April 16, 2016

Welcome to The Rule of Minorities. Diversity Rules.

This is an example of what some call misguided priorities. No mention or concern from these clueless elected elite leaders of Cambridge, MA for the monetizing of social media by Harvard University drop out billionaire Zuckerberg, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter. Or the loss of all privacy, the lack of security for medical records in Cambridge and the nation. No concern for the abuses of organized crime which takes advantage of the lack of security of home utility meters, automobiles, smart phones, pace makers, insulin implants, and more. These clueless, mindless, thoughtless, mendacious and self centered officials join their Washington, DC politician colleagues, George Soros, and corporate tax avoiding CEOs promoting propaganda instead of paying attention. Maybe they could read an article or two, to learn how robots will eliminate jobs. Do they know how to read? Wake up voters these people need to be replaced soon.

[From article]
John A. Peters, Jr., executive director of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs, said the Commission, which represents Native Americans in Massachusetts, does not find issue with the depiction of the native person alone.
[. . .]
The motto is another disturbing concept,” Peters said. “The way we interpret that is... we’re going to liberate your property and possessions and keep the peace by the sword.”


Cambridge Tackles State and National Politics
Harvard Crimson STAFF WRITERS
April 7, 2016

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