April 24, 2016

UN Commissioner Broadcasts Propaganda At Harvard University, Participates in Domestic Politics, Ignores History

This high commissioner on human  rights speaks about fantasy land, and enters into domestic politics. Isn't that a part of the globalist agenda to destroy nation states? The international business community demolished the United States' manufacturing industry moving plants to third world countries. The same global interests including but not limited to George Soros and the current White House, work to destroy national cultures in the name of globalism. The European Union  was one effort to destroy national boundaries.  Another was the proposal to eliminate borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Former Massachusetts Governor and Harvard University graduate William Weld was a co-author. The open southern border of the United States is one method of implementing that proposal without any knowledge or consent from taxpayers, voters or even their representatives who stand by and let it continue. Feckless journalists lament the growing abuse of overdose deaths  by heroin. It flows freely into the country across the southern border with no controls. The same business interests are stealing taxpayer funds billing for treatment of addicts who have not yet died from heroin. It is a good business model almost as self perpetuating as the psychiatric industry. To suggest that countries are not overrun by invading cultures indicates he has no knowledge of history, or ignores history of the exact abuses he denies. 

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At the Institute of Politics, Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein, the United Nations’ high commissioner for human rights, called for more accountability for UN peacekeepers, a number of whom face accusations of sexual exploitation and assault, and emphasized the enormous threat that such behavior poses to the organization’s reputation.
The John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum event, co-sponsored Friday by the Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, comes a month after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution expressing “deep concern” about allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers.
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Al-Hussein lamented that legislation reforming the disciplinary process for peacekeepers has been stalled for the last decade. One proposed measure he supported was mandatory DNA testing of all peacekeepers to both deter illicit conduct and investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.
He also emphasized that only individual governments—not the United Nations—could subject peacekeepers to criminal investigation and punishment.
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“The UN can dismiss them from service, in violation of some administrative regulation, but if you can engage in sexual abuse of the worst kind—and we’ve seen this over many years—it’s simply not good enough that the UN can send you back home,” Al-Hussein said. “It’s so frustrating, of course, for us to continuously receive the most appalling accusations.”
Al-Hussein also decried the extremist and nationalist rhetoric of the political right in Europe and United States at Friday’s event, pointing especially to the “incendiary” speech in the ongoing U.S. presidential race.
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He also called on Americans to resist “disgraceful” rhetoric that places blame on immigrant communities, and asked Europeans to adopt a more “humane” attitude when discussing the refugee crisis.
“Humanity has a way of self-adjusting and you don’t have to fear that you’re going to all be swamped by people from other countries and lose your identity, it doesn’t really work like that,” Al-Hussein said.


UN Human Rights Chief Calls for Peacekeeper Accountability
April 24, 2016

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