April 24, 2016

Updated(4): Police Continue Criminal Harassment, Relentless Character Assassination

Posted March 15, 2016 ; Last updated March 23, 2016 9:27 PM ET

[Updated March 23, 2016]
One day after a terror attack in Belgium, where 34 died, and hundreds were injured, the same day as there were three persons shot in Boston, MA, two shot in Cambridge, MA, one dead, the other seriously wounded, there was a change in personnel in the 45-year campaign of harassment in my life. The geniuses who determine the primary occupants of a vacant apartment provided by my landlord to facilitate surveillance and harassment, was changed again. The Harvard University campus police employee was replaced for a few hours by a black homosexual who continued the behavior conditioning campaign trying to make me into a homosexual. He was replaced by a police employee from Somerville, MA apparently  another woman. She began with the usual list of events trying to repeat them. Beginning with the police frame-up in 1990, she tried to cause me to experience a heart attack or a stroke, keeping me awake for 4 hours with intense non stop harassment. (Nice people.) Next will be, using young women as bait, followed by young men as bait, when I do not go for the women. The building superintendents employed by Harvard University enthusiastically assist the campaign keeping me under 24/7 surveillance. It is called liberal elitist priorities. When there is violence, focus on a 70-year-old white man who survived 45 years of government criminal abuses. Blame and attack the victim is how they interpret the golden rule. The $2 billion taxpayer funded human services industrial complex (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's phrase) stands by and watches this "ungrateful" elder who dares to criticize the noble, caring, well intentioned professional human service providers, receive his punishment. "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket." Eric Hoffer

[Updated March 22, 2016]
In view of the latest terror attack in Brussels, Belgium, and the heightened security in the United States, abuses by local police employees conducting relentless criminal abuses of a 70-year-old man in Cambridge is even more obscene. Harassment campaign was re-joined on March 22, 2016 by black women employed by Harvard University campus police. The circle of criminal abuse continues to rotate.

[Updated March 21, 2016]
Sunday and Monday March 20-21, 2016 the California crime Syndicate resumed the role as lead harassment group. They resumed their behavior conditioning campaign trying to make me into a homosexual and maintaining prohibiting me from speaking with heterosexual women. They repeated propaganda "He's a high school drop out." They deny I have a BA degree from Columbia University in the City of New York. They strictly prohibit access to legal assistance to obtain relief from their criminal campaign and abuse of police powers. It is their continuing corruption of the police and courts in three states. They insist I embrace their character assassination and enjoy their daily criminal harassment, disturbing my sleep and keeping me under 24/7 surveillance. They are depraved at best. But what about all the other groups and uncorrupted law enforcement and taxpayer funded human services agencies, paid to protect vulnerable persons, who stand by and watch? Are they less depraved? 

[Updated March 20, 2016]
Friday, March 18, 2016, while doing errands, suddenly there was a parade of attractive young women everywhere I looked. Immediately I suspected Communists from New York and the California crime Syndicate were trying to have me arrested for talking to heterosexual women. Both organizations have enforced for 40 years, a ban on me doing that. The alternative punishment was depriving me of sleep for three days. It is one reason why there was a steady stream of young women as bait. There was always the threat of attempted talking to heterosexual women.

In addition to relentless character assassination, also called saturation slander, it was part of a continuing behavior conditioning campaign trying to make me into a homosexual. That was due to one element of character assassination (for me), also called false light, saying "He's a homosexual Communist." The FBI assisted the Communists enforcing that profile. It is why, in 2016, after 45 years of this campaign, there are still so many people, some of them who were not born when the campaign began, who believe "He's a homosexual." Some homosexuals who knew me 40 years ago, told me, "We know you are not a homosexual." But that does not explain why so many others who were not born when this began still think of me as a homosexual. Some people told me, "It doesn't matter what you do." That explains why they ignore what I say about the basic attribute of sexual preference, no less the many other facts of my life, which are and have been distorted by character assassination for so many years in several states.

One homosexual employed by the Kennedy cult said to me, "Why do you care what other people think about you?" It was the founder of the Kennedy cult, Joseph P. Kennedy, who taught his sons, "It doesn't matter what you are. It matters what people think you are." But that is only for the elite. Ordinary citizens can be slandered and should be happy with it?

On late Friday, March 18, 2016 and Saturday, March 19, 2016, one more Harvard University homosexual player explained to me, he (or she) knows the black homosexual employed by Harvard University campus police, who harassed me, for about ten years. I was prepared for more abuse from this new player who studies to be an architect. Instead of young women as bait, this new player brought young men as bait. It is a repeating pattern from the hateful and hostile people who surround me, who think they are "the smartest man in the room" and do not know me at all.

They rely on police records, which are freely passed around, though they remain unavailable to me. I do not know what they say. I am only able to guess from what these creepy depraved people do to me each day, over and over, again and again. When a new team of psychologist, lawyer, police employee and crime family associate begin their harassment campaign, they perform the same repeating pattern. It must come from some file or record kept by someone somewhere.

This raises the issue of police and government files in general. If television criminal justice features have any factual basis, police and federal law enforcement rely heavily on their computer files. But how accurate are they? To the government it does not matter. If the record says a person did something it is believed. An arrest becomes a conviction. One study found the national crime information center files are about 40 percent inaccurate. It has little effect on the police and those who rely on the files. But for a civilian who has a file it can be the end of a normal existence. That is one reason for the FOIA to allow civilians to see what the government says about them. But my several requests were ignored and denied, as if there were no files.

Some people told me that the government destroyed some of the files. I do not know which ones and which remain on the system. One record which I know about I described in a previous post, i.e., the police frame-up in Cambridge, MA in 1990. See the brief account at this link


This is one element of the ongoing repeating character assassination which takes up my life every day. One day it is someone who purchased a copy of the personal journals which the FBI stole from me in 1973. They sold copies to local police and crime families who used them to ridicule and to humiliate me. That continues in 2016. The next day the FBI propaganda, "He's a retired drug dealer." appears again. Those who believe what the FBI says, accepts that as fact, and treats me as if I was what the FBI says. Police abuse me expecting me to fear them because of the false criminal background. Frequently persons who are caught up in these lies say of me, "He's a ex-con." People with convictions who were in prison seek me out as if I was their compadre. But it is not true.

Worse is that actual drug dealers think of me as their ally, their colleague. They freely associate with me. Without my awareness, the FBI begins surveillance of these people who were misled. When they are arrested the FBI points to me as a way to get the criminals to do what the FBI wants to do but is unable to do, i.e., to eliminate me. They are clever and cute. So far they are unsuccessful. The criminals learn quickly they were fooled.

This shows a serious malfunction of government seldom discussed by journalists and politicians. Not only do police and government agencies not protect vulnerable persons from criminal abuses, they participate in the abuse. It is not just the FBI and police who harass vulnerable persons. One FBI agent explained, "We are not a protection agency." Another said of me, "He'll come around." Huh? Around to what? Pleading with the FBI to protect me from criminals who were misled by the FBI to attack me? Another agent asked me, "What have you done for us lately." as if I were going to help them do what they are unable to do. 

From 1973 when government psychiatrists drugged me, until about 1988 the FBI used me as bait for fighting organized crime in three states. They scared me and left me dangling in an impaired state of mind due to the criminal abuses of the psychiatrists. That is a despicable abuse by the FBI. They expect me to help them abuse me more? What do they expect? Should I pretend to be the retired drug dealer to attract drug dealers so they can arrest them? How does that repeating pattern of abuse help me regain a semblance of a life? All it does is to keep me from enjoying the ordinary rights of being an American citizen. Local and state agencies act in a similar fashion. Complaints to taxpayer funded protection agencies, are ignored. They refuse to investigate, and instead send out their investigators to investigate and to harass me. It happened again and again. I no longer seek help from taxpayer funded agencies who are paid to protect vulnerable persons. 

Ever since government psychiatrists drugged me, the official government designation was "He's mentally ill." Keep in mind  that mental illnesses are incurable. Psychiatry treats their made up illnesses, they do not cure them. It is a profitable business model. Ordinary civilians believe, encouraged by the psychiatric industry and the humans services industrial complex (MA State Rep. Marie Parente's term), once mentally ill, forever mentally ill. It is one reason why police and the FBI love psychiatry. No due process protections. 

An impaired state did not prevent police, crime families, Communists and the FBI from conducting brutal harassment campaigns causing me to move 55 times over 22 years in three states. One American criminal prevented me from visiting Canada, telling border agents some element of slander. I was stopped and questioned. The agent said to me, "It is better if you told me than if I found out myself. " I did not understand what he was talking about. Subsequently I suspected he thought I was wanted for a crime in the United States and was trying to leave the country to escape prosecution. It is a pattern I read about occasionally. It was disappointing but indicated how thorough the surveillance by police, crime families and whoever else was participating, was.

After fifteen years of being used by the FBI to fight organized crime, without being compensated, I was punished instead. It taught me that the FBI cannot be trusted. Who knew the FBI actively abused and harassed vulnerable persons? That was before the scandal in the Boston field office when it was exposed that FBI agents framed four white men for murder. They were sentenced to death. Two died in prison. Two were released after 30 years. Taxpayers paid their families $101 million for the criminal abuses of the FBI. No FBI agents were punished and they suffered no penalties.

The same FBI office was exposed as protecting the boss of the Boston crime family who admitted killing eleven people. He was a fugitive for sixteen years after his handler alerted him he was about to be indicted. Sixty deaths are attributed to his gang over twenty years some of them Boston agents allegedly assisted. One agent was convicted of homicide in a Florida state court. Dozens of FBI agents appeared in court to support him. One agent died in prison awaiting trial for homicide. No others were punished. That was after a "thorough" investigation by John Durham of the Justice Department.

The two above-mentioned scandals were reported by journalists. There were several books written, and at least one film. But journalists and politicians remain silent about serious abuses of vulnerable persons like myself. I do not think they invented their techniques and psychological abuses just for me. Journalists promote propaganda by criminals, politicians and police. They do not expose it. They help cover up criminal abuses by government officials. See, e.g., how complete the silence is about the criminal abuses of power by the White House and his previous Secretary of State? If they can cover that up who cares about a 70-year-old white male after 45 years of character assassination and criminal abuse by crime families, protected by the government?

Just because journalists do not report the abuse it does not change the fact it happened. Too many dumbed down journalists and politicians believe that reality is what journalists report. If it was not on television it did not happen. If the New York Times did not report it, it did not happen. But also if the New York Times reported it, it was true. Ahem!

It becomes about credibility. Crazy people are not to be believed. So it is important to discredit anyone who may have damaging information. Discrediting is now the method of covering up government abuses. They no longer kill people which gives credibility to what they were saying. That is one more reason why psychiatrists have a leading role in major media. They claim they know more than others and they never lie. Ahem!!!! They will provide scientific studies which prove that the genes of psychiatrists have been cleansed of mendacity, greed and sadism. Teehee.

* * *

[Original post March 15, 2016]
One fact omitted from earlier updates on 45 years of police criminal harassment. See, Publishing Interruptus, Again February 20, 2016 at this link

The seven appointed defense lawyers, in the 1990 police frame-up in 1990 in Cambridge, MA, were black police, pretending to be lawyers. Like this fact, there are many more omitted from this extremely brief account of this event and others. Some events have been entirely omitted. One is that the FBI had me under surveillance when I was a student in law school. In fact the CIA and the FBI had me under surveillance when I was a student at Columbia University in 1968-70. There is a book which remains unwritten due to relentless harassment and character assassination, which keeps me isolated from ordinary civilians, no less publishers, literary agents and editors. One CIA agent said of me, "He lived to talk about it." Yet the only people with who I interact and have conversations more than greetings, are people with no formal education, and those who have no knowledge of how abusive governments can be. One long time former friend said to me when I began telling a part of the story, "We live a quiet life." She meant, "I don't want to hear about it."

In 1973 government psychiatrists drugged me for 80 consecutive days using hallucinogens contrary to law. I was not under the care of any psychiatrist. There was no court order permitting forced drugging. I never volunteered as a human subject for any medical research experiment. The FBI stole my personal journals. They sold copies to local police and to crime families, who in turn used them to ridicule and to humiliate me for many years. It continues today. After many years they usually find more suckers to purchase copies. These dumbed down police and criminals use them to try to recreate events I described in the journals. That is happening again in 2016 with some clueless Communists from Washington state who for 40 years told everyone I knew, know and met, "He's homeless and mentally ill." Now they have more to use for their unique form of manipulation.

Saturday March 11, 2016 a woman police employee became the latest primary criminal harasser. I suspect she is from Somerville, MA employed by the Somerville police. She may be a psychologist, or under direction of one. As usual there is in addition to a police employee and a psychologist, always a lawyer and an associate of the local crime family as members of each new team when it begins harassing me. As explained to me many years ago "women are more vicious than men." She began with the usual protocol, a non stop period of sleep deprivation, this one lasted four and one half hours, keeping me awake. It was the initial attempt to provoke violence, trying to repeat the police frame-up of 1990. That was followed by shorter periods of sleep disturbances. It appears that there is a list of events that each team of criminal harassers brings to the program when they join the now 45 year campaign to torment me by intentional infliction of psychological and emotional stress. During one period in New Jersey there was a standing offer of $50,000 to anyone who could drive me crazy. I was never able to understand the need for that. Relentless character assassination always includes "He's crazy." Considering the effectiveness of the saturation slander, why offer extra money? It was one more element of overkill as one observer noted many years later.

After expressing my concerns about crime families taking over the harassment and surveillance, the crime families were removed and replaced by Communist police employees (Harvard University campus police associates?), from Washington State. The harassment remained intense forcing me to continue reverse sleep patterning. That is a tactic usually reserved for prisoners of war and enemy combatants. It was reportedly used on prisoners in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. More recent reports about prison guards in Mexico disturbing the sleep of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the famous Sinaloan, Mexico drug cartel leader who escaped from prison twice. It raises the question that perhaps these are military technicians conducting the harassment on behalf of agencies of the US government. Psychologists direct the abuse, train and choose specific manners of abuse each day.

That is the long term pattern of 45 years of criminal abuses. It is as if there is a circle of psychopathic criminals, with me in the center. They take turns attacking me. One, then the next, then the next. Until the circle has been completed. Then it begins all over again. Sometimes the individuals change but the circle remains full and continually attacks me. One thing all the circle members share is a hatred or hostility of me. Most if not all of them are unknown to me. But that does not mitigate the hatred or hostility. They are taught a long list of character assassination broadcast over the past 45 years. Usually one or two items are sufficient to inspire hatred. Included are "He's a racist." "He's a retired drug dealer." "He's homeless. " "He's mentally ill." There are many others, which are never revealed to me. I'm only able to guess at the general subjects.

The teams usually consist of man-hating feminists and lesbians, rape victims, psychologists, psychiatric students, police employees, FBI informants, white hating black men and women. The California crime Syndicate and their government associates led the harassment for 47 years beginning at Columbia University in New York in 1968. They are joined by the Kennedy cult which adopted me in 1968, and the midwestern outfit which was paid to protect me for a few years. They did not protect me well. They robbed me, and abused me as much as the Communists and the police did from 1973 to 1979. Communists from seven states join in the rotation, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, Washington state, Massachusetts New Hampshire, Connecticut.

[More to come if you can stand it.)

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