May 1, 2016

Harvard Law Professor Challenges Dominant Paradigm, Protested by California Students

Will this rebuke teach law professors to conform? Or will they continue their heretical advocacy against prevailing paradigm. Time to get in line.

[From article]
Students and faculty at Occidental College are protesting the school’s choice of Harvard Law School professor Randall L. Kennedy as their commencement speaker for his controversial statements on race-related activism and the film “The Hunting Ground.”
Students aligned with race-related activism groups and sexual assault prevention groups at the Los Angeles college have publicly criticized the choice—announced April 14— and some have called on the school to revoke Kennedy’s invitation.
Their complaints center around a November op-ed signed by Kennedy and 18 other HLS professors that challenges “The Hunting Ground,” a film they say erroneously portrays a sexual assault case at the Law School. Opponents of the choice of Kennedy as speaker also took issue with the professor’s criticism of race-related activism at the Law School.

Occidental Students Protest Harvard Law Professor as Commencement Speaker
April 28, 2016

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