April 14, 2016

War In Middle East Will Present Difficult Choices. New President Needed

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During wars between civilized nations (assuming wars fought with mutually agreed upon rules are civilly acceptable), there are times when combatants on one side or the other realize that further fighting is futile and surrender. Usually they are interned and after the end of hostilities, repatriated.
However, even among the civilized, surrender has not always been the choix du jour. Spartans were taught to fear slavery more than death, and in our time, the Japanese believed surrender would disgrace the family and dying for the Emperor was life's greatest honor.
As to the future, although it make take awhile, ISIS or ISL or Daesh, however yclept by our administration, will be defeated and we will be faced with a difficult decision. What do we do with thousands of men who have chosen not to participate in Mohammad's promised heavenly reward for dying in jihad and have to be dealt with?
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What psychiatric or psychological protocol exists to rehabilitate the minds of these men so they could take a place in civilized society? Is there an uninhabited place in to world where they all could be located, isolated, and left to their own devices? Should mass execution be their condign punishment?
Victory in this war may end the Weltanschauung jihad has brought about, but it will also bring about a moral dilemma.


April 7, 2016
A Looming Moral Dilemma
By William R. Casey

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