April 24, 2016

Two Policemen Shot at Arizona Walmart, Suspect Shot Dead

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Two officers were shot after being called to remove a trespasser from a Chandler, Arizona, Walmart Saturday morning.
The officers are in stable condition, although one is in surgery but expected to recover.
The suspect is dead, authorities said.
Police were called around 6.30am regarding a trespasser at the store, said Chandler police spokesman Seth Tyler.
The officers encountered the unidentified male suspect at the front of the store, just past the greeters' area.
According to witnesses, the first officer entered the store and was fired upon immediately by the suspect, Tyler said.
The second officer, who was in close proximity, was also shot but was able to return fire.
It is uncertain if the first officer discharged his weapon. Both were wearing bulletproof vests.
'I guess you can call it what you want. It sounds like an ambush to me,' Tyler said.
The Walmart Supercenter was open for business at the time but is now closed.
Cynthia Ayala was on the other side of the store in a dressing room when she heard the gunfire but didn't at first realize what she heard.

'I thought it was like pallets falling. I never thought it would be gunshots,' Ayala said.
She said the shots came one after another and then it became apparent they were bullets.
'I was just really scared as to where they would fall,' Ayala said.
She came out of the dressing room when things calmed down. She said employees then escorted her and other shoppers to the store's garden center.


Two officers are shot and a suspect is killed at an Arizona Walmart after police are called to remove an early-morning trespasser
Police were called to assist with a trespassing situation at around 6.30am on Saturday
Witnesses said a man ambushed the officers, who were able to return fire The suspect is dead, according to a Chandler, Arizona, police spokesman
The officers are in stable condition and one is undergoing surgery
PUBLISHED: 13:00 EST, 23 April 2016 | UPDATED: 22:05 EST, 23 April 2016

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