April 28, 2016

Canadian Mother Investigated For Allowing Her Children to Play Unsupervised in Her Back Yard

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Apparently, Canadian child services agencies aren't any better than their American counterparts.
A Winnipeg mother received the surprise of her life when a child services agent showed up at her front door telling her they had received a complaint of "unsupervised" children on her property.
The mother was under scrutinty because she let her three children play alone in their fenced in backyard.
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Children's services agencies have been under fire for allowing children to live in homes where they are beaten and abused. So the answer is to swoop in and investigate anyone who doesn't sit on their children 24 hours a day?
We are seeing this kind of draconian reaction from government agencies more and more. Parents are arrested for letting their children walk home from school or play in a park by themselves. Is it any wonder by the time they get to college they need "Safe Spaces"?
The child service agencies have a a tough job. But the answer won't be found in badgering parents who want to teach their children to be independent. There might be no more anguishing or important job for parents than learning how to let go of their kids and allow them to discover who they are. This kind of "supervised" independence should be encouraged, not snuffed out.


April 24, 2016
Canadian mom investigated for letting her children play alone in backyard
By Rick Moran

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