April 27, 2016

Belgium Official Reports Muslims Danced In Streets Celebrating Terror Attacks

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In a interview yesterday, Belgium’s Interior Minister Jam Jambon charged that a large part of the country’s Muslim population celebrated terrors attacks:
AFP reports:

"A significant section of the Muslim community danced when attacks took place," Jambon said in an interview with the Flemish-language De Standaard newspaper.
The Belgian minister also accused Muslim residents of Brussels' largely immigrant Molenbeek neighbourhood of attacking police during an operation last month to arrest a suspect in connection with the deadly attacks in Paris last November.
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Shades of Donald Trump charging that Muslims in the US celebrated after 9/11, a charge that has lacked a lot of corroborating evidence. Jambon’s portfolio presumably includes police and security forces, so perhaps he has access to more information than Trump.


April 17, 2016
Belgian Interior Minister: ‘Significant’ part of Muslim community ‘danced’ in wake of attacks
By Thomas Lifson

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