April 27, 2016

Microaggressions Increase Scope of Racism and PC Controls for Censorship

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The term “microaggression” was coined by a psychiatrist named Chester M. Pierce. That was in 1970, so clearly it took quite some time to catch on; or, at the least, to become the fashionable meme that it is today
Microaggressions have been called “the new face of racism”. The bag is that good old-fashioned racism has been supplanted by racisms which are more “subtle, ambiguous and often unintentional”. Yes, racism is still seen as being a big problem. The thing is that most racisms nowadays are actually microaggressions.
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According to one study, for example, it's the case that black Americans are expected to “represent” other black Americans. That is, they're expected to be “proud of their identity” and thus to also propagate it. The researchers, of course, see this as a bad thing. Now this very same study also came to the exact opposite conclusion. In this case it was claimed that black Americans are put under pressure (by evil white people) to “act white”. This is also seen as a bad thing by the said researchers.
So, to reiterate, the study (although I use that term loosely) came to two diametrically opposed findings when it came to black Americans: One, that blacks are expected to represent all black people. Two, that blacks are also put under pressure to “act white”.
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Finally, positive comments towards black Americans are often actually... yes, negative comments... in disguise.
But none of this really matters. What does matter is chipping away at “white capitalist society” by “any means necessary”. What matters is “radical change” -- endless and unceasing radical change. Revolution.
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It's crystal clear that microaggression theory feeds off an already infantile sense of victimhood. Moreover, our society -- with the help of mollycoddled academics -- has become ill with victimhood. So much so that the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has said that to be a fully-fledged victim is to reach the “height of this culture”.


April 23, 2016
Microaggressions: All Racism, All the Time
By Paul Austin Murphy

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