, 2012 -- 2:18 PM
Andrea Shiell
Washington Examiner

Man Unhappy With VA Breaks Into TV Station

Maybe now the station will do an investigation of this man's concerns. It is not as if he is the only one complaining. Where are the veteran's groups? Why was he reaching out to journalists who seldom care about vulnerable people these days? They are too busy praising wealthy and powerful politicians and businessmen.

Knife-Wielding Man Breaks Into WIBW-TV
Posted: Wed 3:05 PM, May 23, 2012

NJ Stolen Car Ring Busted, 200 Cars Recovered

Feds bust $6M car theft ring in NJ
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:33 PM, May 23, 2012
Posted: 10:48 AM, May 23, 2012

Online NJ Gambling Ring Busted

Monroe Man, 12 Others Charged In Mafia Racketeering Conspiracy
Federal authorities alleged that Joseph Lascala, 80, of Monroe, ran a New Jersey crew that committed criminal acts ranging from cargo theft and extortion to gambling and loansharking.
By Tom Troncone

* * *

NJ gambling outfit snared
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:29 AM, May 23, 2012 Posted: 2:16 AM, May 23, 2012

Black South African Guilty of Murdering White Leader

Black farmhand found guilty of murdering South African white supremacist Eugene Terre'Blanche Terre'Blanche was the leader of Afrikaner Resistance Movement which called for an all-white homeland in post-apartheid South Africa
Chris Mahlangu broke into Terre’Blanche’s home, where they found the 71-year-old asleep and bludgeoned him to death with an axe over a wage dispute
Protestors and supporters of Terre'Blanche's policies awaited the verdict outside court today
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 11:23 EST, 22 May 2012 | UPDATED: 11:23 EST, 22 May 2012

Woman Kills Two Canadian Women, Aunt Says Psychiatry Made Her Do it

'Mental illness': Pelzer's aunt Nadine King, said her neice (pictured) suffers from schizophrenia and had been homeless since January 'begging for money'
'Mental illness': Pelzer's aunt Nadine King, said her neice (pictured) suffers from schizophrenia and had been homeless since January 'begging for money'

Woman frowns and laughs while being charged with stabbing two women to death in Atlantic City
PUBLISHED: 23:51 EST, 22 May 2012 | UPDATED: 23:52 EST, 22 May 2012

Harvard Grad Brags About 8 Life Sentences

This article does not mention that Ted Kaczynski was a human subject for experiments when he was a student at Harvard. Henry A Murray was one of the Kaczynski researchers. Radcliffe College named a research center for him. Medical researchers seem to have a habit of turning ordinary citizens into homicidal maniacs. But they never get blamed. Its all so hush hush. At Harvard they sought out the most intelligent students. They think that if they can make the most intelligent ones into sociopaths, they will be able to do the same with less intelligent humans. Such depravity is always done in the name of good. They believe that the benefit to society outweighs the harm to the individual. That is the same defense argument made by the Nazi doctors at the Nuremberg trials.

'Distinguished' Harvard alumnus Ted Kaczynski brags about his 'eight life sentences' in alumni magazine update for 50-year reunion
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 18:05 EST, 22 May 2012 | UPDATED: 18:25 EST, 22 May 2012

In The Name of Good, Take That

'Anti-racist' group arrested after 18-strong mob attacked 'white supremacists' with hammers at Chicago restaurant
PUBLISHED: 00:54 EST, 23 May 2012 | UPDATED: 02:08 EST, 23 May 2012

Gang of 20 Black Men Kill White Man 25

Father, 56, fighting for life after being stabbed trying to shield dying son from frenzied attack by hoodie gang outside pub after Chelsea match
20 hooded youths stormed pub with knives 'like a pack of wolves'
Bernard Fitzpatrick is critical after acting as a human shield when son Luke, 25, was dragged away then stabbed to death in the street
Gang attacked after Champions League final in scenes 'like something out of a horror film'
Youths were known troublemakers - 'at 17 why have they got knives? it's disgusting' says one witness 'He had never done a bad thing in his life but he can’t even go to the pub with his dad and have a pint without getting murdered', says friend
'Bad things happen to good people.
None of the scumbags who did this could ever live up to our friend.'
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 13:24 EST, 21 May 2012 | UPDATED: 11:41 EST, 22 May 2012

Two Black Women, One Black Man Beat White Woman, in Racist Attack 

Woman attacked while ordering lunch at McDonald's drive-thru
2:10 PM, May 22, 2012
 KUSA TV Denver CO

The Middle Wife

The 'Middle Wife' by an Anonymous 2nd grade teacher

I've been teaching now for about fifteen years. I have two kids myself, but the best birth story I know is the one I saw in my own second grade classroom a few years back.

When I was a kid, I loved show-and-tell. So I always have a few sessions with my students. It helps them get over shyness and usually, show-and-tell is pretty tame. Kids bring in pet turtles, model airplanes, pictures of fish they catch, stuff like that.

And I never, ever place any boundaries or limitations on them. If they want to lug it in to school and talk about it, they're welcome.

Well, one day this little girl, Erica, a very bright, very outgoing kid, takes her turn and waddles up to the front of the class with a pillow stuffed under her sweater. She holds up a snapshot of an infant. 'This is Luke, my baby brother, and I'm going to tell you about his birthday.'

'First, Mom and Dad made him as a symbol of their love, and then Dad put a seed in my Mom's stomach, and Luke grew in there. He ate for nine months through an umbrella cord.'

She's standing there with her hands on the pillow, and I'm trying not to laugh and wishing I had my camcorder with me. The kids are watching her in amazement.

'Then, about two Saturdays ago, my Mom starts going, 'Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!' Erica puts a hand behind her back and groans. 'She walked around the house for, like an hour, 'Oh, oh, oh!' (Now this kid is doing a hysterical duck walk and groaning.)

'My Dad called the middle wife. She delivers babies, but she doesn't have a sign on the car like the Domino's man. They got my Mom to lie down in bed like this.' (Then Erica lies down with her back against the wall.)

'And then, pop! My Mom had this bag of water she kept in there in case he got thirsty, and it just blew up and spilled all over the bed, like psshhheew!' (This kid has her legs spread with her little hands miming water flowing away. It was too much!)

'Then the middle wife starts saying 'push, push,' and 'breathe, breathe. They started counting, but never even got past ten. Then, all of a sudden, out comes my brother.

He was covered in yucky stuff that they all said it was from Mom's play-center, so there must be a lot of toys inside there.

When he got out, the middle wife spanked him for crawling up in there in the first place.' Then Erica stood up, took a big theatrical bow and returned to her seat.

I'm sure I applauded the loudest. Ever since then, when it's Show-and-tell day, I bring my camcorder, just in case another 'Middle Wife' comes along.

Three New York Citizens Mug Blind Woman, 68

These three charming individuals took time from their busy lives to steal a blind woman's wallet. They helped her run up the credit card charges to stimulate the economy. No one was watching them. No police, no crime families, no Communists, no FBI informants. But in Massachusetts Harvard University campus police, join all of the above taking turns conducting 24/7 surveillance, harassment, character assassination of a 69-year-old white male who they all say is disabled. So who sets the public safety priorities in New York and Massachusetts? 

Second suspect nabbed in blind woman's mugging
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:36 PM, May 23, 2012 Posted: 3:35 PM, May 23, 2012

* * *

3 thugs mug blind woman in Queens subway station
New York Post
Last Updated: 6:49 PM, May 22, 2012 Posted: 6:08 PM, May 22, 2012

Gunfight in New York Shoe Store

Here are two more New York gentlemen with illegal guns who took the time to shoot at each other with innocent civilians in the line of fire. No one was watching them or harassing them. No police, no crime families, no Communists, and no FBI informants. But all of the above joined by Harvard University police take turns conducting 24/7 surveillance, harassment, provocations and character assassination of a 69-year-old white male who they all say is disabled. So who sets the public safety priorities in New York and Massachusetts? 

Gerald Spears

2nd suspect in B'klyn shoe store gun fight turns self in to cops
New York Post
Last Updated: 3:35 PM, May 23, 2012 Posted: 12:01 PM, May 23, 2012

* * *
[from article] 
“This guy walked in clutching his hand by his waist, and he said to the other guy behind the counter, ‘Yo, what’s up with you?’ and the other guy responded, ‘ What’s up with you?’ ” recalled Harper, a mailroom supervisor at Queensborough Community College. “It was a tone of hostility. It made me stop and look around,’’ he said. “That’s when [the first guy] pulled his gun out from his waistband, and he said, ‘Now, what’s up with you!’ And then I couldn’t believe that this other man pulled out a weapon, too. 
[. . .] 
It wasn’t Meek’s first run-in with the law — sources said the guard has 13 prior arrests, including for robbery and burglary. 
 [. . .] 
Spears has 18 busts on his rap sheet, including assault, robbery, and criminal possession of a weapon, sources said. 

Father whose son was shot in B'klyn shoe store firefight relives horror 
New York Post 
Last Updated: 9:59 PM, May 22, 2012 Posted: 3:28 PM, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012

Harvard University Professor Opposes Publishing Bad Stories About Muslims

[From article]
"Eltahawy speaks from experience: She had her arms broken in a demonstration in Egypt and was tortured and raped in an Egyptian jail cell.
[. . .]
Then the MSNBC host brought in Harvard professor Leila Ahmed, who questioned whether Eltahawy should have written the article at all. Not because it was false, but because it made Muslims look bad.

Harvard professor doesn't want 'fuel' against Islam revealed
May 22, 2012

Propaganda Broadcast to High School Students

Channel One Network broadcasts version of All-American Muslim to 6 million junior and senior high school students.
Channel One Network provides daily newscasts and education videos to junior and senior high schools across America. Channel One Network aired a two part series titled, “Muslims in America," on May 16, 2012 and May 17, 2012 to approximately 6 MILLION students at more than 8,000 schools. The videos and transcripts for these shows are posted near the end of this email alert.

The transcript of part one of “Muslims in America” reads like The Learning Channel’s recently cancelled television show “All-American Muslim.” Channel One attempts to portray Muslims living normal American lives.  But that contention is difficult to accept since the shows profiled two Muslim Students Association (MSA) presidents.

Two of the Muslims interviewed, Muhtasham Sifaat and Kyle Smith, are Muslim Students Association chapter presidents. Muhtasham Sifaat is president of the Muslim Students Association, Bronx Science. Kyle Smith of Plainfield, NJ is president of the Muslim Students Association at his university. The Muslim Students Association is "the mother ship of all the Muslim Brotherhood front groups" according to

Here is the Muslim Students Association pledge. "Allah is my lord. Islam is my life. The Koran is my guide. The Sunna is my practice. Jihad is my spirit Righteousness is my character. Paradise is my goal. I enjoin what is right. I forbid what is wrong. I will fight against oppression. And I will die to establish Islam."

USA Today reports New York Police Department “spokesman Paul Browne provided a list of 12 people arrested or convicted on terrorism charges in the United States and abroad who had once been members of Muslim student associations, which the NYPD referred to as MSAs.”

So these are “Muslims in America” according to Channel One Network?

Channel One Network told 6 million American students during Part One:

•So, Islam is basically, it really boils down to submission and your submitting to one God you believe in one God and you follow Prophet Mohammed who is just a line of other prophets from Adam to Noah to Moses and Jesus. It's like a lifestyle, and not so much just something you do every now and then. Honestly if you go down to the core beliefs, it's believing in one God and believing that Prophet Mohammed is his messenger.”
•Islam to me is a way of life. It can change a person from being whatever...pit that person was going through, Islam can shine a light on the darkness that that person was in.”

In essence the Channel One Network May 16, 2012 report WRONGLY:

•Proselytized Islam to public school students.
•Presented Islam as a religion of “shining light” while completely omitting any mention of Sharia law which is hostile toward women’s rights, human rights and non-Muslim life.
•Put Mohammed in the same spiritual lineage as Moses, Noah and Jesus which is counter to Judeo and Christian teaching.
•Equated Islamists’ discipline (based on Sharia) to Christianity and Judaism.
•Gave Jesus only the status of a prophet to these 6 million students without mentioning that 2 billion Christians consider Him to be the Son of God.
•Took a backhanded slap at Christianity with two references to Islam’s alleged “one God.”

The Channel One Network told 6 million American students during Part Two “But it’s that tiny minority of Muslim extremists that continue to make headlines.” This statement deliberately tries to minimize radical Islamists’ threat to America.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which claims to be America's largest Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization:

•Is an unindicted co-conspirator in the country’s largest Hamas terrorist fundraising case.
•Is opposing legislation in twenty states which seeks to ban courts from recognizing Sharia law which is hostile to many American policies that protect life and human rights.
•Routinely defends terrorists in the United States and abroad.

Now of course everyone should clearly see that the views of CAIR, the largest Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization in the United States, does not represent a large segment of American Muslims and could only be seen as Channel One Network sees them as "that tiny minority,” right? WRONG.

Channel One Network never addresses the fact that Islam is more than a religion. They never mention Islam is a radical political movement that seeks government dominion along with their oppressive Sharia law. They never mention that radical Muslims have seized Sharia control over Egypt and five other countries during the last year.

Marketing and media company Alloy, Inc. owns Channel One. Media investment firm Zelnick Media Corporation owns Alloy. Zelnich Media Corporation holdings include in-flight catalogue publisher and marketer SkyMall, online gaming developer Arkadium, video game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software, and market research firm OTX. ZelnickMedia serves its portfolio companies in either an advisory or management capacity. These three companies’ contact information is provided below.

Take-Two Interactive Software 2K Games subsidiary publishes franchises such as BioShock, Borderlands, and Sid Meier's Civilization; the 2K Sports unit carries titles such as Major League Baseball 2K, NBA 2K12, Max Payne 3 and L.A. Norie.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send urging Channel One Network, Alloy, Inc. and ZelnickMedia Corporation to stop presenting and proselytizing their distorted version of Islam to America’s students.

Act For America Warns of Infiltration of Law Enforcement

Alert from Act! For America!!

Brigitte Gabriel
Act! for America!!
May 22, 2012

CAIR demands law enforcement records, materials

CAIR is on a quiet, behind-the-scenes crusade to intimidate law enforcement agencies and censor their counterterrorism materials. In a powerful new video featuring Brigitte Gabriel, Act! for America!! exposes how CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has been demanding that law enforcement agencies turn over counterterrorism training materials and related records. In a letter dated November 7, 2001, CAIR writes: …we believe that by reviewing and possibly improving training materials provided to [the] County Sheriff’s Office personnel, [the] County Sheriff’s Office will be equipped to engage in more effective policing… Think about this for a moment. CAIR… an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history; identified by our Justice Department as connected to the terrorist organization Hamas; a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood; who has had several former officials arrested, indicted, convicted or deported on charges ranging from visa fraud to terrorism conspiracy… …wants to review, vet, and “improve” the counterterrorism training materials this county sheriff’s office uses! This should get the blood boiling of every patriot in America. CAIR has been mailing a similar letter to law enforcement agencies all across America. BUT THE PROBLEM IS—VIRTUALLY NOBODY KNOWS IT’S HAPPENING !! While Americans are preoccupied with the elections, jobs and the economy, our enemies are quietly working to disarm us from within. This Muslim Brotherhood effort is exposed in Brigitte’s new video entitled “The Purge: How Our Government is Stripping All References to Radical Islam from Counterterrorism Materials.” In the video Brigitte explains our plan to arm law enforcement professionals with the very information CAIR and the Obama administration don’t want them to see—and information that is not necessarily easy to come by. Do you agree that our first line of defense against terrorism, our law enforcement professionals, need information on the doctrine of jihad, the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its plans for America?? Then we need your help to make sure the law enforcement community can get this information in an easy-to-access, easy-to-use way. Our solution? “The Thin Blue Line Project”—a website for law enforcement professionals containing resources and information Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR are trying to censor. See also “The Doctrine of Abrogation,” a DVD presentation by Executive Director Guy Rodgers that explains the Islamic doctrine of abrogation and how it justifies violent jihad against non-Muslims. Watch this presentation and you’ll be able to easily explain to anyone what jihad is and how our enemies try to deceive us. It’s that good. And it’s the kind of information law enforcement professionals need to understand if they are to understand what jihad is and why it is THE driving force behind Islamic terrorism. So what exactly is CAIR looking for in its demand to see materials used by the county sheriff’s office? Here’s just one example, on the second page of the letter. This is what CAIR wants purged from the counterterrorism training materials: Records, documents, and communications that include references to Islam, Islamists, terrorism, counterterrorism, extremism…the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic law, Sharia, jihad, radicalization, or CAIR… The CAIR letter then goes on to demand “records, documents, and communications that discuss or make reference to any of the following persons or entities…” Guess who’s included in this list? ACT! for America!! We don’t have anything to hide, so this doesn’t concern us. But the implication in the letter is clear—CAIR is issuing a warning to the sheriff.

Politicians' Lies Catch Up To Reality Creating Chaos

[From article]
Eventually, all these long-run problems can catch up with the wonderful-sounding lies that are the lifeblood of welfare state politics. But there can be a lot of elections between now and eventually -- and those who are good at political lies can win a lot of those elections. As the day of reckoning approaches, there are a number of ways of seeming to overcome the crisis. If the government is running out of money, it can print more money. That does not make the country any richer, but it quietly transfers part of the value of existing money from people's savings and income to the government, whose newly printed money is worth just as much as the money that people worked for and saved.
 Big Lies in Politics
Thomas Sowell
May 22, 2012

DEA Joins Secret Service Colombia Scandal

Probe: The Justice Department is investigating alleged misdeeds by DEA workers in Colombia unrelated to the Secret Service scandal

Probe: The Justice Department is investigating alleged misdeeds by DEA workers in Colombia unrelated to the Secret Service scandal
Now three DEA agents investigated for hiring prostitutes in Colombia in scandal unrelated to Secret Service debacle
Three DEA workers under investigation for alleged misdeeds involving prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia Department of Justice Inspector General's office conducting the probe
Comes one month after Secret Service prostitution scandal in the same place
PUBLISHED: 21:06 EST, 21 May 2012 | UPDATED: 21:06 EST, 21 May 2012

May 21, 2012

Acid Attack Survivor Writes Book

Inspirational: Katie Piper is now reaching out to people in need by writing a self-help book
Inspirational: Katie Piper is now reaching out to people in need by writing a self-help book

'Strangers tell me they’ve been raped': Acid attack survivor Katie Piper pens self-help book after being overwhelmed with letters from people around the world seeking her advice
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 04:50 EST, 21 May 2012 | UPDATED: 12:02 EST, 21 May 2012

NYPD Officer Unloads Profanity on Suspects

WORKING BLUE: Sgt. Lesly Charles spews a disgusting series of insults at a group of citizens in a cellphone video supplied to The Post.
WORKING BLUE: Sgt. Lesly Charles spews a disgusting series of insults at a group of citizens in a cellphone video supplied to The Post.

[Video embedded]
WATCH: NYPD Sgt.'s filthy tirade captured in shocking cellphone video
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:14 AM, May 21, 2012 Posted: 2:41 AM, May 21, 2012

Bikini Model, Film Star Pleads Guilty To Murder

Victim: Dennis Abrahamsen was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death after he hosted a sex party at his home
Victim: Dennis Abrahamsen was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death after he hosted a sex party at his home


Fatal attraction: Amanda Logue, who did bikini modelling as well as porn, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder
Fatal attraction: Amanda Logue, who did bikini modelling as well as porn, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder

Porn star pleads guilty to killing tattoo shop owner found bludgeoned and stabbed to death after sex party Amanda Logue, 30, to serve about 40 years in prison in plea deal
Accused of killing 41-year-old Dennis Abrahamsen with her boyfriend Jason Andrews in 2010
Logue was hired to attend sex party at Abrahamsen's Florida home
PUBLISHED: 18:04 EST, 21 May 2012 | UPDATED: 18:04 EST, 21 May 2012

British Muslim Family Kills Daughter For Western Behavior

Parents 'murdered their Westernised teenage daughter in front of her sister because they thought she was bringing shame on the family'
Shafilea Ahmed's decomposed remains were found in February 2004
Her parents Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed are accused of killing her in September 2003
Their daughter Alesha is said to have witnessed the killing and will give evidence against her parents Police placed listening device in the family's home in November 2003 and heard them telling their children 'not to say anything' at school
Victim 'drank bleach after being forced to visit Pakistan for to meet future husband in arranged marriage' By JAMES WHITE
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 07:59 EST, 21 May 2012 | UPDATED: 13:31 EST, 21 May 2012

Obama And Drugs, OK For Me, Not For Thee

Penn Jillette Accuses Obama Of Class Warfare For Drug Policy, States' Rights (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post
By Christine Friar
 Posted: 05/21/2012 9:52 am Updated: 05/21/2012 11:02 am

Obama Investigates Nigeria Killing of Christians

Pricey 'knowledge generation' project aims to reduce such conflicts
May 20, 2012
By Steve Peacock

The Dead Are Voting

About 15 organizations including but not limited to Harvard University based groups and Cambridge MA city officials refused or did not answer requests to sponsor inviting Adams to speak about his book, Injustice.  

[From article]
"Consider the case of Lafayette Keaton. Keaton not only voted for a dead person in Oregon, he voted for his dead son. Making Keaton’s fraud easier was Oregon’s vote by mail scheme, which has opened up gaping holes in the integrity of elections. The incident in Oregon just scratches the surface of the problem. Massachusetts and Mississippi are but two other examples of the dead rising on election day."

53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida
May 16, 2012 - 5:03 pm
by J. Christian Adams
Pajamas Media

CA Teachers' Union And Education

[From article]
"Cannily, the CTA also funds a wide array of liberal causes unrelated to education, with the goal of spreading around enough cash to prevent dissent from the Left. Among these causes: implementing a single-payer health-care system in California, blocking photo-identification requirements for voters, and limiting restraints on the government’s power of eminent domain. The CTA was the single biggest financial opponent of another Proposition 8, the controversial 2008 proposal to ban gay marriage, ponying up $1.3 million to fight an initiative that eventually won 52.2 percent of the vote. The union has also become the biggest donor to the California Democratic Party. From 2003 to 2012, the CTA spent nearly $102 million on political contributions; 0.08 percent of that money went to Republicans.
[. . .]
the district was “unsuccessful in firing a male middle school teacher spotted lying on top of a female colleague in the metal shop”; the district had failed to “prove that the two were having sex.”
City Journal
Spring 2012 Vol. 22 No. 2
The Worst Union in America
How the California Teachers Association betrayed the schools and crippled the state

Diversity is Dangerous To Democracy

A Racial Revolution?
Thomas Sowell
May 19, 2012

Muslim Mufti Says to Destroy All Churches on Saudi Peninsula

Is it not news when the leading Saudi religious authority says that to terrorists?
By Clifford D. May
Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Imagine if Pat Robertson called for the demolition of all the mosques in America. It would be front-page news. It would be on every network and cable-news program. There would be a demand for Christians to denounce him, and denounce him they would — in the harshest terms. The president of the United States and other world leaders would weigh in, too. Rightly so. So why is it that when Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, declares that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula,” the major media do not see this as even worth reporting? And no one, to the best of my knowledge, has noted that he said this to the members of a terrorist group. Here are the facts: Some members of the Kuwaiti parliament have been seeking to demolish churches or at least prohibit the construction of new ones within that country’s borders. So the question arose: What does sharia, Islamic law, have to say about this issue? A delegation from Kuwait asked the Saudi grand mufti for guidance. He replied that Kuwait is part of the Arabian Peninsula — and that any churches on the Arabian Peninsula should indeed be destroyed, because the alternative would be to approve of them. The grand mufti explained: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded us, ‘Two religions shall not coexist in the Arabian Peninsula,’ so building [churches] in the first place is not valid because this peninsula must be free from [any other religion].” In Saudi Arabia, of course, non-Islamic houses of worship were banned long ago, and non-Muslims are prohibited from setting foot in Mecca and Medina. There’s more: The inquiring Kuwaitis were from the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS). That sounds innocent enough, but a little digging by Steve Miller, a researcher at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, revealed that ten years ago the RIHS branches in Afghanistan and Pakistan were; designated by the United Nations as associates of — and providers of funds and weapons to — “Al-Qaida, Usama bin Laden or the Taliban.” The U.S. government has gone farther, also designating RIHS headquarters in Kuwait as “providing financial and material support to al Qaida and al Qaida affiliates, including Lashkar e-Tayyiba” which was “implicated in the July 2006 attack on multiple Mumbai commuter trains, and in the December 2001 attack against the Indian Parliament.” Such activities have caused RIHS offices to be “closed or raided by the governments of Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh; Bosnia-Herzegovina,;Cambodia, and Russia.” This should be emphasized: Al al-Sheikh is not the Arabian equivalent of some backwoods Florida pastor. He is the highest religious authority in Saudi Arabia, where there is no separation of mosque and state, and the state religion is the ultra-orthodox/fundamentalist reading of Islam known as Wahhabism. He also is a member of the country’s leading religious family. In other words, his pronouncements represent the official position of Saudi Arabia — a country that, we have been told time and again, changed course after 9/11 and is now our ally and solidly in the anti-terrorism camp. None of this might have come to light at all had it not been for Raymond Ibrahim, the Shillman fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an associate fellow at the Middle East Forum. He was the first to call attention to the grand mufti’s remarks, based on reports from three Arabic-language websites, Mideast Christian News Linga Christian Service, also a Christian outlet. It occurred to me that perhaps these not entirely disinterested sources had misunderstood or exaggerated. So I asked Miller, who reads Arabic, to do a little more digging. Calls to the State Department’s Saudi desk and the Saudi embassy proved fruitless, but he did find the mufti’s comments reported in a well-known Kuwaiti newspaper, on March 11. All this stands out against the backdrop of the most significant news story the mainstream media insist on ignoring: the spreading and intensifying persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries (an issue I’ve written about before, here for example, and which Ibrahim has written about, most recently here. Churches have been burned or bombed in Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The ancient Christian communities of Gaza and the West Bank are shrinking. In Pakistan, Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, is facing the death penalty for allegedly “insulting” Islam. In Iran, Youcef Nadarkhani, sits on death row for the “crime” of choosing Christianity over Islam. This week, as Nina Shea reported, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released its 14th annual report identifying the world’s worst persecutors. Of the 16 countries named, twelve have Muslim majorities or pluralities. Why are the reporters covering the State Department and the White House not asking administration officials whether they are troubled by Saudi Arabia’s senior religious authority meeting with supporters of al-Qaeda and telling them that, yes, Christian churches should be demolished? Why have reporters covering the U.N. decided these issues are of no concern to the so-called international community? How about the centers for “Islamic-Christian understanding” that have been established — with Saudi money — at such universities as Harvard and Georgetown? Do they suppose there is nothing here to understand — no need for any academic scrutiny of the Saudi/Wahhabi perspective on church-burning and relations with terrorist groups? My guess is that all of the above have persuaded themselves that there are more pressing issues to worry about, such as the worldwide epidemic of “Islamophobia” and the need to impose serious penalties on those responsible. I understand. I really do.

— Clifford D. May is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies a policy institute focusing on national security and foreign policy.

May 20, 2012

Kennedy Curse?

[From article]
the Kennedys, she says, are ruthless when it comes to destroying anyone who’s outlived their usefulness.
[. . .]
“They’re bullies,” she says. “Just plain bullies. They treat their women like crap. Everybody’s an outcast. If you’re not a sycophant, you’re out — and everyone gets their turn.
[. . .]
Going up against them is like going up against the panzer division. You always feel like you’re going to be attacked.”
[. . .]
Stewart says. “I don’t for one minute think that Mary was a drunk, or a drug addict, or depressive. I think she was tormented by her husband, and I think he could do that.

My (twisted) life with the Kennedys
In the aftermath of Mary Richardson Kennedy’s suicide, Patricia Lawford Stewart reveals to The Post how the storied political family mistreated her and her husband, Peter Lawford
Maureen Callahan
New York Post
Last Updated: 11:22 AM, May 27, 2012
Posted: 10:24 PM, May 26, 2012

* * *

The real curse of the Kennedys
It’s their treatment of women
Maureen Callahan
New York Post
Last Updated: 10:14 AM, May 20, 2012 Posted: 11:15 PM, May 19, 2012

* * *

RFK Jr. rejects blame during eulogy at wife Mary Richardson Kennedy’s funeral
New York Post
Last Updated: 7:34 AM, May 20, 2012 Posted: 1:01 AM, May 20, 2012

May 19, 2012

Police Can Read iPhone Contents Without You Knowing

Beware of iCloud!
Snooping software lets police read everything on your iPhone in real-time without you ever knowing
By Eddie Wrenn
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 03:33 EST, 18 May 2012 | UPDATED: 08:36 EST, 18 May 2012
* * *

Big Brother row over police device that can take ALL call, text and email data from suspects' mobile phones for LIFE
Detectives can access and store call history, texts and list of contacts of anyone held in custody
Civil rights group claim data-harvesting technology could breach human rights law and plan legal challenge
Police accused of introducing 'a back-door surveillance scheme'
By Jack Doyle
Daily Mail (UK)
PUBLISHED: 05:57 EST, 18 May 2012 | UPDATED: 18:28 EST, 18 May 2012

ABC News Publishes Liberal Propaganda as News

Mark Potok makes unsubstantiated claims citing statistics without evidence. This is standard operating procedure for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a one-sided leftist propaganda house. Like the misguided Director of Homeland Security and the US Attorney General SPLC finds danger among citizens who support the US Constitution. What is disappointing is that ABC news prints this without identifying it as propaganda.

Hate Groups Grow as Racial Tipping Point Changes Demographics
May 18, 2012
ABC News

Blacks Protest White Jury Acquittal of White Police Officer

[From article] Speaking to the Houston Chronicle on Thursday, [Harris County District Attorney Patricia] Lykos pointed out that jury pools are created randomly from prospective jurors who say they can be impartial. She also highlighted that Blomberg's defense team struck the two black jurors from the jury pool.

Protest erupts after all-white jury acquits ex-Houston cop over teen's beating
Houston's district attorney has agreed to meet with community leaders after a cop is cleared in the beating of a teenage suspect.
KPRC's Ryan Korsgard reports.
By staff and news services
Reuters contributed to this report.

Half Of Florida Students Flunk Reading Test

Half of Florida high school students fail reading test
May 18, 2012

Two Black Gangs Beat White Student in Baltimore

[From article]
The racial elements of that crime fed much of the outrage - the victim was white, and the attackers were all black. In Thursday's reported assault, Guglielmi said the 19-year-old victim was white and the attackers were all juvenile black males.,0,2145545.story

Police: Man, 19, beaten by two groups of students downtown [Baltimore MD]
By Justin Fenton
The Baltimore Sun
4:35 p.m. EDT, May 18, 2012

UK Surveillance Exposes Enough To Reveal a Lot

May 18, 2012 4:52 PM EDT
UK surveillance program could expose private lives
Associated Press

Zimmerman Acted In Self Defense, Charges Should Be Dropped

Drop George Zimmerman’s murder charge
 New evidence suggests Trayvon Martin's killer acted in self-defense
By Alan Dershowitz
Published: Friday, May 18, 2012, 3:55 AM Updated: Friday, May 18, 2012, 3:55 AM

Student Loans For Bipartisan Purposes

Bipartisan disgrace
The student-loan debacle
George F. Will
New York Post
Last Updated: 12:06 AM, May 19, 2012 Posted: 10:52 PM, May 18, 2012

TN Man Has 30 Children with 11 Women

33-year-old Desmond Hatchett from Knoxville, Tenn., has 30 children with 11 women. (WREG Memphis / May 18, 2012) Knoxville man is a daddy 30 times over By Rene Lynch Los Angeles Times Knoxville News Sentinel Posted May 18, 2012 at 8:19 p.m.

Boston Man Held for Pimping Teen Girl in NY, NJ, and MA

Officials: Man tried to sell sex with minor
By Matt Stout
Boston Herald
Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arrests in Killing of Two Chinese Students at USC


Southern California -- this just in

2 arrested in slayings of USC students

Watching arrest in USC slayings
Los Angeles police Friday afternoon arrested the man suspected of fatally shooting two USC students from China in a botched robbery and a second man believed to have some involvement in the killings, several LAPD sources said.
The man suspected of being the killer in the case that has garnered international attention and turned a harsh spotlight on the elite campus set among some of the city's roughest neighborhoods was taken into custody about 4 p.m.
Dozens of detectives, plainclothes officers and members of the Los Angeles Police Department's SWAT unit descended on the 1200 block of 91st Street in South Los Angeles, residents said. They arrived suddenly but discreetly, disrupting a kids' game of kickball in the street and an ice-cream truck that was trolling down the block, said a woman who declined to give her name.
"It was quiet, calm. We thought at first they were a crew filming 'Southland,' " the woman said, referring to the television drama about L.A. cops. She said she watched the operation unfold from her lawn.
SWAT officers entered the bright blue, two-story house, said the woman. They emerged soon after with a man in handcuffs and handed him off to other officers who led him to an awaiting car, the woman said.
The woman, who said she has lived on the block for years, said she had never before seen the man, who had a medium build and appeared to be in his early 20s. Also taken into custody at the house was a 19-year-old woman who lives in one of the nearby apartments, the neighbor said.
Police sources declined to identify the man, saying only that he is thought to be the one who shot the USC graduate students during a robbery. They did not give details on how investigators identified him, but one described the case against the suspect as "very, very strong."
A police source who requested anonymity because the investigation is ongoing said ballistic tests on shell casings recovered at the scene of the USC shooting show they were fired from the same gun used in two other shootings.
Detectives working on the two previous shootings had followed some "very tenuous" leads that led them to believe the man taken into custody might have been involved, the source said. The source added that the man did not have an extensive criminal record.
The source said police knew the man had been in possession of something that "could very readily be tied to one of the victims."
The second man was taken into custody in the Antelope Valley. Police sources said he was taken into custody a few hours after the first man. He is accused of being present during the robbery. Police are planning to seek murder charges against both of the men, a source said.
Electronic engineering students Ming Qu and Ying Wu were sitting in a 2003 BMW about 1 a.m. April 11 when a gunman approached and shot two or three times into the driver's side. The two had been chatting, with the car double parked.
Property belonging to the two students was missing, leading investigators to suspect that robbery may have been the motive for the crime. Three neighbors heard the gunshots and called 911. Shortly after the shooting, a witness saw a person in dark clothing running from the scene, according to Deputy Chief Pat Gannon.
Gannon said a dark-colored car, possibly an American model, pulled away right after the shots were fired. After reviewing surveillance footage from the video cameras in the area, the LAPD has identified 75 vehicles that fit the description of the dark car, and Gannon said detectives were tracking down the ownership of each of the vehicles.
The students had been studying before the attack. Qu had driven Wu to the house where she was renting a room. He parked in front of the home, while Wu went inside briefly to change her clothes. She went back outside, and the two continued talking in the car.
After the shooting, Qu attempted to run for help but collapsed on a nearby porch with a gunshot wound to the head, Gannon said. Wu was found slumped over inside the vehicle.
The students' parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the university this week, saying the school misled them when it claimed that it ranks among the safest in the nation.
USC officials said they would seek to have the case dismissed. The university's attorney, Debra Wong Yang, said the university security net can stretch only so far and that the killings occurred three-quarters of a mile from campus in the third tier of security.

2 arrested in slayings of USC students
May 18, 2012 | 7:05 pm
Los Angeles Times

May 18, 2012

MD State Rep Calls For Police To Address Black on White Crime in Baltimore

This is denial that black people can be racist. It suggest that black people have had their genes cleansed of greed, mendacity and sadism. That black people are superior to whites. Isn't that what racism is all about? Add to this notion the idea that victims cannot do any wrong. Plus what we see is young black peole in a majority black city retaliate against white people for historical wrongs. These young people suffered no harm and get benefits of harm their ancestors may have experienced. White people alive today are being punished for doing no wrong. It is not surprising that racial animosity has only grown under the Obama-Holder administation. Holder refuses to enforce laws in a race neutral manner according to thr US Consitution. His Civil Rights Division will not enforce laws against black violaters if the victims are white. See e.g., J. Christian Adams' new book, Injustice. Tom Perez one of the Holder racialist DOJ lawyers is the lawyer who is investigating the Travon Martin shooting in Sanford FL.
Call for crackdown on black-on-white terror
Baltimore neighborhood now 'dangerous place for residents and visitors'
May 18, 2012

Not The Best

Is this an example of an abusive wife?
Sadie tells Maurice, "You’re a schmuck! You always were a schmuck and you always will be a schmuck! You look, act and dress like a schmuck! You’ll be a schmuck until the day you die! And if they ran a world-wide competition for schmucks, you would be the world’s second biggest schmuck!" 
"Why only second place?" Maurice asks. 
"Because you’re a schmuck!" Sadie screams.

Cambridge Lawlessness Pervasive

Altering and destroying public records is a crime, typical in lawless Cambridge and the lawless state of Massachusetts. Records are regularly altered and destroyed by police, in the White House (see Leak by Max Holland) and at the Cambridge Cable TV office. George Bernard Shaw said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Greek philosopher Cleobulous said, "The chief source of evil is excessive good." Both aphorisms apply to this action. It is more like ten years that Craig Kelley has spoken out about late orders. I used to speak at Council meetings about that too. But in Cambridge laws are optional. Keeping the herd bewildered is what Noam Chomsky calls this. This unlawful censoring of an error is what major media does with Obama's gaffes. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Public officials in MA promise it won't happen again when caught violating the law. What a great excuse for all citizens charged with crime.

[From article]
For the rebroadcast of the meeting, the city’s cable station lopped off the end of the meeting when the gaffe happened [. . .] The edited version of the meeting was inadvertently uploaded onto the city’s website where recordings of meetings are kept as public records.
[. . .]
“I just made a quickie call, kind of out of respect for the family,” said [Office of Cable Television Calvin] Lindsay, who said he only realized the implications after receiving an email from the Cambridge Chronicle. “My motive was clearly on trying to be sensitive to the family.” Lindsay said that diverged from the city’s practice of sending out unedited meeting footage and indicated it would probably not happen again.

Late agenda items at Cambridge city council cause gaffes and surprises
By Andy Metzger ametzger (at)
Cambridge Chronicle
Posted May 18, 2012 @ 07:34 AM Last update May 18, 2012 @ 07:55 AM

Cambridge Chronicle Exhibits Bigotry

Police redacted a man's self identification of having "been diagnosed with mental illness." Is this how psychiatry works these days? How reliable is it? If he says "I'm innocent?" will that be reported if the police redact it? Medical records are protected by state and US laws. Why does the Cambridge Chronicle report this allegation without evidence in a story about crime? Do the editors and writers publish their irrational bigoted beliefs that fake psychiatric illness made him do it? What is the explanation for printing the statement of this suspect? Do all persons accused of mental illness "creep out" the editors? Would that be called disability profiling? Or do all such persons expose themselves at malls? 

[From article]
"The man was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct, and after telling police that he has been diagnosed with a mental illness, which was also redacted,"

Man creeps out mom and daughters at CambridgeSide Galleria
By Andy Metzger ametzger (at) Cambridge Chronicle
Posted May 18, 2012 @ 11:20 AM

Atonement, Film Review

Atonement Poster

Keira Knightley stars in this powerful drama about British family, love, abuse, and World War II.

Executive Salaries of Charities

 Red Kettles & Bell Ringers

As you open your pocketbooks for the next natural disaster,
please keep these facts in mind:
The American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha J. Evans' salary for the year
was $951,957  plus expenses.
The United Way President Brian Gallagher receives a $675,000 base salary along with
numerous expense benefits.
UNICEF CEO Caryl M. Stern receives $1,900,000 per year (158K) per month, plus all expenses
including a ROLLS ROYCE. Less than 5 cents (4.4 cents) per donated dollar goes to the cause.
The Salvation Army's Commissioner Todd Bassett receives a salary of only $13,000 per year
(plus housing) for managing this $2 billion dollar organization.
96 percent of donated dollars go to the cause.
The American Legion National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go
to help Veterans and their families and youth!
· The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your
donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
· The Disabled American Veterans National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary.  Your
donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
· The Military Order of Purple Hearts National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary.  Your
donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!

· The Vietnam Veterans Association National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary.  Your
donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
All that is necessary for evil to triumph,  is for
good people to do nothing!
Politicians are professional liars.
They should not be trusted in public office.