April 20, 2016

Blurring The Difference Between Man and Woman

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There are inherent, deeply flawed assumptions behind this latest leftist gimcrackery posturing as a human rights issue. It's time to consider what is really going behind the "bathroom" bills.
It is past time to evaluate the campaigns against the religious freedoms of Christians and other people of faith who believe – as all civilizations of the past have that there is a clear and innate differentiation between men and women that cannot be erased by an act of will. The correlating belief is that there is a moral code of sexual behavior that cannot be abrogated or entirely discarded without disastrous consequences to any given society.
For one thing, behind the push for passing the "bathroom" bills is the utopian belief that this Earth must be made be a safe place for everyone, no matter what the identity of choice or the resultant behavior. The belief that no one should have his or her beliefs or actions controverted or challenged by anyone else, the idea that my real self is what I proclaim it to be, is derived from a utopianism that at heart is completely divorced from reality.
To insist you must have complete safety in any place at any time, including the bathroom of your choosing, is to believe that in this world the lion can lie down with the lamb and that you can handle serpents and they will not bite you. It is to believe the Cinderella fairy tale without the wicked stepmother, the Grimm stories without the grim. It is to believe you can expunge risk and even evil from this planet.
Such utopianism also requires us all to believe in the infallible and incontrovertible goodness of the individual inner voice, a voice that, because it is the divine discernment of one's true self, cannot be contradicted. It is to believe that that voice is always perfectly good and harmless to others.
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We have seen this mad utopianism – demanding that each individual must be provided a perfectly safe place free from even another human being's opposing thoughts, thoughts that might contradict one's chosen identity – being avidly promoted on the campuses of our most prestigious universities. The result is that places formerly known for rigorous scholarly inquiry are rapidly becoming ideological hellholes devoid of the strenuous intellectual and spiritual endeavors necessary for the full development of the human being.
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Next, reducing what the meaning of being human entails invites tyranny. Preventing the conflict and risk necessary to growth means that Peter Pans will soon find they have leaders who are actually Lords of the Flies, leaders whose demands become ever more exacting and ever more divorced from reality.
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Look at the fate of past societies that insisted on a safe utopia (safe for some, deadly for others). In the end, the perfect communist man never arrived, though millions died in order for a ruthless politburo to achieve the ideal. Nor was the racially pure ├╝bermensch ever brought forth, though millions died in order that the fantastical perfect Aryan might be born.
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The current mania for "gender-free" society unchained by individuation by sex involves more than reductionism, diminishment, or artificial inflation of human beings into either beasts or supermen. How ironic is it that the sexual revolution is now actually attempting to abolish the distinction between the sexes, thus achieving the distortion and eventual abolition of the human being?
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It was St. Augustine who wrote that the only safe and good place we will ever find on this Earth is found in God alone. The saint said our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God. There is no absolute safety elsewhere, including any manmade or gender-free utopia. But there is a good God in whom we may find rest. There is a Heaven to come.


April 16, 2016
How Can a 'Gender-Free' Society Square with Being Human?
By Fay Voshell

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