April 28, 2016

Harvard Law School Students Demand FBI Expose Student Political Opposition

Few police departments know what to do about computer crimes. Harvard University campus police are notoriously poorly trained. In Cambridge, MA (where Harvard Law School is located) laws are optional. Harvard University faculty and administrators are protected by the Obama-Holder Doctrine: Inconvenient laws may be ignored by a select few. Emails do not travel remaining in one jurisdiction. Campus police jurisdiction ends at the Harvard University property line. They can hardly investigate lawfully. A great book about the coming tsunami of computer and other technology crimes is Marc Goodman's Future Crimes. Hackers stole $80 million almost got a billion from the Bangladesh national bank last week.

[From article]
Emails published on a blog run by activists opposed to a racial justice group at Harvard Law School show that the organization, Royall Must Fall, asked the Harvard administration to investigate the anonymous site and discover who is behind it.
The blog, Royall Asses, grew out of an incident last year where pieces of black tape were placed on the portraits of black law professors. The site claimed that the incident was a false flag operation by members of Royall Must Fall.
One member of the racial justice group claimed to have received email threats. She went to the FBI and asked them to monitor the blog despite the fact there was no evidence anyone connected with the blog had sent the threatening emails.
The group also asked law school administrators to find out who was behind the blog.
[From] Daily Caller:
Royall Asses claims that it came into possession of the two emails because one of the people Williams contacted was appalled that the student activists and Harvard itself would use “Gestapo tactics to invade student privacy.” That student forwarded the emails to Royall Asses.
If Williams’ emails accurately represent Harvard’s actions, then it suggests Harvard attempted to investigate (and potentially expose) its own students simply for running a blog that criticized left-wing elements on campus.


April 25, 2016
Emails point to investigation by Harvard administrators of anti 'racial justice' blog
By Rick Moran

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