April 22, 2016

Five Wrongfully Convicted Of Homicide Awarded $40 million

Eric Glisson, right, with his lawyer Peter Cross

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Five innocent people who each spent nearly 20 years in the slammer for a murder they didn’t commit are dropping their malicious-prosecution suits in exchange for $40 million, Peter Cross, a lawyer for one of the ex-inmates, said Thursday.
Eric Glisson, Cathy Watkins, Carlos Perez, Devon Ayers and Michael Cosme were found guilty in the 1995 shooting of livery driver Baithe Diop, who was killed in The Bronx amid a rash of 1990s cabby holdups.
While in jail, Glisson learned Diop was actually killed by the Sex Money Murder gang, and he sent a letter with that info to the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office.


Five wrongfully jailed ‘murderers’ get $40M payout
By Bruce Golding
New York Post
April 22, 2016 | 2:41am

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