May 6, 2016

Cambridge Spending Other People's Money Society 2016 Campaign

Politicians enjoy taking credit for the work of others. Taxpayers make it possible for the Spending Other People's Money Society to spend money. Vice Chairman of Cambridge chapter of the SOPMS does not thank taxpayers. He acts as if it was his money to spend. Troubling ideas in his essay include: "universal, high-quality early childhood education for all children." That moves closer to where government bureaucrats rear children. This politician supports more scrutiny by government psychiatrists. He speaks for everyone. How does he know that? Cambridge taxpayers are supporting neighboring cities and towns? 

The Vice Mayor  mentions "homelessness and [the] opioid crisis." How much money is spent on studies, plans, and providing blankets rather than homes to these people? What about the tsunami of illegal drugs across the open southern border? Who are the "we?" What is "socially just?" Who is included in "one another?" and "all our residents?" Some Cambridge citizens  remain outside the interests of this globally concerned politician, who boasts of how he spends US, MA and Cambridge taxpayer funds. No mention of billion dollar online businesses making money from civilian messages and searches. No mention of weak security for online medical records. Why does clueless government fail to protect citizens from harm?  

[From article]
I personally am excited to see is the $1.3 million that will go toward moving Cambridge closer to affordable, universal, high-quality early childhood education for all children.
[. . .]
There isn’t a person in our city administration who doesn’t understand and isn’t committed to finding ways to maintain affordable housing in Cambridge, and we will continue to direct funds to try and stabilize an ever-increasing housing market that is leading to higher rent and home ownership prices, not just in Cambridge but in the entire Metro Boston area.
[. . .]
continued funding to address our homelessness and opioid crisis
[. . .]
we know that we have more work to do in order to be the socially just community we want to be.
[. . .]
What makes Cambridge different, is that our financial stability, combined with our commitment as a community to support one another, puts us in a position to address these complicated issues and to put resources behind them to move our city forward for all of our residents.

Vice Mayor column: Cambridge pulls off difficult balance with budget
By Marc McGovern
Posted May. 5, 2016 at 12:13 PM

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