April 19, 2016

More Emphasis Needed On Affordable Housing in Cambridge, MA

One percent of the world's population (including developers), has more wealth than the remaining 99 percent. Make the affordable housing requirement 99 percent. The useless eaters can interact with a member of the one percent developer class, or maybe a part of her. Alternatively the city council can and should eliminate rent in Cambridge. Mandating landlords to provide high quality of life property to parasites for free is a popular idea whose time has come. While Cambridge remains a sanctuary city, encouraging illegal aliens to live here, a shortage of free housing will grow larger. Eliminating rent will permit more illegal aliens and compassionate valedictorian refugees to live in the world class academic elitist Cambridge and enjoy its fruity fruits. Poor white Americans can find some other place to live. 


Cambridge looks to increase affordable unit requirement in new developments 
By Natalie Handy nhandy (at) wickedlocal.com 
Posted Apr. 12, 2016 at 5:27 PM 

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