April 24, 2016

Updated(3): Harvard University Campus Police, Building Superintendents Ramp Up Criminal Harassment of White Elder With Legal Disability.

Posted March 2016; Last updated April 22, 2016 6:57 PM ET

[Updated April 22, 2016]
A Chicago assault victim left in the street until he was run over by a taxi. No one stopped to protect or to comfort the victim lying in the street.


Lawyer, family: 7-Eleven, bystanders failed assault victim before he died
William Lee
Chicago Tribune
5:05 pm, April 21, 2016

Not the first recent incident like this. In Hartford, CT a man was hit by a car. Pedestrians and drivers, walked and drove by his body leaving him lying there.


The Day the Traffic Did Not Stop in Hartford
JUNE 8, 2008

At colleges and universities across the United States faculty and administrators, with enthusiastic support from misguided journalists, enforce a strict speech code prohibiting unkind words about black people. homosexuals and Muslims. Hate speech, as it is called, is permitted against Christians, Jews, white heterosexual men, and Israelis.


Minow, Law Students Condemn Perceived Anti-Semitism
April 21, 2016

At the richest university in the United States, with an endowment of $37 billion, Harvard University campus police, who are poorly trained, abuse their privileged state police power by harassing older civilians with disabilities, and breach their contract with the host city, Cambridge, MA, by harassing tenants they promised not to evict.

These events indicate the depravity of wealthy and powerful institutions in this nation, the twisted values where bullying is encouraged and tolerated. Young people are taught not to say or think bad thoughts. But it is acceptable behavior for wealthy and powerful people and institutions to ignore vulnerable people under attack by wealthy and powerful people and institutions, abusing their police powers. It is acceptable to stand by and watch while bullies with guns harass vulnerable citizens.

Establishment politicians wonder why Donald Trump is so popular.

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[Updated: April 21, 2016]
In 1995 the Massachusetts rent control law was repealed by statewide referendum. Before the repeal Harvard University maintained a waiting list for non Harvard affiliates to get access to Harvard University housing. After the repeal the university made an agreement with the city of Cambridge, MA. Harvard gave about 100 affordable units (whatever that means) to the city. In return Harvard was allowed to restrict their property portfolio to only Harvard University affiliates. But they agreed not to evict any tenants who were in place when rent control was repealed. There were some abuses, when aggressive superintendents served notices to quit to non Harvard tenants. After the thirty day notice period the supers appeared at the doors of those tenants and demanded that they vacate their premises. Some young women were intimidated and they abandoned their belongings in the basement and left. Harvard employees tried three times to do that to me. Each time I asked if they had a court order for eviction. They did not and left.

Nonetheless it did not stop the superintendents and their police employees from questioning the presence of non Harvard affiliated tenants. I do not count the number of times I had to explain why I was a tenant in a Harvard owned building. It is understandable for the students who are only in the buildings for a year or two. But their police indicate they are extremely negligently trained. Being unaware of the agreement and not providing the same treatment to non Harvard affiliates as they do for Harvard affiliates shows their selective enforcement of laws. It may be a violation of the HUD Fair Housing Act.

But it also shows a conflict with the current White House's attempt to eliminate any kind of segregation, housing separating wealthy and poor residents. Here is a link to an essay about the current effort to integrate whole cities moving poor residents into wealthy neighborhoods. 


April 8, 2016
Obama Administration Sticking it to Whitey
By Robert Weissberg

But Harvard University's deal with the city of Cambridge allows it to segregate its housing limiting it to students, faculty and staff. One defender of Harvard asked "Is Harvard the only university that does that?" No they are not. What happened to the benefits of diversity? 

But the university does not honor its part of the agreement. Their poorly trained and abusive police officers and employees conduct a relentless campaign of criminal harassment. One explanation is they try to persuade me to leave their property. It is not unknown in Cambridge, MA. Harvard campus police and their superintendents relentlessly harass an elder man with a disability, trying to provoke him so that they can evict him. Their police who nonsensically claim exclusive jurisdiction on their property refuse to assist this same elder when he is victimized by criminals at his premises. They pretend he is imagining the crimes, not a one time occurrence, but several times most recently in March 2016. On several occasions the campus police refused to respond at all. The emergency dispatchers assist these abuses of power denying access to police protection. But city and state officials refuse to hold Harvard accountable for their criminal abuses of this white elder man with a legal disability.

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[Updated April 16, 2016 7:41 PM ET]
During the first week of April 2016 three crime families (Kennedy cult, Midwestern Outfit, and California crime Syndicate) and their government, police and psychiatric associates teamed up to conduct a brutal harassment campaign. They are mostly from New Jersey and New York. Primarily they consist of American hating, Jewish hating and Israeli hating Muslims, white hating black racist homosexuals, and a black lesbian employed by Harvard University campus police. (I have no evidence to suggest these Muslims have any connection to terrorist organizations.) Harvard University property management runs a criminal business renting out a unit above mine for these criminals to conduct their campaign of disturbing my sleep every one hour or just keeping me awake. They intrude into my computer as I try to use it. When I conduct errands they exhibit their despicable psychopathic beliefs and perhaps their practices. After 45 years of using young women as bait (I am now 70 years old) and when that failed, young men as bait, they now have begin using toddlers as bait. This is a clever idea from misguided psychiatrists who are unable to make a valid evaluation (contrary to law due to lack of consent, and relentless government and crime family lies),  after 40 years of trying. Their limited knowledge (though they believe they are omniscient) and extraordinary need to control others makes it imperative that they continue to use drugs, provocations, ridicule, insults, character assassination, humiliation and behavior conditioning trying to make me into a homosexual, and to try to have me arrested for some provoked criminal act. There is apparently a shortage of psychopaths and homosexuals in Massachusetts. They need to import criminal creeps from New York and New Jersey. Local state and US law enforcement officials in Massachusetts are aware of this ongoing criminal enterprise and stand by when they are not participating or providing material support. In politically correct Massachusetts, and at Harvard University both apparently run by homosexuals in the Kennedy cult, black homosexuals and Muslims are victims and cannot be designated criminals. They cannot even be suspected of crime because it would hurt their feelings. This allows the same criminals to conduct a relentless campaign against a white elder civilian with a legal disability for 45 years. On Friday April 15, 2016 they employed a prominent foreign government official who is also a psychiatrist to conduct an evaluation (contrary to law) at a public event. It shows how thoroughly corrupt and misguided even the most educated and highly regarded professionals can be.  

Police and their criminal political leaders say "He's crazy." in order to discredit me, for over 45 years in three states. Women I met and spoke with in Cambridge, MA declared to me emphatically, that Sarah Palin is NOT a woman. Black activists demand killing police, and are celebrated in churches and at Harvard University with funding from George Soros. Muslims who want to kill Americans, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and to destroy Israel are celebrated and protected from criticism at Harvard University and in Cambridge, MA. They walk around freely, no one watches or harasses them, and are considered normal in Cambridge, MA host city for Harvard University, MIT and Lesley University. But they think of me as mentally ill.  Another clever lie these criminals broadcast is, "He's dead." "He's not real." "He's a body double." That assists their being ignored when I complain about criminal activity directed against me. That is the environment where I live.

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[original post March 2016]

Near the end of this previous entry,


is the initial report on continued and enhanced criminal abuse by Harvard University campus police. At first I thought it was more negligent training. But it is simply more abuse of privileged special state police powers. I suspect it is one more Harvard University lawyer directing criminal abuse of a vulnerable person. This is not a unique pattern of abuse by Harvard Law School lawyers. During several periods in the past 25 years, lawyers and students at Harvard Law School stirred up controversies trying to force me to become entangled in the court system. After being so caught up in three states where organized crime families, criminal police and lawyers, thwarted my efforts at relief in the court system, I realized the courts were not open to me. Crime families and police, (FBI too), ensured I did not win any cases. They paid off judges, or simply did not file papers as required by law. When taxpayers paid for lawyers after police frame ups, criminals paid the lawyers to work for the criminals not for me. When I prosecuted the lawsuits myself court clerks and judge's law clerks, often Harvard Law School graduates simply dismissed my efforts. On one occasion, e.g., Bercaw vs. Mandak, in the Supreme Court of the United States, the briefs were not even filed with court as required by law. The papers in state court actions, were diverted to private attorneys who used my research because of their stupidity or their laziness. Fake orders were stamped in the clerk's offices and sent to me as if they were real. 

Corrupt lawyers and clerks wasted all together about 8 years of my life by corrupting courts in three states. And when I write about it having given up trying to get elected officials to address court corruption, and getting free from corrupt police, politicians who are mostly under the control of Harvard University criminals, get upset when I criticize them. They all seem to be unaware of Lord Acton's observation that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. They appear to believe that Harvard University employees are exempt from that aphorism. They think Harvard University employs only gene screened, morally superior and intellectually superior humans.

Harvard University produces politicians, see e.g., Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, Ken Reeves. Not even candidates with Harvard Law School degrees have any respect for the laws and the constitution. The lawlessness of the current White House and his appointees are remarkable among corrupt administrations. Not even the similarly corrupt journalists is there any concern about how the government steals taxpayer funds and corrupts the legal system. Harvard University collects money in obscene amounts and purchases land to build monuments to their egos, as Saddam Hussein used to do in Iraq. Harvard University awards degrees to privileged candidates, then promotes them in media propaganda. See the utopia they brought to the United States?  

[More to come when I am able to write and post]

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