April 27, 2016

DePaul University Bans Chalking; Emory University Students Traumatized By Trump Chalk

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The DePaul University administration announced that it is banning political chalking because of pro-Trump slogans written on the sidewalk.

The university also claims that because of its nonprofit status, the slogans are deemed partisan and therefore illegal.
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So now the janitors are making unilateral decisions on what constitutes free speech? Wow.
It would be an understandable policy if they had been enforcing it all along. But the ban appears to have been motivated by the "offensive" Trump postings.
Although the grounds crew “regularly cleans up chalk messages,” meaning DePaul students regularly chalk their campus’ sidewalks, this appears to be the first time university officials have expressly addressed their chalking policies. Zdziarski noted, after the Trump chalkings appeared, that students are not even allowed to chalk on sidewalks at all.

We see this kind of lying at every educational level, from grade school to college. Justification for punitive or oppressive actions comes after the fact and usually involves making up rules as they go along. It's nauseating to watch.


April 15, 2016
Depaul U bans 'political chalking' because of 'offensive' Trump slogans
By Rick Moran

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