April 18, 2016

Fund Raising Lobbyist Appointed To Seek Money For Taxpayer Funded Public Library

Yes. Yes. Just what is needed, a fund raising lobbyist bureaucracy for a taxpayer funded public library. How could so many highly educated academic wannabes not recognize this essential need for so many years? Does somebody need a job? Will Susan Hartnett be required to register as a municipal lobbyist when the city council makes it mandatory? Will increased patron services include foot massages? Will food tasters offer chewing for patrons whose teeth are painful? Where will all of this increased government end? When there are no more private citizens and everyone works for and is owned by government?

[From article]
The Cambridge Public Library Foundation recently announced the appointment of Susan Hartnett as special adviser.
This marks the first hire since the foundation formed in November 2015 with plans to champion and grow private financial support for the Cambridge Public Library.


Cambridge Public Library Foundation appoints special adviser
Posted Apr. 17, 2016 at 8:30 AM
Cambridge Chronicle

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