April 20, 2016

Anti Semitism On UK Campuses Among Muslim Students

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At last voices of sanity, whether genuinely sincere or uttered for political reasons, are being heard in Britain. They may not be voices of turtledoves, but they address in sharp tones the problem of anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party. The virus in that country, the cancer of anti-Semitism, not only exists in the Labour Party, but is metastasizing.
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The latest problem for the Party concerns a young 20-year-old Muslim student at Warwick University named Aysegul Gurbuz who is the youngest Labour Party councilor in Luton, a town about 30 miles from London. She has been suspended from the Party for a number of anti-Semitic tweets posted on her profile for three years.  She had tweeted that “The Jews are so powerful on the U.S. it’s disgusting.” Another on October 27, 2011, was that Adolf Hitler was “the greatest man in history.” A third tweet hoped that Israel would be wiped out by an Iranian nuclear bomb.
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The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, was blunt about the problem. Anti-Semitism persists in “dark corners” of Britain, including the Labour Party and major universities. It has now reached the highest level for thirty years. Anti-Semitic language and attitudes should not be tolerated.


April 13, 2016
Time for Power, Religious and Political, to Speak the Truth
By Michael Curtis

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