May 2, 2016

Is Germany On Path To Civil War?

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Germany is now headed down the road to civil war.
In a remarkable interview with the BBC Newshour program on Sunday night, the spokesman for the Islamic Council of Germany (ISC) called for an outright ban on the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party after comparing the AfD to the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; NSDAP) of the 1930s:
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The call by the ICG to employ German state powers to ban the AfD came after the AfD adopted policy platforms at its conference stating that Islam is "not part of Germany."
Germany is increasingly falling under the stranglehold of Islamification pressure by Muslims in the country who seek to bring sharia law into full force.

Back in January, a Muslim group called for the banning of alcohol in Germany, and now the ICG is seeking to ban political parties that hold a negative view of Islam. So-called "sharia zones" have already been declared by Muslims in western Germany, with "sharia police" patrolling the streets under the support of the German court system. A growing number of legal cases are also being decided by sharia law.
One side will ultimately need to give in on its own initiative, or the path towards civil war on German soil is now set in stone.
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The problems in Germany are happening as expected. Full democracies are effectively absent in countries with 6% Muslim population, a threshold that Germany has recently crossed.

May 2, 2016
Islamic Council of Germany calls for ban on Alternative for Germany party
By Sierra Rayne

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