May 4, 2016

Privileged Harvard Law School Students End Civil Rights Action, Resume Pursuit of Corporate Positions

How many of these dedicated, altruistic, morally superior civil rights activists will reject those high paying corporate associate positions, when they leave Belinda Hall and the racist, oppressive, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic law school community behind? 

After posting the above comment on the Harvard Crimson site, one of the many thoughtful young people who harass me warned, "You better stop doing that. They want to kill you." Really? A group of privileged black students at Harvard Law School whine non stop about white oppression. They demand punishing white people who did them no harm, and demand special privileges, more money and more power as payment for harms they did not suffer. They want to kill a citizen for exercising a constitutionally guaranteed right, i.e. criticizing  misguided young lawyers. Does this indicate how flawed the current higher education system is? Do they really believe that all white people are wealthy and powerful? Do they really believe that all black people are poor and weak? Do they really believe they are the only group chosen to express their demands for better living? Do they believe they are granted special privileges to silence any differing opinions, by disrupting law abiding professors at their own law school who want to speak? Like the Republican Party, they probably do not understand why Donald Trump is so popular and will be the next President.

Closing a Year of Activism, Law Students Hold Informal Commencement
May 4, 2016

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